cmaloneyHad someone at the coffeeshop say that Python and Linux were "old-school"02:21
cmaloneyApparently when you're a hip Android Developer you're allowed to say that. ;)02:21
cmaloneyOf course if they knew I was dicking with z80 assembler that might be paleozoic-school or some shit02:23
brouschcmaloney: Did you ask him what he uses to create Android apps?10:36
jrwrenjust say you are using python3, then its new school cutting edge with a chance of never gonna catch on ;)12:26
cmaloneyGood morning13:23
cmaloneybrousch: Didn't think to ask13:24
cmaloney"Invitation for *|COMPANY|*"14:22
cmaloneyYeah, that's _real_ personal.14:22
cmaloneyNever mind that apparently I got on some list for this "hackathon" likely through MUG (list was named "Potential Community Partners")14:28
cmaloneyThree guesses which "hackathon" it was14:29
cmaloneyHint: It's the brainchild of someone who I would have to think real hard about making an effort to cross the street and piss on them if they were on fire.14:30
cmaloneybrousch: Guess again14:41
cmaloneybrousch: Think more douchey15:00
brouschWho is douchier than Steve Balmer!?15:03
cmaloneyOne more guess15:03
cmaloneyhere's a hint: JWZ said of him that you should check your wallet and count your fingers.15:04
DrDaemonEyebrousch: I know several people who are douchier than Steve Balmer... Just no one famous15:19
jrwrenI do.15:38
jrwrenthat oracle guy.15:38
cmaloneyRight, but it's not him15:51
cmaloneyMichael Arrington was what I was going for15:51
_stink_that was like a really bad game show15:55
cmaloney_stink_: Leave it to me to keep the circus in it all. :)15:58
rick_h_brousch: so let's say I had a nexus 9, and I ran the upgrade for 5.0.2 last night...and this morning it won't get past the spinning loading circles...what would one do next?17:43
rick_h_brousch: and they might already ahve tried booting into recovery and clearing the cache as well as doing a factory reset17:44
cmaloneyTake it to the Apple store? :)17:44
brouschI have only had something like that on rooted phones running cyanogenmod17:44
rick_h_ / mute cmaloney17:44
brouschIn those cases I just boot into recovery and use the backup ROM17:45
brouschfactory reset failed?17:45
brouschInstall Linux!17:47
cmaloneyIt doesn't have a SD card on there does it?17:47
brouschWhich is another way of saying I have no idea17:47
rick_h_cmaloney: no sd card17:47
brouschYou could try letting the battery completely run out17:48
* rick_h_ takes it off the charger while it spinny dots17:48
rick_h_hmm, 6mo old. wonder what the warranty is on this thing17:49
jrwrenapplecare? :)17:50
cmaloneyNot sure if you saw this.17:50
rick_h_ah, yea since I can get into recovery might be able to reflash the previous versoin.17:51

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