trickvi_Elleo: the question was whether I should include modified copies of the code that generates the database or if I should just include the original text00:00
trickvi_(I noticed that the greek layout only included the original text in the MR00:00
* trickvi_ goes to learn how to push this to launchpad and make an MR00:00
Elleotrickvi_: cool, send me the link when you're done and I'll review it tomorrow00:02
Elleotrickvi_: if you haven't already could you sign the CLA? http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/contributors00:02
trickvi_Elleo: done (except I noticed my email was wrong on the commits)00:14
trickvi_Elleo: I put you as the reviewer so you should have gotten an email00:15
Elleotrickvi_: great, thanks; I'll include it with the others tomorrow00:20
trickvi_Elleo: awesome thanks, I'm resubmitting it to update my email00:27
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anyonebutmeHi, I've got a hold of a Meizu M1 note, after googling a little i found that it's a close cousin of the one that runs ubuntu.02:15
anyonebutmeObviously i came here.02:15
anyonebutmeHas anyone had any expirience with those? any tips, linke etc, would be much appreciated.02:17
anyonebutmeof maybe i should just flash it with cyanogen and come back in a few months when other people bricked their phones for me?02:17
DonkeyHoteianyonebutme: the ubuntu one isn't even public yet02:30
anyonebutmeok... so i should be patient?02:31
anyonebutmeis there a way to try it with less then 90% chance of bricking anything? i'm looking at the debian pages too (https://wiki.debian.org/Mobile) this looks even more theoretical then ubuntu atm.02:32
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rsalvetimorphis: did you have to apply any extra patch to that tree? if not I guess we can try to update the tree for mako/flo so we can at least test the userspace04:14
dholbachgood morning06:30
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Mirvjamesh: FYI the QQuickAsyncImageProvider is now in the overlay PPA so you can start using it for a landing too07:38
jameshMirv: I noticed.  Thanks!07:38
Mirvyou're welcome!07:39
juzzlin_hmm...my Bq 4.5 has suddenly started to switch itself off when there's about 29% of battery left and it won't boot unless I charge it for a while08:23
juzzlin_either the battery status is horribly off or this is somekind of a hardware failure..08:24
popeyjuzzlin_: i think you're right, the battery gauge is inaccurate. I have seen similar this weekend08:53
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Twilight Zone Day! 😃09:06
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dholbachsergiusens, rsalveti: do you know who could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/urfkill/monitor-script/+merge/257592?10:05
DonkeyHoteiso far, i've had no feedback on http://paste.ubuntu.com/10696198/10:07
popeyDonkeyHotei: what you expecting?10:14
DonkeyHoteiif anyone can say whether it gives any clues as to why there is no video playback10:14
popeymaybe poke jhodapp when he wakes10:15
popeyhe's our expert in this area I think.10:15
ogra_well, did you follow the resent ML discussions about video playback in vivid ?10:15
DonkeyHoteibeen a couple weeks since i looked at the ml10:26
DonkeyHoteiogra_: i can't find a relevant thread; what was the title?10:46
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mzanettialecu, hey, you up already?11:12
mzanettiplease ping me when you have some time to help me finding an issue with the app store scope11:13
sturmflut2Argh, some guy managed to flash Android to his Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition using the Android firmware tools supplied by bq for the Android version -> https://askubuntu.com/questions/621971/11:13
alecumzanetti: pong!11:13
jgdxsturmflut2, isn't he allowed?11:14
mzanettialecu, hey ho. so... my wife's BQ keeps on hiding the review part for apps11:14
jgdxsergiusens, hey, could you take a look at the email? Thanks11:15
mzanettishe only can write reviews for like 5 mins after rebooting, then the input box disappears from the store11:15
mzanettialecu, ^11:15
alecumzanetti: yup, we've seen something like that. Let me find the bug...11:15
