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OnionnionDo some backup managers just use existing utilities like tar or dump in the background?02:48
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OnionnionI just ran an upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0404:33
Onionnionand most things seemed to migrate smoothly04:33
Onionnionbut it seems something SSL broke with mail04:33
Onionnionmail dovecot: imap-login: Error: Timeout waiting for handshake from auth server.04:33
OnionnionI get a lot of errors like this in /var/log/mail.err04:34
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squisherOnionnion, so this is just a guess, but maybe 10.04 doesn't have the updates that disable sslv3, and 12.04 has? Though I don't recall explicitly setting ssl params in the dovecot config05:15
Onionnionsquisher, I think I found the problem05:16
Onionnionseems to be postfix configuration05:16
Onionnionchanged smtpd settings05:16
Onionnionlike smtpd_use_pw_server=yes05:16
hadifarnoudhow can I find out my nginx is 64bit or not?06:41
cluelesspersonhey guys sshd is showing ServerKeyBits 102406:58
cluelessperson    if I up this to 2048, will I have to change my user key files?06:58
andolcluelessperson: Note that ServerKeyBits only affects the ssh protocol v1, which you hopefully aren't using.07:07
cluelesspersonandol, ah07:07
cluelesspersonI've just noticed with owncloud, but confirmed with SFTP.  I'm having very slow network file transfer speeds for a gigabit connection07:07
Slingso, in /etc/network/interfaces, an 'up /root/script.sh' action will still bring the interface up if the script doesn't return 1, but 'post-up /root/script.sh' doesn't ?07:08
cluelesspersonI'm seeing 4.5MiB/s tops on a gigabit connection.  I've tested to WIFI laptop, GB LAN Desktop, and over WEB.07:08
Slingcluelessperson: don't test over the web or over wifi, what results did you get with testing a local wired connection to another gigabit host?07:09
Slingalso how is it connected? what kind of cables, what kind of network device(s)07:10
Slingand how are you testing the speed07:10
cluelesspersonSling, The same.  4.5MiB for them all.   I just transfered a large file and watched the speeds.  they all topped at the same 4.5 MiB/s07:10
cluelesspersonSling, Owncloud (PHP/apache/HTTPS)   and SFTP.07:11
cluelesspersonSling, ubuntu is reporting full duplex GB link07:11
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YamakasYholy mow, I think there was some ubuntu security issue ? all my servers got load while being upgraded09:12
YamakasYhow are you guys managing removing old kernels using puppet ? my /boot gets filled up because there is no autoremove09:27
Basz0rYamakasY: Why is there no autoremove? You can easily build a cron script to autoremove old kernels, and deploy that with Puppet to your Ubuntu servers09:43
YamakasYBasz0r: yes I think I need some exext09:46
Basz0rYamakasY: You can use the onlyif parameter in combination with a command, that executes apt-get autoremove and counts the amount of old kernels available to remove. That command has to return an 0 ofcourse09:48
Basz0rBut it's better to not automate that kind of tasks09:49
YamakasYBasz0r: on 300 servers you want to automate that09:50
Basz0rAre you monitoring all these servers on their disk usage?09:51
JanCYamakasY: you might want to delay autoremove until after you're sure the new kernel works well though09:52
YamakasYJanC: I need some reboot indeed09:52
JanCand problems might only show up after some time09:53
YamakasYmhh this kinda sucks09:53
Basz0rMy opinion is that it's better to remove old kernels in your update plan09:54
YamakasYBasz0r: erm my puppet updates my servers10:04
Slingthe unattended-upgrades has an option to also run apt-get autoremove10:05
YamakasYSling: it does but that doesn't seem to work10:09
YamakasYat least not for kernels10:09
jpdsYamakasY: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove10:18
YamakasYjpds: yes looking in there but what do I need to set there ? my kernels file only holds the last 210:22
YamakasY+ running10:22
YamakasYjpds: I only have linux-firmware there and the opposite of that one10:25
jpdsYamakasY: Actually, your issue is that autoremove will only remove old kernels, once the new one is installed.10:26
YamakasYjpds: yes but even than, it always fills my /boot up to 100%10:26
YamakasYso even with a new install...10:26
jpdsYamakasY: Get a bigger /boot ?10:27
jpdsRandom server of mine I picked, three kernels installed: /dev/vda1                    453M  110M  316M  26% /boot10:27
YamakasYjpds: my /boot is 250M10:29
YamakasYso large enough10:29
* jpds runs autoremove, down to two kernels; /dev/vda1 453M 76M 350M 18% /boot10:29
YamakasYwith my autoremove there are removed 5 kernels10:30
YamakasYso, soemthing is not OK10:30
YamakasYI need to pee, brb10:30
Slingon recent servers I always take at least 500M for /boot10:32
