Kilosgreetings all, i need access granted for http://pad.ubuntu.com/eiEDBfo63Q  please11:40
Kilosor tell me what i am doing wrong11:41
Kilosi get Authorization is required to access http://pad.ubuntu.com/eiEDBfo63Q11:41
cjwatsonKilos: You need to be an Ubuntu member, or be in the ubuntu-etherpad team.11:44
cjwatsonKilos: Although since you're an Ubuntu member according to your cloak, you ought to have access already.11:45
cjwatsonYou do need to go through single-sign-on.11:46
Kilosyeah i dont know why im struggling, but i joined that team now and will try again, thanks alot cjwatson11:46
Kilosthank you its working now12:02
cjwatsonOK, cool.  Very odd that it didn't work already, since you should already have been an indirect member.12:04
Kiloslol some glitch somewhere12:05
Kilosthanks for the help guys, enjoy your day16:18
kartojalHi all! :) Can someone help me a bit with launchpad PPA? I have a error while building a single binary package :/18:43
dobeyfix the error :)18:48
dobeybuilding locally with sbuild should let you debug what is failing18:49
kartojalLocally works like a charm...18:50
kartojalit builds perfectly18:50
kartojalhere is the log18:51
dobeynot locally, build it in a clean chroot that doesn't already have everything installed18:54
kartojalmmmmm kk i understand now, just installed sbuild, any guide to use it for debugging?18:55
dobeyis this in a commercial ppa?18:55
kartojalCommercial ppa? i think no, its my personal ppa18:56
dobeyyou need to upload a source package which includes source and compiles the binaries from that, then18:57
dobeywhat is "gpuplotter" exactly?18:57
kartojalthe problem is the original source code makefile isnt multiarch (need to change a variable in makefile to set it 64 or 32), and dont know very well about the makefile and rules file to make it multi-arch18:59
dobeyis it this? https://github.com/bhamon/gpuPlotGenerator18:59
dobeyah, well then it should be patched18:59
dobeyand the correct package naming and such used18:59
dobeyhmm, manual makefiles are annoying, but doesn't look to hard to fix it19:01
kartojali ll try to do it19:02
kartojalwant to learn how to and headhaches :P19:02
kartojalthanks for all the info!19:02
dobeyyeah, i'm sure. :)19:07
kartojalnow just set up sbuild in ram and do the build, its fails like the previous log19:32
kartojalhow can i search the dependecy?19:33
kartojaland where to place the dependency package? in debian/control?19:33
dobeyyes, dependencies are specified in debian/control19:34
dobeybut like i said, you need to build from source, not just upload pre-build binaries19:35
dobeythe same for burst-wallet19:35
kartojalmmmh, i get it, thanks dobey!19:37
dobeyHomepage: <insert the upstream URL, if relevant>19:39
dobeywow, i'm surprised launchpad even accepted that upload19:39
dobeydescription is also the <inser description here> :(19:40
dobeywhere did you get burst-wallet from exactly?19:42
kartojalyes im surprised too hahaha, well it 's for a study project, a live cd hat includes a PPA with all packages related about a new cryptocurrence, like bitcoin, dont have time to convert all the sources to .deb packages, but learn a lot how to do for future19:43
kartojalHow NOT upload/make pakcages19:44
kartojalits from https://github.com/BurstProject/burstcoin19:45
dobeyah, java. so annoying with including the .jars in source repositories19:49
ThaNerdErrr. Sounds like this channel is not about novation launchpad :-)20:11
wxlcjwatson: remember we talked about signing messages for the email interface? i just sent one that got bounced back with a bad signature, then copied and pasted the original text and verified it with gpg and all is well. seems like there is indeed something wrong with launchpad.20:46
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cjwatsonwxl: I'd need to see a sample of the text that you *have not copied and pasted*.  Copying and pasting can cause whitespace differences, which will matter.21:39
wxlcjwatson: that's the weird thing is that copying and pasting actually seems to work :)21:42
cjwatsonwxl: Do you have the message-id?21:42
wxlcjwatson: of the sent message?21:43
cjwatsoner - yes?  what else?21:43
wxlhere's the message id of the message i sent: Message-ID: <CAFe_ewgmz-si=EtOzJ5dizRVNjC2dkd+gvVfrmifg+B5m9JQnQ@mail.gmail.com>21:43
cjwatsonwxl: what address did you send that to?21:44
wxlcjwatson: <1246906@bugs.launchpad.net>21:44
cjwatsonback in a bit, kids21:45
cjwatsonwxl: hm, I see it in the logs but there isn't much to go on there21:49
wxlwell that's unfortunate cjwatson. should i just file a bug against launchpad itself then?21:49
cjwatsonwxl: do you still have the original message?  can you forward it with full headers to cjwatson@canonical.com ?21:49
wxlcjwatson: sure, on it21:50
cjwatsonit's very important that whatever you do to forward it preserves it byte-for-byte as it was sent21:50
cjwatsonI don't want one of those "forwards" that just tacks some body text on the front21:50
cjwatsonbecause I need to be able to see it just as Launchpad did21:51
wxli'll have to think about how to bounce this easily21:51
wxlmight havbe to install mutt and all21:51
cjwatsonyeah, I believe you can save it as a file21:52
wxlgoing to have a think abut it whilst grabbing coffee21:52
cjwatsonat which point you could send it as an attachment in mutt21:52
wxlok well brb21:52
cjwatsonwgrant: is there any reason we don't run process-mail with DEBUG logging, other than usual awfulness?21:54
cjwatsonthis might be less painful to debug if we did ...21:54
cjwatsonactually, you know what, that's just obviously wrong, will prepare a branch to crank the debug level21:56
wxlcjwatson: i think you should have got a redirected mail from me22:35
