retard_So i found out I'm using GNOME desktop environement00:01
retard_time to have fun00:01
Bashing-omretard_: When you break it, you get to keep the pieces . Enjoy :)00:02
attlasbotdoes anyone have a script for disconnecting wifi when ethernet is connected?00:06
reisioattlasbot: you're not using networkmanager?00:08
attlasbotWhat ever is default in xubuntu00:09
daftykinssure, #!/bin/bash / sudo ifconfig <interface> down # :D00:10
attlasbotThanks daftykins00:12
nishanthsound comes from both headphone and desktop speaker even after plugging in headphone....anyone know a fix?00:12
flipapymy whole system froze up, i would have lost everything i was doing.00:14
flipapyi should probably use backup, owell, just wondered if anyone elses systems just randomly froze up00:15
k1lflipapy: see the older logs in /var/log from dmesg or syslog to get to know whats going wrong00:15
Wugflipapy: computers freezing up generally isnt contagious00:15
flipapynot that its contagious, just that someone else encountered it00:16
flipapyk1l, system logs in the system settings?00:16
k1lflipapy: and by that different machines, installs and program used its hard to tell if that is a general issue00:17
flipapyright, so where do i loog forn logs on a screen freeze?00:17
flipapylook for*00:17
k1lin /var/log00:17
nishanthsound comes from both headphone and desktop speaker even after plugging in headphone....anyone know a fix?00:17
k1lthat is the path00:17
flipapyso in terminal i just type /var/log ?00:18
k1lnishanth: see for your exact make and model and if some one got the same issue and solved it already00:18
Wugflipapy: first of all, do you have any idea what you're looking for00:18
k1lflipapy: use the filemanager to go there00:18
flipapywhat caused the freeze and how to prevent it again00:18
Wugyes, now do you know how to find that sort of thing in the logs, and which logs to search?00:19
nishanthk1l its a desktop.....with parts assembled00:19
attlasbotflipapy, make sure in the sound settings you have only one selected00:19
flipapyok, in the file manager, i typed /var/log into the search area. it broguht back nothingk100:23
flipapyk1l, ^00:23
Guest4394how can I join ##java channel??00:23
Guest4394it says I must get identified with services00:24
xangua!register | gues43900:24
ubottugues439: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:24
Wugflipapy: open a terminal and type `gksudo nautilus /var/log`00:24
k1lflipapy: no. that is a folder. its the folder "log" inside the folder "var" starting at the root of the partition.00:25
flipapyok, so what do i type into the search box in the file manager00:25
Wugflipapy: open a terminal and type `gksudo nautilus /var/log`00:25
k1lflipapy: but in that case i dont think that will help anything if you dont even find folders on your own. install "pastebinit" and do in the terminal: "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg.0"00:26
flipapyok Wug in a min, lemme see if i can do this without terminal00:26
flipapywhere do i find the folders without terminal?00:26
Wug/var/log is the folder name00:26
Wugfind the root folder, open var, open log00:27
Wugsome of the logs in that folder will be unreadable without root privileges anyway00:27
k1lflipapy: that is already the the folders. its the folder name "var" and then the folder "log" starting on the system partition00:27
flipapyok, thanks00:27
Wugflipapy: for the record, "nautilus" is the command line name for the file manager, and if you open it in the command line and pass it a folder name it will immediately open that folder00:28
flipapyok got the log folder00:28
flipapythanks Wug but im trying to do this without terminal00:28
Wugyou should learn to use the terminal sometime, it makes everything a lot easier00:29
flipapyi know i can use terminal for other things, but for now i think i should see if it can be done without temrinal00:29
Wugwell you can do basically anything without the terminal, it's not about being able to00:30
flipapyso if i had a system freeze in my last desktop environment session, what file would that be in?00:31
CetagMy I ask about a Ubuntu dual-boot install here?  Basically, I want to preserve Win7, but a basic install of Ubuntu 12 onto a new drive didn't fit Grub, it seems. I guess thats only in the Custom or Advanced installation option.00:32
NairolfHi, my system has just shutdown suddenly. I had enough battery. How can I know what was happen ?00:32
kostkonflipapy, use the log viewer, default app in ubuntu00:32
flipapyyou're right Wug but right now i can understand what im doing n the DE, in terminal im just pushing random keys00:32
Wugflipapy: ideally you'd push the keys we ask you to, not random ones00:32
flipapykostkon, i have 11 files in log, which one holds the data from last session?00:32
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Nairolfmaybe I can find some logs, but where  ?00:33
Wugflipapy: do you know exactly when the crash happened?00:33
Wugballpark at least. what hour of what day00:33
kostkonflipapy, syslog, kern.log etc00:33
Wugalso, did you restart it immediately00:33
Bashing-omCetag: You do have ubuntu installed, correct, and now need to make sure that the bootloader installed to that 2nd hard drive ?00:33
FriGiNevening all - i am triple booting Windoze, Fedora 21, and Ubuntu. I had to reinstall Fedora and it took over my grub can i get ubuntu grub back since its easier to play with? or do i have to reinstall ubuntu to make my grub go back to ubu?00:34
retard_triple booting00:34
FriGiNquad booting on my server machine with redhat too :)00:34
flipapyyeah Wug it just happened about 10 min ago and i rebooted immediately00:34
Wugflipapy: I know how to diagnose problems like this via the command line but i have no idea how to do it without00:35
kostkon!reisub | flipapy00:35
ubottuflipapy: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:35
CetagBashing-om  Need to confirm Boot-Loader is on the 1st drive, I think. The Win7 install was strange, there's an 80GB and a 500GB drive, my Ubuntu12 is on a 3rd drive.00:36
Bashing-omFriGiN: You can boot the ubuntu liveDVD, mount the ubuntu partition and install ubuntu's grub to the drive's MBR . ( ubuntu then is the primary operating system, controlling boot )00:36
flipapyok thank you wug, thats cool, i'll see how close i can get without terminal then i'll try terminal00:36
Wugif I were in your position, I would look in your dmesg for the first timestamps, then grep the various relevant logs for the 10 or so minutes prior to that00:36
NairolfHi, my computer has suddently switched off. I had enough battery. I don't understand why he did that. Do you know how I could know what's happen, please ?00:36
flipapythanks kostkon but next time i think i might just use tty maybe00:37
kostkonflipapy, that'll do as well, if you can access it00:37
flipapyfound dmesg00:37
FriGiNsorry if anyone answered when i dc'd00:38
kostkonflipapy, dmesg and Xorg.0.log get reset at every reboot00:38
Bashing-omCetag: A thought as we have operating systems installed to separate drives, install the boot code for each OS/Drive. In bios boot the ubuntu drive ( ubuntu grub will chainload Windows) . Then if something happens to one system there is an idependent means to boot the other .00:39
ultragamecardi hate windows secureboot00:39
ultragamecardit overrides grub00:39
Bashing-omFriGiN: < Bashing-om> FriGiN: You can boot the ubuntu liveDVD, mount the ubuntu partition and install ubuntu's grub to the drive's MBR . ( ubuntu then is the primary  operating system, controlling boot )00:40
FriGiNBashing-om, that sounds more complicated than it probably is my ubu's on a thumbdrive so you are saying boot on thumbdrive, then do what?00:41
CetagUnderstood, Bashing-om, I should switch in BIOS to boot to Ubuntu, and check that OS works first. So, Am considering getting a 14.04 ISO, and simply choosing the Custom install, where I hope it will ask about setting up Grub00:41
Nairolfwhere could I find some log about last shutdowns ?00:42
flipapyok kostkon i got into kern.log the last log says perf interrupt took too long00:43
Bashing-omCetag: Uhmmmm ... Best I recall in the default install, grub installs to the 1st hard drive . In the "something else" you can choose where to install the boot loader .00:43
kostkonflipapy, you should probably paste them somewhere00:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:44
CetagBashing-om  Yeah, I think that's what's got me here. I should have chosen the Custom install (the 3rd of the 3 install options), where it will confirm the Grub setup. May look at a reinstall of 14.04 something more recent.00:45
Bashing-omFriGiN: Can you boot to ubuntu at this time ? perhoas from there we cn re-install grub where it needs to be  ( when booting from the USB ) .00:45
FriGiNBashing-om, i can but im on that machine lemme get irc on my laptop and join channel then i'll reboot into thumb00:46
Bashing-omCetag: I ask again, is ubuntu presently installed ? such that all we need to do is install the boot loader ?00:46
CetagYes. Ubuntu 12 is installed and working on a 3rd drive. Can only get there thru setting BIOS to boot there.00:47
Jamie_I am having problems opening gimp... i installed it via command line and it would not open no matter which way i opened it then uninstalled and reinstalled it and tried again and it ended up with a system error then ran it with sude twice and the second time finnaly opened00:48
Jamie_im on ubuntu 14.0400:48
NairolfI don't have any answers here...00:48
flipapyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11001904/  i had a freeze around 20:19 today00:48
CetagI read elsewhere that *every* recent Ubuntu install has Grub somewhere. Not sure if that's right.00:49
NairolfIs it possible to know reasons of last shutdown ?00:50
Nairolfand if it's possible, how ?00:50
flipapykostkon, did you see it?00:52
kostkonflipapy, everything looks normal00:52
Bashing-omCetag: Grub installed somewhere is a fact, just installing it where it is needed . I am a bit confused, ubuntu is booting from the 3rd hard drive, now can not boot Windows ?00:53
flipapyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11001935/  this is from syslog.100:54
CetagBashing-om: Can only Boot Win7, tried setting BIOS to Ubuntu drive (3rd Master, a SATA), but stalls at Verifying DMI Pool something. So I'm ready to retry with 14.04 and Custome install.00:55
CetagBashing-om: Only boot from 12.02 Live CD at present, it seems.00:56
flipapyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11001955/ and thats from kern00:56
flipapyfail log is not openning in gedit00:57
Bashing-omCetag: OK, so we install 14.04 replaceing 12.04 . Let's see what thereis that we are working with, shortly . You want to do a clean install, or fix the 12.04 and on-line upgade to 14.04 ?00:58
flipapytrying to open fail log made my cpu run each 'core' at max one at a time00:58
CetagBashing-om: My disappointment is with those two initial Install option (i-Wipe everything, ii-Install beside). Where it seems dual boot is onlt set up via iii-Custom install00:59
CetagBashing-om: Yeah - I have a new 500GB 3rd drive, so I'll leave 12.02 and gof for 14.04 Custom install. See how we go. Thank you :)00:59
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flipapyyou know the only thing diff i was doing with my system was watching netflix. maybe that caused the gpu to freez up?01:00
Bashing-omCetag: .. Can do .. show us now what is on the system ' sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; sudo parted -l | pastebinit ' and pass the resulting URL pack to us .01:01
CetagBashing-om: Give me a minute, to Boot from Live CD. Yeah, I'd be happy to.01:02
flipapydoes anyone know how i can open faillog if gedit and document viewer wont do it?01:03
Bashing-omCetag: At your pace . I just want to make sure we cover the bases and we know what is where .01:03
EriC^^flipapy: open a terminal and type less <filename>01:04
pheasaci have a question about sudo user, can anyone help?01:05
EriC^^pheasac: ?01:05
pheasacwell i had a look into visudo, but i don't see my username in there. that said i am able to sudo commands01:06
pheasaceverything else in the visudo file looks commented out so i was wondering how that has been configured01:06
flipapyEriC^^, faillog no such file or directory01:07
EriC^^flipapy: use the absolute path01:07
EriC^^pheasac: it's cause of the %sudo ALL line01:07
flipapyi dont know that.  less /var/log/faillog ?01:08
FriGiNok guys im on the thumb drive 3 options : Try ubu, install ubu, oem install, check disc for defects01:08
EriC^^means users in the sudo group can run the commands01:08
pheasacah I see, thanks01:08
retard_like an idiot01:08
retard_i edited something01:08
retard_now i cant minimize windows01:08
EriC^^flipapy: yeah01:08
flipapyreturned same answer EriC^^01:09
retard_i can minimize firefox01:09
EriC^^flipapy: what are you trying to read?01:09
flipapyin the log file in var, there is a faillog file i am trying to see what happened to cause a screen freeze01:09
flipapyEriC^^, ^01:10
FriGiNhello buffon137_01:10
buffon137_hai FriGiN01:10
EriC^^flipapy: i think something else reads it, it's binary01:10
EriC^^flipapy: man faillog01:10
Bashing-omFriGiN: OK. show us what we are working with ' sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; sudo parted -l | pastebintit " and pass the resulting URL back to us .01:10
flipapyoh ok. well did you see the previous pastes EriC^^ ? i put three i belive01:11
FriGiNBashing-om, i dont have a command line, which option should i choose?01:11
EriC^^flipapy: no01:11
FriGiNthis is all part of that trying to get windows to be default again i couldnt do in fedora so im trying with ubu Bashing-om01:12
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flipapyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11001955/ from kern i had a freeze about 20:19 or close to it01:12
Bashing-omFriGiN: We are trying to install grub to that USB drive ??? In thought you were triple booting, ubuntu on a usb drive, and required that grub be installed onto ubuntu on the usb drive ???01:12
flipapy http://paste.ubuntu.com/11001935/  this is from syslog.101:13
FriGiNBashing-om - nonono im trying to install ubu's grub onto the drive, not onto usb01:13
retard_i cant find the .themes folder or /usr/themes01:13
retard_am i getting trolled lol01:13
flipapyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11001904/  from syslog  - i had a freeze around 20:19 today01:13
FriGiNyou told me to reboot onto the cdrom01:13
Bashing-omFriGiN: IF you are (RE-)installing Windows boot loader got to that with a Windows recovery disk .01:13
FriGiNi dont care what loader i use as long as it will get me windows to be defaulted instead of fedora. so you choose my path, i got boot disks for ubu 15.04, fedora 21, and windowz 8.101:15
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Bashing-omFriGiN: To see what is .. on the liveUSB, choose " try ubuntu" will boot to a desk top. At this desk top key combo ctl+alt+t yields a terminal . now run the requested commands so we know what/where we are dealing with to install grub where we need it to be .01:16
FriGiNcopy that Bashing-om - on my way01:17
CetagBashing-om: Here it is  http://pastebin.com/A5FTahib   Where can see a FAT32 drive, an NTFS and a ext4 drive (being the "3rd" where I can install 12.04 or 14.04.  The Win7 install seems split over 2 drives, strange.01:17
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Bashing-omCetag: Great, look'n at your http://pastebin.com/A5FTahib .01:18
retard_this shit is so annoying01:18
retard_but so annoying01:18
retard_& so rewarding01:18
retard_Im running the latest Ubuntu  & I cant find this theme directory -.-01:19
Bashing-omCetag: Presently you have ubuntu installed to the 2nd hard drive: Disk /dev/sdb: 500GB >> 1      1049kB  499GB  499GB   primary   ext4 . What is installed to that 3rd drive of 80 Gigs - NTFS  ??01:21
Bashing-omFriGiN: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/11002245/ .01:23
retard_i got it working01:24
FriGiNcongrats retard_01:24
CetagBasic-om: Yes NTFS.  The sda of 500GB is labelled  'DATA'  and I think it is booting from there (not sure), both NTFS are marked as Boot, as you can see. Maybe 80GB was a legacy Win. I have a "mount -l" I'll put on paste-bucket now.01:26
CetagBashing-om: The mount -l output is here http://pastebin.com/WBDP3Kyv01:28
CetagBashing-om: mount -l output not too helpful, I think.01:32
CetagBashing-om: Sorry, my Return-key stuck down and keyboard panic.01:36
FriGiNbashing isnt in channel atm dont know where he went but hes disappeared01:37
CetagFriGin: Thanks F. Yeah, I see he's gone, or not here now.01:38
FriGiNwe need him come back to us almighty yoda-om01:38
stanford_droneOur startup got funded! We're going to Shenzhen, China to build a personal gaming drone. This is a flying robot that you can play with. It mostly uses computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. We're looking to hire one or two more linux C++ programmers to join us during the summer. If you know any good programmer available from July to October please let me know! Send a resume at roitman@cs.stanford.edu or message me.01:43
Ben64stanford_drone: don't spam here please\01:43
reisiowow, that's sad01:44
daftykinsstanford_drone: no thank you!01:45
stanford_dronedaftykins, np. let me know if you know someone else.01:45
chronosermagerd ubuntu01:45
daftykinsstanford_drone: try a programming channel.01:45
FriGiNdude not the place for that crap stanford_drone01:45
stanford_dronedaftykins, which one01:46
daftykinsa C++ one judging by your spam01:46
daftykinsjust y'know, off the top of my head01:46
jellowstanford_drone: try ##c , they are a friendly bunch01:47
Andy__I have a Realtek ethernet card that I am tryin to get to work with Linux.01:49
Andy__I tried following the instructions in the download that I got.01:50
Andy__The driver that I got was from Realtek's website.01:51
Andy__There are two drivers there.  I guess I guess I will try to see if the other one that I didn't try before will work with my computer.01:56
daftykinsi'm not sure Realtek downloads are the best bet 0o01:56
daftykinsOften Realtek's downloads are pinned to ancient kernels01:57
shoggothI've got a VirtualBox based virtual appliance that is based on 14.04 lts server; I want to be able to run a gui so I've installed a desktop environment (I've used the ppa repo's from ubuntu-mate) … that all works fine but how do I change things so that the desktop starts on bootup?01:59
buffon137hi all01:59
jellowshoggoth: Hi there, have you looked at the cli interface to virtualbox called vboxmange?02:00
Andy__Is there a way to revert the changes that I made before?02:01
jellowshoggoth: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch07.html#vboxheadless02:02
shoggothjellow: I think you've misunderstood what I was asking… I've converted an ubuntu server install into desktop by apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop however the gui does not start on boot… that's what I want to know how to tweak… I'm assuming I have to do something with upstart?02:03
daftykinsAndy__: depends what you ran02:04
pinochxvilleim thinking about moving from nvidia to ati on my next configuration - are ati cards nativelly supported?02:06
Andy__I would like to go back to using the drivers that came with Ubuntu.02:07
daftykinsAndy__: yeah so undo what you ran02:07
daftykinspinochxville: nvidia tends to work way better02:07
Andy__I ran the command lines in the Realtek download.02:07
daftykinsAndy__: yeah so read those and do the opposite :)02:07
pinochxvilledaftykins, ok, tks02:08
jellowshoggoth: lightdm should start on boot thought apt-get would add a script to /etc/init.d/ , perhaps dpkg-reconfigure lightdm. Sorry not more help perhaps wait for someone else who knows better.02:09
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:12
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shoggothjellow: sorry my initial questions wasn't clearer… I tried the dpkg-reconfigure… that didn't seem to work … I've tweaked lightdm to start but I get the unity desktop … close but no cigar; is there a different dm for mat?02:13
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shoggothI just found this (http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/replace_unity_by_mate) … I'll see if that works02:15
Andy__I have pasted a portion of the readme file that I followed to http://paste.ubuntu.com/11002720/02:16
daftykinsAndy__: sudo modprobe -r r816902:17
daftykinsthat should do it02:17
daftykinshmm actually the earlier commands... not so sure about undoing those02:18
Andy__In short I ran rmmod and then built and installed a driver with the same name.02:20
daftykinsyeah so i'm not sure what'd reinstate the original02:21
Andy__I am guessing that rmmod removed the original driver, so it will be hard to get back.02:21
daftykinsseems so02:21
Andy__I am guessing that rmmod works like rm.  It deletes the file completely.02:22
jak2000hi all why cant add a user? see please: http://pastie.org/1017492402:25
jak2000any advice?02:25
Andy__man adduser02:26
throwaway131Looking for Ubuntu signing keys. Can not find listed on site though. Any pointers?02:29
vdevatmanjak2000: try with useradd02:29
Andy__I will try rebooting in Linux and see if I can access the Internet.02:30
vdevatmanand when you don't remember a command you could easily use something like `compgen -c | grep something_similar_to_command02:31
jak2000vdevatman: http://pastie.org/1017493202:31
throwaway131Looking for Ubuntu signing keys. Can not find listed on site though. Any pointers?02:32
Bray90820Can someone help me i'm on 15.04 and teamviewer won't start with my system02:32
Andy__throwaway131, You can disable the requirment for them from the bios.02:33
jellowhmm what is /var/lib/sudo/user/0 cant' you just create it?  touch /var/lib/sudo/user/002:33
vdevatmanjak2000: try `useradd -d /home/jack2000 -m jack20000`02:33
Andy__*err, the requirement02:34
vdevatmantoo much 0 in there XDD02:34
auztyhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/curl/libcurl3-gnutls_7.35.0-1ubuntu2.3_amd64.deb disappear?02:34
vdevatman`useradd -d /home/jack2000 -m jack2000`02:34
throwaway131Sorry dont understand what mean by just disable requirement for signatures from bios.02:34
throwaway131I am just looking for the ubuntu signing key to verify the integrity of my ISO02:34
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:35
Andy__I thought you wre trying to make it boot on a computer that only allowed verified operating systems, such as Windows.02:35
jak2000vdevatman: http://pastie.org/1017494702:36
daftykinsone would hope UEFI would have been mentioned if so ;)02:36
