marcustomlinsoncan anybody here tell my why Jenkins CI is not using the PPA overlay to build? I have a dependancy on something in the overlay and now can't build my dependant MP07:47
Mirvmarcustomlinson: cihelp should be able to answer that. I believe it was started to be looked into on Friday.07:50
sil2100popey: thanks for the e-mails, adding :)09:03
popeynp :)09:03
popeysil2100: jibel please prioritise reminders above music if possible. due to data loss bug in reminders.09:03
sil2100popey, jibel: added both clicks to the tarball, they're marked as ready - should appear on the trello soonish09:06
jibelsil2100, cards have been created \o/09:10
* Mirv needed to again mark 6 silos manually as Landed in the spreadsheet, since Train constantly clears out the status of some of the landings that have landed09:15
sil2100Mirv: yh09:18
popeysil2100: where do linux kernel bugs go for phone ?09:45
popeythinking this probably best be re-assigned https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/142145509:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1421455 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Slow wake up time on physical power button pressed" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:48
sil2100popey: let me take a look at that one09:56
Ursinhamarcustomlinson: it's not pulling from overlay PPA yet because change isn't trivial, we're likely to implement that this week10:33
marcustomlinsonUrsinha: ok thanks10:34
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jibelsil2100, can you build a new vivid image for krillin to pull the latest powerd fix? it's a PITA to install for every silo verification.11:04
jibeldavmor2, rvr ^11:04
ogra_jibel, there are image build probs currently11:04
sil2100Yeah, we're looking into that rightnow11:04
jibelogra_, any ETA?11:05
ogra_<imgbot> === IMAGE 194 building (started: 20150509-02:10) ===11:05
rvrAnd for arale too11:05
ogra_stuck since then11:05
sil2100ogra_: so, the problem is, the system-image importer doesn't see the new rootfs'es that are on cdimage, looking into why11:07
sil2100ogra_: there are no files for those in pool/ from last 2 days at least11:08
sil2100The generator returns no new path11:08
greybacktrainguards: I need a hand with vivid-overlay silo38, I am unable to make the gles-twin package build.11:52
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Mirvgreyback: looking12:19
Mirvgreyback: the version number in your https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtmir/gles-sync/+merge/258608 looks correct but it should probably be UNRELEASED instead of vivid so that train picks it up correctly12:21
Mirvlike in eg here https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/landing_04.02.2015-gles/+merge/24855512:21
Mirvwatch file is also fine so it's probably just that change needed12:22
greybackMirv: ok trying12:22
Mirvlooking good now, building in the ppa12:28
Mirvonly that it FTBFS:d :(12:33
Mirvgreyback: it claims gsettings-qt would be required and not found, is that a new build dependency that needs to be added to qtmir-gles too or something?12:34
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* sil2100 needs to jump out to the doctor for a perscription12:52
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greybackMirv: quite right13:01
Mirvgreyback: and now you need to bump the version number to ubuntu2 since the same version can't be rebuilt in the PPA13:12
greybackMirv: dammit13:13
davmor2ogra_: is it just me or do you picture sil2100 in a high rise with a parachute when says I just need to jump out to x? :)13:25
ogra_davmor2, thats how they do it in poland :)13:29
rvrrsalveti: Approving silo 26 (qtvideo-node)13:32
sil2100I live on the 2nd floor so I guess I could survive without a parachute ;)13:40
sil2100rsalveti, ricmm: could anyone review https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/qtvideo-node/qtvideo-node-update-textures-in-preprocess-pass/+merge/257960 ?13:42
rsalvetiyeah, waiting ricmm on that13:42
rsalvetisil2100: done ^13:43
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barrysil2100: what is the warning on https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVcbT9COuBhpamXg_d5pw_7WlRCuCPBF_8TFjgfaNYY/edit#gid=0 supposed to mean?  i.e. "check header" -- what header?14:19
sil2100barry: it's the deprecated spreadsheet ;)14:19
sil2100barry: get the latest one here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain14:19
barrysil2100: probably the citrain/FAQ should be updated then :)14:20
sil2100barry: ah, maybe! I didn't touch that as it was mvo's invention ;)14:20
sil2100(I think)14:20
barrysil2100: should there be a link from the old spreadsheet to the new one?14:21
barryfaq updated14:21
sil2100I think there was in the header, but it reverted itself14:21
sil2100Since we migrated out of it because it got broken badly, and was reverting contents every few hours14:22
barrysil2100: well, i'm going to add si 3.0 to the new spreadsheet.  let's see if i remember how to do it (might be helpful since i'm covering for robru today)14:29
sil2100barry: hah :) It's more or less the same thing - si 3.0 is supposed to be released for wily, or you want it in the vivid overlay-PPA?14:29
sil2100...or in vivid overall?14:30
sil2100barry: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess14:30
sil2100barry: the landing process is more-or-less up-to-date here14:30
