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pittiGood morning04:48
didrocksgood morning06:23
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?06:34
didrockspitti: bonjour pitti. ça va, et toi ?06:36
pittididrocks: je vais bien aussi ! c'était un grand dimanche, beaucoup du soleil (et de la glace ☺ )06:39
pittididrocks: we went to a "Tribute to George Gershwin" concert on Friday, and to bowling on Saturday06:40
pitti^ my best games so far, I was on fire :)06:40
didrocksyeah, I saw your post on g+, well done! :)06:42
didrockshey willcooke07:26
seb128good morning desktopers, didrocks, willcooke07:36
didrocksre seb12807:36
pittihey seb12807:41
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?07:41
pittiseb128: prima, danke!07:43
willcookepip pip08:03
didrocksmorning Laney08:05
seb128hey Laney, how are you? good w.e?08:06
Laneyhey fellas08:08
LaneyIt was three days but I don't entirely remember what I did on Saturday08:08
Laneyanyway the other days were nice, climbing and seeing friends!08:08
Laneythe staying up all night bit was not so fun in the end08:09
larsuLaney: because of the result?08:10
Laneyquite a few big beasts lost their seats which I guess was interesting in a schadenfreude kind of way08:11
larsuah right, you don't have that list thing going on that we have in addition to direct candidates08:11
seb128Laney, do you know if we have details on what can go to restricted and how you target that section?08:16
seb128https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu states but " Supported software that is not available under a completely free license." but that's not really explaining a lot of the details08:16
Laneythe normal way when you accept the new packages no?08:16
LaneyI thought that it was only meant to be non free drivers though08:17
seb128happyaron is asking because he wants to get some IM things there08:17
Laneyis it redistributable?08:17
seb128I'm unsure about the details08:18
seb128they include binaries in the deb that are not built from the source/on our infrastructure08:19
seb128the copyright states08:19
seb128"The binary package (without modification) is freely redistributable08:19
seb128 for non-commercial purpose,"08:19
Laneyfreely (not freely)08:20
LaneyI guess talk with the rest of the archive team08:20
seb128thanks Laney08:21
Laneyis there going to be some UI way to install this?08:21
seb128I think they would like a checkbox in ubiquity08:35
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dholbachcan somebody please take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubuntu-themes/mate-fixes/+merge/229649?10:09
seb128hey dholbach10:10
seb128Laney or larsu can probably help you10:10
dholbachthanks seb128, Laney and larsu10:11
Laneydholbach: I think the review requested on 2015-05-05 was by me. ;-)10:14
dholbachah yes10:15
larsuI hate MRs that don't explain what they do10:15
larsu"Add MATE compatibility" :/10:15
larsucaja is their renamed nautilus?10:19
larsuto be honest, I'd prefer it if mate shipped its own theme10:20
seb128that's a valid position, feel free to comment saying that10:21
larsuwe already have a apps/nautilus.rc - and now we need to add caja just because they didn't like the name?10:21
seb128we can also symlink if that's easy?10:22
larsuwhich gets loaded for everyone (even non-mate users)10:22
seb128or can't they get their fork to load nautilus.css?10:22
larsuseb128: no, the file contains references to the renamed widgets...10:22
willcookethere would be less maintenance for us too if they shipped their own right?10:22
seb128oh, right, they renamed code/widgets10:22
larsuwillcooke: ya. They forked all the things and renamed widget classes and such, which is why this is an issue10:22
seb128less maintenance +110:23
larsuI mean, it's totally not a big deal to ship this one thing of course10:23
seb128if we can support them at low cost we should10:23
larsuI guess I'm making a slippery slope argument10:23
seb128but if they create work they should maintain it, it would also make them not block on us for review/upload10:23
larsubut I really think they'd be better off with their own theme (including faster turn around for them, which is something they're complaining about)10:23
larsuand I don't feel I'm in the right position to test this properly (would have to install mate etc)10:24
larsuthe icon symlinks are a good idea I guess, but would be moot after we move to -symbolic, which is something other desktops have been asking about as well10:25
larsuand it's something I wanted to look at this cycle anyway (hi ochosi ;) )10:25
Laneypretty sure that they already forked the themes10:25
Laneythis would only be interesting if we were going to merge again10:25
larsuLaney: do you think that would be worthwhile?10:26
larsuI'm only arguing slippery slope here - this is really not that big of a deal10:26
larsuis someone of the MATE devs around?10:26
LaneyIf someone can get added to the team so they can fix/review themselves then maybe10:28
Laneythat'll be flexiondotorg10:28
Laney(not added right now, but soon)10:29
larsuflexiondotorg: hey, what are your plans regarding the theme (see scrollback)? You forked it, but want to merge again?10:30
