hadsHow rude.00:00
Ghads: thanks00:35
* G wonders if NZRS are up to tricks, I'm sure it worked last week00:36
GIt worked from home so obviously a "NZ only" thing, but it seems strange to limit it to NZ only00:36
ollyG: got an example which fails for you?02:16
Golly: skywesay.co.nz was one, but I tweeted them, they reckon it's just rate limiting02:45
Gworks from home, not from my Dallas Linode02:45
ollyworks for me from a colo box in the uk02:45
ollyit figures linode might generate more requests than either of us...02:45
Gyeah, guess I can't blame them for rate limiting really, they've got to balance privacy and stability and all02:48
hadsYou would think the rate limiting would be per IP03:08
hadsMy test was from Freemont Linode by the way.03:08
GOr, at max per /24, it's nearly as if they are limiting per AS or something03:09
ollyi guess they limit based on the characteristics of the abusive accesses they see03:10
hadsBut we're all guessing.03:10
Ghttps://twitter.com/dotNZ/status/597602091000008704   "likely that activity by another party in the same country is impacting you."03:21
hadsHow obscure.03:29
GWell it's not the whole of the US blocked either, tried a VPS on DigitalOcean and it worked03:34
ollyi think they just don't want to give details of how they rate limit in case people use that to try to evade it03:36
ollybut they are indicating it's not just by individual IP03:37
Gyeah, must be per block/AS or something03:46
hadsBlocking through obscurity.04:04
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Gmorning ;)23:56

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