drcOK...just rebooted.  The is only one line in Software & Updates>Other software and it shows:01:06
Unit193Can you  cat /etc/apt/sources.list  ?01:06
drcCHECKBOX "cdrom:[xubuntu.core.iso-mad64  20140425] / vivid main multiverse restricted universe"    All one one line01:07
drcDId I cry wolf?  Not really knowledgeable on these things, but it was definately not what I expected to see.01:09
drcok, will reboot (again :) and check01:10
Unit193I'd think software-properties would list them all as well, but in theory it may not in order for you to not be able to deselect them.  I'd check the sources.list file to be sure, but I'll also check to see if I see it here.01:10
Unit193Ah, first tab.01:11
drccating sources.list gives what <krytarik> showed (in OT)...but definately only one line in S&U>Other software.01:14
Unit193I looked at that application, and looks like it's listed on the first pane there, with CD only being in "Other"01:16
drcI would be more than happy to say "mea culpa" and put it down to my ignorance if everything looks fine on your end/01:17
Unit193Well as long as the file looks good, I'm glad to ignore software-properties as well.01:18
drcI actually took a look at 15.05 -release and the S&U>Other software looks different also...everything is on one line also.01:20
drcmea culpa, me culpa, mea maxima culpa.01:20
Unit193Hah, it's fine.  Thanks for taking a good look around!01:21
drcBut I still think a small note in the blurbs noting apt-get would be a good idea.01:23
Unit193Err, yeah.  I never use anything but that to install, so it never occured to me. :301:23
Unit193My bad on that one.01:23
drcWeel, with the target audiance, it should be fine, but at least this way you can say "hey <you> missed it' when some one complains01:24
Unit193Hah, indeed! :D01:25
Unit193The "What's different" question could be either answered by diff'ing the seeds for a more basic answer, or to be more technical diff the manifests.01:26
=== pw2 is now known as PaulW2U
elfypleia2: 1800 UTC works any day06:28
elfyochosi: crashes out - panel wrapper error 06:29
ochosiok, at least that is consistent with what i have seen in a vm06:29
ochosinot that it's particularly good06:30
elfynot sure why it worked in the other install 06:30
ochosii guess i should re-test on a laptop with a clean env06:30
ochosiso far only desktops seemed to be affected, but that could also just be a coincidence06:30
elfyright 06:31
elfywell I can pull it to the laptop too - that just gets used for testing stuff anyway currently06:31
ochosiok, that'd be cool actually06:37
elfyas soon as I've got that set up I'll ping you06:39
ochosiperfect, thanks06:40
ochosii'm actually not sure what to hope for, a consistent crash/bug or something desktop-specific...06:40
elfyyea, you only have laptop? 06:41
ochosiwell i do have a desktop @office, but i can not really use that for testing/development06:51
elfyright - so the best scenario is simple enough - fails on laptops and desktops - fix works on both :D06:55
elfycouldn't help myself ... 06:55
ochosiyeah, hopefully06:57
elfyochosi: question - will this only work with vivid - or can I wily this install? 07:01
ochosishould work with >= vivid07:01
ochosiand that's mostly because of the depends, which weren't there earlier07:01
ochosi(new upower, new gtk3)07:01
elfyok - I'll wily it later then :)07:02
elfyso I will have laptop on vivid, desktop on wily 07:03
ochosisounds good, i guess i'll try to switch over to wily myself soon07:10
elfyeasy at the beginning - not much to dist-upgrade ;)07:10
elfytook 30 seconds lol 07:10
elfyit also reboots - so that's a bonus 07:19
Unit193Got isos yet?07:23
elfybe a while yet for them to turn up 07:29
elfymorning brainwash 07:29
brainwashmorning elfy 07:30
Unit193bluesabre: oooh, shiny!  Check xfce412.html now?08:19
brainwashochosi: maybe you understand what the bug reporter is trying to report bug 145014809:27
ubottubug 1450148 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "In Vivid shimmer-themes misses reverse depend on numix-gtk-theme" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145014809:27
bluesabrebrainwash: that bug report just looks like noise10:45
bluesabre"It's a meta-package so I removed it"10:45
bluesabreok... trying to save a few bytes there or something?10:46
bluesabreUnit193: let the syncs begin.... tonight :D10:46
Unit193bluesabre: Autosyncs, mate.  Nice they are.10:47
brainwashbluesabre: I don't know what to answer other than "no, you are doing it wrong. there is no bug."10:47
bluesabreUnit193: can you discern some other reason why that bug report exists?10:47
bluesabreUnit193: indeed10:47
bluesabretime to drop some deltas10:47
Unit193Yeah, that'll be nice for sure.  Trello still lists the two not in Debian.  And no, but ask how the person is installing.10:50
Unit193There is nothing wrong.  Apt thinks numix is only installed because -themes brings it in, same for other packages.  Expected and 'invalid'10:51
bluesabreyeah, thought so10:52
bluesabreUnit193: how's this wording? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11007967/11:02
Unit193bluesabre: In addition to that, brainwash noted that "installing" while it's installed or using apt-mark you get it to be marked as maual.  Also, I'd have to confirm, but Xubuntu may already have them marked as manual by default.11:05
Unit193Ah, OK.  They are auto.11:06
bluesabrecommented and updated the status11:09
brainwashbluesabre: thanks11:10
ochosibluesabre: phew, several MRs again for the greeter11:20
bluesabreochosi: yup11:57
bluesabrethey look okay from what I can tell11:57
bluesabreI think I'll merge them in and release this weekend11:58
bluesabreunless you want to test and merge them11:59