throwaway131I am not in windows lol. I have the sha256 hashes, the sha256 hashes are signed by ubuntu signing key. I just need the Ubuntu signing key.02:36
throwaway131..to verify the validity of my ISO02:37
daftykinsthere's another link02:37
daftykinscan you read?02:37
throwaway131I dont want to check MD5 hashes in Windows, I just want the Ubuntu signing key used to sign their SHA256 checksums.02:38
vdevatmanjak2000: try doing it with root , and see if that is a sudo problem02:39
Ben64throwaway131: to verify the iso, you use md5sum02:39
throwaway131I am really starting to doubt the intelligence of people in this chat room, due to the irrelevant answers I have recieved. First, I am not an windows user, that is insulting....02:40
xangua!patience | throwaway13102:40
ubottuthrowaway131: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:40
throwaway131second, I dont need to check md5 hashes, I  just need the Ubuntu signing public key02:40
daftykinsthrowaway131: well you keep getting Windows from a factoid with two URLs, so that part was down to you :) but yeah, don't know what you mean.02:40
Ben64throwaway131: you're asking to verify the iso, that is done with md5sum02:41
Bray90820Can someone help me i'm on 15.04 and teamviewer won't start with my system02:42
jak2000vdevatman: http://pastie.org/1017495602:42
daftykinsBray90820: ask teamviewer, it's their product02:42
vdevatmanjak2000: which is the output of lsblk -m ?02:43
throwaway131No offense, but you are all unintelligent trolls who cant comprehend the simplest of things. I am out of here.02:44
throwaway131My hope for society has degraded vastly02:44
jellow!spam throwaway13102:44
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auztywhy my ubuntu14.04.2 cannot get some packages???02:46
auztyE: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tzdata/tzdata_2015c-0ubuntu0.14.04_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:46
daftykinsbecause it's not there, did you run "sudo apt-get update" first?02:47
daftykinsauzty: what version is this?02:47
auztyubuntu 14.04.2 daftykins02:47
friedmicro@autzy Running "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" might fix it02:48
auztythat apt-get upgrade friedmicro :D02:48
friedmicroAutzy did it work?02:49
seph80hdhello everyone, noob here (to backbox) anyway to get a KDE style desktop?02:49
auztywhen i copying the url to my browser, seems the file is not found on archive.ubuntu.com server02:49
Ben64auzty: doesn't matter, run 'apt-get update' like daftykins said02:50
daftykinsseph80hd: backbox is not supported here.02:50
vdevatmanjak2000: try deleting these files /etc/passwd.lock /etc/shadow.lock /etc/group.lock /etc/gshadow.lock after copying them somewhere else and try again, ps: did you have a disk failure?02:50
friedmicroI'm lazy and often chain the commands to together: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; like I said pretty bad02:51
daftykinsrunning upgrade *and* dist-upgrade is pointless02:51
vdevatmanfriedmicro: why don't chain with ; instead of && ?02:52
daftykinsbecause && only executes the next if the former succeeded02:52
friedmicroI have a couple ppas (well 8) which have required dist-upgrade to update properly02:52
auztyohhh sorry, my caching problem, after i clean it, its works sorry for that :(02:52
Ben64friedmicro: dist-upgrade does everything upgrade does, so doing both is pointless02:54
friedmicroOh...well I feel stupid now...02:55
friedmicroThanks; I'll fix my upgrade script now...02:55
wfioIf I want to switch shells in Ubuntu, such as Unity for Gnome; do I simply need to add the gnome repos and then install gnome-shell?02:57
wfioAs opposed to doing a format/install.02:57
xanguawfio: you don't need to add any repositories, gnome-shell is already on Ubuntu repositories02:58
ultragamecardhelp, I got VyprVPN and i can't uninstall it02:58
daftykinsultragamecard: weren't you here with that yesterday?02:58
friedmicroAlso I think desktop environment would be the more appropriate term; shell could mean the fish shell, bash shell, or in my case z shell02:58
wfiothat's for the clarification friedmicro02:59
[n0mad]upgrade and dist-upgrade do the same thing?02:59
ultragamecardi quit02:59
[n0mad]why do i have different packages held back with upgrade but not with dist-upgrade?02:59
daftykinsfriedmicro: might wanna dial back the chatter :)02:59
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:59
friedmicro@daftykins; just trying to help03:00
daftykinsdon't worry we'll beat the chatty out of you ;)03:00
friedmicroLol :P03:00
ablest1980 hello03:11
LMNOP_hi ho can i help u03:14
=== squinn is now known as counterglitch
counterglitchhey everyone03:19
counterglitchis this the place to get ubuntu help? I just ran software update via the gui and my trackpad no longer works03:19
counterglitchI'm on vivid with a 2014 dell inspiron 1503:19
jak200009:22pm gmt -703:23
Christopher-WereHey guys, I have an emergency here. I have a USB that insists on mounting as read-only on xubuntu 15.05. Any ideas on what to do? The #Xubuntu channel is silent03:28
daftykinsdf -h03:29
daftykinssee the mount point03:29
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
daftykinstry: sudo mount -o remount,rw /path/to/flash/drive/mount/point03:29
hiexposudo /media etc03:30
Christopher-Werestill claims to be read only03:31
Ben64Christopher-Were: paste the relevant line here from the command "mount"03:31
Ben64thats the output from df, i want the output from "mount"03:33
daftykinsyou are claiming your drive is 120GB 0o03:33
Christopher-WereIt didn't give an output03:33
daftykinsit wouldn't03:33
Ben64by itself03:33
daftykinsshare mount like Ben64 asked.03:33
daftykinsit is now read-write03:35
daftykinsChristopher-Were: touch /media/chris/Documents/testfile03:35
Christopher-Werethat doesn't return anything03:36
daftykinsit wouldn't because it succeeded03:37
daftykinsChristopher-Were: ls /media/chris/Documents/03:37
daftykinssee 'testfile' ? yep it's writing.03:37
Christopher-Were*facepalm*??? really??03:37
Christopher-Werethis error seems to suggest something else http://i.imgur.com/ks3VOXO.png03:38
daftykinsright you're going to need to close and reopen that03:38
daftykinsCLI is fine, GUI needs a kick03:38
Christopher-Werestill no luck03:39
daftykinscopy whatever via CLI then03:39
Christopher-Weretime for another one of your witty facepalms. I'm doing somethign wrong here: http://pastebin.com/NR2ZTfKd03:41
daftykinsit's telling you what's wrong pretty much03:42
daftykinscp -r STREAM ...03:42
Christopher-Wereok thanks03:43
Christopher-Werewhy is the GUI messing up?03:43
Christopher-Wereim sorry?03:43
daftykinsgame show style - "pass"03:45
Christopher-Wereso this is cropped up again http://pastebin.com/ayLkbeH003:45
daftykinsls -al /media/chris/Documents/03:46
daftykinstry putting a single file in the root03:49
daftykinsstill dubious about this being USB but 120GB... is it an SSD in an enclosure?03:51
Christopher-Werecp: cannot create regular file ‘/media/chris/Documents/kdenlive.png’: Read-only file system03:51
Christopher-WereIt's a 120gb usb03:51
Ben64Christopher-Were: can you pastebin "dmesg"03:51
daftykinscrikey, moneybags :D03:51
Ben64ding ding03:53
daftykinsand it's broken03:53
Christopher-Werewell that explains it03:53
daftykinsgot a Windows machine/install ? chkdsk it for a laugh03:54
Ben64*after you back up anything important03:54
daftykinsbut it's probably toast03:54
daftykinsalso note lines 10 and 11 - you didn't unmount this disk properly wherever it was last03:55
Christopher-Wereok. tbh can't remember not unmounting but, yeah03:56
=== CaptonjamasonMod is now known as Captonjamason
Christopher-WereThanks for the help guys.03:58
attlasbotCan someone help me get my track pad working?04:01
NateHiggershave you seen ayak?04:01
le_pigoh boy..04:01
theJianI wonder how many people use dvorak keyboard layout04:02
in_deep_thoughtI would like to know where a specific android studio plugin I have downloaded lives on my ubuntu sytem04:03
aeon-ltdattlasbot: does it not work at all?04:03
in_deep_thoughtI type find / -name 'genymotion'04:03
in_deep_thoughtactually sudo find / -name 'genymotion'04:03
in_deep_thoughtand it just kind of hangs04:03
attlasbotNope and I've tried googling it and none of the fixes work04:03
in_deep_thoughtwhats the actual find commany?04:03
daftykinsin_deep_thought: you need to add asterisks before and after the name in ' in case it has extra characters before or after04:03
daftykinse.g. find / -name '*thingtosearch*'04:04
aeon-ltdattlasbot: is it some obscure make?04:04
in_deep_thoughtdaftykins, hmm its still just kind of sitting04:04
in_deep_thoughthow long should it take to find a folder?04:04
daftykinslook at your disk LED04:04
attlasbotETPS/2 Elnatouch aeon-ltd04:05
daftykinshaha i was totally gonna call it as Elantech04:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:17
Captonjamasonyo nerds, kickstart wont work in ubuntu 15.0404:31
=== Z_ is now known as Guest93999
Captonjamasonas in ksconfig kickstart04:32
laurentidei'm having trouble installing mongodb on ubuntu04:33
laurentidefolks in #mongodb recommended complete uninstall/reinstall but it didn't work04:33
preyaloneHow do I install the old, circa 1975 System 6, POSIX-style sh in Ubuntu? In Mac OS X, I can `brew install osh`.04:34
lotuspsychje!info mongodb | laurentide04:34
ubottulaurentide: mongodb (source: mongodb): object/document-oriented database (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.6.3-0ubuntu7 (vivid), package size 5 kB, installed size 43 kB (Only available for hurd-any; amd64; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386; armhf; ppc64el; arm64)04:34
lotuspsychjelaurentide: try purge, then reinstall04:34
macabrehourAlright,, been trying all day since i got up this morning,, How do i get hamachi adapter to be the primary adapter that games use?04:35
Captonjamasonyo nerds, kickstart wont work in ubuntu 15.0404:35
Captonjamasonas in ksconfig kickstart04:35
laurentidelotuspsychje, tried that. no dice. still getting http://pastebin.com/HDaFT60u04:36
cfhowlettCaptonjamason, perhaps less casual insult will yield attention and assistance.  http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/nerd04:36
Captonjamasonim sorry04:36
Captonjamasonhow about hello everybody, kickstart wont work in ubuntu 15.0404:37
Captonjamasonas in ksconfig kickstart04:37
cfhowlettCaptonjamason, is systemd the replacement for kickstart?04:38
Captonjamasonim not sure,04:38
danfruehaufIs there a way to force ubuntu to use linux-virtual kernels?04:38
danfruehaufI don't want it to download *-generic kernels at all04:39
cfhowlett!systemd > Captonjamason04:39
ubottuCaptonjamason, please see my private message04:39
Captonjamasoni did know that cfhowlett04:39
lotuspsychjelaurentide: not sure mate, its complainting about mongodb server not configged right, maybe find yourself a good tutorial install?04:39
Captonjamasonim using kickstart for some of my os making04:40
Captonjamasonand its not starting04:40
lotuspsychjelaurentide: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/04:40
macabrehourI can see others are talking, and I dont wish to be rude and interupt, but does anyone not currently busy, know how to set hamachi s that games use it's adapter first before accessing my wifi adapter?04:40
laurentideyepthat's what i'm following04:40
lotuspsychjelaurentide: wich ubuntu version?04:41
laurentidedreamhost vps04:41
lotuspsychjemacabrehour: try to disable wifi chipset from bios then04:42
macabrehourwell, i need the wifi for hamachi to let people connect to me,, i just need games to send there broadcast to hamachi, then from hamachi to my wifi card04:43
lotuspsychjelaurentide: maybe this can help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/500533/error-while-trying-to-install-mongodb04:45
Captonjamasonhmmm, if you know anything with kickstart configurator cfhowlett  this is what it gives me running it in terminal,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11004213/04:45
lotuspsychjemacabrehour: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Hamachi04:46
Captonjamasonoh he left :\04:47
macabrehourThank you lotus for taking time to try and help, I have read all that , I can connect to other people and succesfully ping them and they can ping me,, our problem is my games are not using the hamachi adapter when i try lan hosting04:47
Captonjamasonwhat games?04:47
laurentidelotuspshychje, tried changing the permissions on /etc/init.d/mongodb as recommended. same error04:47
laurentidelotuspsychje *04:47
macabrehourIn windows all you do is goto where it lists your adapters and move the hamachi adapter to the top of the list, and programs use it first,, but I have no clue how to do that on linux04:48
lotuspsychjelaurentide: not sure then mate sorry04:48
laurentideya me neither. thank you04:48
lotuspsychje!aptlock | laurentide maybe play around with this04:48
ubottulaurentide maybe play around with this: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:48
reisiomacabrehour: what're you trying to do?04:48
macabrehourI installed Hamachi so that i can play lan games with someone across the ocean,, we can connect to each other successfully using hamachi interface, but my games do not use the hamachi virtual network adapter,, they instead try to use my wifi adapter directly04:49
macabrehourI need the games to see hamachi first04:50
joyo999bazhang: hello04:52
macabrehourthe device is listing as ham0 and is working correctly, i have tried sudo route add -host dev ham0, becuase some games use that gateway, but it doesnt seem to have effected anything04:52
joyo999bazhang: when will you get freenode staff04:52
joyo999bazhang: are you gay? when will you become staff? you faggot04:53
laurentidelotuspsychje, same error. going to look into why it "is not configured yet"04:54
lotuspsychje!ops | joyo99904:54
ubottujoyo999: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang04:54
lotuspsychjelaurentide: yeah, seems like its really that server not configured issue04:55
laurentidelotuspsychje, trying this now https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-1478604:55
laurentidelotuspsychje, still failed. similar but slightly different error: http://pastebin.com/pHcQjvAf05:00
lotuspsychjelaurentide: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5973811/mongodb-data-directory-permissions05:02
laurentidesudo chown mongodb:mongodb /vol/db/05:05
laurentide     chown: invalid group: `mongodb:mongodb'05:05
lotuspsychjelaurentide: really dont know why :p sorry05:06
laurentidehmm so i created the user and group but can't access /vol/db/ as recommended in that post.. will try to reinstall05:07
lotuspsychjelaurentide: your on the main user right?05:07
laurentideoooh yay it was because the group didn't exist that the install failed05:07
laurentidelotuspsychje, thank you for helping me work that out05:09
lotuspsychje!yay | laurentide05:09
ubottulaurentide: Glad you made it! :-)05:09
S[h]O[r]Tis there really no way to change the download mirror during a vivid server install ,or make it not even use the internet? it forces you to use us.archive.ubuntu.com which is painfully slow and 500-900ms away from me and has packet loss. i tried editing /etc/hosts during the install and it didnt even take05:14
EriC^^S[h]O[r]T: /etc/hosts is irrelevant, the mirror is in /etc/apt/sources.list05:16
Bray90820I'm having an issue i can't open firefox without running "sudo firefix" from the terminal05:16
EriC^^Bray90820: type sudo chown aaron: ~aaron05:17
EriC^^Bray90820: type sudo chown -r aaron: ~aaron05:17
Bray90820eric I should type both of those?05:18
EriC^^Bray90820: no just the second05:18
Bray90820EriC^^: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/becd0ee8f69823b69f9b05:20
EriC^^Bray90820: type sudo chown -R aaron: ~aaron05:21
Bray90820EriC^^: that worked thanks05:22
EriC^^no problem05:22
Bray90820Another question if you have any experence with the gui samba app05:22
Bray90820Or teamviewer05:23
lotuspsychjeBray90820: you can install teamviewer on their website05:23
Bray90820lotuspsychje: I am actually having an issue with it auto starting with my system05:24
lotuspsychjeBray90820: autostarting remote software isnt the best idea mate05:24
Bray90820lotuspsychje: I am aware of the risks05:24
lotuspsychjeBray90820: i would suggest teamviewer only for single use problems05:25
lotuspsychjeBray90820: maybe use ssh instead?05:25
Bray90820lotuspsychje: I am using teamviewer for remote management of my system05:25
Bray90820To dieignose and reaper problems when I am away from the server05:26
EriC^^Bray90820: can't you ssh like lotuspsychje suggested and then setup teamviewer if you must?05:27
Bray90820EriC^^: not every system I use allows SSH05:28
=== norm is now known as Guest29960
Bray90820EriC^^: lotuspsychjemy school has blocked port 2205:30
EriC^^Bray90820: you can setup ssh to use a different port /etc/ssh/sshd_config05:31
Bray90820It would pro easier and more practical for me to use teamviewer05:32
Bray90820It would be easier and more practical for me to use teamviewer05:32
S[h]O[r]TEriC^^ this is during an installation of ubuntu not after05:33
S[h]O[r]T/etc/apt/* doesnt even exist05:34
EriC^^S[h]O[r]T: yes it does05:36
S[h]O[r]TEriC^^ it has it in /target/etc/apt/sources.lst and that is for after installation not during05:45
EriC^^S[h]O[r]T: are you talking about the desktop iso?05:48
S[h]O[r]Tno, the server iso05:48
EriC^^ok, on the desktop iso if you try a live session it's in /etc/apt/sources.list05:49
spike_bbxI'm new to Blackbox linux05:50
spike_bbxcould you please help me how to connect my backbox to wireless connection. Actually it shows wired connection. I can not change it to wireless05:51
spike_bbxyes. it is blackbox linux05:51
EriC^^spike_bbx: try the blackbox channel05:52
spike_bbxthank you Eric05:52
=== winston is now known as Guest92572
AppAraathello, I've found that recent versions of youtube-dl is complaining about the version of avconv. So far I've found out that avconv is a part of libav, but how would I find out which version of avconv is in a particular package?06:02
vonsyd0wAppAraat, I'd assume (not certain) that the version of libav-tools denotes the version of avconv06:07
iyogeshjoshiI'm facing problem while upgrading from 14.10 to 15.0406:09
iyogeshjoshiit is always throwing error "An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade. "06:10
iyogeshjoshiI even tried disabling all ppa's06:10
ibjWhy is that on some distributions though it's available a screenshot utility the PrtSc key doesn't launch it?06:10
iyogeshjoshistill same06:10
iyogeshjoshianybody here knws what is the problem while upgrading?06:11
AppAraatvonsyd0w: I did aptitude show libav-tools |grep -i avconv but that resulted in "server, the avconv audio and video encoder, and the avprobe stream analyzer."06:12
vonsyd0wAppAraat, try "dpkg -l | grep -i libav-tools". I don't have it installed so i dont know the output06:13
vonsyd0wAppAraat, what version of ubuntu are you using?06:14
AppAraatvonsyd0w: currently I am using Lubuntu 12.04 (64 bit edition)06:14
vonsyd0wAppAraat, that version is pretty old: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/libav-tools06:15
=== norm is now known as Guest83627
AppAraatlibav tools are installed here, but it only gives the version of libav tools themselves, but I can't find anything about the version of avconv anywhere.06:16
AppAraatyeah I'm going to upgrade in a few weeks06:16
vonsyd0wthe version number for avconv is most likely the same as libav-tools. I stated this earlier06:17
AppAraathmm in that case yeah the package is pretty ancient, I have 4:0.8.17-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 and youtube-dl is asking me to have at least version 1006:19
ibj!info compiz06:43
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 128 kB06:44
ibj!info spamasassin06:51
ubottuPackage spamasassin does not exist in vivid06:51
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=== adf is now known as momken
ubunturosAre there users who have tried installing rabbitmq-server available from Ubuntu's repos and worked for them?07:08
ubunturosThis is on Ubuntu Trusty07:08
=== zhbmath is now known as buffon
sh4trcould someone highlight me07:11
kaidelonghey, is the version of vim provided by the ubuntu repos built with multi-byte support?07:12
rhapsodyhey guys/gals, does anyone know if it is possible to scroll up in the tty console?07:12
kaidelongrhapsody: try shift-pgup or shift-uparrow07:12
agent_whitekaidelong: `:version` -- if it's in that list, then yes.07:13
rhapsodykaidelong, this works in the local terminal but not in tty1 mode when I press ctrl +alt+f107:14
rhapsodykaidelong, well it only moves one line07:14
kaidelongshift-pgup works in my tty07:15
kaidelongit could be that there was only one line up in your buffer07:15
kaidelongwhy not try running dmesg to generate a bunch of output07:15
rhapsodykaidelong, I ran a recent apt-get update and I want to see what was installed, shift+pg up  does not do anything07:15
kaidelongthen try it again07:15
sh4trAjacobsson: thank you, would you do it one more time, testing notify07:15
Ajacobssonsh4tr: Sure, np.07:16
rhapsodykaidelong, will i lose the rest of the contents that I am trying to view if I do that?07:16
kaidelongmm, I believe so07:16
kaidelongyou could try on tty207:17
rhapsodykaidelong, too late....attempted it on tty1 and it worked, but i lost the part i was interested in07:17
kaidelongyou only have so much buffer to work with, /var/log/apt might have stuff relevant to you though07:17
rhapsodykaidelong, lemme check that out thanks07:18
kaidelongin the future you could redirect STDOUT and STDERR to some files so that you can check them out at your leisure07:19
rhapsodykaidelong, yes I will do that in the future thank you for the tip07:19
=== ujjwalkanth is now known as pers3us
kaidelongagent_white: thanks, ubuntu vim does have multibyte support, so that saves me having to build it myself07:21
rick_Hi all, is it possible to update Xorg stack of 14.04.2 only? I don't want to upgrade kernel07:22
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=== cp3 is now known as asr856
asr856Hi, can someone help me out? I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.2 and when I use VLC or Netflix, after an hour or so, my computer turns black then restarts with no warning.07:42
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
mishavsem privet07:42
=== misha is now known as Guest43373
Guest43373привет всем07:43
k1l!ru | Guest4337307:43
ubottuGuest43373: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:43
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k1lponyrider: ponyride1 ponyride2  hi, dont you think one client is enough? :)07:45
