nhainesWell, to my not inconsiderable surprise, it looks like the goal is to actually ship a phone that gives a desktop experience later this year.02:59
DonkeyHoteiso the whole ubuntu-touch experience is being scrapped?03:07
nhainesConsidering this has been the goal of the entire Ubuntu touch experience, no.03:21
DonkeyHoteithe ubuntu-touch ui is very much a departure from a desktop03:23
DonkeyHoteiffs it can't even support an irc client03:23
nhainesThe Unity 8 phone interface is always going to be a departure from a desktop interface, because that's sort of important.03:56
DonkeyHoteiyou mentioned "a phone that gives a desktop experience" though03:58
nhainesYes, a phone shipping later this year will do that.03:58
DonkeyHoteiso, without unity8?03:59
nhainesWith Unity 8.03:59
DonkeyHotei"The Unity 8 phone interface is always going to be a departure from a desktop"04:00
nhainesIt us.04:01
nhainesIt is.04:01
DonkeyHoteii am completely confused now04:01
nhainesIf you have a large monitor and a mouse and keyboard, Unity 8 provides a desktop interface.04:02
nhainesAnd if you have a tiny touchscreen with no other input, it doesn't.  It gives a more appropriate phone interface.04:02
nhainesAnd with a mediumish touch screen it gives a tablet interface.04:03
DonkeyHoteimany phones now have higher resolutions than large monitors04:03
nhainesAnd yet a desktop interface isn't appropriate and so Unity 8 doesn't provide one on a phone.04:03
DonkeyHoteiso the desktop experience will be when you plug in a mouse?04:05
nhainesAnd a large monitor.04:05
nhainesAnd a keyboard.04:05
nhainesThere's some kind of manual override, but that's the default.04:19
DonkeyHoteii haven't found it04:20
nhainesIt doesn't exist yet, although there's a gconf setting or something.04:21

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