sturmflut2jgdx: Technically yes, but in reality no. He used a special tool supplied by the SoC vendor to reconfigure the whole internal structure of his phone, it will no longer run Ubuntu in this state and bq hasn't released the necessary configurations to change everything back for Ubuntu.11:17
sturmflut2jgdx: If they had, it would have been possible to buy the Android version of the E4.5 and flash Ubuntu on it.11:18
ogra_sturmflut2, hmm, i thought they had flashtool and images for that on their page ...11:18
ogra_john-mcaleely might know where to find that11:18
sturmflut2ogra_: For the Ubuntu Edition they only have the Manuals, no flashtool. At least AFAICS.11:19
popeysturmflut2: other people have done that11:19
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popeysturmflut2: "studio_" who hangs around here asked them directly for the tool I believe.11:19
john-mcaleelysturmflut2, ogra_ I understand they are still working on publishing them11:20
ogra_sturmflut2, how do you knoe from the askubuntu text that he did that btw ...11:20
alecumzanetti: hmm... I can't find the bug, but I'm pretty sure I saw that bug in the week before the sprint11:20
alecumzanetti: I'll ask dobey when he starts his day.11:20
sturmflut2ogra_: He told me on G+11:20
bqphonegood day, any idea when 15.04 update will reach bqphone?11:20
ogra_well, there is definitely a way to get the tool and image ...11:20
popeybqphone: some weeks.11:20
bqphoneit is some weeks ago :P11:21
sturmflut2ogra_: I'll refer him to the bq customer support then?11:21
jgdxsturmflut2, oh, makes sense11:22
ogra_yeah, i assume thats the best you can do11:22
popeybqphone: its not ready yet11:22
bqphonelets hope it comes soon, thx for the answer11:23
ogra_bqphone, well, better hope it comes stable :P11:23
alecumzanetti: I think it's this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-click/+bug/142171011:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1421710 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "Rating entry form does not appear sometimes" [High,Triaged]11:23
bqphoneogra_ i do :)11:23
* ogra_ prefers stable over soon ;)11:24
bqphoneanother question, any idea when telegram will support audio messages?11:24
mzanettialecu, do you need any logs or something?11:24
robin-heroHi all! Is there any news about today's OTA-3.5 update?11:41
alecumzanetti: no need for logs. I can still reproduce it. I know pstolowski has been working on a some changes to the review code of the click scope to support editing of reviews, so hopefully this will be fixed by it.11:49
mzanettialecu, ack. thanks a lot.11:50
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mzanettimardy, hey, is it intentional that OA deletes all accounts when I reinstall the click package?11:51
pstolowskialecu, I just got review editing working :)11:55
matv1mzanetti just curious: are you possibly referring to the U1 account being deleted?11:59
mzanettimatv1, no, in my case the evernote account12:00
matv1oh ok. a different issue then. thnks12:01
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sturmflut2mzanetti: Ping12:29
mzanettisturmflut2, hey12:29
sturmflut2mzanetti: I'm giving the BayTrail tablet a try again. Do I need any PPAs on top of 15.04 to get the most recent Unity8? Or has development switched to Wily already?12:30
mzanettisturmflut2, you want vivid + ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay for now12:31
dobeyalecu, mzanetti: yes, that's the bug12:31
jgdxwhat's the systemd equivalent for initctl --set-env ? If any12:31
mzanettisturmflut2, although we will probably move to wily soon12:31
mzanettidobey, my wife's bq seems to reproduce that all the time. if I can help with logs or something, let me know12:33
sturmflut2mzanetti: Okay great, thanks. Let's hope I even get to that point and the internal flash doesn't act up again :/12:33
dobeymzanetti: i can as well, on my nexus4, but i still can't tell *why* it's happening exactly. i don't expect that pstolowski's current work will resolve it though.12:35
mzanettiI never saw it on any of my devices, happens 100% for her... really odd12:36
NIN101is there a way to reset the music app, so it reads everything from scratch?12:44
dobeymzanetti: yeah, it's weird. if it's not the preview immediately after submitting the review, and the package is removable, then the widget should be shown.12:44
popeyNIN101: yeah, you can get rid of the mediascanner database and music app cache12:45
