dholbachgood morning06:30
popeyGood morning all!07:52
popeyGood weekend everyone? Well rested after UOS? :)07:54
dholbachhey popey07:56
dholbachgood good, the weather was quite nice this WE over here - how was yours?07:57
popeyOn balance, good! :)07:59
popeykids were ill, so I had some time to play with apps I have wanted to make for a while07:59
popeythen had my mum over on Sunday and made a giant lasagne which I have left-overs for today's lunch  \o/08:00
popeyLooks like it could be a sunny day today.08:02
dholbachnice! :)08:02
popeyneed to file a bug against the Today scope, it says it's cloudy :)08:03
dholbachis the today scope in the app store already?08:03
popeyno, because there's a bug in unity which it uncovered08:04
popeyonce the latest OTA update goes out we can in theory release it in the store08:04
dholbachahhh ok08:04
dholbachgreat :-)08:04
* dholbach goes and does some shopping, brb08:08
popeyhey czajkowski - hows tricks?08:53
dpmmorning all09:08
dpmpopey, you can file bugs against the Today scope here now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/today-scope09:08
popeyI know :)09:08
popey(it was a joke) :D09:08
popey(filing bugs against the weather)09:08
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dpmpopey, argh, yeah, I guess I stopped reading at "need to file a bug against the Today scope..."09:11
czajkowskipopey: not bad good weekend of wiring all around09:15
czajkowskilooking forward to Wednesday09:15
davidcallepopey, I'm listing Unity7 scopes and it just makes me sad : so many underexploited (and badly exploited) opportunities to have cool features :( I feel like the priority is not fixing the Unity7 dash, but avoiding Unity8 to reach this point. We need an online tool to check scopes daily : are they working, is their content ok, are they relevant in the Dash workflow, are they useful. Something that would run n queries on all scopes every n ho09:24
davidcalleurs and make a report.09:24
popeywell, there should be automated testing already, right? :)09:25
davidcallepopey, yes, but it only checks mock sources, not actual content.09:25
popeySeems it wouldn't be hard to regularly search for common things like the names of pre-installed apps (update, firefox, libre) and parts of them (upd, fire, lib) and then just render out the json to a web page and save as a png09:27
popeycould store those date/time stamped somewhere and browse easily09:27
popeyproblem gets harder / more time consuming / more resources if you also search for those words in every language09:27
popeycould get the words from the .desktop files from every installed app09:28
popeyso it's certainly possible to automate09:28
popeydavidcalle: which package has the moresuggestions code in it?09:31
davidcallepopey, indeed, and I wish it was part of the dash server design. But, that could be a community team project, we could integrate that in the scope testing story.09:31
popeyunity-scopes-master-default it seems?09:33
davidcallepopey, depends what you are looking for : scopes themselves are in their separate packages + server09:34
popeywhat generates the productsearch urls on my end?09:34
davidcallepopey, https://code.launchpad.net/unity-scope-home09:36
davidcallepopey, two links that might interest you, list of remote scopes for u7 & 8 : https://dash.ubuntu.com/smartscopes/v1/remote-scopes ,  https://dash.ubuntu.com/smartscopes/v2/remote-scopes09:38
davidcallepopey, also, this old thing may or may not be relevant to a scopes discussion (note that it hasn't been updated in a long time) http://framli.eu/scopes_browser/index.html?scope=unity-scope-github09:46
popeyI think we should wait for whatever conversation d pm has. :)09:46
* davidcalle realizes it was actually pretty cool :o)09:47
popeyI mean, we can recommend ways to improve, but I want to know what the future holds for unity7 based scopes first09:47
popeydpm: I need to get Sam from School when our Community Team meeting is on at 16:00 my time. My usual pick up person is away. Is it possible to move it one hour later?10:32
dpmpopey, that doesn't quite work for me today, sorry. We've got our 1:1 earlier, so we can talk there.10:38
jcastropopey, I have decided to bother you every day until the MX4 ships10:44
* popey waves his mx4 at the screen10:44
* popey watches some Taylor Swift videos on MX4 just to annoy jcastro http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-05-11-114648.png10:47
jcastrohey so did someone figure out what to use the button for?10:47
jcastroI can't believe there's an ubuntu powered fridge already10:50
dholbachthey should've posted it on the fridge!10:56
jcastroit gives me solace that when humans get exterminated from this planet, it will be via an ubuntu-based drone10:57
popeywho will be there to run a btrfs balance on it though!10:58
jcastroI just finished backing up this weekend11:00
jcastroI am debating going from raid10 to btrfs jbod11:00
jcastroI have so many disks laying around I think I am going to skip the raid and just do jbod to jbod backups11:01
mhall119popey: just reading the thing about a fridge13:03
mhall119dpm: can I expense a refrigerator?13:03
dpmmhall119, only Ubuntu-powered toasters, sorry13:03
mhall119how about slow cookers?13:04
mhall119for, you know, work stuff....13:04
* mhall119 wonders what would happen if I request the option to move the doors to the other side13:05
popeyThe world doesn't need Ubuntu Powered Toasters. There, I said it.13:05
jcastroAn Ubuntu powered keg-a-rator tho .....13:06
popeyJust tell everyone to save the money they were going to spend on electronics and buy a nice British Toaster http://www.dualit.com/products/toasters-kettles13:06
jcastrothose brass accents look real nice13:07
popeyYa. Best toaster in the world [FACT]13:08
nigelbpopey: upto 6 slots. damn.13:10
nigelbYou guys are serious about toasts.13:10
mhall119but they're all small slots13:10
mhall119I want *big* toast13:11
jcastroyeah, if you're real serious just get a toaster oven13:11
jcastrowhich is also more versatile13:11
nigelband you bake a steak and kidney pudding?13:11
nigelbIt took me a lot of time to realize that "Let's have tea" to a British person is not what you think it is.13:12
popeyOMG! They do a Marmite branded one http://www.dualit.com/products/marmite-toaster13:21
czajkowskidpm: dholbach popey CFP closes today for OSCON EU13:23
nigelbczajkowski: You're a vegmite person, aren't you?13:24
czajkowskipeanutbutter :)13:24
nigelbczajkowski: Excellent, we can be friends.13:24
dpmoh, thanks for the heads up czajkowski!13:24
nigelbMy partner loves marmine.13:24
* nigelb isn't sure it's edible.13:24
czajkowskiit stinks13:25
czajkowskidpm: http://www.oscon.com/open-source-eu-2015/public/cfp/38513:25
dholbachdpm, are we reviewing work items for the next 2-3 weeks of sprint?13:25
dholbacherm... I mean in the meeting later on today13:25
dpmdholbach, I was planning to, yes, although we've got only 30 mins scheduled13:30
dpmpopey, omw13:31
dholbachdpm, ok... I'll write something up in a pad or something, so we can review before I add to the trello(?)13:31
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:13
elfycya dholbach16:13
dholbachbye elfy :)16:13
silverlionhi toddy19:25
PabloRubianesi'm back to the loco council=19:38
toddyhi silverlion19:39
elfyPabloRubianes: yes - did you not want to be?19:39
PabloRubianeselfy: yes, but as there was no anouncement got me by surprise19:40
elfyoic - yea - we're behind and trying to catch up - announcement will be out soon :)19:40
elfythanks for your continuing involvement :)19:41
elfythank you ;)19:41
* PabloRubianes is really happy :)19:41

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