Varrogreetings. I'm trying to port forward a specific port through iptables, but it doesn't seem to work.07:46
Varroiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 31222 -j DNAT --to
Basz0rIs the traffic routed to another machine in the network? Or to an interface on the machine itself?07:52
Varroto another machine07:54
Varrothe server is acting as a router. 2 NICs, eth0,1.07:55
Varroeth0 is connected to my physical LAN, eth1 is connected to VM LAN07:55
Basz0rVarro, did you enabled ip_forward?08:00
Varroyep, its enabled08:00
Basz0rAnd how did you tested it?08:00
Varrosysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward08:01
Varro= 108:01
Basz0rVarro, I mean the SSH connection from outside08:01
bstarekvarro: explain a little bit more what you are tryiong to do08:01
Varroputty from my windows machine.08:01
Basz0rIn the local network?08:01
Basz0rYou will have to test it from outside08:02
Varroi can ssh to the server fine, but get a timeout at
Basz0rThat is the external address?08:02
Varrowin machine is on same as eth0 on the ub server.08:02
Varrosecond ubuntu is on
Basz0rBehind the FW?08:03
bstarekyou iptables command looks correct to me08:03
Basz0rHave you made a FORWARD rule for the SSH connection from outside to your local ubuntu machine?08:03
Basz0rin the filter chain08:04
bstarekI am understanding what you are trying to achieve08:04
bstareki am NOT understanding08:04
Basz0rHe is trying to forward (DNAT) a random port to a SSH port on a machine behind a firewall/router08:05
Basz0rWith iptables08:05
Basz0rI assume that the rest is working (SNAT etc)08:05
Varrohave not made a FORWARD rule no.08:05
Basz0rYou will have to do that if the policy is drop, or if you have a global drop rule in the FORWARD table08:05
bstarekok, i understand, I never done it but i will try to help08:06
Basz0riptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --dport 22 -i eth0 -o eth1 -j ACCEPT08:06
Basz0rSomething like that08:06
VarroChain FORWARD (policy DROP)08:06
Varroso I guess I need to08:06
Basz0riptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT08:07
Basz0rTry that first08:07
Basz0rIt will allow all traffic to float between the eth0 and eth1 interface08:07
capmanHi everyone, is this a good place to ask questions about cached credentials in ubuntu?08:07
SCHAAP137theoretically, would there be a way to just completely get rid of the NumLock switch and just _always_ have the numpad type numbers?08:07
=== Guest29789 is now known as shroud
Varrostill doesn't work08:10
VarroFORWARD policy ACCEPT.08:10
Basz0rDo you see the traffic going in your firewall. You can test that with iptables -i WANINTERFACE "dst port 31222"08:11
Basz0rtcpdump -i WANINTERFACE "dst port 31222"08:11
bstarekBasz0r, you are right, eth0 needs to communicate with eth1, i believe there is MASQUERADE command needed there08:11
Basz0rYou use a MASQUERADE rule for sourcenatting. The destination nat rule should work without it08:12
Varrogetting activity with tcpdump08:12
Varrowant me to screenshot iwth a -v?08:12
Basz0rdo you see it going to your local machine? tcpdump -i LOCALINTERFACE "dst host and dst port 22" ?08:13
Basz0rna, I believe you :p08:13
Varroim guessing you mean WAN as in eth0 and local as in eth1?08:14
Varrono dice on that one08:15
VarroTerribly sorry, i have to go afk for a couple of hours. ok if I poke you when I get back?08:17
Basz0rOh alright, no probs :)08:17
lngHi! I cannot open Chrome menu under Ubuntu 14.04 / Gnome Classic Desktop08:18
timsonis here anybody?08:22
timsoni see08:22
Ben64that was productive08:22
ArcherGodsonfast and furious )08:22
=== alexander is now known as Guest65599
Ben64timson: alexander: please stop whatever it is you're doing08:23
timsonhow are u?08:23
ArcherGodsonhow is in Dagestan?08:23
timsonokay. sorry08:24
Ben64go make a channel and talk there, or use PM. do not use #ubuntu08:24
CVirusAfter upgrading to 15.04, OSD notifications have disappeared .. For instance when I turn the volume up or down or alter my screen brightness .. is this normal ?08:29
z8zCVirus: My advice is to never upgrade from LTS version to newer one if you don't want to experience unexpected changes08:35
z8zCVirus: But i don't know about that issue specifically08:35
capmanAnyone knows a good howto for ubuntu 14.04, login via ldap/kerberos and cached credentials, not sssd?08:37
k1lCVirus: no, its not normal. does the volume and brightness change work besides the missing notification?08:39
CVirusk1l, yes they do08:42
Spec-ChumTried to install ubuntu 15.04 but whilst the liveUSB worked fine the actual install dropped me into the systemd emergency shell.  I'll be honest it was 1am so I didn't spend to much time looking at what went wrong but my Windows install on on 2 SSDs in RAID0, but I can't see this making a differnce?  Ubunutu is installed on a partion on a different, non RAIDed SSD08:42
RtMFSpec-Chum: if the systemd shell comes up .. is the system mounted? could it find /?08:45
RtMFif so, then its somewhere later in the boot process than anythig to do with the drives most likely08:45
RtMFbasically, would be easier to help with a pastebin of any relevant logs and/or at least some description, but I'll help if I can08:46
zeitgeisthi everyone - i’m looking for help to dig in the logs and find the date of a hardware change, could you help ?08:47
RtMFzeitgeist: hmm, unfortunately the log you want may have rotated into /dev/null -- but its possible its still there -- are you using systemd? if so I can't provide specific info, haven't gotten there yet, otherwise you want to look *probably* tat the dmesg logs and udev logs -- the first shows the initial kernel hardware probes and the latter shows later probes08:50
RtMFalso love the name zeitgeist -- its a longshot but are you a mage: the ascension / cult of ecstasy fan? or just a fan of the spirit of the times?08:50
chotaz`whow can I find out why chrome is opening new tabs when I try to open apt:// links and .deb files? nothing goes to the software center :\08:50
RtMFchotaz`w: chrome doesn't tend to play all *that* nice with things that should be going elsewhere in xdg-open, but the question is is xdg-open calling chrome or is it apt:// links just inside chrome?  if the latter, look in chrome's settings, if the former (check by xdg-open apt://foo in terminal) then look in the associations in your DE's settings -- if kde I can direct08:51
RtMFxdg-open does the heavy lifting at least under kde and I think in general, reading the mime database and opening a[n] URL by type (by filetype if loceal)08:52
RtMFyay latency08:52
zeitgeistThanjs RtMF ! I know the change occured in the past two weeks, do you think a trace might still be there ? I know those are the logs i shoudl look into but i don’t really know how to read them08:53
Spec-Chumthanks RtMF, system appears to mount, or at least it does in recover mode as I can apt-get things, indeed I updated the system via that.  I'll reinstall tonight but mainly I just wanted to know if the RAID array could be causing issues, even tho ubuntu is not installed on them08:53
chotaz`wRtMf I was actually trying to grab xgd-open from the ubuntu software site and it just pops up a new tab :\08:53
RtMFzeitgeist: well what hardware is it you're looking for?08:53
k1lCVirus: what desktop are you on?08:54
zeitgeistalso, I’m not really a mage fan but I do love the whole white wolf universe. The name, though, is meant as a joke (a reminder that that spirit of times is always around to anyone using the “who” command)08:54
k1lCVirus: and is notify-osd running or another notify demon?08:54
zeitgeistRtMF: a Nvidia GPU. 3 brand new GPUs were stolen and replaced by older models08:54
RtMFchotaz`w: well the simplest way then would be: sudo apt-get install xdg-utils -- in a termianl of course08:55
RtMFzeitgeist: well ok then, you're looking for anything talking about video in your dmesg type logs -- honestly the simplest first thing to do is just grep for 'video'08:55
RtMFor perhaps 'nvidia'08:55
RtMF(grep -i nvidia /var/log/foo)08:55
chotaz`wRtMF there is no such package on my repos08:56
CVirusk1l, I'm using unity but I installed mate as well and used it a bit .. Here's the output of ps aux | grep notif http://dpaste.com/3J80S8H08:56
RtMFchotaz`w: ..ubuntyu version?08:56
zeitgeistRtMF: Ok I’ll try that. Is there anything that would indicate a new GPU has been plugged in for the first time ?08:57
* RtMF kicks her internet08:57
k1lCVirus: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall notify-osd"08:57
RtMFzeitgeist: not sure, there might be something ubu specific08:57
Spec-ChumRtMF: just one thing which I wasn't sure about...I installed GRUB to SDB not SDB2, is that right?  Ubuntu is installed on SDB2 as SDB1 is a windows data drive (Steam games)08:57
CVirusk1l, still08:58
RtMFchotaz`w:         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ utopic/main amd64 Packages08:58
RtMF        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ utopic/main amd64 Packages08:58
k1lCVirus: afaik that needs a relogin at least08:58
CVirusk1l, ok let me re-login08:58
zeitgeistRtMF: OK thank you, greping through the logs now…08:59
RtMFchotaz`w: make sure you're looking for xdg-utils08:59
RtMFzeitgeist: I remember at one point there was some kind of ubu hardware log, but I think that was like way back before udev got decent...and might even have been a different os08:59
* RtMF has been unixing for 18 years, it all blurs08:59
RtMFbtw I hope you catch that theif, zeitgeist , that blows09:00
RtMFI've had too much hardware stolen to have any sympathy for people who take hardware from individuals/small businesses09:00
RtMF(admittedly it happened while I was basically homeless, so I guess its not that big of a surprise but yeah...)09:01
zeitgeistRtMF: I didn’t see anything that looks like a ubuntu specific hardware-log (in /var/logs anyway)09:01
zeitgeistRtMF: And I don’t have much sympathy for the thief either… I spent 2 days trying to update those drivers before i thought of checking on the hardware…09:02
Rahulhii  all09:02
RahulHii all09:03
=== Rahul is now known as Guest7730
RtMFzeitgeist: ok, cool.  probably something ancient I'm thinking of.09:03
=== Guest7730 is now known as RahulAN
RtMFthe dmesg.foo files are probably a good place to look -- if the dates on them go back far enough you're goldne09:03
RtMFif nothing else the gpu is visible when it enumerates PCI09:04
theme2I have a little problem here09:09
theme2I typed "cd " and then pressed enter (in bash)09:10
theme2and I got "bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device"09:10
voozehave anyone been able to use pushbullet indicator in 15.04 ?09:10
theme2Running baobab shows that I have 800 MB left on the hard disk09:10
k1ltheme2, what gives you "df -h"? please put into a pastebin09:10
theme2k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11006899/09:11
theme2FYI my computer has more than one OS09:12
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
k1ltheme2, yes, your system is full.09:12
CVirusk1l, same :-(09:12
theme2k1l, then why does baobab say that the system is not full?09:12
k1ltheme2, if there is only 5% of space left the users cant write anymore (or save anymore). so free some space. start with "sudo apt-get autoremove" then "sudo apt-get autoclean"09:13
cfhowletttheme2, 100% use = full09:13
theme2cfhowlett, read the logs09:13
zeitgeistRtMF: might the kern.log files help ? I have them back to april 12th09:13
k1ltheme2, after that see what old kernel images and headers are still installed and remove that packages "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"09:13
theme2cfhowlett, oh wait... you entered after the start of the conversation09:14
cfhowletttheme2, :)  I'll just sit here in the corner quietly ...09:14
k1ltheme2, 800mb free is less then 5% and so its "full" for user view09:14
theme2k1l, ran "sudo apt-get autoclean"09:14
theme2k1l, now 59M left :)09:14
k1ltheme2, you will need to get rid of stuff :)09:15
cfhowlettapt-cache will clean out the package download cache09:16
cfhowlett*apt-get clean*09:16
theme2k1l, can I safely uninstall linux-headers that aren't the latest version?09:17
k1ltheme2, yes09:17
theme2k1l, What will happen if I uninstall the latest version?09:18
k1lif you remove the latest headers you cant make modules for the used kernel. so you will get issues with video drivers etc.09:18
Amm0nhow many packages got a fresh 15.04 installation?09:20
theme2k1l, Great! Now I have 2GB remaining in my disk!09:20
chotaz`wcfhowlett, needs moar coffee? :))09:21
gojuI need drivers for ATI HD4830 graphics card....running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS09:21
FergusLHello, anyone using the canonical-chromium-build repo for pepper flash for chromium ?09:24
ubuntuser13libreoffice error:  Extension Manager: exception in synchronize09:28
kamil_ i have problem with mysql - when i'm creating new database default charset is latin1_swedish_ci - of course i can change it after create db, but i want to change this default charset for ever09:29
kamil_for every new database09:29
kamil_it is possible?09:29
kamil_is it*09:29
hateballkamil_: should be able to in /etc/my.cnf (I think)09:29
kamil_oo... ok, thanks09:29
hateballI am not near a machine with mysql atm09:29
kamil_i will check it09:30
m1dnight_is one allowed to bump posts on the ubuntu foruns?09:30
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
kamil_hateball: unfortunately it isn't this file - there is totally different stuff09:32
k1lm1dnight_, better ask the forums team in #ubuntuforums09:32
zeitgeistOK i digged a bit and I found all those “pci” entries in kern.log and grepped for the pci address of the GPU, but I’m not sure what part would identify a device09:32
bstarekhateball, you can ssh to that sqlmachine if it is far...09:32
=== sjm is now known as McKraken
jokkei'm trying to set up vsftpd on a remote box but i'm not able to log in via ftp09:35
jokkethe user is whitelisted09:36
jokkeand logging in via ssh works (but disconnects right away because shell is set to /bin/false09:36
jokkeftp just says 530 Login incorrect.09:37
jokkehere's my configs: https://p.jreinert.com/m-gmr/09:37
* RtMF wanders back, zlmao 09:37
=== VAMPI_ is now known as kopele
zeitgeistI spotted only one difference09:38
zeitgeistbut I don’t know if it is relevant, and I can’t find doc on this log’s format (yet)09:38
RtMFwhich log?09:38
zeitgeistkern.log, pci entries09:38
* RtMF nods09:40
RtMFdoes it show vendor ID & product ID?09:40
RtMFif so that's where to look for the info09:40
RtMFalso look for things with nv or nvidia in them09:40
RtMFor maybe agpgart09:40
Spec-Chumwould there be some reason why using recovery booting option, the one with the text menu, will boot but main boot would not?09:41
Jaboman, I thought Windows Updates were annoying09:41
Jabothere's an Ubuntu update every day09:41
RtMFSpec-Chum: the recovery options do lots of random things differently -- it could be as simple as your gpu likes to be initialized a few extra times to come up sane09:41
k1lSpec-Chum, missing video driver09:41
RtMFk1l: that too, though I've seen it with a present driver that locks up during normal boot but will work if brought into text mode for a bit first09:41
RtMFor if the framebuffer is disabled09:42
kopeleJabo, run em automatic09:42
zeitgeistRtMF: What I did was use LSPCI to get the aPCI address of the FPU, and grepped for that addess in the kern.log file. greping for nvidia, video or vga didn’t help09:42
k1lJabo, most of them are security patches. i would not rant about a OS getting critical security issues fixed asap.09:42
RtMFzeitgeist: *nods* damn, yeah, I know once upon a time there was a something, but yeah09:42
Spec-ChumI do have a GTX 970, which is quite new.  The LiveCD boot fine tho09:42
k1lSpec-Chum, which ubuntu is it?09:43
Spec-ChumGnome version09:43
zeitgeistthere are lines that seem to differ in a way that might be helpfull, but I’m not sure what they mean. Whould you like a short paste if i set one up ?09:43
k1lSpec-Chum, version?09:43
Spec-Chumsorry, 15.04 gnome09:43
RtMFzeitgeist: paste.beautifulsunrise.org -- sure09:43
zeitgeistRtMF: thank you ! doing it now09:44
RtMF(that's my site, I'm kinda slowly putting together a consulting business -- beautiful sunrise solutions -- its been my vps forever)09:44
Spec-ChumI can get to grub fine, then the screen goes grey and the text saying Ubuntu Gnome comes up but it just stops there.   After about 2 minutes the emergency console thing appears09:44
zeitgeistRtMF: Cool, i love custom solutions ;)09:45
* Lum4n4r3 salut salut09:45
RtMFzeitgeist: yeah, the vps is running 14.10, has been running since 10.04 I think09:45
RtMFwell I mean with reboots09:45
RtMFlongest streak was about a year09:45
k1lSpec-Chum, install the "nvidia-346" package in the recovery09:45
jokkeno one?09:45
RtMF...I actually managed to have irssi juts crash on me during that time, I think it wrapped a 32-bit pointer09:45
Spec-ChumI think it might be a video driver thing.  How would I go about....hah that's exactly what I was going to ask09:45
zeitgeistimpressive considering how dist upgrades are painfull09:46
Spec-Chumk1l: I will try that tonight, thanks.  At work at the moment09:46
RtMFzeitgeist: yeah, my new linode is running arch, I'm trying to migrate at least some things -- I'm also running alt dns, an alt-tld at .xh and an internal one at .bso09:46
k1lzeitgeist, they shouldnt be painfull since ubuntu does automated testing on upgrades09:46
RtMFthe ubu vps has all my services set up backed by PAM, so you just add users to groups to give them mail, xmpp, etc.09:46
RtMFI plan to deploy a similar LDAP-oriented solution09:46
Spec-Chumk1l: but what's bugging me is why would the LiveCD work but not the full install? :/09:46
RtMF...presuming i manage to pay for this month >.>09:47
k1lSpec-Chum, very difficult topic. ubuntu only runs the ope source drivers as default (is not allowed to run the prop. drivers besides on the live disc) so you need to install them manually after install.09:48
Spec-Chumah right, so the liveCD will be runing the prop nvidia drivers but when installed fully it uses nouveau?09:49
Spec-ChumThat makes sense09:49
zeitgeistRtMF: How expensive is your plan ? Also, we use PAM+LDAP at work, and it’s pretty awesome09:50
Spec-ChumOK, that makes sense now.  I'm not new to Linux, but new to Ubuntu.  Well since about version 7 anywya09:52
zeitgeistRtMF: HEre’s the paste: http://paste.beautifulsunrise.org/view/586e580709:52
zeitgeistRtMF: What i’m trying to figure out is whether the difference I spoted indicates a hardware change - I have no idead what those ligns mean09:53
Spec-Chumas an aside, if yoiu're thinking of RAIDing 2 SSDs, don't bother, whilst benchmarks are through the roof (1000+ Mb/sec) I can't say I've noticed any difference at all in general loading times etc lol09:53
seph80hdis backbox talk allowed here?09:54
zeitgeist(I need to AFK for 10mn)09:54
Spec-ChumRtMF, k1l: thanks for all your help.  I didn't realise the LiveCS used the nvidia drivers, now I know that I'm no longer confused!09:54
cfhowlettseph80hd, nope.09:54
cfhowlett!backbox | seph80hd09:54
ubottuseph80hd: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.09:54
seph80hdthanks alot! :)09:54
zeitgeist(and I’m back)09:58
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
D34dp4nwelcome back09:58
=== gerald is now known as Guest58147
zeitgeistRtMF: here’s a paste of the full “pcigrep.txt” file. I noticed lines that indicate assigned areas of memory for the GPU, perhaps a python script that computes the size of the area might help ?10:04
zetherooI am trying to delete a user and it's home directory with 'userdel username' but am being told "userdel: user xyz is currently used by process 902". I have tried killing the processes with 'kill -9 -1' as the user and then trying to delete it again but it keeps saying the same thing with different process numbers ...10:09
k1lis the user still logged in?10:10
jiggerypokeryHi there, does anyone know why a fat16 file system would be 'read only'?10:13
zetheroois there a way to totally delete the crontab of a user?10:13
jiggerypokeryit makes no sence, I am able to write to it with unetbootin but not if I need to copy files too10:13
kristian_on_linuhi all10:14
kristian_on_linuwhat is a smart way of controlling two ipads from one Linux laptop?10:15
xyzwhateveri think its easier to fly a rocket to the moon10:16
cfhowlettkristian_on_linu, (assuming no-troll) highly unlikely.  apple deliberately makes their systems hostile to non-apple OS.10:17
kristian_on_linuxyzwhatever: so it seems ... incredible10:18
Spec-ChumJust a thought (sorry for banging on about this) do you think turning on the Intel 4600 (Haswell) will work to at least get me booted?10:22
zetherooAny ideas on how to get rid of this user account? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11007568/10:23
zeitgeistRtMF: I wrote the python script. The memory ranges are different (much larger) for the few dates where the entries in the first paste are different. So I’m pretty confident the theft occured between april 11 and 1210:23
zeitgeistzetheroo: what is the blocking process ?10:24
zetheroo zeitgeist: not sure I understand what you mean10:24
m1dnight_Is there a different ubuntu login for bugs and for the forums? I have to reset my password each damn time..10:24
m1dnight_Just resetted it for the forums. now I have to reset it to submit a bug report.10:24
zetheroo zeitgeist: oh sorry ... read it wrongly. I am not sure what it is.10:24
zeitgeistthe paste says ‘user sherlock is currently used by process 2575’10:25
zeitgeistcan you check what it is ? maybe with ps aux | grep 2575 ?10:25
m1dnight_Seems like my login for forums SSO has a different passsword than the one for launchpad, is that correct?10:27
zeitgeistwhat happens if you sudo service php5-fpm stop and then delete the user ?10:27
zeitgeistbut i think if you do so, your cgi script ran by this user won’t be able to start10:28
zetheroolooks like that worked http://paste.ubuntu.com/11007632/10:28
zeitgeistOK cool :) but you might need to change your php-fpm config, because it seems to be running something in behalf of sherlock10:29
zetherooyes, ok10:29
zeitgeistdo you have an error if you restart the service ?10:29
=== alia is now known as ketul
chotaz`whey guys, my system keeps crashing on my, what can I do immediately after a reboot to figure out what made my system hang, I have conky on my desktop and my CPU/RAM usage are around 0~10% / 5~20% respectively, which I find really odd10:31
chotaz`wand I cant punctuate today :(10:31
zetheroozeitgeist: no, looks ok10:32
hateballchotaz`w: ~/.xsession-errors.* is one place to start10:33
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.10:33
hateballhmmm, no10:33
almarkno logs chotaz`w ?10:33