barrysil2100: for now wily only.  i will leave it up to mvo to decide if it needs to be backported for snappy14:31
sil2100Ok, then no changes here I guess, all the same stuff14:31
barrysil2100: ouch: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-011-1-build/148/console14:45
barrysil2100: looks like the train got derailed14:45
sil2100hm, do you have any unicode in your changelog? ;)14:47
sil2100I know robru did a lot of UTF-8-related changes in the package handling in the past months14:48
barrysil2100: i don't think so14:51
barrysil2100: yeah, i can open and read it in utf8 mode np14:52
barrysil2100: can you do any live debugging?14:53
sil2100barry: I'll try looking into that, live debugging is hard now since we have no access to the machine, but maybe it won't be necessary :)14:53
sil2100Worst thing it's robru's turf mostly, so it might take a few moments before I dig into that14:54
barrysil2100: ok.  i can't see anything wrong with the cupstream2distro code, and i know i've looked at this before.  there's not enough information in the traceback to understand which file it's barfing on14:54
barrysil2100: hmm. i wonder if it's choking on the tar.xz binary blobs14:55
sil2100We had something similar always with oxide-qt silos, but robru fixed that14:55
barrysil2100: if it's iterating over every file in debian/* that would be it14:55
barrysil2100: i bet the bug is in refresh_package_versions().  it seems to expect that every file in debian/* is a text file.  that isn't necessarily true (and isn't in si's case)14:56
barrysil2100: so we need a way to ignore binary files in debian/* or catch the unicode exception and skip that file14:57
sil2100Yeah, I see the glob there14:57
barrythe former would be safer (it would still be possible to erroneously do a replace in an accidentally utf-8 compatible binary file) but i don't know how to specify that14:58
barry(in a way cupstream2distro would understand)14:58
* barry will file a bug14:58
sil2100I'll try to talk some reason into it, if you could fill in the bug in the meantime it would be sweet14:58
barrysil2100: ack14:59
imgbot=== IMAGE 194 DONE (finished: 20150511-15:00) ===15:00
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/194.changes ===15:00
davmor2ogra_: zero in the change log that doesn't seem right ;)15:01
ogra_davmor2, yeah, expected ... everything got confused15:02
sil2100I guess manifests are in different places now15:02
sil2100(and the importer is still running)15:03
barrysil2100: LP: #145384615:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1453846 in CI Train [cu2d] "refresh_package_versions() must skip binary blobs in debian/" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145384615:05
sil2100barry: this whole piece of code needs changing sadly, since otherwise it could lead to horrors15:05
barrysil2100: i'm afraid i agree with you ;)15:06
sil2100Hah, exactly the whitelisting idea I wanted to propose ;)15:06
sil2100That was how we did it in the past actually15:06
barrysil2100: +1  can you resurrect that logic?15:07
sil2100Yeah, I think we can make it better now I suppose15:07
barrysil2100: i'm happy to review a mp if you want to take a crack at it before robru returns.  otherwise, i will do Other Stuff for the next few days :)15:08
sil2100barry: sure, will throw it your way once I get to working on the fix :)15:11
barrysil2100: +115:11
rvroSoMoN: ping15:17
oSoMoNrvr, hey there15:17
rvroSoMoN: https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/144833615:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1448336 in webbrowser-app "No pressed state visual feedback for chrome buttons" [Medium,In progress]15:17
rvroSoMoN: Is that testable in the phone?15:18
oSoMoNrvr, yes, you should see a pressed state when you tap on a chrome button, before you release it15:18
oSoMoNharder to see of course, because usually your finger is in the way15:18
ogra_just grow smaller fingers :)15:19
rvroSoMoN: Right, then I got it correctly15:19
ogra_(or use a pencil shrpener)15:19
rvroSoMoN: Approving the silo15:19
oSoMoNogra_, ouch :/15:19
oSoMoNrvr, awesome, thanks!15:19
oSoMoNtrainguards: can silo 4 be published, please?15:22
sil2100On it now15:22
oSoMoNdarn, core-dev ack needed15:26
sil2100barry: hey! Since you're around and since I'm only a MOTU, could you take a look and approve this packaging diff? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-2-publish/56/artifact/webbrowser-app_packaging_changes.diff15:27
sil2100My powers are too weak15:27
sil2100I need to become a master of the mainz!15:27
davmor2sil2100: do or do not.....there is no try15:27
rvrdbarth__: Hey, one question. In the trello board we have an old card for "add signon-apparmor-extension to the seed", but have no other information. Is it still needed?15:44
oSoMoNsil2100, should I try and find another core dev to ack silo 4 ?15:50
sil2100ogra_: !15:50
sil2100ogra_: you're around, let me molest you for a moment15:51
sil2100ogra_: I need your approval for https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-2-publish/56/artifact/webbrowser-app_packaging_changes.diff15:51
sil2100No worries, if it breaks anything, you'll be to blame15:51
sil2100(just kidding)15:52
dbarth__rvr: not needed anymore; this is done now15:55
ogra_sil2100, well, i blame elopio for a really really lame changelog entry ...15:55
rvrdbarth__: Ok, thanks15:55
