whytrytoflyi setmy wallpaper, buti odnt know how to save it08:04
whytrytoflyi dont have some autostart foldernor some .xinitrc08:05
whytrytofly1noone around?08:46
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kilbithhi there, on 15.04, i'm the only one to experience a difficulty to start downloading the packages through apt or synaptic ?12:40
kilbithservers are responding fine, it's just frozen on starting the download12:42
kilbithanyone ?13:35
leszekkilbith: did you tried different mirrors already ?13:48
kilbithleszek, yes13:53
kilbiththe main one, the fastness french one and a bunch of others13:53
kilbithit has some difficulty to *start* the downloading13:54
kilbithsince its release13:54
leszekkilbith: did you already cleaned the caches ? (e.g. sudo apt-get clean )13:55
kilbithleszek, yes, i often do that13:55
kilbithi never had that problem on the previous releases13:55
leszeknever heard of such a problem before and did not have that problem before14:12
Nairwolfhave you just difficulties, or it doesn't work ?14:16
kilbithit works after a while, and it occurs at ~50% of chance14:16
NairwolfBecause, I've heard that apt use ipv6 by default. And if your ISP has problems actually with ipv6, it could be that14:16
Nairwolfbecause, it's the issue I met actually14:17
kilbithmy ISP supports IPv6 actually14:17
Nairwolfokay, so it's not this14:17
kilbithIPv6                           ActivĂ©14:17
kilbith-> "activated" on my board14:17
NairwolfAre you french ?14:17
NairwolfIt's like me ;) But sorry for your problem, if it's not, I have no idea. Maybe, you've some issues with your source.list, I don't know....14:18
kilbithwell, the mirrors themselves works fine14:19
ilhamido you know why Ubuntu's screenshot tool make so bad quaility screenshots when pasting into Libreoffice???16:56
ianorlinilhami: there are multiple screenshot tools in the repos what screenshot tool are you using?17:00
ilhamithe default one. it's called screenshot17:00
dustkeyboard didnt react and the arrow up key did hang and only a reboot did fix it19:57
allegoricalcrap... so i used linux live usb creator to get lubuntu on my usb stick but i don't know which application to run20:08
allegoricalinternet cut out and my paper trail was lost :(20:09
allegoricalVirtualBox.exe, Virtualize_This_Key.exe, etc20:09
GibarianAny user of Dropbox in Lubuntu around?22:15
ianorlinGibarian: I am not but if you ask your question someone will answer it quicker22:15
GibarianOk, just for comparing notes, I have an issue with the tray icon, it appears with a white box22:16
GibarianJust to check if somebody else is affected by it, and if any workaround is available22:17
Gibarianapparently it has something to do with the panel transparency22:18

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