zeitgeistOK nice. Just make sure you remove that user from your config files. I don’t know php-fpm at all, but I’d bet it’s configured to run something as sherlock.10:34
chotaz`walmark, I know I can find some system logs under /log or using dmesg, I just wouldn't know what to look for10:34
chotaz`whateball, I'm starting there, thanks10:34
hateballchotaz`w: /var/log/kern.log, /var/log/dmesg (I see now you've looked)10:34
almarkkernel panics etc errors chotaz`w10:35
=== bes__ is now known as core_dumped
almarkchotaz`w is memorie ok?10:36
FergusLanyone here having the aw, snap! errors on chromium ?10:36
hateballchotaz`w: I'm not sure what gets logged to journald these days, you can query with journalctl (if on 15.04)10:36
=== walker is now known as Guest38120
OliverUKHello, has anyone got a method of automatically removing old kernels, every so often I have to clean up /boot and I don't want to :-P10:37
chotaz`wright now my cpu is on 0% and ram on 18% and it just hangs for a couple seconds randomly10:37
hateballchotaz`w: I'd check your HDD for smartinfo10:38
k1l_OliverUK: latest ubuntus should do that automatically with apt-get autoremove10:38
chotaz`wI'll start by pastebinin dmesg, is that ok?10:38
OliverUKk1l_: It's that automatically part I am struggling with10:38
hateballchotaz`w: "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX" and see if your drive looks healthy10:39
almarksomething for a cronjob OliverUK removing obsolete kernel stuff10:40
chotaz`whateball, i'll have to install smartctl i guess, be back ina  few10:41
hateballOliverUK: There's https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels#Advanced_users10:41
zeitgeistRtMF: If you’re atound, thanks for your help ! I think i have enough info to compare with the computer’s room access logs10:46
chotaz`whateball, i also have no .xsession-errors on my home folder10:48
hateballchotaz`w: Hmmm ok. I'm using KDE Plasma, might be unity hides it in another location10:49
chotaz`whateball, my bad, I just found them, but there are almost only atom and compiz related errors, come to think of it, there's a lot of flickering while using some compiz features, like grid or desktop switcher10:50
chotaz`wI'm on ubuntuMATE10:50
hateballchotaz`w: What GPU/driver are you using?10:50
zetheroozeitgeist: I noticed the home folder for the user is still there with a 'log' directory in it and 2 files. When I try to delete them it says "rm: cannot remove '.nfs00000000002031420000063b': Device or resource busy".10:50
chotaz`wGPU: AMD/ATI Mars XTX [Radeon HD 8790M with the default drivers10:51
hateballchotaz`w: So you're using the open source radeon driver and not the proprietary one?10:51
chotaz`whateball, exactly10:51
hateballchotaz`w: I know not much about AMD, but I guess you could try switching using the driver gui10:52
chotaz`whateball, I already tried that and the flickering didn't go away, so I switched back to the defaults10:52
chotaz`wHow would I spot a system hang in the appropriate log file? What would I have to look for?10:53
zeitgeistzetheroo: could you try lsof .nfs00000000002031420000063b ?10:53
chotaz`whowever other people on my work place with the exact same setup seem to have no flickering at all10:53
zeitgeistit should list the process that have this file open10:53
hateballchotaz`w: did you check your drive yet? altho that shouldnt cause any flickering10:54
hateballchotaz`w: are you running some other resolution or something maybe?10:54
phpmiddlemanim on 14.02 LTS and cups is running and available on localost:631. i try to restart but i get # service cups restart10:54
phpmiddlemanstop: Unknown job: cups10:54
phpmiddlemanstart: Unknown job: cups10:54
chotaz`whateball, nope, we all run 1920*1080 and no external monitor10:55
chotaz`wchotaz`w, aparrently smartctl doesnt come bundled with ubuntuMATE, bu't ill try fetching it via synaptic10:55
hateballchotaz`w: "sudo apt-get install smartctl"10:56
hateballchotaz`w: I've not used Mate, does it let you enable/disable compositing?10:56
chotaz`whateball, that specific package doesn't exist but maybe it's under gsmarttools?10:56
dearnHi, I'm having problem with xdg in Ubuntu. For some reason it opens google-chrome  (when I try to click in chromium-browser), but both  $ xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/magnet  and $ gvfs-mime --query x-scheme-handler/magnet return deluge.desktop as default application to handle it, any idea whats the problem?10:56
hateballchotaz`w: my bad, it's smartmontools10:57
hateballchotaz`w: gsmartcontrol is a gui frontend10:57
chotaz`wyep, just noticed that on synaptic10:57
CoreMacЕсть  кто-то из  Русских или  Укр ?10:58
chotaz`whateball, dont really know what I'm looking for but everything seems ok? : http://paste.ubuntu.com/11007935/10:59
cfhowlett!ru | CoreMac,10:59
ubottuCoreMac,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:59
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hateballchotaz`w: check read error and seek error values....11:00
phpmiddleman# service cups restart11:01
phpmiddlemanstop: Unknown job: cups11:01
phpmiddlemanstart: Unknown job: cups11:01
chotaz`whateball, they are above the "worst" value, no bueno. I'ma ask my sysadmin for a new disk11:01
phpmiddlemanbut cups is running. help11:01
hateballchotaz`w: It also appears to have triggered the free fall at least once, so that indicates being dropped :p11:01
kopelephpmiddleman, /etc/init.d/cups restart11:02
vdsany happy XPS 13 Gen4 proud owner would like to share his experience with that laptop?11:02
zetheroo zeitgeist: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11007966/11:02
zetheroosorry my notification are not working properly ..11:02
cfhowlettvds, I have the big brother: m3800 developer edition11:02
al2o3-crvds: i don't have one but they look foooking nice11:03
phpmiddlemankopele: yeah that worked. why11:03
vdscfhowlett: I saw that one, it looks amazing, but I was looking for something smaller11:03
phpmiddlemanim unble to login to CUPS via localhost:631 even after i have joined lpadmin group and restarted. help11:03
kopelephpmiddleman, i really have no clue11:04
kopelephpmiddleman,  thereis conf11:04
kopeleunder /etc/cups/cupsd.conf11:04
kopelecheck on listen localhost:63111:05
kopeleis it that way11:05
chotaz`whateball, apparently everyone has the same faulty values around11:07
hateballchotaz`w: well that might mean that it reports the values weird11:07
hateballunless everyone has faulty drives11:07
chotaz`whateball, probably, I'd highly doubt that second option, specially noting everyone has the free fall flag at 1 and the laptops are handled carefully11:08
chotaz`wmine was fresh new about a month ago and hasnt left my desk so I'd guess11:08
chotaz`wok, so /it's not/ the disk that making me hang, need to find somewhere else to look11:09
hateballchotaz`w: Yep, guess so. Doesnt hurt to check tho11:09
chotaz`ws/\/it's not\/it's not11:09
hateballchotaz`w: I'd try toggling compositing for your WM. Possibly even try a different DE, see if it keeps flickering11:10
=== core_dumped is now known as core-dumped
Scooby1Chotaz: what type of comp is screen on laptop or desktop? Came in the end of your questions.11:23
Scooby1Chotaz: you have the flickering screen right?11:24
chotaz`wScooby1, I also have flickering yes, but my main problem is my system randomly hanging11:25
chotaz`wScooby1, and that also only happens when using specific compiz plugins, like "Grid"11:25
Scooby1Oh OK missed that part.11:26
Scooby1Thought it was just flickering screen I had that issue myself once11:26
Scooby1Chotaz: my screen issue was a bad pin but it never hung up on any software being run11:28
Scooby1Chotaz: just flickered like mad..11:29
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== norm is now known as Guest50895
ubottuGuest17363: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:40
xnaveirahi, i'm installing ubuntu 14.04 with preseed and my network config gets overwritten: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netcfg/+bug/1361902 Any solutions?11:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1361902 in netcfg (Ubuntu) "14.04 /etc/network/interfaces is always overwritten by Preseed" [Undecided,Fix released]11:40
kopeleis there any way to install intel graphic drivers on 14.04.02 ?11:41
k1l_kopele: its in the kernel already11:41
kopelecouse it not supported version11:41
=== mahmoud is now known as Guest60196
kopeleso the problem with freezing xorg11:42
kopeleisn`t from the video drivers11:42
=== bas_ is now known as Basz0r
daftykinskopele: the kernel comes with the right driver11:42
daftykinsoops didn't see k1l_ - sorry for repeat11:43
daftykinskopele: if you boot with nomodeset you can rule out the intel driver11:43
kopelei got that11:43
xnaveiraanyone?: hi, i'm installing ubuntu 14.04 with preseed and my network config gets overwritten: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netcfg/+bug/1361902 Any solutions?11:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1361902 in netcfg (Ubuntu) "14.04 /etc/network/interfaces is always overwritten by Preseed" [Undecided,Fix released]11:49
=== luminance_137 is now known as Waqas
daftykinsxnaveira: no, but try #ubuntu-server11:53
xnaveiraok, ty daftykins11:53
absencei tried to install 64-bit ubuntu 15.04 on a computer with uefi and windows 8.1 64-bit. during install i chose "install ubuntu alongside windows boot manager", but after rebooting when the install was done, windows boots as before with no ubuntu in sight12:02
daftykinsabsence: try entering the EFI and changing the boot device from "Windows Boot Manager" to the actual hard disk device12:03
mickyfor the rackspace mirror maintainer -> http://pastebin.com/rMfGfq81 something went boom with your last sync12:03
daftykinsmicky: pretty sure that has nothing to do with here12:04
mickydaftykins, well this is ubuntu, a ton of people use their mirror which at the moment is broken, so yeah it kind of is12:04
mickydaftykins: unless you're ok with people complainging "i cant install" but they got no idea they're using a dead mirror12:05
daftykinsmicky: not since that's not a Canonical mirror.12:06
mickydaftykins: my bad then12:06
absencedaftykins: it still boots windows when selecting the drive directly. according to the installer ubuntu would be added to the Windows Boot Manager anyway, so that would be the one to boot right?12:06
daftykinsi appreciate where you're coming from, but it's up to Rackspace i'm afraid12:06
daftykinsabsence: i dunno if 15.04 does it differently, i always install GRUB and let that handle it12:07
absencedaftykins: install grub?12:07
daftykinsyou could give it a go12:07
daftykinsboot the live session again and perhaps the EFI or GRUB doc pages can help12:07
absencedaftykins: i know what grub is, but not sure what you mean. there was no option to install grub12:08
daftykinslike i say maybe 15.04 has changed something, i can't be 100%12:08
Dro__so 15.04 is LTS now ? :p12:08
daftykins14.04 is, 16.04 will be next12:09
k1l_Dro__: nope. 12.04, 14.04 and then 16.04 will be lts. every 2 xears12:09
absencedaftykins: hm, bcdedit /enum shows no ubuntu entry, so i guess the installer silently failed at adding ubuntu to the windows boot manager12:10
daftykinsmakes sense!12:10
daftykinsi think there's an installer log on the ubuntu partition, could be worth glancing at12:10
absencedaftykins: i guess this counts as replacing the windows boot manager rather than adding to it, but it did the trick :) bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi12:13
daftykinsgood work \o/12:13
BluesKajHowdy folks12:14
absencedaftykins: any idea where that install log is?12:15
chotaz`wwhat logs should I check immediately after my system hangs and having to hard reset it?12:16
daftykinserrr now i think about it more, it could possibly have been something i saw on a VPS of mine and not a normal thing :(12:16
daftykins /root or /home i think would've been my idea anywho12:17
daftykinschotaz`w: well, before you reset have you considered trying REISUB too?12:17
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key12:17
Dro__k1l_, so i can't use 15.04 ?12:22
Dro__it will be not secure to use ? !12:22
=== VAMPI_ is now known as kopele
daftykinsyou would have to upgrade when it goes EOL12:23
absencedaftykins: there's some stuff in /var/log/installer, but nothing that indicates failure. oh well, at leat it works now :)12:26
chotaz`wdaftykins, i'll try that next time, i know some times it worked and other it didn't12:26
AppAraathello, I want to install minimal / netinstall of Ubuntu 14.04.2. Any recommended reading material you can offer me?12:26
daftykinsAppAraat: you know about mini.iso already i take it?12:27
AppAraatyeah I plan to just dd that to a USB stick12:27
daftykinsunless you're new to Linux partitioning i'm not sure how much you need to read12:27
daftykinssounds good yep12:27
daftykinshmm i'm not sure the manual covers network installs12:27
daftykinsit's all very self explanatory though12:28
AppAraatyeah I intend to read a bit more about full disk encryption, or just leave it be and encrypt my homedir12:28
daftykinsah, yes.12:28
AppAraatbut I assume I have to pre-format it because the ncurses formatting options are pretty limited from what I've seen12:28
daftykinsthere be dragons indeed12:28
kopelecan i resize partition while ubuntu is runing ?12:29
AppAraatkopele: best do it through a liveCD, but always always: BACKUP FIRST12:29
AppAraatdon't think it's possible12:29
daftykinskopele: ^+112:29
daftykinscutting corners may only cut yourself :D12:30
kopelei put a bit more in / then i want to12:30
kopeleand now i don`t have enough for /home12:30
kn1ghtif it is a non-root partition that you are able to unmount while running, then it should be fine12:30
kn1ghtif it's root- probably not12:31
kopeleso i need a live cd or a remastersys one12:31
shwaiilQ: I've got Intel half WiFi Link Centrino Advanced-N 6200  pci-e wireless card ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-half-Advanced-N-6200-6200agn-pci-e-wireless-card-622ANHMW-/151648989877?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item234efbf2b5 ) but I need bluetooth so I need to upgrade. Any tips ?12:31
daftykinsany bootable Linux really, kopele12:31
daftykinsshwaiil: what do you mean tips? like recommendations on cards?12:31
kn1ghtany bootable linux with the required filesystem tools, yes12:32
kopelebut it`s still risky for the files on the drive12:32
daftykinsalways risky12:33
shwaiildaftykins: thanks for looking, yeah is there a place to check if a card is compatible ?12:33
kopeledamn it will stay that way for now at least i got enough space for dist upgrade :)12:33
shwaiilfound this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7260-HMWBNWB-R-Intel-Wireless-N-7260-Network-Adaptor-PCI-Express-Half-Mini-Card-/261822595110?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3cf5d7c02612:33
daftykinsshwaiil: well is it PCI-E as in a standard desktop machine, first of all?12:34
shwaiildaftykins: it's for a Clevo laptop12:34
shwaiilmini pcie12:34
daftykinsah ok, i wanted to warn of some brands who make alternate cards not function12:34
kn1ghthaven't had problems doing it, kopele, even on mixed dual boot partition types (ntfs, ext2, ext3), but the tools themselves issue warnings that you do risk losing data.12:35
daftykinsno ideas on compatibility i'm afraid, i have heard of many woes with intel 7xxx series... might be worth a quick google12:35
kn1ghtalso if you are resizing the /root partition and that happens to also be your /boot, then reinstalling grub may be required12:35
tshepotwalahallo ha!12:35
kopelehow much free space on root do i need for dist upgrade ?12:36
shwaiildaftykins: is there any mini pcie wireless card with bluetooth that you may know about that works nicely with ubuntu ?12:36
daftykinsif you run it, it should speak of the size of packages it'll want to grab... then if you multiply that out it should give a good idea12:36
kn1ghtkopele, that depends on what is being upgraded. I would think it varies on what packages you have installed, but am not sure12:37
daftykinsshwaiil: i'm afraid not :( i can count on one hand how many times i've used bluetooth in my life12:37
FF88BBhow do you boot from usb on mac?12:37
daftykinspossibly one finger even12:37
daftykinsFF88BB: power on, wait for the chime sound... hold left alt as soon as it does and until you see a boot menu12:37
cfhowlett!mac | FF88BB12:37
ubottuFF88BB: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:37
kopeleyep its about the size uf the packets but around 5 for full system upgrade form 14 to 16 for example12:37
kopeleif we say i got around 8 Gb in use now12:38
FF88BBits installed from another computer, but the boot menu doesnt show it12:39
daftykinsFF88BB: so not a flash drive?12:39
tshepotwalaI want to set up a network using a few ubuntu pcs, but I want to create a server and a few users on that, so that i can access any acc on any pc, is it possible, can anyone help te newbie??12:39
FF88BBit is a flash drive, but i think it was installed with mbr12:40
cfhowlett!ltsp | tshepotwala12:40
ubottutshepotwala: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project12:40
cfhowletttshepotwala, ltsp sounds like one option12:40
tshepotwala\o/ cfhowlett thanks12:40
ioriatshepotwala, any many pcs ?12:41
tshepotwalaioria: the number?12:41
tshepotwalaI have 3 ioria12:42
tshepotwalaand 4 with my laptop12:42
ioriaok, ltsp  uses pxe boot from lan, be be use your bios's machine support that, ootherwise you need a boot cd12:43
ioria*be sure12:43
kopeletshepotwala, ioria  i think nis+nfs12:43
kopeleis a solution too12:43
kopeleif he want to install an OS on any pc12:43
sorinelloHello. Can someone tell me how can I find out what sets a specified environment variable ?12:43
FF88BByup, the flash drive has an mbr partition table12:44
=== julien is now known as Guest9526
tshepotwalathanks guys I will try out ltsp12:46
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
ioriatshepotwala, if you'll problem access the web from the thin clients, search for dsnmask12:47
absencehow is the "install ubuntu alongside windows boot manager" option supposed to work? does it add ubuntu to windows' own boot menu, similar to when you dual boot multiple windows versions?12:47
cfhowlettabsence, no it installs grub bootloader12:47
absencecfhowlett: ah ok, thanks12:48
=== Guest9526 is now known as iminaj
FF88BBdaftykins: its definitely a flash drive with mbr, will that cause problems?12:49
absencei think the reason it didn't work with ubuntu 15.04 on uefi is that it doesn't add an uefi boot entry, it just installs the grub files on the esp12:49
tshepotwalaso I have just learned how to create containers, and freeze, unfreeze, start and restart,etc but I have not applied it or made any use of a container. I have no idea how I would use it, help???12:50
daftykinsFF88BB: not sure, boot so the menu comes up then feel free to switch USB port with the drive, it detects on connection12:50
FF88BBdaftykins: ive tried all the ports, but it doesnt show up at all12:51
FuraiFF88BB, can I call you pink? :P12:52
FuraiSorry for that completely irrelevant comment. Go on people. I'm just weird like that.12:53
daftykinsFF88BB: did you see the earlier link to the mac help pages?12:53
daftykinsFurai: keep the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic :)12:54
FuraiYeah. I just couldn't stop myself. Sorry. :)12:54
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as george2002
FF88BBdaftykins: yes, but it doesnt seem to have a link for vivid?12:56
Saviqmhall119, hey, can you point me to IRC logs for UOS?12:56
daftykinsFF88BB: that means nobody has tried that version yet, but it's a wiki so you can write your own success in :D12:57
FF88BBno success yet :/12:57
daftykinshow'd you make the flash drive?12:58
FF88BBon a different machine12:58
RivaComMaybe someone can help me out.  I'm trying to setup a SFTP on my Ubuntu box,  I've setup openssh, i've made the user, made the .ssh folder and authorized_keys file.  I have made the public and private keys on my desktop computer.  I copied the public to the first line of authorized_keys.  When i try to connect using winscp, i get "Disconnected, no supported authentication methods available (server sent: public key).  What am i12:58
FF88BBdaftykins: ive found refind/refit, but when i tried them, they just kindof freeze13:02
daftykinsrEFInd is the newer i think13:02
daftykinsanywho it's all over the mac guides presumably13:02
daftykinsFF88BB: but what program did you make up the flash drive with? :D13:03
FF88BBthe live image?13:03
ioriaRivaCom, you want acces your ubuntu sftp server  from windows ?13:03
daftykinsFF88BB: yeah what did you use to throw the downloaded ISO onto there...13:04
RivaComioria, yes.13:04
FF88BBstartup disk creator13:04
RivaComioria,  realisticly any source, this is being setup to automate a import of data from a third party.13:04
daftykinsFF88BB: ah i'd just use 'dd'13:05
ioriaRivaCom, well, i can tell what i did: i installed openssh (client and server) on windows and the same on Ubuntu. then from win cmd sftp user@domain13:05
FF88BBi used dd for refind, but not the live image13:05
RivaComioria,  Thanks, ideally though, any client should be able to connect and I don't think it's the client not working13:06
=== erwin_ is now known as PHPLearner
ioriaRivaCom, on ubu can you sftp yourself ?13:07
FF88BBis there a difference between dd and startup disk creator?13:07
daftykinseh nevermind i don't own a modern mac so i can't 100% recommend13:08
daftykinsi just like to keep things to tried and tested methods13:08
RivaComioria,  yes but don't have the private key so it just errors out13:08
FF88BBwell, ill try some other things i guess13:08
christian___Hello I have a Problem installing openCV on Ubunutu in a virtual machine. I followed this guided here on this webside here: http://milq.github.io/install-opencv-ubuntu-debian/ . It worked. After installing i could compile opencv Programms. Later I restartet my virtual machine and now my desktop manager in ubuntu doesn't work anymore. I can't open any Programm. Anyone know this Problem?13:09
genkgoWe have a terrible amount of problems with Ubuntu going into read-only filesystem on our HyperV platform. It happends only with Ubuntu VPS machines, not CentOS. We are unable to find the cause of the read-only mode.13:10
pbxchristian___, this doesn't solve your problem directly but i strongly recommend using the snapshot feature of your VM, so you can roll back to a working state if something breaks13:11
ioriaRivaCom, using putty ?13:11
RivaComioria, remotely i can't connect with putty either, says it refused the key13:13
RivaCombut the key is in the authorized_keys file13:13