bluesabreochosi: Unit193 also mentioned that there is some graphical oddities with Numix, in case you're interested in investigating12:00
ochosire:greeter sounds fine to me12:01
bluesabredaily ppa still works in case you'd rather not build12:02
bluesabresince the greeter can be a pain to install sometimes12:02
ochosii can try tomorrow12:03
ochositoday i have a worky worky day12:03
ochositomorrow will be actually 50% FOSS12:03
bluesabretime for me to boogie, I'll bbl12:03
ochosiwhich is almost 90% more than most other days recently :)12:03
bluesabrehave a good day ochosi (and everybody else)12:04
ochosiyou too!12:04
ochosiUnit193: wanna outline the Numix oddities bluesabre mentioned..?12:04
Unit193ochosi: Can't miss it.  Really, you can't. :P12:05
Unit193Greybird like background.12:05
ochosii'm not really using Numix for anything, so what context are we talking about?12:05
ochosijust the greeter?12:05
Unit193The background, there is none.  It's all the color of greybird.12:07
ochosistarting from what greeter version?12:07
Unit193Whichever one bluesabre pointed me at.  One in vivid is fine.12:07
ochosii'll take a look at that12:08
ochosii can't believe i just took an actual note about that on an actual sticky note...12:12
ochosii guess my life is getting more analogue12:12
ochosinext thing you know, i'll use my actual desk for actual work12:12
ochosiUnit193: looks to me like only the panel is grey12:16
ochosithe wallpaper shows fine12:16
ochosior did you mean there's a problem when disabling the wallpaper?12:16
Unit193Nope, no wallpaper.12:16
ochosi(and yeah, the panel needs fixing definitely)12:16
Unit193Let me boot it.12:16
Unit193if it helps, it was enough to make me comment about it.12:17
ochosii'll fix the panel tomorrow for sure, if you can give me a clear description of the issue with the background and your lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf file ideally so that i can reproduce, i'll take a peek tonight12:17
ochosi(if i get to it, i'll fix both tonight)12:17
ochosiand thanks for bringing it up12:17
ochosii guess other themes need fixes too then12:17
ochosigotta run12:18
ochosihf and ttyl12:18
Unit193ochosi: http://i.imgur.com/w95uvw6.png12:22
elfyochosi: so - all done on laptop - which is a clean install as was desktop - get the same results too14:56
pleia2meeting scheduled \o/17:20
elfyexcept that Tuesday ... 17:20
elfyI'd added some topics 17:21
slickymasterWorkpleia2: did you add the meeting to the team calendar?17:53
pleia2slickymasterWork: yep, and the wiki17:54
slickymasterWorkgreat, if you hadn't I0d be more than happy to do it for you ;)17:54
pleia2thanks :)17:59
slickymasterWorksure, np18:00
ochosielfy: ok, well good to know. even if it doesn't really make me happy.18:31
ochosiUnit193: interesting. i guess i should ask what this is supposed to look like.18:31
ochosii mean: ask satya18:31
ochosii presume the panel shouldn't be all grey18:32
ochosithis is numix git master, right?18:32
ochosiok, i think i found the problem/solution18:33
ochosiUnit193: i pushed the fix to git, please lemme know whether it works and if it does, maybe we can get it into 15.0418:35
Unit193Ah, cool.18:36
ochosiat least it wfm18:37
ochosiUnit193: not sure whether you have tried my numix patch yet, but as soon as you do, please lemme know. i'd like to cross that off my list ;)20:34
Unit193Understood, booting.20:34
ochosino rush, you don't have to test straight away, i just wanted to make sure i passed on the responsibility to someone else ;)20:34
elfyawesomest plan ever20:35
* Unit193 ponders the best way to test this.20:35
ochosiwell, boot 15.04, copy git master of Numix over /usr/share/themes/Numix and lock your session20:36
ochosiassuming you have already selected it for the greeter20:36
Unit193Was thinking download source, patch, rebuild. :D20:39
elfyochosi: yea - that's possibly not ideal - but on the other hand if fix - fixes both here 20:39
ochosiUnit193: think again ;)20:39
ochosielfy: yeah, actually it's ok cause it's consistent with my results. so the original bugreport is likely just bollocks and since i couldn't see anything to potentially fix there specifically, i'm happy it's something else20:40
elfyokey doke 20:40
elfyalways happy to oblige :D20:41
Unit193ochosi: Yeah, that does it.  Slight wallpaper flicker to black so it's still not seemless, but personally don't care.20:41
ochosielfy: i'll set up my test env tomorrow and as soon as it works on my lappy i'll send you a patch to test20:43
elfyochosi: ok 20:43
ochosiUnit193: kewl. if you wanna file an SRU for 15.04, that'd be most welcome );20:44
Unit193It's not needed, ochosi.20:44
ochosiit is not?20:45
ochosiyou mean this is not the droid errr... fix we were looking for?20:45
Unit193ochosi: Fix yes, but it'll be valid for wombat.  As I said, vivid is unaffected, it's the new greeter bluesabre is working on and asked if it followed the config style correctly.20:47
ochosihmright, actually in vivid i get a grey background for the greeter's panel20:47
ochosiwith Numix20:48
NoskcajCan someone please sync libxfcegui4, ristretto, maybe thunar (it doesn't seem to use udisks2 anymore), xfce4, xfce4-fsguard-plugin, xfce4-diskperf-plugin, xfce4-mpc-plugin, xfce4-netload-plugin, xfce4-xkb-plugin, and xfce4-taskmanager20:48
ochosiand i'm not using the greeter daily PPA atm20:48
Unit193Noskcaj: bluesabre is going to look into it yet.20:48
NoskcajUnit193, ok. That's the list of everything that we can sync, hopefully it helps20:49
NoskcajI might have time to do a few merges over the weekend if they don't get done sooner20:49
Unit193https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/xfce.html and https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/xfce412.html was what I was going off of.20:50

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