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lazaIs there a kernel boot parameter that prevents the message "ACC PCI Probe failed" to show up during boot?14:30
apwlaza, is that error causing you an issue, or you jsut want to silence it14:30
lazajust silence it14:31
apwlaza, i am strtuggling to even find the error, can you paste the whole line from dmesg14:32
lazaapw: just a sec14:35
lazaOk, sorry for the confusion. It's indeed "ACPI PCC probe failed."14:38
cking_that message is annoying noise for most users at the moment15:07
cking_commit efd756daf4ddae3cec2404c4e0b does turn it from pr_err to pr_debug15:08
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lazacking: Thanks for the info16:57
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