RivaComthe keys were made using puttygen13:13
He4dShOt_netbookhey guys13:14
christian___is maybe the virtual machine my problem ?13:15
ioriaRivaCom, can you cat the file key and paste somewhere ?13:15
He4dShOt_netbookthere's something weird going on...I have attached a mouse and keyboard to the laptop and until ubuntu starts the keyboard is working13:15
He4dShOt_netbooki.e in the bios13:15
daftykinssounds like Legacy USB support13:16
He4dShOt_netbooki remember using this mouse in this laptop some time ago13:16
christian___j #opencvmac13:16
n00ri have a problem with /boot filling up.. is it better to have a larger /boot partition say 500MB? or regularly go and delete the old kernel versions13:17
He4dShOt_netbookBus 003 Device 002: ID 046d:c317 Logitech, Inc. Wave Corded Keyboard....why I can't use it??13:17
n00rthe thing is we have many ubuntu servers set up with a separate /boot, and it is very annoying when /boot keeps filling up on all of them13:17
n00rreckon its better to take a preventative measure by giving /boot 500mb from the outset?13:18
Basz0rn00r: a boot partition of around 500 MB should be enough. You can clean up older kernels with apt-get autoremove13:18
n00rand /boot cannot be included under / as root is using LVM13:18
BluesKajboot partitons aren't really necessary any more13:18
daftykinsn00r: yes to remove, better yet don't separately create /boot at all13:18
n00rBasz0r: its just frustrating when there are many servers13:18
n00rand doesnt seem efficient13:18
n00rit is that bad to give it 500-600MB?13:19
n00r*is it13:19
n00rdaftykins: if not separate /boot, where will boot go? we cannot include /boot under /, as the root partition uses LVM and /boot must be physical13:19
Craigwellwhat is with the daily ubuntu base updates lately?13:19
luminance_137I am trying to bind to a shared IP address13:20
luminance_137adding net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf13:20
luminance_137I check it with sudo sysctl -p it gives me the same line13:20
luminance_137but when I see the ip addr sh eth0 it doesnt show the virtual IP i have set.13:20
Craigwellseems like every day i'm getting prompted to install them and having to reboot13:20
daftykinsn00r: ok, i don't use LVM. i'd say 300MB+ is fine, but it's just as easy to keep old kernels removed13:20
luminance_137I have done the same thing on other machine which is showing me the ip but this is not13:20
n00rdaftykins: with around ~10-15 servers? i guess a script can be used.. but I am wary when it comes to things like this13:20
=== walker is now known as Guest61636
n00rBasz0r: how destructive is apt-get autoremove?13:21
jiggerypokeryDo I need to install anything special to get nfs to work correctly on 15.04?13:21
pbxn00r, it's bening13:22
pbxer, benign13:22
n00rpbx: hmm i prefer apt-get clean13:23
ubuntu439anybody installed genymotion in ubuntu 14.04 LTS?13:23
n00rI guess in theory autoremove seems okay.. removes packages no longer used..13:23
ubuntu439for developing android apps I need to install genymotion on my machine13:24
n00rBluesKaj: whats with the !, guessing that means you agree13:24
daftykinsn00r: yeah seems to keep current + one older kernel which is good13:24
n00rokay thanks for the advice guys, appreciate it13:24
BluesKajn00r, it's supposed to launch the infobot13:25
daftykinsubottu: wakey wakey13:25
n00rnot sure whats supposed to happen haha13:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:26
daftykinsautoremove must have been deleted13:27
BluesKajn00r, fwiw, i used both autoremove and autoclean,for yrs haven't suffered any ill effects13:28
n00ralright BluesKaj thanks for letting me know.13:29
BluesKajn00r, it helps keep the / partition from growning too large13:29
BluesKajgrowing even13:29
n00rhmm alright13:30
akaWolfwhen I upgrade a kernel, should I reinstall also custom modules (for example, vbox)?13:30
mhall119Saviq: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/05/13:32
mhall119find the one for the room you're interestedin13:32
mhall119oh no, wait, they're not there...13:32
Saviqmhall119, I'm worried uos vs. uds made us lost IRC logs?13:33
xAndreLopesxI have windows 7 64 with Fedora21 dual boot... i want to install ubuntu over fedora... any tips?13:33
Saviqnot there in http://ubottu.com/uds-logs/ either13:33
mhall119yeah, it may have, I'm checking with the IRC team13:33
xAndreLopesxFedora keeps crashing all the time, its annoying.13:34
Samul`why doesn't the html5 youtube player allow me to play videos in HD and it locks on 360p? I'm using firefox on ubuntu 15.04 64 bit13:34
BluesKajxAndreLopesx, do you have / and /home partitions?13:34
xAndreLopesxI guess so13:34
xAndreLopesxi need to get a program to check the partitions again13:35
BluesKajcheck with gparted13:35
xAndreLopesxim on windows right now13:35
xAndreLopesxfedora doesnt want to boot anymore13:35
cfhowlett!install | xAndreLopesx,13:36
ubottuxAndreLopesx,: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:36
xAndreLopesxyeah i know but i want to install over the fedora without worrying with setting all the partitions again13:36
BluesKajxAndreLopesx, not concerned about data loss , the just let the auto-installer suggest a partition and go13:38
xAndreLopesxim concerned about losing windows partition13:38
xAndreLopesxand not being able to boot anymore13:38
auronandacexAndreLopesx: you ought to know what partitons are for what otherwise you won't be able to install any OS safely13:38
flipapyi have had 2 updates at 60-80 MB recently, 14.04 lts, are they comonly that size?13:38
cfhowlett!dualboot | xAndreLopesx,13:38
ubottuxAndreLopesx,: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:38
xAndreLopesxi know that i just dont know where i put the partitions13:39
cfhowlettflipapy, that's normal13:39
xAndreLopesxi have diff harddisks and SSD13:39
daftykinsbackup Windows13:39
flipapycfhowlett, but every day? one day after the next?13:39
BluesKajxAndreLopesx, if you're not willing tocheck the partitions then good luck13:39
xAndreLopesxi am13:39
xAndreLopesxi am checking wtf13:39
cfhowlettxAndreLopesx, drop the profanity13:40
auronandaceflipapy: it can be that often, depends what is getting updated13:40
flipapyoh ok. thanks auronandace13:40
flipapyand cfhowlett13:40
mustmodifywhen I originally set up image magick via apt-get, I didn't have autoconf installed. Now a new program can't find a component of it because there's no wand.pc file. Do I need to compile imagemagick or should I uninstall and reinstall, or what?13:41
akaWolfwhen I upgrade a kernel, should I reinstall also custom modules (for example, vbox)?13:44
cfhowlettakaWolf, vbox will take care of itself when upgrading kernels13:45
akaWolfcfhowlett: well, how about intel video drivers also?13:46
akaWolfi915 to be clear13:46
cfhowlettakaWolf, I can't say.  I'm on 14.04 with intel and it's no longer supported.13:46
akaWolfcfhowlett: 14.04 no longer supported?13:47
cfhowlettakaWolf, intel linux graphics was deprecated for 14.0413:48
akaWolfcfhowlett: wuuutt. I have 14.04 also. shouldnt I restart the system after last kernel upgrade?13:50
cfhowlettakaWolf, restart away!  no idea if that will do anything for your graphics is all I'm saying13:50
jragonHiya. I'm having trouble installing ubuntu from my USB stick. It says I don't have enough storage space - it requires 20GB is this the case, or have I done something wrong?13:55
cfhowlett!es | bgornall14:02
ubottubgornall: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:02
reveredgejragon: installing dual boot?14:02
=== al2o3-cr is now known as Guest66778
AditHow do you create a 'new shortcut' in the right click menu?14:06
miunaAnyone know what desktop environement this is?14:14
k1l_miuna: openbox?14:16
miunaim running openbox but i dont know how to get the top taskbar on14:16
miunamy openbox looks like that but it doesnt have the top taskbar14:17
Meskanenafter updating 14.04 to 14.10 computer won't boot anymore, what do?14:18
miunainststall gentooo14:19
k1l_miuna: enough of that language and wrong advice14:19
ZxoRI want to buy TV CARD (PCI-e/USB) to record series from the television.. There is any TV CARD PCI-e recommended? because I have some card, but it not yet supported... and I dont wan't to buy purposelessly...14:19
k1l_Meskanen: where does it stop?14:19
k1l_!hcl | ZxoR14:20
ubottuZxoR: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:20
Meskanenk1l_: actually it can get to even login screen and I can move mouse but nothing responds14:21
Meskanenmy father just called about it so I don't have more details14:22
amariIs there any way to install language packages from the terminal? I mean, configure the languages in the terminal the same it is done by the GUI in ubuntu14:22
k1l_Meskanen: hard to tell. there is not  a "the update bug". that depends on the exact  errors and details14:26
ZxoRubottu, but there is any recommended card with this specifications: PCI-e, Analog, maybe with HDMI but RCA is good too.14:28
k1l_ubottu is just a bot, ZxoR :)14:28
ubottuk1l_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:28
jiggerypokeryhas anyone had issues with NFS on ubuntu15.04?14:29
ZxoRk1l_, I'm so stupid ><... there is any recommended card with this specifications: PCI-e, Analog, maybe with HDMI but RCA is good too.14:29
jiggerypokeryI keep getting errors on a vagrant box when I mount a drive with nfs that has no issues on other hosts14:29
=== usucapiao_ is now known as usucapiao
satanistis there a way to get a deb from an installed package?14:33
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
cfhowlettsatanist, should be stored in your cache unless you deleted it14:33
satanistit is not in the cache14:34
LoRezsatanist: dpkg-repack14:35
k1l_ZxoR: i am not familiar with tv cards14:35
JunkHunkhello does anybody know why I get a funnel icon instead of the icon I referenced under properties for dropbox, images and downloads folders??? http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=8782514:35
satanistLoRez: thanks14:36
supercom32Newbie question: Is Ubuntu Touch compatible with any of the standard repos for installing software?14:37
cfhowlett!touch | supercom3214:38
ubottusupercom32: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:38
k1l_supercom32: #ubuntu-touch for that specific questions14:38
DammitJimwhen I install tomcat6 on 14.04.2 LTS, do I need to create the lib folder manually?14:38
DammitJimI don't see one in /var/lib/tomcat614:38
DammitJimI used apt-get install tomcat6 to install tomcat14:39
=== RtMFaerie is now known as QuinnStorm\
=== QuinnStorm\ is now known as QuinnStorm
DammitJimor do I need to use /usr/share/tomcat6/lib instead?14:40
PiciDammitJim: Depends what you're looking for exactly.14:40
DammitJimI need to "install" a db2 driver for tomcat to use14:41
PiciDammitJim: I don't know much about tomcat, but it looks like it may need to be dropped into /usr/share/tomcat6/lib/14:42
cfhowlett!RU | comp14:46
ubottucomp: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:46
jose__Quien habla español14:47
astroduckHi, I am unable to change my login screen wallpaper using ubuntu tweak, its a purple color backgroudn right now. I did this[https://dpaste.de/TDi8] to change it which is what I think screwed it up14:48
dengxinjunhello ,I is dengxinjun14:48
cfhowlett!cn | dengxinjun14:48
ubottudengxinjun: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:48
hiddenmy usb drive is stuck at read only, tried another one its also read only15:07
hiddenwhat gives?15:07
hiddeni formated it using "disk" program15:07
hiddenstill same problem15:07
hiddenError synchronizing after initial wipe: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)15:09
kokutHello, anyone knows how to sort songs in cmus by artist or name?15:11
xcyclistI am trying to move from openjdk to oracle jdk.  Is there a simple apt-get install sequence to get the oracle one?15:11
OerHeksxcyclist, see the !java factoid howto change java version15:12
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:12
helix1how can i add multiple PATH environment variables?15:12
xcyclistThank you OerHeks.15:13
somsiphelix1: export PATH=$PATH:/new/path:/another/new/path15:14
ki7mtxcyclist, This may help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/521145/how-to-install-oracle-java-on-ubuntu-14-0415:14
helix1Oh ok, so the paths are divided by semicolons15:14
helix1Thanks, somsip!!15:14
kokutanyone knows how to sort the playlist in cmus?15:15
bazhang!info cmus15:15
ioriahidden have you tried gparted ?15:16
ubottucmus (source: cmus): lightweight ncurses audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0-7 (vivid), package size 202 kB, installed size 684 kB15:16
hiddeni used gparted ioria and worked fine15:16
hiddenhad to reformat after, gave same error but worked fine15:16
ioriahidden it's a bug    :https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks/+bug/105987215:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1059872 in util-linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "Error formatting disk using disk utility" [High,Triaged]15:18
=== Samul` is now known as Samul|AWAY
xcyclistThe java 7 oracle link leads to something that says java 8:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html15:29
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
Fuchsxcyclist: it links to the latest release, just below it are Java 7 downloads if your really need Java 715:30
hiddenim out15:30
=== rob is now known as Guest37852
=== norm is now known as Guest76370
nicolas_Hello, i have a question about a pxeboot install of ubuntu. i saw that the boot image of ubuntu tries to connect to security.ubuntu.com although i have inserted my own repositories into the preseed file15:34
=== techgrin is now known as insanity54
Dreaman HexChat: 2.10.1 ** OS: Linux 4.0.0-040000-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "vivid" 15.04 ** CPU: 2 x AMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 2,70GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3,9GiB, 78,8% free ** Disk: Total: 228,4GiB, 40,4% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV790 [Radeon HD 4890] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI2: USB-Audio - USB2.0 PC CAMERA ** Ethernet: NVIDIA15:34
DreamanCorporation MCP77 Ethernet ** Uptime: 11m 30s **15:34
nicolas_this is a problem, because the machine cant connect to this server15:34
nicolas_does anyone know why the installer behaves in this way and how i can disable this?15:36
rockstar_I'm trying to let other user account in Ubuntu to install softwares. Is it possible to do that without giving root access?15:37
OerHeksrockstar_, no.15:38
nicolas_rockstar_ you could give him sudo access to aptitude/apt-get15:38
Guest37852nicolas_ Pxeboot  best to point the repo to your own webserver , on your lan15:38
rockstar_nicolas_: how? I also want to allow him to install python packages15:38
=== Guest37852 is now known as welsh1lad
nicolas_Guest37852 this is what i am doing, (the machines dont have access to anything outside of their network) but the installer is still trying to access it.15:40
nicolas_Guest37852 with ps i see some processes like "/bin/sh /bin/fetch-url -c http://security.ububtu.com" and i have no idea why those are started15:41
=== enchilado is now known as aeonchild
ki7mtrockstar_, I would recommend looking at the PolicyKit for fine grained permissions, but something like: username ALL = NOPASSWD : /usr/bin/apt-get , /usr/bin/aptitude in visudo should do what your after.15:41
welsh1ladThere should be a option in the preseed not install security updates15:42
rockstar_ki7mt: I don't want to give access to everybody but just certain users15:42
OerHeksnicolas_, maybe this page is any help setting your local mirror https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Desktop/PXE#Local_Mirror15:43
ki7mtrockstar_, I understand that, <username> is the name of the user you want to give the permissions too.15:43
nicolas_welsh1lad OerHeks i already have a local mirror, which is used during the installation15:43
nicolas_welsh1lad but i want to install the security updates, but not from the external repo, just from my local one15:44
welsh1ladd-i apt-setup/security_host string server.example.net15:45
welsh1ladd-i apt-setup/security_path string /ubuntu15:45
nicolas_welsh1lad thanks, i am going to try this!15:46
TenLeftFingersI've just noticed on 14.04 that movie thumbnails don't show in the unity dash default landing page. Am I alone in this? I'm just seeing the placeholder icons for video.15:48
=== CodeBot3000 is now known as riclima
=== riclima is now known as ricardolima
rockstar_ki7mt: thanks :) I think it worked, but not sure how to test it15:49
ki7mtrockstar_, switch to or login as the user and try to update, or install a small package and remove it.15:50
MuriiIf I have an acer aspire e 15 e5-571G with motherboard model: Acer EA50_HB how can I find if I can upgrade the cpu,ram or gpu?15:51
MuriiIf I can how much?15:51
PiciMurii: Not really on-topic for #ubuntu, try asking in ##hardware15:52
=== insanity54 is now known as grimtech
coXZistAnyone here familiar with running packet tracer15:53
welsh1ladnicolas_ coXZist cisco15:53
welsh1ladits now out dated but works well on ubuntu15:53
coXZistI keep getting "Starting Packet tracer" but that's it15:53
ki7mtrockstar_, I gotta run, if you have more issues, I'm sure others here can get you sorted out.15:54
XLVanyone here got hit by the 840 evo firmware patch bug?15:54
rockstar_ki7mt: tried it, it works. Thank you so much! Cheers!15:54
XLVi dont even boot linux on the machines that have the 840 evo in them for the time being.. possible corruption15:55
zerowaitstatecoXZist: i'm betting is a multiarch issue15:55
welsh1ladcoXZist make sure the permissions are correct15:56
zerowaitstatecoXZist: when ubuntu/debian went to multiarch and ditched ia32-libs it broke a lot of stuff15:56
welsh1ladI beleive its installed /opt15:56
=== grimtech is now known as techgrin
=== techgrin is now known as insanity54
coXZistits installed in /opt... checked permissions as far as I can see all is fine.. I get the error even when run as root15:57
=== Sarge123^off is now known as Sarge123
zerowaitstatecoXZist: it's a 32-bit app. It's probably having an issue with some 32-bit library dependency.15:58
coXZistzerowaitstate: was thinking that..15:58
welsh1ladcoXZist I have it running on Ubuntu 1315:58
welsh1ladwhat version is yours15:59
zerowaitstatewelsh1lad: yeah, the deps moved around in 14.0415:59
zerowaitstatewelsh1lad: I can't run Google Earth anymore either15:59
coXZistI'm running on CentOS.. unfortunately noone in the centos room had an answer neither in cisco room.. So I'm trying here15:59
welsh1ladyou could run the pc version in wine15:59
coXZisteew..no wine15:59
=== jdrumheller_ is now known as jdrumheller
xanguacoXZist: unfortunately this is Ubuntu support15:59
coXZistI know but if anyone had a silimalr issue maybe the concept of solving is the same16:00
welsh1laddid you down load it from the Cisco Authenticated login site or torrent16:00
welsh1ladit may be the cersion you have downloaded.16:01
xanguathen now that you get someone to help you please take it back to the propper channel coXZist16:01
welsh1ladsince I have on two ubuntu machines , my desktop and laptop and all works16:01
zerowaitstate6.2 should be the latest I think16:03
SierraHowdy, attempting to set up a folder on ubuntu server 14.04 64 bit that certain other users within a given group have read/write access to. The folder is owned by user scpsbot and group scpsbot, and the folders permissions are 775, but I get permission denied when trying to create files in this folder as another user that's in the scpsbot group16:03
welsh1lad Sierra make sure you have added those users to scpsbot group16:04
zerowaitstateSierra: has that user logged out/back in since the group membership change?16:05
SierraI've verified the users are in the group. I havent logged out/back in though16:06
zerowaitstateSierra: group membership gets assigned on login. if a user is added to a group they have to relog in order to get new perms16:07
zerowaitstateSierra: if you're running stuff interactive, of course16:07
welsh1ladAre you using the following command16:08
welsh1ladusermod -a -G16:08
Sierraadduser username groupname16:08
welsh1ladfor adding users to the group16:08
welsh1ladsudo chgrp -R Username16:10
welsh1ladthen sudo chmod -R 770 <directory>16:10
welsh1ladsudo chgrp -R Username <directory>16:10
SierraTWell permissions are working now after relogging, it's just bittorrent sync being a pain. Restarted the server just to make sure, and it's still saying it doesn't have permissions to the folder16:13
welsh1ladI exprect bittorrent is a different user and group16:13
SierraYes, it's running under the btsync user, which I've logged in as and made sure it has read/write perms to the folder16:15
=== Surendil_ is now known as Surendil
xcyclistI did not get updated to 15.04 with my apt-get -f dist-upgrade.  Is 15.04 the one we should be on now, or is it still beta or something?16:15
xanguaxcyclist: what ubuntu release are you using¿ also dist-upgrade is not a major release upgrade16:16
=== michelle is now known as Guest89317
OerHeksxcyclist, dist-upgrade does not take you to 15.0416:16
xanguaI would just open the update manager16:16
xcyclistI am using 14.04 right now.16:16
xanguaxcyclist: if you wish to upgrade to 15.04, you will have to upgrade to 14.10 first16:17
xcyclistI thought the 04 ones were for the long term support.16:18
xangua!lts | xcyclist no, every two years16:19
ubottuxcyclist no, every two years: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)16:19
xcyclistOk.  So if 14.04 is the most conservative version for doing work, I'll want to stay with it.  If it is 15.04, I will want to upgrade to 15.04.  I don't see any mention of a version upgrade in my updates GUI.16:20
OerHeksxcyclist, likely because your updatemanager is waiting for the next LTS ( 16.04)16:21
OerHekstime to check updatemanager i say.16:21
xcyclistOk.  As long as I'm at the latest conservative release I'm fine.16:21
xcyclistThank you guys.16:22
=== ricardolima is now known as riclima
dami0hi, i've got ubuntu 14.04 on a system with uefi, can someone help me get into grub?16:28
OerHeksdami0, hold shift@boot16:29
dami0didn't do anything16:30
dami0i'm trying to boot into single user mode16:30
OerHeks!grub | dami0, try again, like in this manual16:35
ubottudami0, try again, like in this manual: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:35
dami0i'm not sure it does use grub, maybe just an efistub16:36
SierraLooks like its bittorrent sync being broken, having the same issue on another server where it was working fine before16:36
dami0either way, i'll boot a live system off of a usb and chroot then passwd/useradd.16:36
