jibelpitti, thanks for fixing the small issues I reported in autopkgtest.07:39
jibelpitti, another one http://paste.ubuntu.com/11075181/07:40
pittijibel: bonjour !07:41
pittijibel: I just got a mail notification this morning (just one), that got fixed apparently?07:42
jibelpitti, apparently. I thought you talked to CI07:42
pittijibel: no, I didn't yet; I just saw your "fw rule changed" in backscroll this morning07:43
pittijibel: I can't reproduce/understand the "trailing space" yet, I set that to incomplete with a comment07:43
jibelpitti, I attached the a config file to reproduce with latest git rev07:44
jibels/the a/a/07:44
pittijibel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11075181/ applied, thanks!07:44
jibelpitti, it happens if the space is after -d07:45
pittijibel: aah, thanks07:45
jibelpitti, or after the name of the package07:45
jibelpitti, I'm almost done with 'dep8ification' of dkms tests. It was pretty straightforward.07:47
pittijibel: oh, cool! what did you change now, compared to what we had in Austin?07:47
pittijibel: err, London, but all thes ame07:47
jibelpitti, but I don't use autodep8. dkms-autopkgtest in dkms needs fixing first07:47
pittijibel: I saw that it fails on trusty as we don't have the test script in dkms there yet07:48
jibelpitti, I've a setup command to install any kernel and enable the pockets/ppa I need, and I changed the test to install only the dkms module and collect all the artifacts I need07:48
jibelpitti, right, but it also fails if the source package build other binaries than only a dkms module07:49
jibelpitti, see blcr for example07:49
jibelin that case it install a binary package that doesn't depend on dkms and fails07:49
jibelso with this setup command and test, the test runs on any release.07:51
jibelI'll do more tests, deploy and we can remove previous version and old style VMs07:51
pittijibel: blcr didn't run in wily yet07:53
jibelpitti, I tried in vivid07:53
jibelso I can compare with current tests07:54
pittihttp://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/vivid-adt-blcr ?07:54
pittithat's the binary name07:55
pittiwell, I guess you ran it on the CLI, not through jenkins07:55
jibelpitti, ah sorry, I was talking about the current DKMS tests http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080//job/dkms-vivid-release-generic-blcr_dkms/07:56
jibelpitti, I'm replacing these tests07:57
jibelpitti, once it's done, I'll propose to replace dkms-autopkgtest07:57
jibelpitti, how did you run blcr on the CLI? it fails for me with 'cannot cd to /var/lib/dkms'07:58
pittijibel: I thought you did; with just autopkgtest/run-from-checkout bclr ...07:59
pittijibel: I thought you meant that the autodep8'ified ones fail in CI08:00
jibelpitti, yeah it'll fail in CI with http://paste.ubuntu.com/11075465/08:00
pittijibel: ok, that looks fixable08:01
jibelpitti, so I'm converting the DKMS tests for the kernel team first, then I'll propose the test script because autodep8 are just small a subset of the kernel team's tests08:01
jibelpitti, indeed it is not difficult to fix. It's because the test script install blcr-utils which doesn't depends on dkms08:02
jibelpitti, it shouldn't install non-dkms modules at all08:02
pittijibel: so binaries which don't have DKMS bits should just get skipped08:03
jibelpitti, is ADT_ARTIFACTS removed on reboot?08:03
jibelpitti, right08:04
pittijibel: no, it survives08:04
pittijibel: /tmp/autopkgtest-reboot saves it and restores it after reboot08:04
bipEhy ;-)08:46
elopio_good morning.13:50
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elopiosjcazzol: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sanity-tests14:10
sjcazzolelopio: thanks!14:11
elopiosjcazzol: let me quickly show you how I have my bzr branches in the filesystem. You can choose a different layout of course.14:11
sjcazzolelopio: ok14:12
elopiomkdir -p ~/workspace/canonical14:12
elopiocd ~/workspace/canonical14:12
elopiobzr init ubuntu-sanity-tests14:12
elopiocd ubuntu-sanity-tests14:13
elopiomkdir bugs14:13
elopiomkdir experimental14:13
elopiomkdir reviews14:13
elopiobzr branch lp:ubuntu-sanity-tests trunk14:13
elopiothen cd trunk and take a look at the README.14:13
sjcazzolelopio: great, I'll try that14:14
elopiofgimenez: hey, the phonedations planning was cancelled.14:20
fgimenezhi elopio, ok thx, will it be rescheduled?14:20
elopiofgimenez: I know nothing. I will tell you if I find out something else.14:21
fgimenezelopio, ok14:22
elopioubuntu-qa: have you met sjcazzol ?14:24
davmor2hello sjcazzol14:25
rhuddiesjcazzol, hello!14:27
fgimenezhi sjcazzol! welcome to the team14:29
jfunkhey sjcazzol :) welcome to our team14:29
sjcazzolThanks! I hope to make a good job as part of this team14:30
brendand_sjcazzol, we met before :)14:30
sjcazzolbrendand_: yes! :)14:30
vilaelopio: s/bzr init ubuntu-sanity-tests/bzr init-repo buntu-sanity-tests/14:31
vilasjcazzol: welcome !14:31
elopiovila: good to know. Can you explain the difference?14:32
vilaelopio: the later setup a shared repository so all branches below share the common revisions which speeds up most operations (otherwise each branch gets its own branch so, for example, you download the whole history when creating a new branch)14:33
elopio:) thanks.14:33
fgimenezelopio, i've pushed a branch with the python-selenium code for the ppa https://code.launchpad.net/~fgimenez/+junk/python-selenium, as far as i know this wasn't versioned14:51