sturmflut2mzanetti: Okay, the tablet crashed again while accessing the internal storage. Hooray.12:45
sturmflut2willcooke: Which Intel tablet do you use for your demonstrations?12:45
willcookesturmflut2, erm....12:46
* willcooke thinks12:46
willcookesturmflut2, bear with me, I'll find it12:46
* sturmflut2 can see willcooke running around in his appartment, digging through heaps of mobile devices12:47
willcookesturmflut2, found the order in email :)12:47
popeyNIN101: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11078767/  something like that12:47
mardymzanetti: definitely not, it's not normal; which click package?12:48
willcookesturmflut2,  Acer Aspire P3-171 Core i5 4GB 120GB SSD 11.6 inch Convertible Folding Keyboard Ultrabook12:48
popeyNIN101: then reboot :)12:48
mardymzanetti: ah, is it an account plugin? if so, yes, it's normal12:48
NIN101popey: ok, will try. thanks12:48
willcookesturmflut2, I bought a reconditioned one:  http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_P3-171_Core_i5_4GB_120GB_SSD_11.6_inch_Convertible_Folding_Keyb_a1-NX.M8NEK.001/version.asp12:48
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popeywillcooke: was it a faff to install on?12:49
sturmflut2willcooke: Aaaaah, you have a Core i5! I assumed it was BayTrail and always wondered how you got it to work, because BayTrail is a horrible mess12:49
willcookepopey, sturmflut2 - it was easy to install.. Switched the BIOS to legacy mode and booted of a USB stick12:51
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zbenjamindholbach: liuxg:  sure i'm here13:13
dholbachok cool13:13
zbenjaminliuxg: best would be if you ask your question here again13:13
dholbachso yeah... I don't know which paths can be accessed by apps, I'd say that content-hub is the way to exchange docs between apps13:14
davmor2willcooke: out of interest why did you need to switch to legacy mode?13:14
liuxgdholbach, zbenjamin, I am here as well. a developer is developing a media player for media files. he wants to make use of the "Documents" to save all of the files there.13:14
zbenjamindholbach: but doesn't the contenthub need at least one app that is registered for that type of document?13:14
zbenjaminliuxg: didn't you say a pdf reader?13:14
willcookedavmor2, Not sure that I did, and indeed probably didn't need to - I just did. :)13:14
liuxgzbenjamin, if fact, it is the same for the two apps.13:15
zbenjaminliuxg: yeah because Documents is not the right path for media13:15
davmor2willcooke: fair enough I just wondered if it was strictly necessary :)  so now we'll never know :D13:15
liuxgzbenjamin, he wants to use MTP to copy over files so that the users may start to play the files directly.13:16
willcookedavmor2, if I get time I'll try a normal install13:16
liuxgzbenjamin, dholbach, packaging all of the files are not a doable solution.13:17
zbenjaminjdstrand: kenvandine: could you help with liuxg's request? He needs a way to access files for a) a pfd reader and b) a media player13:17
davmor2willcooke: nice13:17
pstolowskidobey, my review editing changes have nothing to do with that problem13:18
dobeypstolowski: i know13:18
liuxgzbenjamin, jdstrand kenvandine, for android apps, it seems that the app can search for the files and make use of them. Do we have some "PUBLIC" directories which are accessible to all of the apps?13:18
frobshi, could anyone help me?, i have been searching how to define packages dependencies, i.e libpurple-dev, in app installation process but i found nothing, i can define this package dependencies in app creation using .pro file (as in gradle or maven) or i must do this from the c++ application code, thank you13:19
dobeypstolowski: though looking at the code again, depending on what changes you've made, i suppose it's possible that your changes could result in the problem just magically going away13:19
kenvandineliuxg, which directories are you looking for?13:20
dobeyfrobs: click packages do not have dependencies13:20
kenvandineapp confinement limits what apps have access to, which is why we have content-hub13:20
liuxgkenvandine, the developer is developing a PDF reader, and another developer is developing a media players. May I know whether our phone has any directories are accessible to the apps without using contenthub?13:21