ioriadami0, dual boot ?16:37
markus__Hi all16:38
ioriadami0, your boot order ?16:38
dami0i'll just go into the uefi menu and boot directly to use from there16:38
markus__Can anyone help? I have Lubuntu, Roland PC-300 midikeyboard and trying to connect that. It shows example on Jack , but it doesnt give any sound on synth16:40
MonkeyDustmarkus__  #ubuntustudio is multimedia dedicated16:41
rockstar_inside visudo, what are the meaning of each term in username  ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL ??16:42
rockstar_nevermind found the answer16:42
markus__Thanks MonkeyDust :)16:42
=== SpaceHoers is now known as SpaceJumpJim
rockstar_in visudo, what will happen if username ALL = NOPASSWD : ALL is used?16:44
OerHeksrockstar_, good answer here http://superuser.com/questions/357467/what-do-the-alls-in-the-line-admin-all-all-all-in-ubuntus-etc-sudoers16:46
stntc0my ethern cabel does not funktion? what can i do16:47
stntc0my ethern cabel does not funktion? what can i do16:47
sjmikemhow do I prevent apt-get upgrade from reinstalling nouveau driver?16:48
sjmikemusing nvidia now16:48
rockstar_OerHeks: this one had explaination too. Thanks :) https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-edit-the-sudoers-file-on-ubuntu-and-centos16:48
ZeZusjmikem, just purge the nouveau driver?16:49
ZeZuif it's not installed apt won't reinstall it automatically,  especially if you have the nvidia driver installed they conflict each other16:49
sjmikemZeZu: it is purged, and I'm pretty sure that it was last time that I did an upgrade16:49
sjmikemAbout 90% sure16:50
sjmikemand when I did the upgrade, stuff got messed up because, as you say, the two conflict with each other16:50
ZeZudid you build the nvidia driver from scratch and apt has no idea it's there?16:50
ZeZuor pull it from a repo?16:50
sjmikemno, installed it with apt-get16:50
ioriastntc0, restart network-manager , for now16:51
sjmikemthere's a dpkg history somewhere, right?16:51
ZeZuthen try installing nouveau w. apt and you'll notice it won't do it w.o removing nvidia first,  and if you upgrade it ought to upgrade nvidia not remove and install nouveau16:51
nick__What is the default terminal? Is that gnome-terminal?16:51
MonkeyDustsjmikem  try sudo aptitude purge '~c' http://linuxg.net/aptitude-trick-delete-the-packages-that-were-removed-but-not-purged/16:52
=== jake_ is now known as alpha59
ZeZunow if you changed releases IE: upgraded ubuntu versions,  it will remove non standard packages and install standard onces one16:52
OerHeksnick__, yes16:53
sjmikemZezu: no, I didn't upgrade ubuntu versions.... I will dpkg -l before and after next time I do it to see what's going on.  Thanks for the help.16:55
ReGiStRaShey guys, Ubuntu 14.04LTS with NIS can't change password using yppasswd. Resulted in Segmentation Fault ):17:03
malgorathI just installed 15.04 ubuntu (Unity desktop) yesterday, but I started to install Ubuntu restricted extras today, and the window for the Ubuntu Software Centre is dark grey and not responding for 5 minutes now.  Is there a log I can check to see whats wrong?17:05
ReGiStRaShey guys, Ubuntu 14.04LTS with NIS can't change password using yppasswd. Resulted in Segmentation Fault ):17:06
Surendil_malgorath: syslog or systemd /var/log17:07
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
OerHeksmalgorath, use alt-tab to see if there is a confirmation windows hanging..17:08
ZeZuReGiStRaS, uh what root (sudo) password?17:08
ZeZuboot w. RL0 ?17:08
ReGiStRaSwhat do u mean?17:09
ReGiStRaSis still not working17:10
ReGiStRaSypasswd to change NISuser1 password resulted in Segmentation Fault17:10
ReGiStRaSon Ubuntu 14.04 LTS17:11
ZeZuReGiStRaS, i mean are you trying to change the password of a privileged user from a non priv. account or what?17:12
ZeZuobv. since you could just use passwd on them if you have access to sudo ...17:13
ReGiStRaSnope. I'm logged in as NISuser1 and I'm trying to change my own password17:13
ZeZuterminal:  passwd17:13
ReGiStRaSI doing a test so I need to use ypasswd command17:14
ZeZuwell i know nothing about yppasswd, perhaps it's trying to directly modify the shadow password when it shouldn't have you'd need to use sudo for it17:15
OerHeksIsn't NIS replaced by LDAP ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2259561&highlight=nis+14.0417:17
ReGiStRaSOk...is REALLY a bug17:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1204530 in nis (Ubuntu) "yppasswd results in a segmentation fault when run on clients or server" [High,Confirmed]17:23
y_nkid like to know if it is possible to force the routing of opengl calculation to cpu17:30
y_nkim actually trying some stuff that require some cloud virtual machines and a veeeeery low amount of webgl and i really dont wanna invest in 3d farms etc17:31
y_nkso i was thinking *maybe* i could fake having opengl and route the work to the cpu...17:32
_war10ck_f0rn07f0r: What is your question?17:34
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
ReGiStRaSso who can help with my problem?17:38
ioriaReGiStRaS, try the patch17:38
OerHeksioria +117:39
ioriaReGiStRaS, seems workig17:39
ReGiStRaSpatch? which [atch?17:39
ioriaOerHeks, i'm just an humble servant17:39
ReGiStRaSpatch? which patch?17:40
OerHeksReGiStRaS, answer #13 from that bugreport.17:40
ioriaOerHeks, you can do 2 things:  setup another machine with Ubu 12 or download the source , patch the file and compile17:41
ReGiStRaSsorry...i'm a noob when it comes to this...17:41
ioriaOerHeks, patch file.c < patch,diff17:42
ReGiStRaScould u guide me in steps to apply the patch?17:42
ReGiStRaSioria could u guide me in steps to apply the patch?17:42
iorialet me try to compile first17:43
ioriaOerHeks, ubuntu 14.04 ?17:43
OerHeksHe is on LTS yes17:44
ioriaReGiStRaS, ubuntu 14.04 ?17:44
ReGiStRaSyup LTS17:44
ReGiStRaSioria let me know when u r done17:46
ace_meI did configured nxlog to send logs to another server but I get permission denied for nxlog on /log/mysql folder17:47
ace_meany ideea on how to fix this ?17:47
wafflejockace_me, would check what user the process is run as, sudo ps aux | grep processname, then check folder permissions ls -al /log/mysql should show you the read write execute privileges and the user/group that owns the path17:49
ace_meis adm the group17:49
wafflejockace_me, yeah should be user:group in most cases adm I believe is a group though, can check /etc/group to see them all17:50
ace_mewafflej0ck mysql:adm\17:50
ace_mewafflej0ck mysql:adm17:50
wafflejockace_me, yeah looks like mysql user adm group, double check the permissions too should be like rwxrw---- or something just be sure the second pair of rwx letters has r available that means the group can read17:51
wafflejockace_me, then just need to find what user the process runs as and add them to the adm group17:51
wafflejockace_me, the sudo ps aux, command should list all the processes running and include the user it's being run as in the first column17:52
ace_meok thx17:52
wafflejockace_me, sure np... was just messing with this myself for USB write capability for my user... needed to be added to "dialout" group used to be "plugdev" from what I found googling17:53
ace_mek :)  thx for sharing17:54
sarrri^^' probably a type but isn't it /var/log/mysql ?17:54
ace_meyes it is /var/log/mysql17:54
sarrribtw other usefull group is "wireshark"17:55
sarrriif you got that installed17:56
sarrriand fuse ofc17:56
jostIs there a well-supported ubuntu image for a raspberry pi 2?17:56
wafflejockjost, raspbian was the last I used but on a pi 1, don't think the Pi is really supported in here though17:57
geniijost: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi17:57
MonkeyDustjost  start here http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-MATE-15-04-Ported-to-Raspberry-Pi-475236.shtml17:57
ace_mesudo usermod -a -G adm nxlog wafflej0ck but still perms denied17:57
jostwafflejock: Don't want to use raspian, tried it and it's too old (apache 2.2, ruby 1.9.1, and so on)17:57
wafflejockace_me, be sure to log out and log in after changing groups if it's for your user, can use "groups" command to see the currently logged in users group or supply it an argument for the username you want to check the groups of17:58
wafflejockace_me, try "groups nxlog"17:58
jostgenii: That's what I just read, the thing that bugs me is the hint about the custom kernel... so my question is: How well supported is that kernel?17:58
ace_menxlog : nxlog adm17:59
wafflejockace_me, personally grabbed gnome-system-tools (GUI for user admin) but don't think it shows all users it just showed me myself but that's all I needed17:59
wafflejockace_me, since I was modifying my own groups I had to logout/login for it to stick, not sure about other users/processes though17:59
wafflejockace_me, that looks right though18:00
geniijost: I think the right channel would be #ubuntu-arm for the support of it18:02
jostgenii: ok, thanks18:03
astroduckHow to fix missing icon in switcher of an application18:03
ioriaReGiStRaS, sorry , the patch is not working.  come back in a couple of days... maybe i 'll have found something else18:03
astroduck*How to fix missing icon of an application in switcher18:03
locksmithHello.. I have a small problem... when I type something like "*" into my command prompt and hit enter, my ZSH tries to execute all of the executables in the direcectory. How do I make it stop doing that?18:04
locksmithI accidentally typedd *18:04
locksmithand it did something bad18:04
kravlocksmith: do you have your current directory in your path?18:05
MonkeyDustlocksmith  type /j #zsh18:05
ioriaReGiStRaS, you can try with ldap in the main time http://www.unixmen.com/openldap-installation-configuration-ubuntu-12-1013-0413-10-debian-67-2/18:06
wafflejockastroduck, I'm sure it depends to some degree on which application switcher you have in place, haven't had this problem myself but pretty much all the info related to application launchers are stored in /usr/share/applications in various .desktop files might be something wrong in there18:06
kaychakshi, how to create an user without sudo access but with an ability to switch to another user (not root)18:07
locksmithalias '*=echo you did a nono'   worked btw18:07
ace_mewafflej0ck folder is mysql:adm and files in it are mysql:mysql - so I need to add user to mysql group too ...18:08
ace_meor only to mysql ?18:08
ace_memysql* group18:08
astroduckwafflejock: The icon shows fine in dash but not in switcher, I am using the default on, is it called unity? No thats dsktop env :/18:09
kaychaksI want to have an user who can not do sudo for anything other than switching to another user that has a password18:11
ReGiStRaSioria is there anyway I can do ut maunally18:11
ioriaReGiStRaS, what ?18:11
ReGiStRaSCan I input the patch manually? I see a bunch of codes18:14
ReGiStRaSon the #13 reply18:14
ar_Dajust a curiosity, is there any command to move automatically to the directory that you previously copy some file on. for exmple, if I do this: cp a.tmp /home/astra/dir/   and then cd /home/astra/dir.  Can I do that in just one command?18:14
wafflejockastroduck, yeah I'm not sure what the default switcher is called but would need to look into that I imagine since they all show different things (the one I'm using now has a window preview and small icon of the app in the corner, using Ubuntu Gnome though)18:14
ZxoRI've created group named "H1" and added myself to the group, and folder like that: "d---rwx---  2 root H1  .... hidden", why I cant "cd" the directory?18:15
kaychakshow to setup an user A who is not a root user but can switch to another root user B by providing B's password18:15
donofrio_can  you "save as" in vi18:16
ZxoRkaychaks, you can't just use "su" command?18:17
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
MonkeyDustkaychaks  you don't need sudo to switch user, dm-tool can do that18:17
kaychaksMonkeyDust dm-tool ?18:18
MonkeyDustkaychaks  i misunderstood what you want18:18
ZxoRkaychaks, "su username"?18:18
kaychaksMonkeyDust so I want to setup a restrictive user who can't sudo but for support purposes I want to be able to switch to another user18:19
kaychaksMonkeyDust but su username does not work in Ubuntu18:19
ZxoRwhy not? its working in my ubuntu...18:20
MonkeyDustkaychaks  sounds like the guest account18:20
kaychaksZxoR since root account in Ubuntu is locked su username gives me authentication failure18:22
ZxoRI think that if the root account is locked, you cant swich to root acoount no matter what...18:23
kaychaksMonkeyDust guest account is not possible, any other way to do it18:23
kaychaksZxoR yeah I want to switch to another normal user account but su username still failing18:24
ZeZuyou can't boot into runlevel18:24
ZxoRyou can unlock the root by "sudo passwd -u root", and I dont know why its still failing for normal other users..18:24
=== shovon is now known as Uruk
MonkeyDustkaychaks  why is guest account not possible?18:26
kaychaksMonkeyDust with the kind of setup I am supposed to do, creating guest account is not allowed. sorry for the confusion18:27
MonkeyDustkaychaks  type dm-tool switch-to-guest18:28
wafflejockace_me, sorry missed your messages earlier18:29
wafflejockace_me, sounds right though if the files are owned by user:group mysql:mysql then the process trying to access them would need to be in mysql group as well18:29
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:30
kaychaksMonkeyDust I can't see dm-tool in Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS AWS AMI18:30
MonkeyDustkaychaks  you don't see it, you type it, in a terminal18:32
fresawhen use more and when use less?18:32
kaychaksMonkeyDust command not found18:33
wafflejockace_me, sorry correction in my wording above, the user the process is run by needs to be in the group, processes themselves don't have a particular user just a user that ran the process in a given instance18:33
mantys89hello, i have some problems with ubuntu 14.04.2, after installing fonts in ~/.fonts directory, system logs out one time, when i want to login...18:33
=== shovon is now known as Uruk
mantys89is there any way to fix it, i have clean system backup and other with files and settings... Problem occurs only on clean system...18:37
||cwcouple issues with 15.04 I'm having trouble finding info on.  first, I'm using cinnamon, so point me at a better channel if needed... when I click a window's menu bar to bring it to the top, it goes into window-drag-mode.  can that be disabled?18:38
neldogzDoes anyone know where I might be able to find a message indicating some kind of thermal event? My Ubuntu server just rebooted and i suspect it was heat related but need to confirm.18:38
wafflejock!thermal | neldogz18:38
wafflejock!info thermald | neldogz18:39
ubottuneldogz: thermald (source: thermald): Thermal monitoring and controlling daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-9 (vivid), package size 176 kB, installed size 619 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)18:39
saymoo||cw, what do you mean, with "windows-drag-mode"18:39
wafflejockneldogz, that may be helpful not sure though it's the only CPU heat related thing I'm aware of, you may also just check your regular /var/log/syslog as well18:40
neldogzwafflejock, thanks for that18:40
||cwsaymoo: mouse icon turns to a hand and the windows is dragged around.  same as if you click and hold+drag a title bar, but without holding.  the drags until I click again18:40
LildirtQuick question. With Ubuntu, does Xorg have a sufficient driver to handle an HD 7950 to its maximum (or close enough to it) potential, or should I look into fglrx-driver?18:41
LildirtI imagine Xorg is just kind of barebones to work with AMD drivers, but I figure I would ask.18:41
Jordan_Ufresa: If you're trying to decide between the two, always use less. The more man page even states "This version is especially primitive.  Users should realize that less(1) provides more(1) emulation plus extensive enhancements." .18:42
massGraveDodger"The pommy election is harder to pick than a broken nose." http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2015/04/pommy-election-hung-parliament-predictions18:42
||cwnext, I'm getting horrendous graphics artifacts in chromium, didn't happen in 14.04, and didn't happen the first couple days uptime.  using fgxlr on a HD 8570D (APU) chrome://gpu/ says all hardware accelerated, so maybe an issues in the driver?18:43
wafflejockLildirt, not sure but if you just installed and know how to recover then would just try both with whatever kind of app you'll need 3d acceleration for, on my desktop with a GTX670 games play much more smoothly with the proprietary drivers but YMMV depending on the exact use I imagine18:43
||cwLildirt: depends on what "sufficient" is for you.  it's easy to switch drivers and try18:43
LildirtI'm intending to either run a couple of games with Wine (going to see how well that works) or use GPU passthrough.18:44
wafflejockLildirt, if you use the additional drivers to add it's relatively easy18:44
wafflejockto switch that is18:44
LildirtAlso I had a run-in with Debian and GNOME with fglrx driver, so I've kind of learned how to recover from my DE dying in a fire.18:44
zergutgood day, here is the problem, after the hybernation laptop doesnt output sound at all, and after the next hybernation it outputs sound on all channels like headphones and internal speakers18:44
zergutin the same time18:45
LildirtOh well, guess I get to experiment.18:45
||cwLildirt: I haven't had any major stability issues with fglrx, at least that I'm aware of :D18:45
FoddGuys, real quick question. Im using a windows machine atm. i've put a 2nd hdd drive into my computer. I want to install ubuntu onto that 2nd hdd and then remove the windows hdd. Without live CD or USB to do it with.18:46
||cwcurrent chromium issue aside, which might not be a driver issue, or might be18:46
LildirtWell it completely prevented Xorg from starting up for me a few months ago on GNOME, but GNOME is GNOME.18:46
||cwah, I don't use gnome so...18:47
LildirtWell that was also on a Debian install. This is a fresh Ubuntu install.18:48
Jordan_UFodd: You can start a virual machine, give the VM raw access to your second drive, then install Ubuntu within the VM.18:48
||cwFodd: if it's Win7, look at wubi18:48
Jordan_U!wubi | ||cw Fodd18:48
ubottu||cw Fodd: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.18:48
wafflejockJordan_U,  will that install grub as well? never tried the pass through stuff in virtual box18:49
FoddJordan_U thats a very good idea18:49
||cwJordan_U: so maybe whoever is deciding that update the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide18:49
zergutso, do i need to specify my soundcard or not?18:50
ubottuGuest1170: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:50
Jordan_Uwafflejock: If you pass the whole drive raw then grub will be installed as normal. I don't know in VirtualBox or any software other than qemu/kvm how you pass a raw drive through to the VM.18:50
wafflejockJordan_U, ah okay, yeah have only used qemu myself for running chromium interesting idea18:51
zerguthow often i need to repeat my question?18:51
wafflejocker chromeOS*18:51
wafflejockzergut, no need to repeat we see it18:51
wafflejockzergut, lspci, will list your devices18:52
zergutIntel Corporation ValleyView High Definition Audio Controller18:52
zergutThe issue is not in determining18:52
wafflejockzergut, what particular version of Ubuntu?18:52
lakituhow do i manually set the graphics card (i have two) to use for my opengl renderer? (i.e. what's listed in glxinfo?)18:52
wafflejockzergut, have you checked with alsa tools with the mixer to see if it's changing things at that level or if it's something with pulse audio?18:52
zerguti suppose it's the second one18:53
=== uuhxg is now known as oijan
oijanhello everyone, in my firefox extensions, two are listed from unity. one is "Unity Desktop Integration" the other is "Unity Websites Integration"..is it normal to have them both?18:55
zergutwafflejock: i better check with alsa, i guess18:56
wafflejockzergut, it appears your audio chipset is used in lots of Ubuntu certified hardware but none of them Google pulls up have been tested with hibernation enabled... so not sure, have you checked dmesg or /var/log/syslog for any related warnings/errors18:56
wafflejockzergut, but yeah would also check alsa vs pulse audio to see which one is going wacky to narrow it down18:56
=== Surendil_ is now known as Surendil
||cwso is click once in menu area (not hold) to drag a window a Cinnamon thing or a gnome/gtk thing?19:01
sugoiryuhi, whenever i upgrade the kernel and then reboot my laptop keyboard stops working. to fix i hold power to turn off then boot to recovery tell it to continue the boot, reboot normally, still not working so i reboot again then all is fine.. how can i find out y its doing this?19:02
lakituany ideas? been googling for hours19:04
||cwlakitu: what doy uo mean 2 video cards... SLI?  or 2 different cards?19:05
lakitu2 different cards19:05
||cwI'd think it would use the one that's being rendered on19:05
lakituhm? i don't understand.19:05
||cwif the app is rendering on card 1, it uses card119:06
lakituyeah, it's possible i misunderstand how that works19:06
zergutwafflejock: have solved the problem19:06
zergutwafflejock: not completely but i guess enough19:07
zergutwafflejock: thank you19:07
=== Sarge123 is now known as Sarge123^off
lakitumy issue is i have two gpus, but kde desktop effects crashes (freezes but with mouse moveable) after setting desktop effects to opengl19:08
lakitutried various solutions, nothing has helped yet. someone said to set 'OpenGLIsUnsafe' from true to false in kwinrc, but that seems like a bad idea19:08
||cware the gpus the same brand/series, and do you have the accelerated drivers loaded19:10
lakitui'd rather not grind a card into breaking trying to overwork it19:10
amariHi, does ubuntu support the i2c driver? for touchpad19:10
lakitu||cw they're amds unfortunately: a 5770, & a 645019:10
||cwamari: depends on the touchpad, many are supported19:11
lakitui have the latest ATI drivers from their website installed19:11
lakituthat was how i got all 4 monitors going, btw19:11
amari||cw: how do I check if I have a i2c driver loaded?19:11
||cwlakitu: I'm not sure how opengl would break a card, but I don't know that much about it19:11
||cwamari: lsmod maybe?  some drivers are build into the kernel though19:12
lakitudo you know how to solve this ||cw? enabling opengl in desktop effects freezes it19:12
||cwlakitu: personally, I turn off the effects.  I find them distracting and they slow down normal window operations19:12
lakituhow can i enable them tho?19:13
||cwthough I also dont' use kde, so..19:13
