drkokandyI like the idea from earlier of filing bugs against the manual. I was able to patch a few bugs in ubuntu server documentation once that might have been hard for the user to change him or herself.00:56
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wxlNairwolf: hai15:17
Nairwolfhi ;)15:17
wxlsaw your email but haven't looked at the code i'm sorry to say15:18
wxli'll study up on lxml and get back to you15:18
wxlfeel fre to share it around, though15:18
wxli know ianorlin and Kamilion both grok python15:19
Nairwolfokay, but you'll see my code isn't finished yet15:19
ianorlinhmm why wasn't I highligted there?15:19
wxlunder stood15:19
NairwolfI thought that information about broken links were children of node where there is the source of broken link.15:20
NairwolfNot sure it's clear15:20
wxlthat makes sense15:21
Nairwolfokay, as soon as, I'll have time, I will try to make more test on lxml15:21
Nairwolfwhat means "grok" ?15:22
wxlit's from a book15:23
Nairwolfokay, nice ;)15:26
NairwolfI hope oneday I'll grok python ;)15:27
gsilvaHi guys17:05
Kamilionyou rang?17:54
wxlnaw, Kamilion. just telling florian he can ping off of you if he needs python help, too.17:55
Kamilionah, a'right17:55
wxl!info qtqr18:33
ubot93qtqr (source: qr-tools): Qt frontend for QR code generator and decoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4~bzr21-1 (wily), package size 28 kB, installed size 188 kB18:33
Kamilionhm, how do I easily get a link for LP#144676719:38
Kamilionhm so it'll just pick up bug 1447654 in plaintext19:51
ubot93bug 1447654 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "installing policykit-1 hangs under systemd" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144765419:51
ianorlinI found out it is possible but manual partitioning in ubiquity is quite difficult22:12
Nairwolfdo you know how the development of the next release will be organized ?23:14
wxlNairwolf: i think, from what i can tell so far, the next two releases will continue to be bug fix releases23:14
wxlin the background, of course, we'll be working on lxqt23:15
Nairwolfokay, but for 15.10 there will have gcc 5 and maybe python 3, no ?23:15
NairwolfOh, yes, lxqt, almost forget it23:15
wxlyes, but that's universal for all of the ubuntu ecosystem23:15
Nairwolfso, there will need some guys to test that23:15
wxlso it will be nice to not have to worry abotu those things at the same time23:16
Nairwolfokay, so, for this (gcc, python, and maybe snappy), it will be the ubuntu core team which will do that ?23:16
wxlby that do you mean lxqt or gcc/py?23:16
Nairwolffor lxqt23:17
wxlwell, they'll be involved in managing the transition for the core pieces23:17
wxlit may affect us but ultimately we'll probably just point the core team back at it23:17
Nairwolfthe lubuntu-qa team will need to test that23:17
wxland/or release team23:17
wxlyeah it's an ongoing thing23:17
Nairwolfokay, I see23:17
wxljust like with the systemd transition23:17
wxlwhich ultimately didn't affect us at all23:17
wxli have high hopes honestly23:17
wxlalso i prefer py3 so :)23:17
Nairwolfyes, me too23:18
Nairwolfand for the next release of lubuntu 14.04 ? (It's 14.04.3 I think). Any specific work ?23:19
NairwolfI've read there are already daily ISO. Testing will always be "use the distrib and report any bugs" ?23:24
NairwolfBecause, I'm think to use 30Gb to install Lubuntu on my prod computer, and always save my Xubuntu system, in case of bugs.23:25
Kamilion30GB? that seems a little large.23:45
Kamilionoh, the partition itself23:45
NairwolfIn fact, I've 85Go free in my computer23:46
* Kamilion thinks23:47
KamilionGigaoctets? What a strange way to describe it.23:47
Nairwolfwhy ?23:47
NairwolfHow do you write this ?23:47
KamilionI havn't heard of anyone using Octal since the DEC Alphas running Compuserve23:47
NairwolfMaybe, I use the french format...23:48
KamilionOh, I see.23:48
Nairwolfoh, sorry, Gparted told me it's Gio23:48
KamilionStandard would probably be gibibits or gibibytes23:48
KamilionGib or GiB23:48
NairwolfIt's not what I've on Gparted23:48
Kamilionversus Gigabits or Gigabytes, which != Gibibits/Gibibytes23:49
NairwolfIf I right, 1 Go = 10^9 octols, right ?23:49
Kamiliongiga is 1000, gibi is 102423:49
Nairwolfokay, in french we always say Giga, but, I suppose it means Gibi23:50
Kamilionso gigaoctet is same as gibibit23:50
Kamilionas gigaoctet implies 102423:51
Kamilionnot 100023:51
Nairwolfyes, for me, gigaocte implies 1024 and not 1000.23:51
Kamilionbleh. SI prefixes are so unfun.23:51
Nairwolfin fact, in french language we never use Gibi23:52
KamilionGigabytes (1000) are used by the hardware manufacturers23:52
KamilionGibibytes (1024) are used by the software providers23:52
NairwolfAnd it's always bytes23:52
Nairwolfbut we say "Gigaoctet"23:53
Nairwolfoctet = byte23:53
Kamilionthere's gigabit as well, divide gigabyte by 823:53
Kamilionor multiply gigabit by 8 to reach byte23:53
NairwolfYes, I know that23:53
Kamilionat least the french representation is mathmatically more correct than gigabyte23:53
NairwolfAnd sometimes bad company use the term of Gigabits in order to loose consumer.23:54
Kamilionwell, the context is normally different23:54
Kamilionbytes are normally used for storage, bits are normally used for transfers23:54
NairwolfI not sure because we always say Giga, you can never say if it's 1000 or 1024. You need to precise if you want to make some calculs23:54
Kamilionso it is normal for networking to say megabit or gigabit, where it is not normal for storage to say megabit or gigabit unless they are indicating transfer speeds23:55
Kamilioncomputer history is strange :)23:56
NairwolfNo, I speak about storages in USB, Ipad, or Ithings. They use Gb, and I'm sure that the average people don't know the difference. Because, of course X Go is bigger than X Gb23:56
KamilionFlash memory is often specified in megabits23:56
Nairwolfhum, yes, it's true23:57
Kamilionas a result of the 4096 bit page size23:57
Kamilionand they will always have exact multiples23:57
Kamilionunlike hard discs, which have varying sectors per track and may not end up on a whole multiple23:57
Kamilionor allocate some space internally for firmware use (common on western digitals)23:58
Nairwolfoh, I understand why you didn't understand firstly. Because first time I write this wrong (Gb), and then I use the french representation (Go as octet means byte) ;) I'm too tired tonight23:58
Kamilionno worries, I've been on IRC for 20 years, not only can i speak typo, I'm also used to international chatters23:59
Nairwolfyes, it's true what you say about western digitals23:59
Kamilioni was around for the big "am brazil" invasion of efnet long ago23:59
NairwolfI've been on IRC for less one year ;)23:59

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