sleeziohello, just upgraded to mythbuntu 14.01(fresh install) and i noticed a couple of things aren't working, i'm not seeing channel icons in mythweb nor the program guide and in the mythbuntu control center, i get an error when i try to set a uer/password on mythweb00:04
sleeziooops, 14.0400:04
sleezio<backend>:6544/Guide/GetChannelIcon?ChanId=<chanid> just gives a blank page00:06
sleeziobut :6544/Channel/GetChannelInfoList?SourceID=1 shows me all the channel data, including a valid: <IconURL>wfna_gulf_shores.png</IconURL>00:06
sleeziohmm...and something else i just noticed in mythweb, i tried to click on direct download of a file and i get: Not Found The requested URL /mythweb/mythweb.pl/pl/stream/1351/1431301474 was not found on this server.00:14
sven86hello, i need some help on my mythbuntu backend02:17
sleeziosven, if it's easy enough, i can try02:34

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