Nairolf_Hi, my computer has suddently switched off. I had enough battery. I don't understand why he did that. Do you know how I could know what's happen, please ?00:35
nomicnairolf - it maybe overheated - you can tell what your temperature  settings of your processor is by typing   sudo apt-get instsll lm-sensors01:31
nomicthen typing "sensors"01:31
nomicsystem shuts down automatically, without warning, if the temperature meets criticality01:32
attlasbotCan anyone tell me how to get my trackpad working in xubuntu 15.4002:48
attlasbotCan anyone tell me how to get my trackpad working in xubuntu 15.04?02:48
nomicmaybe try asking in #ubuntu attlasbot03:09
nomicthis is less busy03:09
nomicthings are generally the same03:09
Christopher-WereHey guys, I have an emergency here. I have a USB that insists on mounting as read-only on xubuntu 15.05. Any ideas on what to do?03:24
Christopher-WerePlease I need help as soon as possible.03:26
cntrwhen i click on the title screen and move my mouse, the window drags along with the mouse, even if i didn't hold down the mouse button. what can i do to turn this off?04:45
cntr*title bar04:45
cntrof a window04:45
holsteinsounds like maybe the mouse it malfucitioning? i would look at the hardware, just because, that was happening to me04:46
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holsteinwhere, i would actually "activate" the move, accidentally, with some hardware with a trick button that was failing04:47
cntrholstein: i've checked, it's not a problem with the mouse04:47
holsteincntr: cool.. how did you check? are you up to date with upgrades? can you login as the guest accunt and replicate it?04:47
cntri used another mouse, yes i'm up to date, no i haven't checked with the guest account04:48
cntrwhen the window drags with the mouse, i need to click again to make it undrag, so it seems like a xubuntu problem04:49
holstein!bug | cntr04:52
ubottucntr: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:52
holsteincntr: you can start a bug, and try and get someone else to confirm the issue.. i havent enountered it personally here.. what operating system are you using?04:53
cntrthe latest one04:53
holsteincntr: so, you are using xubuntu 15.04? then?04:54
holsteincntr: the key will be to share with a volunteer, and see if anyone can replicate it04:54
holsteinif its a xubuntu issue, it will be something that we can replicate04:54
holsteincould also be a xubuntu on your specific hardware issue..04:55
|zer0|hey all I have an issue, I have been removing a few unwanted apps from xubuntu and I have noticed a couple of links associated to software I removed have no icon and I cant remove them from the menu using the menu editor tool, any idea how to remove these non functional entries in xfce menu?09:14
BrotherMaggotfor instance?09:20
|zer0|Removed packet Tracer 6.1.1 and updated to 6.2, had created a launcher icon in menu now sice I have removed Packet Tracer 6.1.1 the menu entry is there (no icon) and does not show up in the menu editor09:22
|zer0|Tried reboot, command "update-menus" installing other software via software centre to see if it will refresh the menu but no luck.09:23
|zer0|Also tried recreating a new launcher but it literally creates a new launcher beside the old and does not overwrite, like the menu doesnt know its there.09:27
cfhowlett|zer0|, you could delete the xfwm menu file from your /user.  it'll then recreate from default09:28
|zer0|cfhowlett, is that located usr/share/xfwm4?09:33
cfhowlett|zer0|, no it should be in your /home      do not muck about with the /usr/share/xfwm409:33
cfhowlettlooking for specific file now09:33
BrotherMaggot.config/menus/xfce-applications.menu   ?09:35
cfhowlettBrotherMaggot, I don't have that one for some reason ...09:36
BrotherMaggoti'm 15.04.  what version are y'all?09:37
cfhowlettBrotherMaggot, 14.0409:37
* BrotherMaggot bows out09:37
freiformHow can i tell lighdm on which screen to put the login window? I tried setting 'display-setup-script=xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --primary' in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/60-xubuntu.conf , but it doesn't take.09:38
cfhowlett|zer0|, I looked for xfwm and lacarte .hidden folders.  no joy.  there is a nuclear option.  delete ./xfwm and everything resets to factory fresh for that user.09:41
|zer0|does that just default the entire gui? what repercussions are there?09:42
cfhowlett|zer0|, all your settings and configurations will be wiped out09:43
|zer0|cfhowlett> there a specific command for that?09:47
cfhowlett|zer0|, rm /home/|zer0|/.config/xfce409:48
cfhowlettthen logout/login and you'll see first login configuration09:49
cfhowlettnote: there IS a menu configuration file somewhere, but darned if I can find it09:50
|zer0|will see what happens now09:51
|zer0|<cfhowlett> well it worked in defaulting the gui but the non functions entries are still in the menu  :)09:52
cfhowlettseriously?  dang.  Now I'm going to be obsessed with locating the menu .config09:53
|zer0|well at least I get to remodel my gui.. change is as good as a holiday!09:54
brainwashprobably inside .local/share/09:55
cfhowlettbrainwash, will look again09:55
dodeluserdoes anyone know how to set username & hostname in a remastered xubuntu? I read about this, but this does not work: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization   (I changed and edited "casper.conf" in initrd.lz)10:17
DazPettyright now I really hate10:40
DazPettyI mean ffs10:40
DazPettyeverytime you install something10:40
DazPettyit seperates it into a million pieces and throws it accross your harddrive10:41
