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dholbachgood morning06:30
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* popey is having a brain fart. What's that sdk control called which is used in the music app to show track progression?08:15
seb128I don't use the music app often but usually sliders are what are used for that08:18
popeythats it!08:20
popeyneed more coffee08:20
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JoeyChanmorning geeks   :)09:10
davidcalleJoeyChan, morning, nice job with the new RSS reader look09:11
JoeyChandavidcalle:   thx  :D09:12
JoeyChanIs there a way to put sth over the page's header ? e.g.   a Rectangle in the page's content can cover the header09:13
JoeyChanEven I set a very large "z" value, it doesn't work09:14
nik90JoeyChan: you could try using head.contents to host the rectangle to cover the page header. Although this is a hack which might or might not work09:19
nik90JoeyChan: Are you trying to hide the header or just put something over it? If you trying to hide the header you could just set the page title to an empty string.09:19
JoeyChannik90:  I am designing sth to replace the "Tab" selector, that will be a big "Rectangle" above the header09:20
JoeyChanthe "Rectangle" is big that will cover much space include header & content09:23
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t1mpJoeyChan: do you have a visual design mockup for that? I'm curious how you want it to look10:03
nerochiarochrisccoulson: hi Chris. I know you are busy, but I was wondering if you could give me an idea of when you will be able to review a few oxide merge requests that I submitted around a week ago. most important is https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/oxide/find-in-page/+merge/25818410:05
JoeyChant1mp:  not yet,  an idea just came out today  :P10:08
mzanettimhall119, hey, found some dead links in the scopes docs10:22
mzanettimhall119, for example: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/guides/scopes-customization-branding/10:22
mzanettiscroll down to the bottom and click on API documentation10:22
mzanettiI ran into a lot of those over the weekend10:23
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ahayzenpopey, i recognise that bug you reported...11:08
ahayzenpopey, bug 143811511:09
ubot5bug 1438115 in qtubuntu-media (Ubuntu) "Music App: Sometimes the "length" of the song is displayed as 0:00" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143811511:09
ahayzenpopey, i think its a dup of that? but i'm not sure if the code has landed for it?11:09
ahayzenpopey, see if you can reproduce with silo 025 installed as that has the 'fix' in qtubuntu-media http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=ubuntu/landing-02511:11
popeyI'd rather not futz with ppas on this phone11:12
ahayzenpopey, ok well basically i think bug 1453712 is a duplicate of ^^ bug11:12
ubot5bug 1453712 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Slider has no selector or fill-colour" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145371211:12
popeyyeah, you're right, didn't notice the duration on the right11:13
* popey marks dupe11:13
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mhall119mzanetti: fixed,thanks13:00
mhall119mzanetti: FYI, in the footer of every page is a "Report a bug" link for when I'm not around to ping :)13:00
dpmdavidcalle, do you happen to know of an open-source/Cordova app that we could use as an example for porting it to Ubuntu?13:11
dpmopen source Cordova or Phonegap app, I meant13:11
davidcalledpm, hmm, I don't13:16
dpmdavidcalle, no worries, I'll keep looking13:20
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danielbeHello! When I install the click chroot for armhf (version 14.10), I got the following errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11082946/18:21
danielbeI use ubuntu 15.04. What's wrong?18:22
aypacIs it possible to inject css into a webapp20:27
aypacIs it possible to inject css into a webapp?20:33
aypacIs it possible to inject css into a webapp?20:56
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jgdxaypac, please don't spam. Can this help you? https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg12024.html21:14
aypacWas just hoping that a newcomer could help (can reposting after 20mins be called "Spamming"?). I won't do it again. That look fine, can you figure out where to get the sourcecode?21:18
aypacAnd there is no "official" support for this? I guess it's quite a common thing people might want to do....21:20
jgdxaypac, if you developed the webapp it's just a matter of adding a link in the head…21:23
aypacTrying to get the whatsapp webapp running... Works already, but I'd like to change a few things21:24
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jgdxaypac, if you stick around, I'm sure someone will be able to answer that question. If I had to guess, that app would get rejected.21:25
aypacjgdx, even if, I could get it up and running for me21:26
aypacif you have an old android lying around it's better than no whatsapp21:26
aypacThough I would try to publish it of course21:28
jgdxaypac, fair enough. Maybe ask AlanBell how he did it?21:28
jgdxkeep in mind it's late at night :)21:29
aypacOh, alright, he's around. Can you whisper in here? IRC is not quite my generation :)21:29
jgdxnow I'm curious as to what generation you are21:30
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aypacI feared someone would ask. Guess it was a bad excuse... 1993.21:31
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aypacHas anyone any idea how much work it would be to get a minimal Merkaator fork running on ubuntu touch?21:43
ogra_is there a Qt5 port ?21:49
aypacI think they are at it right now. Don't know how far they are (proting from qt4)21:50
ogra_well, i guess thats a requirement ...21:50
aypacand if it was ported?21:52
ogra_then you most likely could just use it21:52
ogra_probably with some integration work...21:52
aypacsounds great. here is their qt5 branch, I have no idea how to find out how far they got... https://github.com/Aypac/merkaartor/tree/qt521:54
Elleoto be really usable it'd need an entirely new UI though21:54
Elleosince it's currently a Qt Widgets app21:54
Elleoso not very touch friendly21:55
aypaca proper maps app would just make ubuntu touch so much more usable21:55
aypacat least for me21:55
Elleowell merkaator is more aimed at map editing than just general map usage21:56
Elleoaypac: have you tried OSMTouch?21:56
Elleoaypac: https://uappexplorer.com/app/me.yohanboniface.osmtouch21:56
aypacyes, but it is online-only. Navigation is not really usefull yet. Best map app is still 'here' for me.21:58
ogra_i think popey was playing with the ability to use local maps ... not sure if he got anywhere with that though21:58
aypacYes, I choose merkaator, because it already has *.osm-File management, gps support, etc21:58
ogra_(with OSM maps)21:58
aypacand its partially qt5 already21:59
aypacbut i really need to go to bed now :/21:59
ogra_well, it would need integration with the ubuntu API21:59
aypacse you tomorrow21:59
Elleoaypac: I was investigating porting modrana a while back: http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/modrana.png21:59
ogra_(we dont allow direct access to devices like GPS etc ...)21:59
Elleoaypac: that wouldn't require a massive amount of work to get into a usable state, I just lack the time to do it myself currently21:59
aypacpublic repo anywhere?22:00
ogra_if pepople only wouldnt invent new keyboards alll the time :)22:00
aypacokay thanks!22:00
ogra_sleep well22:00
Elleoogra_: heh, yeah22:00

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