fgimenezelopio, i've taken the opportunity to tweak the debian directory, changing the source format to quilt so tht the patches are applied at build time, etc14:51
fgimenezelopio, i've also applied vila's comments for making a recipe, and now it seems to be building fine14:53
fgimenezelopio, this can be pushed to canonical-platform-qa if needed, and the ppa can be build from there, let me know what do you think14:54
balloonshey hey sjcazzol15:07
elopiofgimenez: I think it's awesome.15:15
elopiothank you. I'm wondering what else we need to send this to debian.15:16
elopioI think that we need a separate package with the binaries that we stripped out.15:16
elopioor maybe not as firefox has marionnette embedded, so now the binaries are not really needed.15:16
fgimenezelopio, thx :) right now it's using the pristine source code from 2.44, i've turned the modifications in setup.py into a quilt patch, perhaps this can be removed?15:17
fgimenezelopio, that modifications where about firefox .so files, are you refering to that?15:18
elopiofgimenez: yes, the problem with this package in debian is that you can't easily build those .so files.15:20
fgimenezelopio, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fgimenez/+junk/python-selenium/view/head:/debian/patches/remove_x_ignore_nofocus.patch15:20
fgimenezelopio, ok, this was previously modified in the setup.py file itself, iirc there was a debian bug?15:21
elopiofgimenez: there are some bugs, overlapping: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=python-selenium;dist=unstable15:23
sjcazzolballoons: Hi, thanks15:36
elopiosjcazzol: almost done here. Are you ok meeting in 1 hour?16:02
sjcazzolyes, no problem16:02
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balloonselopio, I'm going to undertake updating the qml testing template in the SDK again based on the changes I made for Rick's app with launching. Is there anything else you'd want to change in the default template?16:35
elopioballoons: I don't think so. Please add me as a reviewer, to make sure we are all writing following the same template.16:37
vilaelopio: is there a project group for qa ?16:52
elopiovila: I don't understand your question.16:53
vilaelopio: see https://launchpad.net/bzr , it's part of https://launchpad.net/bazaar (In Porject information, Part of:)16:57
vilaelopio: I want to make uci-{config,tests,vms} part of ???16:57
elopiovila: yeah, we don't have that I think.16:58
elopioit would be good to get one.16:58
vilaelopio: so that I can go to ??? and see active reviews (for example) for all projects that are part of ???16:58
vilaelopio: ok16:58
elfyballoons: any idea when the wily old release schedule is going to make itself known?17:23
elfyit's being much too wily imo17:24
wxloh, i see what he did there17:24
elfyhey wxl :)17:24
wxlhai :)17:24
balloonsi'll need to update things17:29
elopiosjcazzol: that was a looong meeting, I'm sorry.17:32
elopiodo you want to do a google hangout?17:32
elopiosjcazzol: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/qa17:36
elopioubuntu-qa: welcome party for sjcazzol  ^17:36
elopiosjcazzol: I don't know what happened, my monitor just died.18:07
sjcazzolOk, no problem18:07
elopiobut anyway, I was talking too much. I will let you go and play with the emulator and stuff, and have lunch in the meantime.18:07
elopiosjcazzol: ping me, fgimenez or ubuntu-qa in case you need a hand.18:07
sjcazzolelopio: good, I have a lot to read and try18:08
sjcazzolelopio: thanks for the support18:08
elopiosjcazzol: thanks to you.18:09
elopioveebers: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11084721/20:44
elopiothose are my quick notes.20:44
elopiofirst is the list of packages that get installed to their latest version, so if it worked before and it doesn't work now, it could be one of those packages fault.20:44
veeberselopio: awesome, cheers20:44
elopioI'm not yet sure it worked before.20:44
veeberselopio:  how did you get the event information?20:45
elopiothe second part is the events that the input device gets when you touch the screen.20:45
elopiothe third is what it gets when you do it through autopilot.20:45
elopiowhat I see is that with autopilot, it never receives x and y, so I got stuck trying to dig more about that.20:45
elopioveebers: http://python-evdev.readthedocs.org/en/latest/20:45
elopioit shows and example with a read loop.20:45
veebersah cool, cheers20:46
elopiojust change that for the autopilot finger path, and it will print the events.20:46
elopioI wanted to compare the events that krillin receives to see if it was something weird in there, and here I am.20:47
elopioso pending, try with older autopilot, which is a little hard because I also have to get older dependencies that are no longer on the archive.20:47
elopioand try on krillin to compare.20:48
elopiooh, and talk to sergio again to see if he has more ideas.20:48
veeberselopio: ack, good luck :-)20:49
elopioveebers: this might get us somewhere, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11086470/23:12
elopiothe arale is indeed missing the x and y events.23:12
elopioit makes no sense, as from the autopilot side this is just writing to a file.23:15
veeberselopio: interesting, good find.23:25
veeberselopio: I'm not so sure how to proceed though. Perhaps autopilot is writing the x/y events incorrectly? But the other events are received so that might not hold up23:29

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