elachecheSalut MoorSaracen :) Welcome to #ubuntu-tn09:19
MoorSaracenThnx a lot09:20
elachecheFirst time I here MoorSaracen :) How is the in California today?09:22
MoorSaracenMust I be stuck with 1 nickname each time I log in ?09:22
elachecheNope :) You can change it :)09:23
elachecheuse this command09:23
elacheche /nick newnickname09:23
elachecheMaybe I'm mistaken :) You're from US right?09:24
MoorSaracennear you09:25
MoorSaracenfrom Sousse09:25
elachecheo_O Why you're using an US IP :p09:26
elachecheYou know that am from Sousse.. Do I know you aswell?09:26
MoorSaracenNo, just meeting u on Mailing List..09:27
elachecheOh! I see :)09:28
MoorSaracenand you're following me on twitter09:28
elacheche:D who are you :p09:29
MoorSaracenU don't know me in person & my name is Omar.09:29
MoorSaracen& u r "Anis"09:30
MoorSaracenWhere may I use this command?09:31
* elacheche is back09:42
elachecheYep Am anis :) You can use the command in the same box where you write messages here :) just start the message by /09:43
elachecheSo MoorSaracen.. You're just taking a look at the channel or need help? :D09:52

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