dobeyfrobs: if packages are not part of the SDK, then you basically need to include additional libraries in your package and build them along with your app, with appropriate build configuration for how they are installed and the confinement rules your app must follow13:21
dobeyfrobs: libpurple will be problematic without changes13:22
liuxgkenvandine, how about the "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-docviewer-dev/ubuntu-docviewer-app/trunk/view/head:/docviewer.apparmor" docviewer app? it uses "read_path" and "write_path", is the app a special app?13:22
kenvandineliuxg, i not sure, but i know the docviewer uses content-hub now13:22
liuxgkenvandine, I used to work on Symbian, it had some public directories which are accessible to other apps. But each app cannot access other's private directories for sure.13:23
liuxgkenvandine, looking at the .apparmor there, it has the fields. does it violate the security? it is a special case, and we should never promote it to the developers?13:24
frobsdobey: then....i can't install a package from repositories and use it in my app???for example if i want use libpurple i need include in my app the headers and sources of libpurple and call them from c++?13:24
dobeyfrobs: no13:24
kenvandinewe certainly shouldn't promote it to developers13:24
dobeyfrobs: libpurple will need patching and you will need to build it in your app, if you want to use it, yes13:25
kenvandinejdstrand, can you comment?  is docviewer allowed as an exception?13:25
dobeyfrobs: if you are trying to write an IM application, the best thing to do would probably be to work with the messaging-app devs and design team to get it working in there with the telepathy back-ends which already exist on the phone13:25
liuxgkenvandine, is there any C++ APIs for the contenthub? the developer's backend is C++ instead of QML. He is currently developing a common architecture across android, ubuntu and iOS.13:27
kenvandineliuxg, there is a c++ api, but last i heard we didn't want to encourage app devs to use it13:28
frobsdobey: the idea is make a simple IM interfaz and use libpurple and yowsup, and write a whatsapp client13:28
kenvandinenot part of our documented API in the platform13:28
kenvandineand much harder to maintain compatibility13:28
liuxgkenvandine, oh. yeah, that is my understanding. yes, I can only see the Qml API for it.13:28
sturmflut2mzanetti: I enabled all the quirks for the flash storage, now the Ubuntu 15.04 installer crashed while installing GRUB O_o13:29
kenvandineliuxg, perhaps at some point we'll decide to support a c++ API13:29
kenvandinebut not sure13:29
dobeyfrobs: using any client other than the official whatsapp app will result in that client being blocked, and any users of the software getting banned. whatsapp have been quite obvious about that in their actions so far13:30
sturmflut2Not WhatsApp again13:30
liuxgkenvandine, so, in your understanding,  there is no sort of PUBLIC diretories for third party apps?13:30
dobeyfrobs: if you really want whatsapp on ubuntu, your best options is to be vocal about it to whatsapp to port it to ubuntu, and get all your friends who use it to be vocal to whatsapp as well13:30
dobeyfrobs: in other words, show them that they will have a userbase on ubuntu if they port their app13:30
liuxgkenvandine, all of the directories are private and owned by a certain app?13:30
dobeyliuxg: yes, applciations are confined13:31
kenvandineliuxg, nope, and app confinement is a strong benefit provided by our platform13:31
liuxgkenvandine, from end user point of view, it is easy for them to copy over the files to the phone via USB cable.13:31
kenvandinebut it can make things more work for developers13:31
kenvandineso that use case we need to support13:32
kenvandinebut nothing yet13:32
kenvandinewe need content-hub integration for mtp, sdcard, etc13:32
liuxgkenvandine, yeah, this is my understanding too. The docviewer makes me a little confused :) anyway, I think it is an exception.13:32
kenvandineliuxg, i'm not convinced what it's doing even works13:33
liuxgkenvandine, is that a security beak?13:34
kenvandinejdstrand, does that really work?13:35
kenvandinewhat docviewer does?13:35
dobeywhat does docviewer do?13:35
dobeyis it just "unconfined" ?13:35
kenvandineit adds read_path and write_path in the profile13:35