cjwatsonwxl: only your first one; but I'm waiting for increased logging to be applied on our servers22:44
wxlcjwatson: the forward? not the redirect? i sent that latter one just a few minutes ago22:44
wxlcjwatson: well 9 minutes ago :)22:44
cjwatsonI haven't seen it yet, though my mail goes through a few twisty paths22:46
wxlokie dokie22:46
cjwatsonwxl: can you try sending that (or similar) to Launchpad again?23:00
wxlsent cjwatson23:02
cjwatsonhuh, it didn't even try to check the signature23:03
wxlthat would explain the problem23:04
wxli have three different programs telling me the signature is good23:04
cjwatsonwxl: I really do need the full message though, and your attempted redirect hasn't come through.  Is there any way you can save it to a file and send it as an attachment or even put it on a pastebin or something?23:07
wxlcjwatson: annoying the redirect didn't go through23:07
cjwatson(because I'm fairly sure that I need to look at the fine details of LP's signed message parsing)23:08
wxlcjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11086415/23:09
wxli am using sha2. hopefully it's not choking on THAT. :)23:09
cjwatsonthanks, will look in a bit23:11
wxlping me if you need anything else from me cjwatson and thanks again23:11
cjwatsonthanks for the information, it's much more tractable with an example message23:12
cjwatsonwxl: so, I get a bad signature here; but it could be whitespace differences of some kind23:17
cjwatsonwxl: (I had to convert it to Unix line endings before mutt/gpg would accept it as a signed message at all)23:17
wxlcjwatson: did you just download the paste?23:18
cjwatsonand then stuffed into a new Maildir so that I could look at it in mutt23:19
wxlah interesting23:20
wxlthere is some sort fo error with it23:20
* wxl sighs23:20
wxli think it's choking on the html content23:21
wxlgpg --verify gives me an invalid armor header that ends with /a>\r\n23:21
cjwatsonno, I'm getting this even from just the text part23:22
cjwatsonand I know that LP walks part by part23:22
wxlthere's also a CRC error of some kind23:23
cjwatsonsame error if I leave DOS newlines in place23:23
wxli wonder if it's not pastebin that causes the problem23:23
wxlmust not be23:24
cjwatsonthat was why my first option was to send as an attachment23:24
wxlsame md523:24
cjwatsondid you copy and paste into pastebin, or use a program?23:24
wxlso it could be the way thunderbird saves the message but that seems unlikely23:24
cjwatsonstill, it's not a straight signature verification failure on LP's side23:24
wxlwell, i'll keep exploring options i guess23:25
wxlmaybe i should try thunderbird/enigmail23:25
cjwatsona signature failure would (now) leave a debug message23:25
wxlso where do you think the problem lies?23:26
cjwatsonmy best theory so far is that it's in the code which walks through MIME messages looking for signatures - that is, it simply doesn't think the message is signed at all, good or bad23:27
cjwatsonbut when I run that by hand it seems fine ...23:31
wxlwell let's see what enigmail does23:31
wxljust sent one23:31
wxli have a strong suspicion it won't fail23:31
wxlstill no reply23:39
cjwatsonwxl: worked, though, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxterminal/+bug/124690623:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1246906 in lxterminal (Ubuntu) "changing terminal color in lxterminal causes display of htop to partially disapper" [Undecided,Incomplete]23:41
wxlyeah bizarre23:41
wxli wish there was a way to test messages directly with lp23:42
wxlso i could test things without having to have something to do it to :)23:43
wxli note there's no mime23:44
cjwatsonYou could probably use staging for this23:44
wxloh that's a thought23:44
cjwatsonMail to same address but @bugs.staging.launchpad.net23:45
cjwatsonAssuming the bug exists there, otherwise pick another one23:45
wxlwell i could probably make a new bug too23:45
wxlwell not really make one, but you get the idea :)23:45
wxlto new@23:45
cjwatsonwxl: Actually, could you try again with your previous setup?  Because I've just looked more closely and it would appear that the crontab change I requested was live briefly, then reverted, and is now live again23:46
cjwatsonwxl: Which means that a good part of the debugging I did earlier was on the wrong track :-(23:46
cjwatson(Because debugging was in fact switched off)23:46
wxlso you want me to do the original message?23:46
wxlk 1sd23:46
cjwatsonBut maybe to something on staging now to avoid confusion23:47
wxlshould i send it to staging23:47
wxlyeah ok23:47
wxlbug 1 maybe XD23:47
ubot5bug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123:47
cjwatsonHang on23:47
cjwatsonI bet staging doesn't have my debugging change23:47
cjwatsonSo it would actually be more helpful in this case to pick a different bug on production23:47
wxlok lemme dig something up23:47
cjwatsonIf I really have to, I'll set something up on dogfood, but that won't be tonight23:48
wxli can't imagine others are having this problem otherwise you'd hear more griping23:49
wxlthen again maybe people don't really use the email interface23:49
cjwatsonIt gets some use, but I suspect most people who use it aren't using gmail23:51
cjwatsonHaven't actually checked, difficult to mine it out of logs due to spam23:51
wxlyeah well such is the case with email :(23:51
cjwatsonok, that cron job is */3 so wait a couple of minutes23:52
cjwatsonah, there we go23:55
cjwatson2015-05-11 23:54:14 DEBUG   attempt gpg authentication for <Person at 0x961de10 wxl (Walter Lapchynski)>23:55
cjwatson2015-05-11 23:54:14 DEBUG   Signature couldn't be verified: (7, 8, u'Bad signature')23:55
wxlcjwatson: and indeed that's the message i get :)23:58

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