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alan_galf_: what do you think of this now? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/unify-pointer-button/+merge/25832210:54
dholbachcan somebody reply to https://github.com/FreeRDP/Remmina/issues/554 (needed to fix bug 1444132)10:55
ubot5bug 1444132 in remmina (Ubuntu) "Remmina crashes using the Mir GTK backend" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144413210:55
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alf_alan_g: Still not convinced that having flags is a problem... we could even use an int64 if we feel 32 values are not enough11:50
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davmor2alan_g: latest landing of mir do I need to do anything special I'm trying to install it on krillin and I just get a black screen after the initial BQ loader page12:00
davmor2alan_g: silo 21 frt12:00
alan_gdavmor2: is your krillin on vivid or rtm?12:01
davmor2alan_g: vivid it's the only thing we are testing12:01
alan_gJust checking12:02
alan_gThere's nothing special I needed for mako or manta. I know no reason for krillin to be different12:03
davmor2alan_g: using ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/krillin.en channel plus citrain device-upgrade 21 <pin code>  and installing the ppa manually as powerd in the overlay ppa were stopping package installs12:03
davmor2alan_g: well all I'm getting is a black back lit screen,  do I need to install the unity8 silo with it or anything daft like that?12:05
alan_gdavmor2: nothing like that.12:05
alan_gMmm I used --channel ubuntu-touch/vivid12:05
davmor2alan_g: that is age old and only image 2 iirc which was released about a month or so ago12:06
davmor2alan_g: you would need to use at least ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed or vivid-proposed12:07
alan_gdavmor2: I'll have a look after lunch (which is calling). (And update the instructions I was given)12:08
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davmor2alan_g|lunch: thanks12:09
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alan_gdavmor2: I can get a black back lit screen too. Investigating...14:27
davmor2alan_g: yay I'm not going mad that's good to know.....okay who am I kidding going mad :D14:28
alan_gdavmor2: well I know what's happening (not installing updated unity-system-compositor or qtmir) but I've not figured out the why.14:38
davmor2alan_g: I've rejected the initial silo ticket so once it's fixed if you trigger a rebuild we will get a new ticket and can retest14:40
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alan_gdavmor2: thanks14:40
dholbachnot sure if folks saw my question earlier.....14:57
dholbachcan somebody reply to https://github.com/FreeRDP/Remmina/issues/554 (needed to fix bug 1444132)?14:58
ubot5bug 1444132 in remmina (Ubuntu) "Remmina crashes using the Mir GTK backend" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144413214:58
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alan_gdavmor2: it isn't something I can fix as a rebuild: LP-PPA-ci-train-ppa-service-stable-phone-overlay is pinned at 1001, while the silo is 500. (Which means a silo won't ever override a package that's already in overlay!) I could workaround it by changing /etc/apt/preferences.d/extra-ppas.pref to 499 - after which everything seems fine. How do we handle this?16:15
davmor2alan_g: leave it with me16:16
alan_gdavmor2: I've hit a problem anyway. Need to do some further testing.16:25
davmor2alan_g: okay16:25
alan_gBut the pinning will remain a problem16:25
davmor2alan_g: yeap we can keep an eye out for it now we know16:28
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mterrygreyback__, I assume our Mir support for Qt does not extend to Qt4?21:29
greyback__mterry: correct21:30
greyback__will probably use xmir for those21:30
mterryfigured  :-/21:31
greyback__mterry: a particular app you're missing?21:33
mterrygreyback__, I'm looking at compiling RemoteDisplay, a qt4 rdp client thing21:33
mterrygreyback__, I may be able to just port it21:34
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greybackis worth a go21:35
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* racarr almost done iterating branches up for review22:14
racarrmade the button states a mask again...22:14
racarr+ alfs suggestions on new-input-dispatcher have lead to some nice cleanups22:14
racarrand some random other stuff...22:14
racarrWeekly tonight proceeding as scheduled?23:37

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