kenvandinebut i didn't think apps could do that there, they have to use the policy groups13:36
frobsdobey: that's probably the smartest choice...but....i am developer :P if a company don't want contribute with my free os i will do for them, I'm not making them lose money, when they do a client for ubuntu phone i remove my app from the store..but...while...13:36
liuxgkenvandine, jdstrand, even it can access it, but "Documents" directory is only accessible by an app, and no other apps can access it unless it is a system app.13:36
liuxgdobey, it is not an unconfined app. it yes, there is no need to define read_path there13:37
kenvandinewe have a special case for music with ~/Music and gallery with ~/Pictures13:37
dobeyfrobs: well, they will ban your app and anyone using it. you will actually be doing a disservice to users by telling them to use it13:37
jedi__hi, i use usb keyboard on ubuntu touch. and I wanto swap caps to ctrl. how can I swap these key ?13:38
jedi__I found keymap file on /android/sytem. but this directory is read-only ...13:39
dobeyi don't know if that's possible13:39
dobeyunless maybe there's some way to do it with udev config or something13:40
jedi__uhm. thanks. i will search 'udev' keyword.13:41
frobsdobey: I will not supplicate to a company ... I do nothing better, thank you for the information :)13:42
dobeyfrobs: better yet, get people to switch to telegram :)13:43
liuxgkenvandine, if we use contenthub, normally, it copies over the files, right?13:49
liuxgdobey, if we use content hub to select files, normally the files are copied over to the private directories, right?13:51
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* jdstrand reads backscroll13:52
dobeyliuxg: that's a question for kenvandine13:52
liuxgdobey, jdstrand, kenvandine, if the file is copied over, for the case a big video, basically, it duplicate the space.13:53
kenvandineliuxg, usually not13:53
rsalvetidholbach: I will take a look at the urfkill MR later today13:53
kenvandineit's a link13:53
rsalvetidholbach: need to upload that to wily and vivid (overlay ppa)13:53
kenvandineif the link fails, then it's a copy13:53
kenvandinewhich should only happen across file systems13:54
kenvandineso rare13:54
liuxgkenvandine, I once used contenthub to get a picture, I got a local copy of the file.13:54
kenvandineare you sure it wasn't a hardlink?13:54
kenvandineit would have only been a copy if it crossed between file systems13:54
liuxgkenvandine, I just found that there was a file there. the was long time ago. I need to double check this.13:55
kenvandinei bet it was a hardlink13:55
dholbachrsalveti, thanks a bunch!13:55
liuxgkenvandine, what do you mean by crossing between file systems13:55
kenvandinei test that often13:55
kenvandineif the content is transfered from a different file system13:56
dobeyliuxg: opening something from an SD card for example13:56
seb128kenvandine, what if you use a gallery image as bg and then delete it from the image collection?13:56
dobeykenvandine: why doesn't it use soft links instead?13:56
kenvandineit deletes the link13:56
jdstrandliuxg, kenvandine: as mentioned, we have special cases for the music-app (~/Music), gallery (~/Pictures) and, yes, document viewer (~/Documents)13:56
liuxgkenvandine, dobey ,  oh, if we select a file from SD card, it will make a copy of it?13:56
jdstrandkenvandine: yes, it does 'work' from a technological POV13:56
kenvandineliuxg, yes13:56
jdstrandliuxg: and no, we should not promote that to developers13:56
jdstrandthis is what content-hub is for13:57
liuxgkenvandine, what happens if the video file is very big, duplicating it will waste a lot of space for it.13:57
kenvandinedobey, i think a hardlink, apparmor reasons13:57
sturmflut2popey: Is it April 1st again or is this ChillHub thing real13:57
kenvandineliuxg, eventually we'd want the app to have access to it's own space on the sd card13:57
kenvandineso it doesn't have to copy it13:57
jdstrandthat said, music-app in particular has other exceptions and we don't have a good way to allow a 3rd party music player (well, it can access its siloed data of course, but not ~/Music for example)13:58
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liuxgkenvandine, ok. so, eventually, only hardlinks, right?13:58
kenvandinewell it'll be supported, depending on what the app wants to do13:58
