barrydkMorning everyone05:23
* Jacques_Stry waves05:23
Kiloshi barrydk  aquarat  and all others05:34
* Jacques_Stry waves05:34
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  05:35
Jacques_StryMaaz: Kettle on please05:35
MaazJacques_Stry: Excuse me?05:35
KilosMaaz  coffee on05:35
* Maaz washes some mugs05:35
Jacques_StryMaaz: with milk05:35
MaazHaha Jacques_Stry You aren't one of those that needs to drink black coffee to be able to cast a shadow!05:35
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!05:39
KilosMaaz  danke05:39
pieter2627morning all05:54
Kiloshi  pieter2627  hoe gaan dit05:55
pieter2627goed dankie, en met oom?05:55
Kilosnet kopseer vandag weer maar anders goed dankie05:56
Kiloshi Xethron  06:03
Kiloshi Padroni  06:31
Padronihow you?06:31
Padronihad some serious internet issues all week06:32
Padronidrove me nuts06:32
Kilosmore nuts than you already are?06:32
Padroni amazingly enough, yes06:32
Kilosheadache day looks like. how are you?06:32
Padronino double shifts this week06:33
Padronialmost starting to feel like a normal worker drone again06:33
magespawngood morning06:34
Kiloshi magespawn  06:34
magespawnpower back at last Kilos ?06:35
Padronijust found another government tender scam06:35
Symmetriainternet issues make me itch 06:35
PadroniI'm out for a while06:35
Symmetriathankfully I have very few of them06:35
Padronigotta stop this 06:35
magespawni thought all govenment tenders were scams06:35
Symmetriamagespawn they are all scams unless you're Malema or Zuma, in which case they are just good business06:36
Kilosyeah was about 6 hours one day then 3 the next now we have undergroung cables06:36
magespawnKilos, hopefully your power will be more stable now06:49
qwebirc28930Good morning. any ideo how to choose between different dhcp servers on a single LAN?06:49
Kilosyes i think so ty magespawn  06:49
magespawnhi qwebirc28930, each dhcp server will control a the entire lan or subnet if i recall correctly06:50
Kiloshi qwebirc28930  just hang here a while, guys still settling in at work06:50
magespawnso i think there should only be one server per subnet or lan06:51
Jacques_Strythink so too06:52
Jacques_Stryelse you will have to split the lan into segments with different subnets06:52
qwebirc28930keyword being should. To me it makes sense to have one server per network, but I am not being assigned the same address as friends of mine on the same network06:53
magespawni have a set up where one router gets its wan address from another, but that is then effect two different lans06:53
magespawnqwebirc28930, what address are you getting?06:53
Kilosqwebirc28930  welcome to ubuntu-za where are you?06:54
qwebirc2893010.0.0.161 06:54
magespawnand the others?06:54
qwebirc28930University of Pretoria 06:54
qwebirc28930they get 137.215.xxx.xxx06:55
magespawnand you are definately on the same network?06:56
qwebirc28930yes, checked it using the exact same cable06:56
magespawnwhat is your ip address set to dynamic or static?06:58
magespawnqwebirc28930, are you on ubuntu?07:01
qwebirc28930yes, 14.0407:01
magespawnlet me just check something quickly07:03
superflyqwebirc28930: in some cases you'll use different subnets, but from 10.x.x.x to 137.x.x.x is just crazy. 07:16
superflyAlso, isn't 137.x.x.x a public ip range? 07:16
magespawnso maybe the others are on the wrong network and qwebirc28930 is on the correct one?07:18
qwebirc28930but they have access to all the resources of the university while I dont07:19
MaNIyou could try force a renewal a few times and see if it changes07:21
qwebirc28930how would I go about doing that?07:23
MaNIsudo dhclient -r07:24
MaNIsudo dhclient eth007:24
MaNI(or whatever interface it is)07:24
MaNIit looks possibly like dhclient -s <ip> can force what server it uses but I'm not sure I've never tried such a thing07:25
mazalMorning everyone07:25
MaNII suspect there is some way to have dhclient specifically ask for one subnet or the other - but I don't know how07:25
MaNIthis isn't just a case of UP purposefully dishing out one set of ips to visitors and another to internal users is it? If it is they may have to actually add you to the list of allowed mac addresses before you are recognised and allowed in07:27
magespawnqwebirc28930 you can also statically configure your ip, but that means you will have to guess the settings07:29
Kiloshi mazal  07:29
stickyboyWassup wassup07:34
magespawnlooks like Kilos is still having problems07:34
stickyboyTypical, Kilos is scared of me.07:34
magespawnhi stickyboy 07:34
