raypulverhey fellas. why is ubuntu studio its own distribution? can I make a studio set up on Linux that interfaces with my keyboard on regular Ubuntu server using PulseAudio and jack and stuff16:10
OvenWerksraypulver: yes.18:33
OvenWerksraypulver: ubuntustudio, is ubuntu with extra packages, a lowlatency kernel and a few tweaks to allow the sw to use that lowlatency kernel.18:34
OvenWerksraypulver: I have used ubuntuserver and or mini.iso to make an audio machine that is ssh login only. I would suggest using screen as the session manager in that case so that the same instance of dbus is shared by all terminals. It is not the only way, but the easiest.18:36
OvenWerksraypulver: I have also put the ubuntustudio metas on xubuntu, kubuntu and lubuntu. I have not tried the vanilla ubuntu because my machine was not fast enough when I was trying it out, but I have talked to others who have made that work too.18:38
holsteinraypulver: you can also simply try the ubuntustuduio installer live, without changing anything about your current install, and see what the actual tools, such as jack/ardour, lowlatency kernel, factually do on your actual hardware18:40
holsteinsee what you need, and if it works, and decide what you are going to need to install18:40
OvenWerksraypulver: I have also used xfce4-panel with ssh -Y to give me a menu for a headless machine on a second machine. There are lots of possibilities, but headless stuff will probably need some learning first.18:47
raypulverthanks for the advice18:50
raypulverI'll try out the live cd when I get my midi/usb cables18:51
raypulverand see what I need18:51
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