larsuLaney: I really think it'd be easier if they had a fork to make sure we don't step on each other's toes. We don't check if our changes break MATE (and probably not the other way around either)10:31
larsulet's wait for their rationale thoguh10:32
GunnarHjHi seb128!10:34
GunnarHjseb128: Did you see my latest comment at bug #1443178?10:34
ubot5bug 1443178 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "Accounts Service always relies on language fallback if never set by the user" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144317810:34
seb128GunnarHj, hey, on the phone10:38
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, thanks for letting me know.10:39
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popey\o/ filed my first wily bug :) - Can someone on vivid see if it's new to wily or also on vivid? bug 145376311:04
ubot5bug 1453763 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "Unable to differentiate between toggled and untoggled buttons" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145376311:04
larsupopey: same issue in vivid. The gradient is different, but I agree that it's hard to spot. I'll reassign to the theme11:08
larsuand I guess we need a design task for this as well...11:09
flexiondotorgLaney, seb128, dholbach, larsu, willcooke - Ubuntu MATE does have it's own forked versions of the light themes.11:28
larsuflexiondotorg: so the MR we were looking at is obsolete?11:28
flexiondotorgThe merge proposal was just to add basic compatibility to Ambiance and Radiance.11:28
flexiondotorglarsu, Well, it is old. I don;t know it will apply cleanly.11:28
larsuflexiondotorg: regardless of whether it applies, why do you think we need compatibility if you have your own theme?11:29
mptTrevinho, hi, could you possibly take a minute to answer the last commenter’s question in bug 1308800?11:29
ubot5bug 1308800 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity doesn't respawn all the times on crashes" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130880011:29
flexiondotorglarsu, Mainly because you can just install MATE from the repos but not use Ubuntu MATE. In that case the panels are not correctly rendered by Ambiance and Radiance.11:30
larsuflexiondotorg: hm - that means we'll always have to mirror the themes, right?11:32
flexiondotorglarsu, Yes, I am merging changes to the ubuntu-mate-artwork package periodically.11:33
flexiondotorglarsu, There are some changes I am carrying that are probably not suitable for Ambiance and Radiance so I can't see that we can unify them.11:34
flexiondotorglarsu, But the minor tweak to get MATE working with Ambiance and Radiance will be fine to merge.11:34
larsuflexiondotorg: but using Ambiance on mate will give a subpar experience anyway...11:35
flexiondotorglarsu, No, it works well. Just the panel issue really.11:37
flexiondotorglarsu, What do you forsee as subpar?11:37
larsuflexiondotorg: well, you do have a fork, so presumably that's what you want people to use, no?11:38
larsuflexiondotorg: that merge request contains much more than the panel issue11:38
flexiondotorglarsu, The fork was mostly because of the panel issue to start with. Since then I've overridden the symbolic icons with full color icons and changed the orange highlighting to green.11:39
flexiondotorglarsu, In essence Amiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE are 99% of Ambiance and Radiance. Just with green hinting and full colour icons.11:39
larsuflexiondotorg: so it seems that merging the panel fixes into Ambiance is enough?11:41
flexiondotorglarsu, Yes. I think so.11:41
larsuflexiondotorg: that sounds much more reasonable. Mind updating the MR (or making a new one)?11:42
flexiondotorglarsu, OK. I'll do it sometime this week.11:42
larsuLaney: I guess there's no upstream bug for the menubar patches we have in totem?12:07
larsuthere doesn't even seem to be a launchpad bug?12:08
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Laneylarsu: I can't remember, sorry, darkxst did them12:08
larsuno worries12:09
larsujust working my way through this issue just now12:09
LaneyI guess we could submit it once this issue is fixed and see what happens12:09
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Trevinhompt: sure12:50
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Laneydesrt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11078996/ ?13:11
Laney(tracker's testsuite broke with new glib)13:11
Laneyalso, and more importantly, hello!13:11
desrtgood morning :)13:12
Laneygood weekend?13:12
desrtLaney: who wrote this patch?13:12
desrtLaney: yup13:12
Laneythink of it as an opening offer13:12
desrtyour patch is suspicious...13:13
desrtah.  i think it's right, though13:13
Laneythis: https://git.gnome.org/browse/tracker/tree/tests/libtracker-miner/tracker-monitor-test.c#n638 is what breaks13:14
desrti just wonder about the case directly above13:14
Laneywe now get a MOVED instead of DELETED13:14
desrti guess we have a testcase that expects non-NULL 'other' for MOVED events?13:14
desrtseems perfectly reasonable13:14
Laneyyou want a bug?13:14
desrtnot the first small issue like this that has been found in that monster tower of switch statements13:15
desrtplease do13:15
* Laney goes to put shorts on first (H)13:15