amari||cw: I found this driver: i2c_hid , and also a few others with i2c in lsmod. Does it mean it is loaded?19:13
aindilis2is there a blu-ray image or several dvd images that contains the whole archive that I can download for Ubuntu?19:13
||cwamari: it means those are loaded, yes19:14
amari||cw: thank you :)19:14
amari||cw: do you know what is the meaning of the different numbers in the column "Used"?19:15
||cwamari: has to do with how many other loaded modules are referencing it19:15
amariOk, thanks for your help. regards19:16
||cwand it's not used, it's used by, and is a number, and a list of modules, and the list should match the number, if it's there19:16
=== Samul|AWAY is now known as Samul`
lakitucan anyone help me get opengl working for "desktop effects" in kde? it works when xinerama is off . . .19:17
lakituglxgears works19:20
AmiGoZDisplay controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mars [Radeon HD 8730M] anyone can help with pyrit for this GPU?19:21
ReGiStRaSwhat's the difference between ubuntu Desktop and Server?19:21
MonkeyDustReGiStRaS  server has no gui and oher partitioning19:22
geniiReGiStRaS: The kernel also has different options tweaked than desktop does19:23
MonkeyDustand other programs installed by default19:23
ReGiStRaSbut both can run NIS right?19:25
archheretichow Im on xubuntu, I was wonder if there is a way I can put "Capture the mouse pointer" as default on screenshot?19:25
archhereticthe screenshot option that gets visible when I click the sceenshot button is without this option19:26
archhereticonly when I run the screenshot application from the task bar do I get the option to "Capture the mouse pointer"19:26
ReGiStRaSor server is more suitable to run NIS?19:26
=== sysop is now known as Guest52759
||cwarchheretic: so they aren't the same application?19:27
wotfloatsyourintwhen i try to run Update-manager -d, i get an error http://pastebin.com/9D5JD7zH (ouput), and update manager quits19:27
archhereticThey have the same logo, but a bit different options19:28
archhereticXfce4 Screenshooter  and same version19:28
wotfloatsyourinti am trying to update to the most recent version of ubuntu, but it force closes.19:28
wotfloatsyourintwhen i try to run Update-manager -d, i get an error http://pastebin.com/9D5JD7zH (ouput), and update manager quits19:29
oijanhello everyone, in my firefox extensions, two are listed from unity. one is "Unity Desktop Integration" the other is "Unity Websites Integration"..is it normal to have them both?19:29
||cwwotfloatsyourint: are you running it via sudo?19:29
||cwhm, mine works19:29
wotfloatsyourinti also tried `sudo do-release-upgrade` and it does the same thing, with the same or similar output19:29
wotfloatsyourintunsupported operand type(s) for &: 'float' and 'int'19:30
wotfloatsyourintupdate-manager: version 1:14.10.619:31
||cwtry force reinstalling the update manager package?19:32
wotfloatsyourinti will try. apt-get purge and apt-get install it?19:32
wotfloatsyourintits wanting to remove my entire ubuntu-desktop package D:19:33
geniiwotfloatsyourint: sudo apt-get install --reinstall update-manager19:33
RepThis1hey guys question. I need to make a dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 so when i install ubuntu first i must have uefi b/c of windows. do i do this by easily making a custom partition and adding /boot/efi @ 200mb-fat32-boot_flag?19:33
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Before that would be good to: suo apt-get update19:34
geniisudo, rather19:34
wotfloatsyourinti have apt-get updated, same error19:34
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Please pastebin contents of file /etc/apt/sources.list   and also the result of:  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/19:36
RepThis1uefi help?19:36
R0flcopt3rhello, I'm trying to setup yankable URLs in urxvt, and I've understood that I need urxvt-perls. but this is not in the repos, and I can't seem to find it anywhere else19:37
R0flcopt3rRunning 15.0419:37
R0flcopt3rwotfloatsyourint: was that ment for me?19:39
wotfloatsyourintthat was meant for genii19:40
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Yeah, your regular sources.list looks fine. The xorg-edgers and google PPAs should be fine. The openmw one I don't know what that is.19:40
wotfloatsyourintits a game, and not currently enabled in my sources19:40
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Is the /tmp/dbus-RXizo9mxpp  always the same name every time you run it, or different names each time?19:42
wotfloatsyourintlemme check19:43
wafflejockzergut, ah np19:43
wafflejockzergut, what'd you end up doing?19:43
wotfloatsyourintit is the same19:43
zergutwafflejock: manually changed levels19:43
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Does that file actually exist?19:44
wotfloatsyourintlet me check, valid point19:44
zergutbut if i want to mute speakers, it automaticly muting headphones19:44
zergutand master channel19:44
wafflejockzergut, hmm strange for sure so something with alsa or the drivers themselves you think?19:44
zergutso, me just lowing speakers level19:44
wotfloatsyourintno it does not, genii19:45
wotfloatsyourintshould i use touch to make it exist?19:45
zerguti guess19:45
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Yep, see if it continues. I'll be back, cig break time at work19:45
wotfloatsyourintalright genii thank you19:45
flogSo I want to install an older kernel on my ubuntu box due to issues with v4l2 and h264. I heard that the issues are with kernels 3.8+. I downloaded the latest 3.8 but it paniced at boot. Do I need to compile my own kernel in order to get it to work?19:46
oijanhello everyone, in my firefox extensions, two are listed from unity. one is "Unity Desktop Integration" the other is "Unity Websites Integration"..is it normal to have them both?19:46
Jordan_Uwotfloatsyourint: Why were you ever running "update-manager -d"? "-d" is short for "development", i.e. upgrade to the next *In Development* release of Ubuntu.19:47
wotfloatsyourintit does it without the -d too19:47
wotfloatsyourintalso with the -c19:47
Jordan_Uwotfloatsyourint: OK, but you should not use "-d" in the future, and in general you should not just guess at what parameters to commands mean or use them blindly.19:48
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
wotfloatsyourinti know how to use man19:48
wotfloatsyourinti wonder, should i use a liveCD to update? wooooo19:50
luistis there any single sign on that allows me to use my linux login to login in some web tools that ill open?19:50
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Did it get any farther?19:51
wotfloatsyourintno, it is still stuck19:51
Jordan_Uwotfloatsyourint: You can use a LiveCD/USB to re-install (installing a newer version of Ubuntu) as a way of upgrading. You can even have the installer preserve your existing /home/ directory (if you're careful).19:52
ShadowK98wot what's the problem?19:52
wotfloatsyourintupdate-manager is fubar19:53
wotfloatsyourintfubar beyond all recognition.19:53
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Please pastebin contents of /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:54
zykotick9Jordan_U: that "preserve your existing /home..." <- do you mean without it being a separate partition?  /me is just curious...19:54
geniiYeah that looks normal19:56
wotfloatsyourintupdate-manager works fine, for updating packages, but fails only on dist-upgrades19:56
geniiwotfloatsyourint: Before trying the update-manage, did you do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade successfully?19:57
Jordan_Uzykotick9: Correct, a separate /home/ partition is not needed to preserve your home directory when installing Ubuntu.19:57
wotfloatsyourintdist-upgrade returns: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:57
zykotick9Jordan_U: neat.  thanks for the info.19:58
Jordan_Uzykotick9: You're welcome.19:58
wotfloatsyourintbut i did not try that before doing update-manager19:58
geniiwotfloatsyourint: If you run:  sudo apt-get -f install   ...does it do anything or same result as dist-upgrade?19:58
luistis there any single sign on that allows me to use my linux login to login in some web tools that ill open?19:59
oijannobody loves me..nobody seems to care..huuh huh..19:59
BrandonG777apparmor="DENIED" operation="connect" profile="/usr/sbin/ntpd" name="/run/samba/nmbd/unexpected" pid=30354 comm="ntpd" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" fsuid=0 ouid=020:00
BrandonG777can someone help me with this apparmor or point me in the right direction for resolving this?20:01
BrandonG777pretty please?20:02
geniiBrandonG777: If someone can help, they usually will. Maybe repeat the question every 10 minutes or so as others arrive who may know the issue.20:03
* genii sips his coffee and ponders what may have happened to wotfloats20:05
RepThis1hey guys how do i setup a uefi partition in the custom partitioning manager for 15.0420:10
RepThis1im assuming it has to be logical and fat 32 200mb right? /boot/efi20:10
Jordan_URepThis1: For UEFI you should ideally be using a GPT label, so there is no primary/logical distinction.20:11
RepThis1see idk if im suppose to "use as: fat32 or EFI System partition"20:11
RepThis1well what does that mean, how do i do that?20:11
BrandonG777RepThis1: i would go with the default partition setup and then go back and modify it as needed20:13
student_ou all suck20:13
student_go to hell20:13
student_this sucks just like you20:13
student_i hate you all20:13
Jordan_URepThis1: There are two (common) types of partition table, the old MSDOS label and the new "GUID Partition Table" (GPT). For UEFI you should use GPT (and you can also use GPT on BIOS based systems if you want).20:13
RepThis1im going to be audacious and select efi partition20:14
Jordan_URepThis1: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l".20:14
RepThis1cant because im in the middle of installing it20:14
BrandonG777RepThis1: what is the first s in the permissions?20:14
BrandonG777sorry didn't mean to direct that you20:14
BrandonG777what is the first s in the permissions?20:15
RepThis1brandonG are u tryna fight?20:15
BrandonG777ntpd and samba20:15
BrandonG777and apparmor20:15
BrandonG777this... apparmor="DENIED" operation="connect" profile="/usr/sbin/ntpd" name="/run/samba/nmbd/unexpected" pid=30354 comm="ntpd" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" fsuid=0 ouid=020:15
BrandonG777/run/samba/nmbd/unexpected has full rwx permissions but there is an s in the first permissions bit, that i'm not sure what that is20:16
BrandonG777i recreated the file with 777 permissions (without the s bit) and now my message has gone away but not sure what i've actually done20:17
Jordan_URepThis1: Please also pastebin the output of "ls /sys/firmware/efi/".20:18
mech422Hi! anyone know how to force module load order in initramfs? I need the SATA ports detected before the SCSI Raid cards..20:19
RepThis1its looking good, i just finished figuring out my partition scheme and it popped a message. "this machines firmware has started the installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there may be existing operating systems already installed using "bios compatibility mode". if you continue to install debian in uefi mode, it might be difficult to reboot the machine into any bios mode ooerating systems later. "20:19
BrandonG777directories have a d in that bit but i don't ever recall seeing an s20:19
Jordan_URepThis1: Why are you asking about Debian in #ubuntu?20:19
RepThis1im not , this is 15.04 mate20:20
RepThis1ubuntu mate.20:20
Jordan_U!screenshot | RepThis120:20
ubottuRepThis1: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.20:20
RepThis1are u serious, it wont let me continue!20:21
Jordan_URepThis1: I'm also still waiting for the output of "sudo parted -l" and "ls /sys/firmware/efi/".20:21
BrandonG777s - This indicated the setuid/setgid permissions. This is not set displayed in the special permission part of the permissions display, but is represented as a s in the read portion of the owner or group permissions.20:21
RepThis1Jordan_U, paste.ubuntu.com/11014338/20:23
Jordan_URepThis1: Which drives have existing Operating systems?20:24
RepThis1Jordan_U, installing it on sdb , sda is under data recovery. sdc and sdb are left alone20:25
BrandonG777RepThis1: not sure this helps but i disconnect all other drives with existing OSs, install, then reconnect and update grub20:26
Jordan_URepThis1: That doesn't clearly answer the question I asked.20:26
BrandonG777that way i make damn sure i don't accidentally delete a partition i didnt mean to20:26
RepThis1disconnecting drives is to easy. plus i gotta custom partition20:28
RepThis1if i wanted to do that i would probably just install windows 8.1 first then ubuntu since i believe it gives u a dual boot option in the installer20:28
Jordan_URepThis1: Which drives have existing Operating systems?20:29
RepThis1why does it matter which drives have existing operating systems on them? so i can go and delete them?20:29
BrandonG777i would use the default scheme to figure out what you need and either replicate or modify it20:29
RepThis1sdd has windows, sda has fedora , sdb has ubuntu20:29
Jordan_URepThis1: No, because it looks like you have BIOS based installations on some of the drives, as the installer is complaining about.20:29
RepThis1i dont think ubuntus default scheme installed uefi does it?20:29
RepThis1right but i could easily bypass that bs if it would just let me press continue but the gui is bugged i think. sec.20:30
BrandonG777yeah that shit don't matter if your motherboard supports UEFI and legacy boot at the same time20:30
Jordan_URepThis1: Ubuntu installs a UEFI based system if you boot the installer via UEFI, and a BIOS bases system if you boot the installer via BIOS. My next question was going to be why Ubuntu and Fedora were installed for BIOS.20:31
RepThis1continue and go back dont work, cant even close out20:31
RepThis1dude i have no idea what fedora does, their installer was whack, it installed LVM paritions, idk why ubuntu went that way. prob booted into non uefi and i wasnt aware of how to make a uefi parition20:32
mech422Hi! anyone know how to force module load order in initramfs? I need the SATA ports detected before the SCSI Raid cards..20:32
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Jordan_URepThis1: There are also some icons missing on that screen, and you seem to be using GTK's default theme (which few choose to use) rather than Ubuntu Mate's. That suggest to me that your boot media may be corrupt (even if that's not what's causing this particular error message).20:34
BrandonG777RepThis1: it's going to work, just not going to give you all your systems in the grub menu. which i generally use my motherboard boot menu to switch between systems anyway20:34
RepThis1Jordan_U, it does act very sluggish. is there a way to check the integrity? i already ran a md5 on the iso when i downloaded it.20:35
Jordan_UBrandonG777: You missed the part where RepThis1 can't get past that error message.20:35
Jordan_URepThis1: There is an option to check the media in the boot menu.20:36
RepThis1whats the steps im restarting20:36
BrandonG777yeah Jordan_U is right something doesn't look right with your installation20:36
RepThis1It could be my graphics card, i get so much bs for it. could it be something to do with being booted in vesa drivers.20:37
RepThis1vesa is like some fail safe for video drivers or sumin.20:37
BrandonG777what kind of card is it?20:37
RepThis1Jordan_U, Check disc for defects?20:38
Jordan_URepThis1: Yes.20:38
RepThis1amd ati 280x with a 2nd monitor being plugged into a 270x or sumin20:38
RepThis1you should see my uhhh...damn whats it called. its a log u check after your booted into the os to see if everything ran ok/loaded20:39
RepThis1Jordan_U, looks like 1 error was found20:39
RepThis1BrandonB, yeah20:40
Jordan_URepThis1: In the squashfs file? If not, in what file?20:40
RepThis1idk was it suppose to say?20:40
Jordan_URepThis1: Yes.20:40
RepThis1damnit i didnt see anything it just said to restart. im already booted into ubuntu im just gonna ddrescue the flashdrive again20:41
Jordan_URepThis1: The entire root filesystem for the Live image is stored in the squashfs file, so if that is corrupt then any number of files within it could be corrupt.20:42
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:43
new_eyes_openTrying to set up a VPN using OpenVPN and I keep getting an error "Invalid VPN Secrets". Solutions I found in forums were regarding users that do not have root access to their machines, but I do so that should not be and issue. I tried going to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections and changing the password flags value to 0, then adding a field password=(Password I was provided by OpenVPN) and I still get the same error. I'm s20:44
new_eyes_openSorry for the wall o' text.20:44
RepThis1"booting into insecure mode" lol.....20:45
Jordan_URepThis1: Note that both Ubuntu and Fedora support secure boot, so you don't need to disable it.20:45
RepThis1sweet, no errors20:46
MonkeyDustnew_eyes_open  there's also #openvpn20:46
new_eyes_openMonkeyDust thank you, i'll ask there as well20:46
=== Surendil_ is now known as Surendil
RepThis1Jordan_U, still sluggish and that application icon is still messed up20:49
AxldenieDhello :)20:49
LMNOP__hi how can i help u20:51
BrandonG777RepThis1: kinda sounding like a janky/slow thumb drive20:53
adsjlkdkcan someone please help me20:56
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  let's hear it20:56
adsjlkdkwhat do i do http://pastebin.com/1AY4ccQb20:56
RepThis1what an awsome name, is it japanese?20:56
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  simply ask your question20:57
adsjlkdkMonkeyDust: i did20:57
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid20:57
adsjlkdki dont know what to do20:57
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:58
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  what was your question?20:58
adsjlkdkMonkeyDust: what do i do http://pastebin.com/1AY4ccQb20:58
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  i'm unable to open links, what's in it?20:59
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  do with what and what have you tried so far?20:59
RepThis1after installation its still slugish. dragging a window has it popping everything instead of a smooth transition and sumin about the settings daemon crashes.20:59
=== woodruffw_ is now known as woodruffw
Jordan_URepThis1: This is what Ubuntu Mate is supposed to look like: https://ubuntu-mate.org/gallery/Screenshots/04_DESKTOP.png21:00
ugniusI'm on elementary os, thought give it a shot here. After installing nvidia proprieatary (nvidias own build script), my virtual consoles gone missing, nothing is displayed. Only way to get them back is setting grub to text mode. Is there any way to fix this?21:00
RepThis1Jordan_U, haha nope!21:00
genii!elementary | ugnius21:01
ubottuugnius: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.21:01
Jordan_URepThis1: Maybe you should test your RAM, or maybe your USB drive is having intermittent failures and so still didn't copy Ubuntu successfully.21:01
adsjlkdkMonkeyDust: how do i edit my kernel21:01
MonkeyDustadsjlkdk  better ask in #ubuntu-kernel21:02
RepThis1i should prob get server edition and do a net install so to avoid all this peripheral bs.21:02
ugniusthanks, I thought ubuntu had same problem, more people here, may be someone has a hint (I've asked on elementary also).21:02
Jordan_URepThis1: The sluggishness could be caused by poor graphics drivers, but the theme being messed up and the error messages about GSD crashing suggests more is going on than just that.21:02
macabrehourAnyone on here have experience wit hamachi and lan gaming?, I installed hamachi and Haguichi, I can connect to networks that my friends have made, but no matter what game we try I cannot see their games nor can they see mine,, it's like hamachi is working but my games are not using it's adapter21:02
MonkeyDustmacabrehour  how is that question ubuntu related?21:04
macabrehourwell, it is on ubuntu lol21:04
freebird573need some help hooking my S5 to ubuntu 14.0421:04
MonkeyDust!find hamachi21:04
ubottuFile hamachi found in linux-headers-3.19.0-15-generic, linux-headers-3.19.0-15-lowlatency, linux-image-3.19.0-15-lowlatency, linux-image-extra-3.19.0-15-generic21:05
macabrehouri tried lowering the metrics of the hamachi adapter ham0, so that it takes route priority over my wireless adapter,, but still seems like any program i run ignores the adapter entirely21:06
macabrehourI hate to bug you guys with this, i realy do, but all the guides online make it seem so simple,, just install and play, but i cannot for the life of me get it to work,, and ive been at this for 17hours +21:07
sugoiryui voted link as did the other 2 that visited21:14
OerHekspoll-ution i say21:16
RepThis1wow windows sucks, i just accidentally deleted some partition.21:19
RepThis1it writes the change write away...gahhhhhhh21:19
RepThis1hahah write away....21:20
BarnabasDKRepThis1, dont mean to be an a..hole but perhaps ubuntu-offtopic?21:21
oijanhello everyone, in my firefox extensions, two are listed from unity. one is "Unity Desktop Integration" the other is "Unity Websites Integration"..is it normal to have them both?21:24
RepThis1unless ubuntu has a magical 1 click solution like like the people at openSUSE21:24
oijanI need this information as I seem to get malware through my firefox addons, so it'll be nice if someone can help me know..21:25
acz32malware through firefox addons from AMO? never heard of that21:25
acz32you must be installing some weird stuff or random xpi files21:26
BarnabasDKacz32, +121:27
oijanI installed nothing. I get popup tabs with link to 'updating media player'21:27
OerHeksdesktop integration ~ It allows websites to integrate into the dash, launcher and hud.21:27
acz32oijan: you just said you get malware through your firefox addons. so you can't say "i installed nothing"21:29
acz32you obviously do, and unverified stuff, too21:29
debianitahello i have installe eclipse and the plugin windowuilder and this crash eclipse , Any workaround ?21:29
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt21:29
OerHeksthose 2 plugins are from ubuntu, nothing to worry about21:30
BarnabasDKdebianita are you able to start eclipse?21:31
BarnabasDKthen the plugins need to be removed, many are not mature for use21:31
BarnabasDKdo you know how?21:31
debianitabut compiz and windowbuilder don't works21:32
BarnabasDKremove the plugins21:32
BarnabasDKeclipse with your plugins is not the way to go21:32
BarnabasDKso go to about files and remove the plugins, and use something else to edit and build whats in question21:33
