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wldcordeiro__What's the name of the fallback dm? I'm getting annoyed with it appearing instead of sddm when I open my laptop up from a suspend01:02
jdm64wldcordeiro: probably lightdm01:17
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eryndiamondsI need some serious help. I am having an issue with Grub. I have tried repairing it, but still having issues. I'm getting a g-io-error-quark01:43
eryndiamondsThis started after the last security update01:44
eryndiamondsI'm using 15.0401:44
eryndiamondsanyone here???????01:45
krytarik!patience | eryndiamonds01:47
ubottueryndiamonds: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.01:47
krytarikeryndiamonds: For that, you could also ask in #ubuntu, btw.01:48
eryndiamondsHow do I fix grub?01:48
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Irish_canonAnyone here tonight02:13
Irish_canontrying to mount a harddrive and cant get it to work...   used fdis -l and kde partition02:14
z4sk4hi i can run on background this command: vboxheadless --startvm name &02:52
z4sk4on console i must pres ENTER to continue and on script still stop in this command02:52
z4sk4what can i do?02:52
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viyyerHi I am having difficulty starting X after upgrading to 15.0403:32
viyyerthis is the error thrown by lightdm http://paste.ubuntu.com/11072521/03:33
ejayhi all07:40
spiros23ok my kubuntu break through the upgrade to new version09:17
spiros23the muon stop to responce and hangs at 87 install09:17
spiros23what can i do to save the installation now?09:17
chek2firecan anyone help me?09:22
chek2firemuon stops at 87% of installation through upgrade09:23
chek2firehow can restart the upgrade?09:23
hateballchek2fire: is there no "detail" button to click? it might show a terminal window expecting input09:42
hateballI don't do release-upgrades using GUI so I am not sure how it behaves09:42
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BluesKajHiyas all11:03
jalcineso the package `extra-cmake-modules` should be a dependency of `libkf5runner-dev`; I wasn't able to use its sources without it12:41
est31hi there, after migrating my laptop to kubuntu 15.04 I've seen that all my widgets were lost13:06
est31I had to recreate them13:06
est31can I avoid that when I switch to 15.04 on my desktop?13:06
Zippihow can I disable vsync from cli? I turned it on from settings on my laptop and it makes the desktop unusable13:07
mokushis ksshaskpass pass working for you guys? I can't get it to work on vivid13:52
slaknubcan i install kubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop on the same pc?13:53
Avihay_workslaknub: yes you could, as there are no conflicts between them: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ...0 upgraded, 570 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. ...13:56
chek2fireafter the upgrade to newer version of kubuntu i cant see plasma dekstop anymore13:58
chek2firei can see login screen but after login i have a black screen with the programmes windows13:58
chek2firehow can i run plasma 5 dekstop?13:58
chek2fireanyone know?14:01
BluesKajchek2fire, drop to a tty/vt at the login and update and upgrade14:08
chek2firebut it has not new updates and upgrades14:08
chek2firei have use in command line plasmashell and it returns kf5.kiconthemes: "Theme tree: (Breeze)"14:09
chek2firewhen i use kdesudo plasmashell i can see kde 5 plasma desktop14:10
chek2firebut after login logout is the same dark dekstop14:10
rsdhello, using 15.04 + plasma 5.2 for a few days now.  Today, plasma won't start (.xsession-errors) point to a possible problem with \maybe\ kaccess and/or dbus.  has anyone seen something like this?14:13
chek2fireok i can load plasma 5 desktop only with kdesudo plasmashell14:15
chek2firebut every time i login to desktop i have a black screen only with the programme windows14:16
jalcinechek2fire: are you running any special/exotic hardware?14:22
* jalcine notes he couldn't use his nvidia drivers with 15.0414:22
jalcineyou mentioned that muon didn't complete the upgrade14:24
jalcineyou might want to run `sudo dpkg --configure -a` to fix any dangling setup options from the upgrade process14:24
chek2firei have an solution from #kde channel they say to rm all the root owner files from /.cache$14:24
chek2firei have problem in 87% with muon but i can complete installation from command line14:25
chek2firei have to restart to see if this works14:25
BluesKajwonder if he had a network dropout during the install14:27
jalcine^ interesting14:27
jalcinethink /var/log/dpkg.log would show that? if not /var/log/apt.log14:28
BluesKajthe symptoms seem so14:29
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chek2fireok i have some question with kde 514:55
chek2firehow can i install the default bottom panel?14:55
sysop2hi, how can I get the bluetooth button on my bluetooth headset to run script when pressed?15:09
chek2firewhen i try to open a widget like application launcer it returns this plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.pager/contents/ui/ main.gml:25:1:module "org.kde.plasma.private.pager" is not installed15:13