Laneyapparently it's 1913:16
davmor2Laney: no it's definitely the 11th not the 19th13:18
* Laney draws a willy on davmor2's back in mayonnaise and ties him out under the sun13:18
davmor2Laney: what sun it's cloudy here13:19
Laney:( the west midlands :(13:19
davmor2Laney: oh oh oh SUN admittedly between levels of cloud but SUN :)13:21
davmor2ah gone again13:21
* Laney is going to eat lunch outside13:23
didrocksenjoy Laney!13:23
Laneydidrocks: !!!13:23
Laneyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2996944 is this true?13:23
didrocksLaney: yeah, that's why I delayed my run for at least another hour :p13:29
didrocksno cloud though from my window, just sun13:29
mitya57desrt: Hi, what is the status of bug 1222053? I see it's linked to a blueprint – does that mean you are still going to implement it?14:08
ubot5bug 1222053 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "per-session gsettings overrides" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122205314:08
desrtmitya57: in theory it's on my TODO list :)14:08
mitya57desrt: Good! Are you going to use Alberts' patch or do it in a different way?14:09
desrtthe patch i reviewed was insufficient for the reasons i mentioned in the review14:09
desrtso it won't go...14:09
mitya57Ok, thanks14:09
nessitatseliot, hey, last week I reported issues with the ubuntu splash screen and the passphrase for unlocking the hard drive, still having the issue, this is the logs you requested from last Friday https://pastebin.canonical.com/131051/14:30
nessitatseliot, this is from today https://pastebin.canonical.com/131121/. On boot, the splash screen looks "ugly" and the prompt for drive encryption password is not shown until I touch some key from the keyboard14:31
nessitawhen I do that, and enter the correct passphrase, the splash screen gets stuck with a blinking cursor (it does not finish booting at all)14:32
LaneyTrevinho: gnome-session is (should be) fixed again in vivid-proposed btw14:59
Laneyjust saw your comment14:59
* Laney copies that to wubbly walrus15:00
* qengho afk lunch with son.15:02
TrevinhoLaney: thanks15:07
LaneyTrevinho: can you close that other alt-f2 environment bug if it's fixed by this?15:07
TrevinhoLaney: we'd need to include in the gnome-session upstart script a way to export the XDG_MENU_PREFIX15:08
TrevinhoLaney: I need to check it15:08
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Laneyok, no idea what XDG_MENU_PREFIX is so I'll wait and see the patch ;)15:10
TrevinhoLaney: as far I've seen that's the only env variable that is not exported when running in upstart... It should be exported by gnome-session from my first google searches, but I need to check further15:10
Trevinhomh, nope...15:12
Trevinhooh, really it is... https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/scm-commits/2012-October/886745.html15:14
Laneyschroot -e --all-sessions15:41
Laney<accidentally kills 20 minute old build>15:41
seb128Laney, stop using the hammer ;-)15:44
* Laney so lazy15:46
* Laney wonders why restoring from trash in nautilus is broken on his desktop15:48
Laneybut not laptop15:48
Laneythe trashinfo file is right15:53
* qengho back16:08
mitya57desrt: One more question: can you please reply something to Alberts' comments in gnome #746592?16:38
mitya57(We need to make some decisions on what to do for this cycle in Flashback session, so we want to at least know what the plan is.)16:38
ubot5Gnome bug 746592 in gsettings "Support for per-session overrides" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74659216:38
tseliotnessita: sorry but I don't see anything suspicious in the logs16:54
* didrocks is listening at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22439/ubuntu-component-store/ and at each aquarius' comment, I'm basically "+1"16:57
nessitatseliot, hey, thanks. How can we debug further? I can not login to the desktop from this installation16:59
nessitatseliot, will a screencats help? the only option I have so far is booting on recovery mode, then trying to run failsafeX option, which does not work, hitting CTRL+C on the booting screen and waiting for X to restart enough times it will show the lightdm screen17:00
tseliotnessita: last time you mentioned a bug report about plymouth, didn't you?17:01
tseliotnessita: so my question is, does plymouth work correctly if you uninstall the nvidia driver ( with --purge remove)?17:06
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* Laney goes to enjoy the end of the sun17:27
nessitatseliot, so the bug I mentioned on Friday was LP: #135968917:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1359689 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "cryptsetup password prompt not shown" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135968917:54
nessitatseliot, I can try cleaning up nvidida drivers and rebooting, will do so when I'm close to EOD (right now I have too much local setups to loose)17:54
nessitatseliot, would you know by heart the package name I need to purge?17:54
tseliotnessita: try with sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-34018:27
nessitatseliot, ack, thanks!18:28
willcookeg'night all20:24
willcookecheers robert_ancell20:24
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