mariannecan anyone tell me the differences between Server and desktop installations... just general high level is fine21:34
debianitai think is a issue with compiz but i try kde ( kwin) and this works fine ..21:34
izimhhello all21:34
BarnabasDKmarianne, in the old days there was no GUI for the server install21:35
BarnabasDKjust booted to a console21:35
BarnabasDKhigh level difference21:35
BarnabasDKI think its still the case, correct me if I am wrong21:35
marianneBarnabasDK: how does it integrate with mac OSx and ubuntu 15.04 and 14.04... I have a FreeBSD box right now but am having issues with it big time21:36
BarnabasDKmarianne, on the server ed, you could still do an apt-get install gnome-desktop after install of the os21:36
BarnabasDKor whatever you chose21:37
BarnabasDKmarianne, define integrate then?21:37
SCHAAP137interoperate, maybe21:38
marianneBarnabasDK: not worried about the gui too much, mostly networking for my LAN --- I want to be able to move files back and forth between all of the computers21:38
BarnabasDKUbuntu and FreeBSD usually play along quite fine21:38
BarnabasDKmarianne, both systems use samba21:39
BarnabasDKand nfs21:39
BarnabasDKor can use21:39
BarnabasDKsamba is the windows compatible protocol21:39
marianneBarnabasDK: this is my first time trying to get them 'talking'  ---- ooooo awesome, thank you, at least now i have a place to start researching21:39
BarnabasDKnfs unix alone21:39
almarkwell there used to be nfs clients for windows21:40
almarkand probably still are21:40
OerHeksI won't suggest to write to HFS+ partitions in linux.21:41
BarnabasDKalmark, for all practical purposes its easier to use samba on unix / linux21:41
almarko hell shure21:41
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
BarnabasDKmarianne, you should be able to follow the FreeBSD book on how to share a folder via nfs21:42
marianneBarnabasDK: was so frustrated earlier, had to do a complete reload on the Unix box... wanted to go all John Wick on it because it was making me so mad21:42
BarnabasDKmarianne, and then after that mount it via the mount command in linux / ubuntu21:43
marianneBarnabasDK: yes was reading through that already, but need to calm down before i get too brain dead and mess it all up21:43
TarantulaFudgeI have a server with LACP 4x1gb bond but I'm having issues exceeding more than 1gb in aggregate traffic. Is there a tool that I can use so I can see if the bottleneck is network buffer related?21:45
marianneBarnabasDK: thank you for pointing me in the right direction..21:45
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BarnabasDKFloKat, how can we help22:00
EriC^FloKat: /join #ubuntu-fr for french22:00
acz32does anyone know what kind of encryption gnome disk utility uses when you choose to encrypt an external drive?22:00
EriC^unless you speak english22:00
FloKatEriC^, sorry i used /amsg ;)22:00
bleurgmarche bien hexchat... tout de suite trouvé ce que je voulais, c est moins sexy que sur firefox par contre heh.22:00
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:01
EriC^FloKat: no problem :)22:01
OerHeksacz32, http://askubuntu.com/questions/275921/what-algorithm-is-used-by-disk-utility-encryption22:01
compdochow do you set the address that root's mail forwards to?22:04
nemo__Hello, it is possible to install package from livecd session, into ubuntu?22:04
EriC^nemo__: yeah, use dpkg -i <deb>22:04
nemo__Tanks EriC^22:05
ZeZunemo__, you're running the livecd or the ubuntu on the machine?22:05
acz32OerHeks: thanks22:05
acz32never heard of TKS1 and PBKDF222:06
nemo__I am running right now the ubuntu live CD, but ubuntu is already installed22:06
ZeZunemo__, that won't work then22:06
ZeZuyou need to boot into the installed ubuntu,  then you can install like that from packages on a mounted cdrom or wherever22:07
nemo__Ok, my real problem is that i delete the ubuntu-desktop package, and now i dont have graphic environnement22:07
ZeZuboot into runlevel=0 and reinstall from terminal22:07
nemo__I do not have internet connection in my normal ubuntu session22:07
ZeZuwhy not?22:08
k1l_nemo__: you can chroot into the installed version. then you can install the packages there22:08
ZeZuok,  you "could" chroot22:08
nemo__I don't know why i do not have connection to internet, it was broken when i uninstall ubuntu-desktop22:09
nemo__my wifi do not work yeah22:09
ZeZuyeah it's gnome that automatically connects to your network22:10
ZeZuif you don't start it,  you'd have to do it manually22:10
ZeZujust use chroot and reinstall your desktop meta-pkg22:10
nemo__what is chroot?22:10
nemo__my desktop meta-pkg is "ubuntu-desktop" right?22:11
EriC^!chroot | nemo__22:11
ubottunemo__: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot22:11
nemo__Ah ok, tank you ^^22:12
EriC^nemo__: you mount the partition, then sudo chroot /mnt and it's as if you're in ubuntu that's on your pc22:13
c3lestehi all22:13
c3lestei need help for ati radeon hd 4450 driver22:14
c3lestei want playing 3d games22:14
OerHeksc3leste, Ati 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are only supported by the standard driver, see the ATI factoid22:15
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:15
c3lestehow to install fglrx/xorg driver22:15
EriC^nemo__: follow this guide from step 6, but don't install grub after you chroot, just install the packages you need https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot22:15
EriC^nemo__: also, you might need to copy /etc/resolv.conf from the live cd session to /mnt/etc/resolv.conf before you chroot to get internet access22:16
c3lesteok, looking now22:16
nemo__Tanks for the link Eric^ :)22:17
EriC^nemo__: no problem :)22:17
c3lesteVGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV710 [Radeon HD 4350/4550]22:17
c3lestebut not working 3d22:17
ZxoRI've created group named "H1" and added myself to the group, and folder like that: "d---rwx---  2 root H1  .... hidden", why I cant "cd" the directory?22:19
nemo__Eric^, the tutorial say that "Assuming the normal system partition(s) are on a software RAID" but what is software RAID?22:20
EriC^nemo__: nevermind that22:20
c3lesteplease help, my graphic card model ati radeon hd 445022:20
EriC^nemo__: start at step 6 where it says sudo fdisk -l or sudo blkid22:21
nemo__Ah ok22:21
OerHeksc3leste, that wiki says your card is not supported by fglrx22:21
ZxoRnemo__, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/raid-hardware-vs-raid-software.html22:21
c3lesteinstall test driver ati, would you recommend?22:23
cryptodanc3leste: go back to Ubuntu 12.0422:24
OerHeksc3leste, see for yourself, there is no driver for that card in the driver menu.22:24
OerHeksdoes 12.04 support those old cards ?22:25
cryptodanYes it does22:25
=== Surendil_ is now known as Surendil
OerHeksuntil you update to a 3.4 kernel i guess22:27
c3lestei want to use blender3d :(22:27
c3lestebut not working graphic card22:27
cryptodanc3leste: install ubuntu 12.04 and it will work22:27
c3lestewhen it comes to the new drive22:27
c3lestenew format22:28
cryptodanc3leste: older version22:28
c3lestelink pls for old version(recomended)22:29
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120422:30
OerHekshttp://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/  .. nut sure what kernel you get.22:30
cryptodanIts supported to 2017 I believe22:30
cryptodanyou get a 3.2 Kernel22:30
c3leste%100 working?22:31
c3lesteradeon hd 4450?22:31
OerHeks!!info linux-image precise22:31
OerHeks!info linux-image precise22:32
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB22:32
Johnny_Linuxc3leste  i use the 3300 hd card, works great with 12.0422:32
cryptodanc3leste: I have a laptop with an HD4650 and use Ubuntu 12.04 based distro called Mint 1322:32
c3lesteok, i'll try22:33
c3lestety for help22:33
twilerHello, guys, I need help executing a file for a program I downloaded. It's called Keyboard Locker for Baby, and that's what it does, it locks the keyboard in case you have a baby near by.. Well, I downloaded it, but, it's just a single file, that ends with the extension *.pl, and when I double click it, it just opens up in gedit, and I also tried telling my machine to use the software executer when opening that file, but still n22:38
twilero joy.22:38
twilerSo, any help, from anyone at all, would be greatly appreciated.22:38
EriC^twiler: perl <file.pl>22:38
twilerok.. EriC^, that doesn't mean anything to me.22:39
twilerWhat do I do with that?22:39
EriC^open a terminal and type it22:39
twilerOh ok22:39
k1l_make it executable22:39
nemo__Eric^ , at the step 12, i should write "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" insted so?22:40
nemo__insted of grub22:40
twilerOK, EriC^ , how to I tell it where the file is?22:40
twilerI'm really sorry about the newb questions.22:40
twilerBut, I don't know this kinda stuff.22:41
EriC^twiler: cd to the dir it's in, or type perl /path/to/file22:41
=== joao_ is now known as Mete-
EriC^nemo__: yeah22:41
daftykinsrun it and then never type again ;)22:41
ZxoRI've created group named "H1" and added myself to the group, and folder like that: "d---rwx---  2 root H1  .... hidden", why I cant "cd" the directory?22:41
EriC^twiler: does it have a keyboard shortcut to turn it back on?22:42
twilerOk, SO, I could type: perl "twiler/software/FILENAME.pl?22:42
EriC^twiler: if you're in the dir that has twiler, yeah, otherwise use absolute paths22:42
twilerok, so.. what is gthe absolute pth? can i get thaat by right clicking in rthe file expolorer at thwe top where the file is?22:43
EriC^twiler: click on the file and drag it to the terminal after typing perl and hitting space22:44
twilerEriC^, ,thank you so much!22:47
Kionafter upgrading to 15.04 I got my cups server broken, anyone having the same problem here?22:47
twilerDraggin it to the trminal window worked like a charm!!22:48
twilerThanks a lot!22:48
teamcoltraIn 14.04+ is there a new way to change desktop environments? I tried to install the elementary-os-desktop and it all installed but I logged out (actually rebooted) and in the past there used to be a little ubuntu icon that I would click and it would let me change environments but I don't see anything22:48
twilerCookie!} EriC^22:48
twilerMan, I can Never Ever remember the dang syntax for that!22:49
twilerIt really ticks me off!22:49
daftykinsexclamation, keyword, | user22:49
twiler! Cookie | EriC^22:50
ubottuEriC^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:50
twilerOk, awesome22:50
c3lestesory i have new question22:50
c3lestei have desktop pc22:50
EriC^twiler: thanks22:50
twilerThanks a lot, EriC^ , And, Dafty?22:50
c3lestemy graphic card ati radeon hd 445022:51
c3lestenot mobility radeon22:51
twiler! Cookie | daftykins22:51
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:51
twilerNo, thank you, EriC^ ! It's people like you that guarantee that Linux will stay alive forever22:52
daftykinswell said22:52
twilerIf this was a mac, I'd have already had to pay an arm and a leg just to talk to someone.22:52
c3lestei don't see here :/22:52
twilerSo, thanks a lot, EriC^ , and daftykins , ! Cookie | EriC^  ! Cookie | daftykins22:53
OerHeksc3leste, correct, it is not there. go for 12.04 with the old fgrlx driver, or use the opensource one in 14.04/up22:53
twiler! Cookie | EriC^22:53
ubottuEriC^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:53
twiler! Cookie | daftykins22:54
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:54
twilerThanks a lot, both of you!22:54
twilerBye, for now!22:54
c3lesteok, thnx. new format now^^22:54
Johnny_Linux!cookie | ubottu23:05
ubottuJohnny_Linux: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:05
est31where can I contact package maintainers for gcc?23:05
=== nathanleclaire_ is now known as nathanleclaire
OerHeksest31, Ubuntu Developers i guess https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.723:09
est31I think they should enable --with-diagnostics-color for the gcc compilation23:10
adsjlkdkguys i need help i am new23:10
est31so that its outputting color by default23:10
adsjlkdkplease help me i am new23:10
daftykins!ask | adsjlkdk Be good this time23:10
ubottuadsjlkdk Be good this time: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:10
skomorokhAnyone know where to enable sytem-wide pulse audio in 15.04? /etc/init/pulseaudio.conf isn't there anymore.... Googling for systemd pulseaudio 15.04 isn't working out23:11
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:11
MagePsychohow to find last 10 modified files23:11
adsjlkdkok my problem is this http://pastebin.com/2cmJue8W i was compiling my kernel but that happened so idk what to do23:11
bekksMagePsycho: By enabling inotify which will horribly slow down your system.23:12
OerHeksMagePsycho, some answers http://askubuntu.com/questions/411462/show-recent-modified-created-files-using-terminal23:12
adsjlkdkdaftykins: do you know what happened and how i cna fix it? thank you23:12
bekksadsjlkdk: Why are you trying to compile what on which ubuntu release?23:12
daftykinsadsjlkdk: we don't give gentoo support here.23:12
gzcwnkmage ls -alt where t shows the latest23:13
OerHeksadsjlkdk, join #gentoo please23:13
adsjlkdkhow do you guys know its gentoo23:13
adsjlkdkguys please those #gentoo people what if they say im a noob23:13
gzcwnkthen that is immature23:14
bekksadsjlkdk: This isnt gentoo support.23:14
Bray90820_Does ubuntu have a vnc server enabled by default23:16
daftykinsnope that wouldn't be very secure23:16
adsjlkdkthe gentoo people arent helping me!23:16
Bray90820_Well would there be a way to start an app without having access to the computer23:17
bekksadsjlkdk: This isnt gentoo support.23:17
zerowaitstateBray90820_: no23:17
andy__I have access to the Internet through Linux now.23:17
andy__Thank you for your help.23:17
zerowaitstateBray90820_: unless you have enabled some means of remote access23:17
OerHeksBray90820_, it does, not enabled by default23:17
Bray90820_Well I do have access to another computer on my home network just not ubuntu if that helps23:18
zerowaitstateBray90820_: that is a very vague statement of the problem23:18
daftykinsBray90820_: break it down for us, what are you trying to achieve?23:18
Bray90820_I am away from my home network and I am trying to start teamviewer23:19
daftykinsover SSH?23:19
Bray90820_I do have access to an OSX machene in my home nwtwork tho23:19
daftykinsah - graphically? got SSH access enabled on the ubuntu host?23:20
Bray90820_daftykins: I do not have it enabled23:20
daftykinsthen you are out of options23:20
adsjlkdkhow do i install hwinfo in ubuntu23:21
daftykinsadsjlkdk: you're not running ubuntu.23:21
OerHeksadsjlkdk, not, as it is standard installed23:21
Bray90820_I do have samba/CIFS enabled tho if I can do anything with that23:21
est31ah it seems that future versions of gcc will ship this by default23:21
daftykinsBray90820_: no23:21
est31very nice23:21
adsjlkdkdaftykins: i am im on an ubuntu live cd23:21
daftykinsprove it :)23:21
adsjlkdkthere i proved it23:22
andy__I had to download a copy of the extras from a version of the kernel while I was in Windows.23:22
andy__Then I was able to reboot in Linux and use dpkg to install the packages.23:22
shiznixwith the migration from upstart to systemd for boot services, does anyone know if the same is being done to migrate to systemd for user/desktop services ?23:23
adsjlkdkdaftykins: do you want me to take a screenshot23:23
Bray90820_Kinda a round about way but could I setup sinergy to control it?23:23
daftykinsadsjlkdk: so what is your question now?23:23
daftykinsBray90820_: you have no way of installing software on it - unless you have someone there, so not really.23:23
Bray90820_Now if I could get teamviewer to load at boot then we wouldn't have this issue23:25
andy__I also had to download a new copy of the kernel, because it went with the extras files.  I think I couldn't install the extras files without installing a new kernel.23:25
daftykinsandy__: was that for your wired realtek adapter that had no driver?23:26
andy__I did not know where the files were that the rmmod command deleted.23:26
daftykinsglad there was a solution, in fairness i'd noticed these -extras kernel packages of late but had no idea what they were23:27
andy__I am not sure if it was in that package.  I just noticed it said something about modules that went with the kernel.  It could have been in the main kernel package.23:31
alyoshaaHi. Has anyone ever managed to use the AMD Catalyst drivers on 14.04.2?23:32
DynamicMetaFlowHello everyone, I'm having a problem where the tilde key is not functioning23:32
DynamicMetaFlowI have my keyboard set to US, English and no other input sources23:33
andy__alyoshaa, I tried it before.  It didn't seem to help.23:33
est31how can I get gcc version 5.1?23:34
est31I only see gcc 4.9, even in 15.0423:34
est31ah it has been released on april 2223:34
OerHeksest31, you will need a PPA for that, carefull, it might break something, and we do not support it (yet)  >> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test23:35
thenewonemy friend use windows and he want scanne his computer with antivirus can i use my box to scanne his one with mine over a network ?23:38
est31I'll compile it myself23:38
OerHeksDynamicMetaFlow, try ~ + space, it does not print immediatly here too.23:38
thenewonei'm using calmav23:38
est31yes thenewone23:38
est31but there is no security advantage23:39
thenewoneas ubuntu i'm not getting infected by viruses he have23:39
est31there are ubuntu viruses too23:39
andy__thenewone, It might be easier to create a USB stick with Linux on it .23:39
thenewonei hope one day he change his minde and forget windows23:39
acz32why can't your friend install a windows antivirus?23:40
est31yea a live cd is the best23:40
thenewonehe have one lol23:40
thenewonebut he cant delete that23:40
est31even better is getting the HDD and adding it to your pc23:40
thenewonehe found windows easyer23:40
acz32usually it's advised to boot into safe mode and then scan23:40
est31because then you ignore bios viruses23:40
daftykinsthenewone: live session would make far more sense23:40
thenewoneok thanks alot23:41
est31but you don't scan for them23:41
daftykinsviruses is a very 90s term, malware is more what happens these days23:41
daftykinsyour friend needs to stop viewing suspicious sites :)23:41
thenewonei think ya23:41
thenewonehe love movies23:41
adsjlkdkdaftykins: whats the difference between viruses and malware23:41
thenewoneso he download alot23:41
adsjlkdkand trojans23:41
thenewonetrojans controled by hackers i think23:42
thenewonemalware collecting info23:42
thenewonevirus just destroying23:42
andy__Is he into downloading games or is it other applications?23:42
adsjlkdkwhat other terms are there23:42
thenewonedownloading movies23:42
adsjlkdkwhat are those23:42
thenewonejust lunch it and it's work alone :D23:43
thenewoneattacking any computer she found on her way23:43
bekksthenewone: adsjlkdk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malware23:43
thenewoneok guys thanks23:43
thenewoneok wiki know better than i do23:43
thenewonethanks guys23:43
daftykinsadsjlkdk: that's one for your homework.23:43
adsjlkdkwhere do you guys learn this stuff23:44
adsjlkdkdid u guys go to college23:44
daftykinsliving and learning.23:44
thenewonelisent adsjlkdk just learn23:44
thenewonethe first time it's harder23:44
thenewonedo it again again again23:44
thenewoneuntil you understand it ok23:44
adsjlkdkwhat are you talking about lol23:44
thenewoneread books more than 323:44
adsjlkdkwhat books do you read thenewone23:45
thenewonethey i learn with23:45
bekksthenewone: you should practice that, too :P23:45
thenewoneofc bekks :D23:45
jmaderoI have a samba share mounted through fstab but when I empty my trash it doesn't purge the deleted files from the samba share - suggestions?23:45
adsjlkdkthenewone: do u know programming languages23:45
popeyCan we at least attempt to keep this channel for Ubuntu support.23:45
popeyadsjlkdk: thenewone ^23:45
thenewonei wish23:46
* jmadero never knows what is "ubuntu support" and what is not....23:46
jmaderoif mine isn't, just let me know and I'll go to #linux23:46
popeydiscussing windows malware isn't. that's pretty obvious.23:46
adsjlkdktheres ubuntu malware too23:46
jmaderowas i? - I just appeared ;)23:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:46
adsjlkdkrichard stallman takes about it23:46
popeyadsjlkdk: do you have a genuine ubuntu support question?23:46
adsjlkdkthenewone: what books do you read23:47
thenewonewhat do you want learn23:47
popeyboth of you.23:47
thenewoneok man23:47
thenewonego to pm man23:47
thenewonethis guys are not friendly23:47
adsjlkdkgo to #linux23:47
adsjlkdkidk how to pm23:47
jmadero#linux will tell you same thing if you're that off topic...23:47
thenewonethere a channel of ubuntu-talk ?23:48
thenewoneor not23:48
popeyyes, it was mentioned mere 2 minutes ago.23:48
andy__adsjlkdk, Type /join #ubuntu-offtopic.  They are very friendly there.23:48
thenewonewow you guys doing good23:49
thenewonekeep it23:49
andy__thenewone, I was looking up some information about Linux and antivirus programs for you.23:49
thenewoneandy__, thanks man23:50
attlasbotCan someone help me get my trackpad working23:50
jmaderoattlasbot: more info...is usually better23:50
thenewonethanks alot andy__23:50
attlasbotits an etps/2 Elantech touchpad23:51
attlasbotI've tried googling for the answer but none of the fixes online work23:51
andy__thenewone, You are welcome.23:51
thenewonehave a nice day23:51
attlasbotit shows up in the mouse and touchpad settings but it doesn't respond.23:51
andy__I found an article last year about this from Dedoimedo.23:51
=== badon_ is now known as badon
hiiambohey folks. has anyone ever set up a remote iscsi target on an ubuntu machine?23:53
attlasbotAnyone got any idea how to get it working?23:53
jmaderoattlasbot: dunno if you're new to IRC - typically give it 20-30 minutes, then ask again23:53
jmaderoas people are in and out of looking at the chat23:53
attlasbotSorry jmadero23:54
jmaderoattlasbot: no need to apologize - just normal IRC stuff you learn over time :)23:54
daftykinsattlasbot: collect your entire query together and ask it on one line too, just now i had to read across scrollback just to see what you were asking23:55
daftykinsthat makes help giving harder23:55
attlasbotdaftykins, my etps/2 Elnatech touchpad is showing up in the mouse and trackpad settings on xubuntu, but I'm an unable to use it. I've googled for the answer but none of the fixes are working.23:56
daftykinsattlasbot: yeah don't ask me though, i don't know :>23:57
attlasbotoh sorry dude.23:57
=== bill is now known as Guest91445

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