chek2fireany idea?15:13
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chek2firei use kubuntu from dapper and i think this is the worst version ever15:49
chek2fireit simple didnt work and plasma 5 is a crap desktop15:49
chek2firenow every time i login in it crashses15:49
BluesKajchek2fire, I asked you a question overat #kde15:50
chek2fireyes i see it15:51
chek2firehow can i see the version?15:51
BluesKajit will be plasma 5.2 if you used a regular 15.04 iso image15:53
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jalomannI tried to install Kubuntu 14.04 32bit. File check says there is error in 18 files on DVD.16:11
jalomannChecksum matches16:12
jalcinemight need to rebuild that installation media, jalomann16:15
jalomannYou mean reburn?16:15
jalcineif you burned it, sure :) I typically use USB disks, none of my laptops have CD or DVD drives16:20
OerHekscheck your iso first16:20
jalcinejalomann: also check the ISO's SHA25616:21
jalomannsha matches. also on DVD16:21
jalomannWhat was the preferable DVD creation method?16:22
geniijalomann: The safest burn is at 2X with error checking16:25
OerHekseven on gnome, i'd use K3b :-)16:27
jalomannDid somebody boot with 14.04.2 DVD?16:40
jalomann3rd DVD burning16:54
jalomannBurned 2nd with wodim. Only 2 errors left.16:57
sudoBaconWhenever I reboot Kubuntu on plasma 5 vivid I i have two monitors and set them both to folder layouts change folders locations on both and on restart one stays a folder and one goes to desktop and power options dont work and keeps going to sleep even though i turned that off17:46
* BluesKaj wonders if sentence structure is taught in schools anymore17:48
* sudoBacon Not really17:48
sudoBaconBluesKaj: Its the internet why do I have to type properly?17:49
BluesKajto get your ideas across in an organized fashion17:49
BluesKajwhy doesn't internet deserve proper expression ?17:50
sudoBaconBecause typing properly takes more time.17:51
BluesKajnot understanding what you type takes even more time17:52
sudoBaconOkay point proven now I'm typing even more properly than you.17:53
BluesKajif you think so17:54
sudoBaconI'm running Kubuntu Vivid 15.04 , running KDE plasma 5.2.2 and QT version 5.4.1. I found a couple bugs I think is their a fix?  I have dual monitors on running AMD with drivers fglrx-updates.  I change both monitors to folder layout in replace of Desktop layout views and change their locations.  Then on reboot my main monitor is back to a Desktop layout and the secondary monitoy is still a folder layout yet even the wallpaper17:56
sudoBacon[13:56] <sudoBacon> to what I had on primary folder layoud desktop view.  Also the power settings dont seem to work because I turned off dim screen and everything and it still dims the screen.17:56
sudoBaconIt turned them into two copy and pasted my bad17:57
BluesKajsuggest you try upgrading to plsama 5,3 with this ppa , it fixes a lot of problems. I can't promise it will fix everything to do with dual monitors and folder layout/view, but it's more stable than 5,2   https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports18:02
BluesKajerr plasma :)18:03
qdataI run dual monitor set up here. Main is HD LCD 24 inch, the second one to the right is an old CRT type. SDDM inability to come up on anything other than the CRT as the main display is just so annoying. Did the people who packaged all this stuff up for general release to the world just never try it out first?18:05
sudoBaconSame here qdata18:06
qdataI went back to my old 14.10 KDE 4 setup; too many things wrong with the 15.04 - imho it was not ready to be tagged as a 'Release'18:06
sudoBaconexcept on the left18:06
koljahi there.. my kde plasma 5 often crahses.. i solve right now deleting .cache .local and kde folde.. coould you tell me if there is a more selective way to get kde run again ? thnx19:06
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z4sk4hi all21:11
z4sk4i ahve problems with some wifi tools21:11
z4sk4i dont know why some of then log out of my kde session21:11
z4sk4i try to put echo on the code but imposible see what its the line, i each case are diferent echos...21:11
z4sk4where i can see why log out the system???21:12
z4sk4i the syslog i dont see nothing relevant...21:13
geniiz4sk4: You might get some more useful information if you tru to run the app inside of Konsole21:18
z4sk4genii: i run on console21:22
z4sk4and pum! log out in some step next to scan wifis, like airoscript21:22
z4sk4same issue21:22
z4sk4on 15.04 havent got this problem in 14.04 yes, but on 15.04 i must stop network-manager, maybe here the demon can make problems too, not sure21:23
z4sk4i will try and connect again 1 min21:23
z4sk4genii: http://pastebin.com/MecmFapW only i ahve the echo "2" >> 2.txt21:47
z4sk4and i can do the command of was alone on terminal with out issues, so strange21:47
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sysop2hi, how can I get the bluetooth button on my bluetooth headset to run script when pressed?22:48
OerHeksInstalling Kubuntu 15.04 .. what a beautifull & clear install procedure !23:17
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