stickyboymagespawn: Morning07:41
qwebirc28930dhxpthe dhcp server is sending me DHCPNAK... off to IT helpdesk I suppose. thanks for all the help guys 07:43
SymmetriaI tried to reinstall my one linux box yesterday and for some bizarro reason, the entire install runs through fine, but the box refuses to boot off the drive07:55
stickyboySymmetria: :(07:56
stickyboyGo drink a beer.07:56
SquirmHey all08:25
Squirmsuperfly: what would this command do?08:25
Squirmabs(hash('')) % (10 ** 3)08:25
Squirmin python08:25
SquirmOr anyone else that knows python08:26
MaNI10 ** 3 - 10 to the power of 308:27
MaNI% is modulus - so its dividing the absolute value of the hash by 10^3 and taking the remainder08:28
MaNII don't know what the hash function does when its passed an empty value though08:29
MaNIhash('') seems to just return 0 always, making the whole thing a bit useless08:37
SquirmMaNI: I get 008:41
SquirmAll the time08:41
MaNIwell yeah08:42
MaNIhash('') is 008:42
MaNIabs(0) is 008:42
MaNI0 % anything is 008:42
MaNIso you will just get 0 unless you change hash to take something08:42
MaNIlike hash('a') would give you a result08:42
MaNIor hash(somevar)08:42
MaNIotherwise its all rather pointless08:42
MaNIits possible there are some implementations of python where hash('') returns random memory or something  - in which case it would act as a random number generator of sorts - but thats terrible and I hope thats not whats going on08:43
SquirmI think I'll plug the box's IP in there08:45
SquirmI think I'll plug the box's IP in there08:47
SquirmThanks MaNI08:47
magespawndoes anyone know how to register a .co domain, and is there someone doing it in SA?09:56
Kiloshmm... now the connecting street lights, power off, connect one then power on and drive to next lamp and so the cycle goes10:12
magespawnnice, not at all disruptive10:16
Kilos4 times already10:17
Kilosdid  that guy come right with his ip prob?10:29
Kilosand did you guys teach him to install hexchat and join us?10:30
pieter2627he left to go to the IT helpdesk10:31
Kilosat least he is on ubuntu10:32
Kiloswb mazal  10:54
stickyboyJust fixed my coffee machine.11:38
Kiloswell at least youve done something usefull11:45
Kilosvery sad when there aint no coffee11:45
mazalHi guys12:00
Kilos-wen jy darem mazal  ?12:00
mazalI am struggling to fin a way to get a list of active ip's and hostnames on my network12:00
mazalI have googled a lot but can't find a solution12:00
mazalI have tried both nmap and arc12:01
mazalBoth return active ip's , but not the hostnames , and I need the hostnames12:01
andrewlsdHi mazal12:01
mazalAnybody know of a command or app that returns hostnames as well please ?12:01
andrewlsdnmap will return hostnames via DNS lookups12:01
andrewlsdso if there is a reverse mapping of the IP to DNS, then nmap will give it to you.12:02
mazalandrewlsd: I must have wrong switches on the command or something then ?12:02
mazalOr I don't have that what you said there12:02
andrewlsdthe only way to get hostnames from the machines themselves would be via a login or agent.12:02
andrewlsde.g snmp /wmi12:02
andrewlsdmazal, test with dig -x [IP.ADD.RE.SS]12:02
mazalk hang on12:03
andrewlsdlike: dig -x
andrewlsdfor the IP you're interested12:03
andrewlsdor, dig +short -x
andrewlsdso , your answer section has "0:12:04
andrewlsd... 012:04
andrewlsdwhich means no answer12:04
andrewlsdQUERY: 1, ANSWER: 012:04
andrewlsd... which means the reverse lookup for that IP range is not managed by the server you're asking.12:05
mazalok , so on this network I can't get hostnames12:05
andrewlsd(which is, basically localhost)12:05
andrewlsdtry doing 12:05
andrewlsddig +short -x @dns.server.address12:05
andrewlsdgot to run, fetch my son12:05
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
mazaloom Kilos , you were refering to the website thing ?12:07
Kiloswhen mazal  ?12:07
mazal<Kilos-> wen jy darem mazal  ?12:07
Kiloso ja12:07
mazalYeah , did a bit of wordpress , and I think that will do the trick12:08
mazalSaw that I can make sub pages and all , so think I'm going to use that12:08
mazalSpace limitation is my only worry12:08
mazalHas 2gig limit12:09
mazalBut as long as I stay away from photo's it should be fine12:09
Kilosthats lost for a basic site without frills12:09
Kilosput your photos somewhere else and just add links to them12:10
mazalYeah , is just if I add a photos section that it will be an issues. Will find alternative for that12:10
mazalThat's the plan oom12:10
Kilosi have a site somewhere that was also free12:11
