MuntHello there folks, I’m trying to join #ubuntu … and for some reason (i have no idea why) I am banned.     I was wondering how I can go about getting this fixed ?00:06
k1l_Munt: redstation is banned due to heavy abuse from users using that vpns and proxys.00:07
Muntk1l_: Thanks for the information. Is there a way to conceal my ip/location from users on Freenode without using a VPN?     (I’d rather not log into a VPN everytime I want to IRC)00:08
k1l_yes, you can ask in #freenode for getting a cloak after you registered an account.00:09
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (Ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.00:09
Muntthanks :)00:10
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, most_wanted said: ubottu: thanks! is there an article or man page you can refer me to?03:58
ubottuIn ubottu, svetlana said: no, !mint is <reply> Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org or use other support options at http://www.linuxmint.com/contactus.php10:47
dholbachI was asked to review http://ubottu.com/bans.cgi?log=67508 - not sure what to do - looks like I'm not able to see what's shown at the URL though12:48
slaknubcan i get unbanned please?13:54
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slaknubcan i be unbanned please?18:01
slaknubi promise to behave from now on18:01
slaknubunbane please18:04
slaknubmy ip hostmask is banned18:04
slaknubfor trolling few weeks ago18:04
slaknubi apologuze!!18:05
slaknubcan yu unban me?18:20
bazhangbanned from where slaknub18:29
slaknubfrom #ubuntu18:29
slaknubi wasnt a ubuntu user then so i was trolling18:29
bazhangwhat was the ban for slaknub18:29
slaknubi was using slackware18:29
slaknubnow i am on ubuntu and i have tons of serious question18:30
slaknubit was for trolling18:30
slaknubi am still banned!19:02
slaknubcan someone please unban?19:02
slaknubbeen weeks?19:02
bazhangtwo months actually19:03
slaknubwas i banned two months ago??19:03
bazhangno more "slackrulez"19:03
bazhang3/11 yeah19:03
slaknubwow ok19:03
slaknubso you can unban now19:04
slaknubi have genuine questions this time19:04
bazhang#ubuntu is support only19:04
slaknubi am using ubuntu now19:04
bazhangother channels are for chit chat19:04
slaknuband i need help19:04
slaknubwhat part of "i am using ubuntu now and i have genuine questions now" dont you understand?19:04
slaknubscrap the ban already19:05
bazhangafter your previous admitted trolling, we'd be remiss to ask that you understand what the channel is for19:05
slaknubYES I UNDERSTAND!19:05
slaknubok tell me, how can i turn my ubuntu-mate into just base install?19:06
slaknubperhaps i will install fluxbox19:06
slaknubi want a lightweight system19:06

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