Sling250M is tight10:32
YamakasYis it ?10:33
YamakasYmhh never had issues with it10:33
YamakasYI use only 3 kernels max10:33
jpdsYamakasY: So, what you're having right now, isn't an issue?10:34
YamakasYjpds: it doesn't autoremove10:35
jpdsBut yeah, I always go for 512M.10:35
YamakasYjpds: even than it would fill up10:36
YamakasYjpds: what do you have in 01autoremove10:37
jpdsYamakasY: The default.10:37
YamakasYjpds: which is?10:38
devster31is clamav worth it on a single remote server? it's quite powerful, so no problem with resources, but I still wonder if it's necessary10:39
jpdsdevster31: Is it sending emails to people running Windows?10:39
devster31no mails, but I download a lot of stuff10:39
jpdsdevster31: Are you running Windows anywhere?10:40
devster31yep, at home10:40
YamakasYjpds: pastebin ?10:41
jpdsYamakasY: I have the default, haven't changed it.10:41
jpdsdevster31: Then yeah, might be worth it.10:42
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YamakasYjpds: and when does the kernel be removed ?10:49
jpdsYamakasY: When I install a new one, and run "apt-get autoremove --purge".10:50
YamakasYjpds: yes ok, but that autoremove should be done in my puppet run actually, I think I need to exec it10:58
YamakasYjpds: you are puppetizing your servers ?11:02
jpdsYamakasY: They already are.11:02
YamakasYjpds: already are ? I mean... you puppetize them once and never again ?11:06
YamakasYjpds: I ask you if your kernel removals are done in your puppet run11:07
psivaamatsubara: hey, would you mind taking a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~psivaa/ubuntu-test-cases/lvm-grub-preseed-fix/+merge/258620 for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-test-cases/+bug/1443999 please.11:12
psivaai've disabled the lvm and multi-lvm server installation tests for now, since they hang on installation and occupies the jenkins executors for quite a long time. this is delaying the other tests being run11:13
matsubarapsivaa, I see. I'll take a look and reply in the MP. Thanks for the fix!11:14
psivaamatsubara: ack, thanks11:14
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fidotheis anyone else experiencing timeouts from all the Ubuntu Apt mirrors in eu-central-1? Our machines are working their way through the IP addresses in the sources conf and none of them are responding...14:05
OpenTokixeu-central-1? Whats is that?14:12
fidotheOpenTokix: AWS's Frankfurt region14:17
fidothebasically, no apt-get update / install seems to be working in an entire AWS region at the moment - the Ubuntu base AMI use the mirrors for everything except security14:18
OpenTokixfidothe: ok14:23
pmatulisfidothe: following up.  lemme know of any changes14:26
fidothepmatulis: will do14:26
pmatulisfidothe: can you pastebin your sources.list ?14:27
pmatulisfidothe: better yet, output to 'apt update'14:28
fidothepmatulis: apt-get update output http://pastebin.com/91V6JKyX14:30
fidothepmatulis: my sources.list http://pastebin.com/eJD5GWee [this is the default cloud init generated sources.list - it's a vanilla Ubuntu EC2 AMI launched machine which has not yet been configured]14:32
pmatulisfidothe: thanks14:33
fidothepmatulis: eu-central-1b.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com has 8 IP addresses, and apt-get is just working its way through them one after the other, presumably after whatever the default timeout is14:34
fidothethe IP address in that last line of output changes every few minutes14:34
pmatulisfidothe: i only get one IP for that name14:35
fidothepmatulis: are you hitting it from a machine inside eu-central-1?14:36
pmatulisfidothe: no14:36
fidothethat's why14:36
fidothethat IP address isn't one of the 8 i get: http://pastebin.com/YR9X40iQ14:37
fidotheif your instance is in eu-central-1a you get a different list...14:37
fidothesorry, different domain name14:37
fidothei'm spinning up an instance in eu-central-1a to see if there's anything different going on there14:39
ozanhazerhi... LINES and COLUMNS env. variables are not passed to the lxc container which is (probably) causing screen to be scrambled14:41
ozanhazerany idea what might be the reason for it or what keywords should I search for to investigate the issue?14:41
ozanhazer(I'm using iTerm2 b the way)14:42
fidothepmatulis: well, eu-central-1a's list of IP addresses is the same as eu-central-1b's14:43
fidothepmatulis: okay, so only one of the IP addresses,, responds to `host` with a reverse DNS name - that points to cursa.canonical.com14:47
fidotheand if i use that in my /etc/apt/sources.list I get resolution and (very slow) updating - around 120KBps14:48
fidothe(i.e. 1.2Mbps)14:48
fidotheas opposed to the 20-40 Mbps I normally get from the EC2 mirrors14:49
pmatulisfidothe: i believe some DNS update was made.  please try again in 15 and report back14:55
fidothepmatulis: will do14:56
fidotheand thanks for the help :-)14:56