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:41
DazPettyat least in windows you can just delete the directory, reinstall it and everything is fine, 99.9% of the time10:41
DazPettywell I have a problem that is on topic10:41
DazPettybecause mysql has screwed my comp10:41
cfhowlettDazPetty, ranting is off-topic10:41
DazPettywell stupidly installed mysql twice10:42
DazPettyonce through apt-get a10:42
DazPettyand then through tasksel installing the lamp server10:42
DazPettyand it seemed no matter what I did I couldn't kill the damn mysql server10:43
DazPettyso I rm'ed all the mysql folders i could find10:43
|zer0|Anybody know how to delete a .desktop file from usr/share/applications which has spaces, this folder has permissions and need to delete as root?  I cannot do this from terminal as it wont recognise that it is a single file.11:40
|zer0|Dont worry, figured it out  :)11:47
d00msterHi everybody! I am having video trouble on my Lenovo x01 using Xubuntu 15.04. I have a Intel HD 4000 GPU. I experience tearing and a rather slow performance for multimedia stuff suach as games.12:35
d00msterI tried to disable compositing under "Window manager tweaks" as suggested in some forum posts. Unfortuantely it didn't resolve my problem. Could somebody please point me in the right direction?12:36
d00msteroops I meant "Lenovo x201"12:37
brainwashd00mster: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_graphics#Tear-free_video12:40
jimiebhi i have a xubuntu problem...12:40
cfhowlett!ask | jimieb12:42
ubottujimieb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:42
d00msterThank you, brainwash.12:42
brainwashd00mster: games can be demanding. is the performance in 15.04 worse than in previous releases? or do you have any comparison results?12:42
jimiebsorry! but i got it to work now :)12:44
jimiebthx anyway :D12:44
d00msterno I do not have any comparison results, it just "feels" slower. If I remember correctly the previous Xubuntu version I tested (Trusty Tahr) used a different video driver for my Laptop "Ironlake". Now acording to lshw it uses "Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller"12:44
brainwashd00mster: it a newer version of the same driver, also a newer kernel12:45
d00msterso it should work nicer.12:47
brainwashideally yes12:47
d00msterI just wonder there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf atm. Is it ok to just put a new file there?12:48
brainwashyes, you have to create it manually12:48
d00msterand just paste the lines given in archwiki and it will work?12:48
d00msterWow, okay... so no need to crate an xorg conf file first?12:49
d00msteralright. I stheer anything else I need to configure after I created the file?12:53
d00mster(This gpu business for linux is rather confusing)12:54
sorinelloHello. Can someone tell me how can I find out what sets a specified environment variable ?12:55
d00msterawesome! Thank you, brainwash. You saved my day12:55
d00msterhave a nice day and all12:56
brainwashsorinello: it may be helpful if you tell us which environment variable12:56
blb1234I can has xubuntu-core packets list?13:02
brainwashblb1234: http://sprunge.us/eCaC13:03
blb1234brainwash: thanks13:05
wotfloatsyourintI am suffering a problem when trying to run update-manager -d13:45
wotfloatsyourinthttp://pastebin.com/9D5JD7zH output13:47
wotfloatsyourintI am suffering a problem when trying to run update-manager -d15:54
wotfloatsyourinthttp://pastebin.com/9D5JD7zH output15:54
drcwotfloatsyourint: If you don't get an answer here (and it looks that way), I'd try #ubuntu...it looks like it's not a strickly xubuntu problem, and there are more eyes in that channel.16:03
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carreraGreetings!  :-)18:16
carreraI installed Xubuntu 15.04 a few days ago and I love it!18:16
carreraExcept the Workspace Switcher started acting weird18:21
carrerasuddenly it doesn't want to let me configure the number of rows and workspaces!18:22
carreraI removed it from the panel and added it back again, logged out and back in again, I even rebooted my laptop but the problem persists18:23
carreraHas anyone else ran into this problem?18:24
carreraI managed to configure is with various number of desktops and rows18:26
carreraI finally set it to 9 desktops in 3 rows and it kept the settings even after reboots18:26
carreraI added xubuntu-restricted-extras a couple of days ago.  I wonder if that has any thing to do with it?18:27
wotfloatsyourintI am suffering a problem when trying to run update-manager -d19:10
wotfloatsyourinthttp://pastebin.com/9D5JD7zH output19:10
wotfloatsyourintI am running 14.10 trying to upgrade to 15.0419:10
Unit193Don't use -d19:11
wotfloatsyourint@Unit193 -- same output, same error without the -d arg19:12
drcwotfloatsyourint: Did you try #ubuntu like I suggested earlier?19:14
geniiwotfloatsyourint: What happens if you try instead: sudo do-release-upgrade19:14
wotfloatsyourintDrc, i did not see your message, i will try19:15
wotfloatsyourintgenii, same output19:15
Unit193I'd check sources.d for weirdness.19:15
drcwotfloatsyourint: Not that folks here won't help (if they have any idea), but it looks like not a xubuntu exclusive issue and #ubuntu has more eyes.19:16
wotfloatsyourintalright, thank drc19:16
wotfloatsyourintThank you Unit19319:17
geniixubuntu412: Yes, we see what you type :)20:37
elfyI can't20:38
ochositest, 1, 2, 3. mic check.20:38
elfygenii: we have carte blance - if XPL can offtopic :p20:39
* ochosi whispers "carte blanche..."20:39
* elfy is rubbish at whispering20:39
* genii makes more coffee20:40
* elfy ponders theft20:40

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