ogra_elopio, last time that i ACK such a change without mentioning the dependency change in the changelog ... please make sure to have that in your changelogs in the future ... (see https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-004-2-publish/56/artifact/webbrowser-app_packaging_changes.diff)15:56
ogra_sil2100, (very uneasy) ACK ...15:56
ogra_hmm, didnt we use to have the recent spreadsheet URL in the topic ?15:59
oSoMoNogra_, my bad, I should have spotted that earlier and updated the commit message myself, sorry about it15:59
ogra_oSoMoN, ok15:59
elopioogra_: noted. I'm sorry.16:03
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kenvandinervr, i see on trello you have silo 15 for settings under testing16:18
kenvandinethat already landed last week16:18
kenvandinecurrent silo 15 doesn't match and isn't even ready for QA16:19
kenvandinervr, and it's not settings :)16:19
rvrkenvandine: Oh16:19
kenvandinein fact, look at the bugs fixed in it, those are for the indicator16:19
rvrkenvandine: I'm downloading the new image to flash the phone, so I didn't start, nice to know16:19
kenvandinenot my silo anymore :)16:20
kenvandinemust have had a duplicate card created last week16:20
kenvandinervr, i was just checking on the status of silo 31 and noticed  you might be wasting your time :)16:21
barrysil2100: lgtm.  how do i ack the packaging change?17:04
sil2100barry: ah, unping :)17:05
sil2100ogra_ already poked it17:05
barrysil2100: okie dokie!17:05
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kalikianacihelp ping, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/oldAppHeaderMoving/+merge/258617 these failures make no sense https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-sdk-team-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-staging-vivid-i386-autolanding/236/testReport/%28root%29/tst_components_benchmark/benchmark_creation_components/17:49
sil2100barry: ok, I made a quick branch before going EOD, if you could review it would be sweet17:57
sil2100barry: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro/whitelist_symbols_refresh/+merge/25880317:57
sil2100barry: I added some basic tests, didn't have time to add more since I need to AFK now17:57
sil2100I'll test it in staging later17:57
* sil2100 leaves the train in the hands of barry and kenvandine17:58
sil2100barry, kenvandine: remember to assign silo requests - and if they're for vivid touch, please set the column L to the overlay PPA17:59
josephtkalikiana: I'm looking at this now18:04
josephtkalikiana: is that test passing locally for you all?18:11
josephtkalikiana: it looks like this MP may have broken it, it was manually merged even though it wasn't passing CI. https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/separate-uitk-versions/+merge/25745518:18
bzoltanjosepht: I pushed that MR manually18:18
bzoltanjosepht:  that MR was failing for random reasons for several times ... after I have pushed it I have tested with 900+ AP tests and unit tests both locally and on krillin and all went fine18:19
bzoltankalikiana:  ^18:19
jhodapprobru, can I get a silo for line 75 please?19:37
jhodapprsalveti, you can still assign silos right? can I get one for line 75?19:47
rsalvetijhodapp: done, silo 2219:51
jhodapprsalveti, thanks man19:51
jhodapprsalveti, how do I get access to my built silo packages with the overlay? Seems just doing citrain with the silo number is not correct, nor is manually adding the ppa from the command line20:43
rsalvetijhodapp: don't know if we updated the tools for it, but the reason (afaik) is because we pinned the overlay ppa20:47
rsalvetiso it always has a priority, even after enabling another ppa20:47
rsalveticheck /etc/apt/preferences.d/extra-ppas.pref20:47
rsalvetione way is to run apt-get install package=<new version>20:47
rsalvetiafter apt-get update, as that will force it20:48
jhodapprsalveti, ok, so it will pick up the overlay version but just not upgrade to it automatically?20:48
rsalvetinot sure if sil2100 announced that (and the consequences)20:48
jhodapprsalveti, I think that's causing a lot of confusion even for the QA team20:48
rsalvetiit will always force the overlay version, even if you have a newer one in the new ppa you added manually20:48
rsalvetithat's why apt-get update/dist-upgrade will get you nothing20:49
jhodapprsalveti, oh, was thinking about that backwards...the overlay is what we're releasing into, right20:50
jhodapprsalveti, so I just tried forcing the version and it's saying it's already using the latest version20:51
rsalvetijhodapp: how did you force the version?20:58
rsalvetijhodapp: and are you sure the version in there is what is available at your silo?20:58
jhodapprsalveti, sudo apt-get install media-hub=3.1.0+15.04.20150427.3-0ubuntu120:59
jhodapprsalveti, yeah check the version from here: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-022-1-build/78/console20:59
rsalvetijhodapp: from that silo the version is actually 3.1.0+15.04.20150511-0ubuntu120:59
jhodapprsalveti, oh hmm, weird...my eyes were playing tricks on me21:01
jhodapprsalveti, I did find out robru released a fix so that citrain can be used...released it on May 7th21:01
jhodapprsalveti, need to make sure I'm still getting updates from the phablet-tools ppa21:01
jhodapprsalveti, yeah there we go, works with the proper version, thanks21:02
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