jaceknfidothe: TTL was only 60s so if you could try again that would be great15:00
breskHi. I use apache2 and dav_fs for webdav. My webdav share is /var/www/webdav15:19
breskI ran sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/webdav15:20
breskand sudo chmod 755 -R /var/www/webdav15:20
breskIs this configuration secure? My users will upload files and folders, I want to mitigate possible exploits, what should I do?15:20
pmatulisfidothe: ?15:26
fidothepmatulis, jacekn: yup, all seems good now15:27
pmatulisfidothe: wonderful, thanks for helping15:27
fidothepmatulis: thank you guys for fixing it :-)15:27
fidothepmatulis: although i can't help noticing that those IP addresses aren't in AWS' published ranges for eu-central-1. I thought the EC2 mirrors were S3 based...15:31
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designbybeckHas anyone used TeamPass on Ubuntu Server?16:06
maddawg2hey guys.. need some quick help.... I recently installed ubuntu server 14.04 and because I was using a proxy server on the network i was on during the install i set the proxy server18:05
maddawg2however now i moved it to a network without proxy server and i cant get rid of it18:05
maddawg2unset http_proxy doesnt work18:06
maddawg2i'm not sure how the installer sets the proxy server18:06
pmatulismaddawg2: grep /etc for _proxy18:22
Psyclopssome freeradius pros over here?18:27
sarnoldmaddawg2: grep -r name-of-proxy /etc  ?18:27
Psyclopsonly idlers here?18:28
maddawg2oops sorry sarnold i ended uo figuring it out breifly after asking18:30
maddawg2it was in /etc/apt/apt.conf18:30
sarnoldmaddawg2: aha :) nice18:31
maddawg2i thought it was an environment thing18:31
maddawg2not a apt thing18:31
sarnoldPsyclops: irc tends to work best if you ask specific questions...18:31
Psyclopssarnold i know but nobody seems around18:44
Psyclopsin the free radius channel18:44
Psyclopsand e friend of me need serious help18:44
sarnoldPsyclops: but perhaps the expert you need will come by in an hour and see your question; if it remains unasked, it could remain unanswered :)18:45
Psyclopsi already told him18:46
* patdk-wk wont answer pointless questions18:46
Psyclopsbut i still have problem to get an login/pw field for users to authenticate with mysql & dolaradius18:47
Psyclopsthats a part of my friends questions. just posted for you patdk-wk18:47
patdk-wkI don't see any question18:48
patdk-wkI see a part of a *statement*18:48
Psyclopsi have a problem to get an login/pw field for users to authenticate with mysql & dolaradius. how can i do it?18:50
Psyclopsbetter that way?18:50
Psyclopsso ill guide him here18:52
pmatulisPsyclops: even better to describe the actual problem.  not just 'it doesn't work, how do i do it?'18:52
Psyclopsthanks a lot he can explain it much better18:53
sarnoldpastebinning errors and warnings from logs is also very helpful :)18:54
Psyclopsyeah i know :)18:54
Psyclopsso i dont have any probs and i cant post error logs :)18:55
Psyclopsi just told hin to join here18:55
Radius_NoobHi there19:05
Radius_NoobIm in need of urgent help, my future depends on it. Ubuntu 14.04/LAMP/FreeRadius/DaloRadius & (f*cking) HP MSM720 AP-Controller.19:07
Radius_NoobIm in need of urgent help, my future depends on it. Ubuntu 14.04/LAMP/FreeRadius/DaloRadius & (f*cking) HP MSM720 AP-Controller. It's for the Final Exam and i just have problems to get the APC woorking correctly, i didnt get any help in the freeradius chat19:08
geniiI would suggest to probably get off IRC and start studying then.19:09
sarnoldRadius_Noob: as we explained to Psyclops, specific questions are always better than generic pleas for help; there's nothing quite as good as pastebinned logs with error messages and warnings.19:12
sarnoldRadius_Noob: this is worth some bedtime reading :) http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html19:13
* patdk-wk wonders why we should care about radius_noob's future19:15
patdk-wkhmm, that should be loads of fun though :)19:17
patdk-wkwht radius protocol are you using?19:17
Psyclopspatdk-wk may he will guide the world to peace. you never know19:31
Psyclopsits better to be helpfull if you can. afterwards its to late19:32
Radius_NoobOk to specify my problem: Does anyone know or got information how to correctly configure 802.1x Authentication with FreeRadius?19:33
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patdk-wkRadius_Noob, there are like 100+ different *correct* ways19:39
Radius_NoobYeah but i dont find any solution19:40
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ozanhazerHEELP! I increased the innodb_buffer_pool_size and mysql is not starting at all. Ubuntu 15.0421:40
ozanhazerIt's really awkward because I can see the mysqld process21:40
ozanhazerbut it doesn't start-up21:40
mfischcheck /var/log/mysql/error.log21:44
ozanhazernothing in there :(21:50
ozanhazer...or maybe I'm blind :P thanks mfisch21:59
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