Kilosyola or something12:11
KilosMaaz  kilos.site12:11
MaazKilos: kilos.site is http://mileys-site.yolasite.com and https://sites.google.com/site/mileyssite12:11
mazalGonna abuse facebook , I think you can put a direct link to a profile's photo album12:12
Kilostry get one there i have lots of music and all there12:12
mazalCan oom check if you can see this album:12:13
Kilosja ek sien dit12:13
mazalKewl , then it will work :)12:14
mazalWill put all pics there and just link to it from website12:14
Kilosyes then that leaves your site light and fast12:15
mazalNow , I must just go see the leader with my idea :)12:15
mazalThink he is going to be happy with my plan12:16
mazalCurrently he only has facebook for info sharing , and that is a mess12:16
stickyboyMan, my eye is twitching. Too much work?12:20
Kiloslol stickyboy  you are crazy12:20
andrewlsdmazal, I think you can directly link to dropbox images. 12:23
mazalhmm , yeah that's another option I can investigate. Although I never worked with dropbox , but I can check it out12:24
mazalDoesn't google drive also have a feature to share ?12:27
mazalI used my gdrive so long ago that I can't remember12:28
andrewlsdmazal, either way you'd probably want to create a dedicated account for them if using gdrive or dropbox, rather than "your own", so that if you hand the site over, you can give the dropbx/gdrive creds to the next person12:30
mazalGood idea , thanx. Have some options to go investigate now :)12:30
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening12:44
andrewlsdcheerio mazal12:45
Kilosha you dont use tab complete for nicks12:45
andrewlsdKilos: aah.12:46
Kilossome long nicks are hard to type out12:46
magespawnandrewlsd, have you used etherape?12:47
andrewlsdtrue, but tab complete it only works if nick is first.12:47
andrewlsdmagespawn: am trying to remember12:47
andrewlsdmagespawn: nope12:47
andrewlsdI normally just use tcpdump12:48
* andrewlsd installs etherape12:48
magespawni think that will give host names to ip, local computer host name12:48
andrewlsdmagespawn: ooh, shiny12:49
andrewlsdmagespawn: but only if the IP is DNS resolvable.12:49
magespawnso you still need to have dns for the local lan anyway12:50
magespawni do get host names for some of the computers on the network but not always, so not too sure what is happening there12:53
andrewlsdmagespawn: typically that's because some of the computers have associated reverse DNS entries.12:55
andrewlsd... e.g when a PC gets address assigned by AD's DHCP service.12:55
andrewlsdor if you're running dnsmasq which combines dhcp+dns12:56
magespawnahh right, let me check the router quickly12:57
magespawnyes, ther router is set to dnsmasq and local dns12:59
magespawnthere is still so much to learn, too little time13:01
magespawnit is frustrating to be working alone, i really need to find somewhere to work where there are people who know more than me13:03
magespawnnow i have to go and buy a replacement charger for a laptop, intellect stretching13:05
magespawn\wine off13:09
magespawnchat later all13:12
andrewlsdinetpro: you've been on IRC for a long time. 13:15
andrewlsd... I see your nick was registered 8 years ago.13:15
inetproandrewlsd: hmm... you only realise now? :-)13:16
inetproandrewlsd: that was only my come back to irc back then13:17
andrewlsdfirst time I've gone and done a '/msg nickserv info'13:17
inetproI actually remember using it as far back as in 1995 or somewhere there 13:17
andrewlsdI used IRC briefly in '97, iirc13:18
inetprosome time after BBS13:19
inetprothose where interesting times when it was still simple to host your own BBS 13:20
inetproall that was needed was a phone line, a PC and a modem13:20
andrewlsdI never experienced BBS13:23
inetprooh and then there was still CompuServe before that as well, IIRC13:26
inetproand somewhere in between then and now was Usenet and many other NNTP services13:28
inetprowe've been having it! :-)13:29
inetproand these days people thing Facebook is the Internet13:30
inetproreminds me of AOL13:30
Kilosyou guys are the ballies13:31
inetproKilos: are they finished with your street lights now?13:32
Kilosyeah we got 9 in this short street13:32
inetproso you went on and off 9 times?13:33
Kilos7 about13:33
Kilosi think they connected the last 3 then powered on again13:33
inetproseriously hope that was the last of your troubles with power now13:36
Kilosme too ty13:36
andrewlsdKilos: 14:17
andrewlsdKilos: thanks for your help, I got "cloaked" ;-)14:17
Kiloscool and14:18
Kilosandrewlsd  14:18
andrewlsdKilos: hey, not sure if you got my previous "thank you", so thanks again.14:28
Kilosyou welcome andrewlsd  only times i can help clever peeps14:29
Kiloslooks much better with a cloak hey14:29
andrewlsdlol, ty Kilos14:33
Kilosnow to work on the ubuntu cloak14:33
andrewlsdmaybe when I get big.14:40
andrewlsd... rather, "maybe, one day when I'm big"14:40
Kilosyou were here long before me man14:40
andrewlsdcheers all. time to sign off for the day.14:49
Kiloscheers andrewlsd  14:49
Kilosyou gotta work on a night pc as well14:50
Kilostoo much tv is bad for the eyes14:50
andrewlsdKilos: my wife hits hard 14:50
Kilosget her involved man14:50
Kilosubuntu women need new members too14:51
andrewlsdwhat, and leave me with the kids?14:51
andrewlsdfyi: adoptlove.org.za14:51
andrewlsdanyways. as the dolphins said "so long, and thanks for all the fish"14:51
KilosMaaz  coffee on18:34
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:34
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:38
KilosMaaz  ty18:38
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:38
KilosMaaz  botsnack18:38
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!18:38
inetprogood evening19:10
inetprooh and hi to you too oom Kilos19:11
Kilosrofl hello my pro are you well sir?19:11
inetprogood good thank you19:11
superflyMaaz: tell magespawn I use gandi.net for all my domains19:26
Maazsuperfly: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode19:26
Kilosevening superfly  ThatGraemeGuy  19:37
superflyhi Kilos\19:37
inetproKilos: remeber that!19:40
inetproremember as well19:40
inetprowb superfly19:40
inetprooh and even ThatGraemeGuy... you ok?19:40
ThatGraemeGuythink so19:40
inetproThatGraemeGuy: you been quiet19:41
inetproKilos: where's that sjambok now?19:41
ThatGraemeGuyvm where my bouncer runs has had no connectivity since tuesday19:41
ThatGraemeGuyjust haven't had time to figure out why19:41
Kilosyour friend has it19:41
inetpromaybe better he left with it19:42
ThatGraemeGuythey had to change the virtual network interface type, seems like it might be a bug with 15.04 and whatever hypervisor they use19:42
Kilosive decided that ill get further with my charming manner19:42
* Kilos giggles19:42
ThatGraemeGuyprobably kvm, unless some other hypervisor also has virtio interfaces19:42
inetproKilos: when is your membership board meeting, is that not tonight?19:43
Kilosyip at midnight19:43
inetprohorrible timing that19:43
Kilosim working on that too19:44
Kilosi just need backup19:44
* inetpro will unfortunately only take part as a sleeping member by that time19:44
Kilosthats fine19:45
Kilosyou always go read the logs anyway19:45
Kilosmr nosy19:45
inetprouh... only when have have a spare moment19:45
inetproI have*19:46
Kilosi believe you, millions wouldnt19:46
* inetpro does speed reading of many things in an attempt to stay up to date19:47
inetproKilos: so I'm good at beeing a jack of all trades but master of none19:48
Kilosin your opinion yes19:48
Kiloswhatever ive dropped in your lap you have found a cure for19:48
inetprounfortunately I've realised long ago it's impossible to cover all bases19:49
inetproslowly but surely I'm learning to ignore certain things19:49
Kilosyes but when you find one you havent covered you go patch it19:49
inetpromaybe by the time I retire I will have learned to be the master of something19:50
Kilosit never happens, things change too fast19:51
Kilosdid you watch marks keynote19:51
Kilosbig plans and leading the world19:52
inetprohmm... you forget too quickly again?19:52
* inetpro listened to that at 1.5 speed19:52
Kilosi had to listen twice to catch most of it19:54
inetproI still have to go see other interesting topics as well19:55
Kilosi looked at belkinsa'a one too about getting more new members in19:55
inetprowish we could get a number of members here to just jump in and take part at these events, there's a lot to learn, and there's a lot to do as well19:58
Kilosyeah too much19:58
inetprobut those times are not the best for us either19:59
Kilosi cant keep up with the youngsters though19:59
Kilosthey type faster than i can read19:59
inetprohopefully we will get there, one day20:00
Kiloslol when kids all married20:00
inetproanyway, I'm off20:01
inetprogood night20:01
Kilosnight inetpro  sleep tight20:01
inetprooh and good luck with your first proper meeting oom Kilos20:02
Kilosty sir20:02
inetproMaaz: watch him20:03
MaazI'll keep one eye on him for you inetpro20:03

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