kenvandinelike often the app decides where to put the imported content13:59
kenvandineif it needs to persist13:59
liuxgkenvandine, currently, between different systems, we copy files, right?13:59
kenvandineliuxg, yes14:00
liuxgjdstrand, so, there is no PUBLIC directories accessible to any other apps, right? all directories are private?14:00
jdstrandliuxg: yes, by design. it was a security nightmare on android and they've been trying to move away for it for years14:00
kissielMirv, hi! Another Checkbox-Touch release done :)14:01
kenvandineliuxg, in our model all content is owned by an app, it isn't about public vs. private really14:01
sturmflut2popey: Can we do anything to prevent the logical next step, the Ubuntu Toilet?14:01
kenvandinejust the content belongs to an app, and you have to use that app to gain access to it14:01
jdstrandthat's a better way to put it14:01
jdstrandapps own their data14:02
tsdgeoswhere do i open the bug for http://i.imgur.com/SDToNJK.png ?14:02
jdstrandand user driven interactions permit data sharing14:02
liuxgwhich app owns the "Music" and "Documents" for example14:02
kissielMirv, or should I bother popey instead :)14:02
kenvandinethose aren't great examples, because we've allowed them to use the old paradigm14:03
dobeytsdgeos: that's on current vivid-proposed?14:03
tsdgeosdobey: it's what i got this morning yeah14:03
tsdgeosaccount-plugin-ubuntuone it seems14:03
jdstrandliuxg: those are imperfect examples, but basically, music-app owns ~/Music and the doc viewer ~/Documents14:03
jdstrandliuxg: those are special cases14:03
dobeytsdgeos: ubuntuone-credentials is the source package, but it's probably a toolkit bug14:03
tsdgeosdobey: not really14:04
liuxgjdstrand, then Docviewer does not need to use "read_path" and "write_path", right?14:04
tsdgeosdobey: i just had a look at the code and is clearly a bug in the code14:04
dobeytsdgeos: how is it a bug in the code?14:04
liuxgjdstrand, this concept is a little bit difficult to developers. I will try to explain this to the developers.14:04
dobeytsdgeos: what device is that on?14:04
popeykissiel: wassup?14:04
jdstrandliuxg: it does, because the apparmor template policy doesn't allow that exception14:04
tsdgeosdobey: the label is anchored to the left, not to the right, so it will just take as much width as needed14:05
kissielpopey, another release of checkbox-touch14:05
kissielpopey, url to click: https://launchpad.net/checkbox-touch/trunk/1.1.3/+download/com.ubuntu.checkbox_1.1.3_multi.click notes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11079664/14:05
jdstrandliuxg: it is much easier to not hold up the exception as the example for others :)14:05
dobeytsdgeos: hmm, ok; well ubuntuone-credentials is the package to file the bug against14:05
liuxgjdstrand, yes, I agree with you14:05
jdstrandliuxg: there is quite a bit of documentation on all of this:14:06
liuxgjdstrand, yes, I have read all of them :)14:06
jdstrandsure, I meant for the other guys14:07
liuxgjdstrand, it would be good to have an online training for this. a video would be very good for the purpose.14:07
jdstranddpm: fyi ^14:08
liuxgjdstrand, especially, a lot of new developers are very hard to follow it. they need to change their mind to take our ways to handle something which is different on other platforms.14:08
tsdgeosdobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-credentials/+bug/1453830 thanks :)14:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1453830 in ubuntuone-credentials (Ubuntu) "Sign in to ubuntu one text runs outside the screen" [Undecided,New]14:09
jdstrandliuxg: it isn't drastically different from Apple14:09
jdstrandit is different from android, but android wasn't designed with these things in mind14:10
liuxgjdstrand, yes, that is the way I tell developers so that it can be easily understood.14:10
jdstrandwell, I would point them at https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/14:10
jdstrandif they read the trust model section, everything else falls into place14:11
liuxgjdstrand, we are facing some desktop and android developers. we need to highlight this to them.14:11
jdstrandoh yes, this is very different from traditional linux desktop14:11
jdstrand(by design)14:11
jdstrandbut, like I said, a few key concepts like our trust model should really go a long way on why we do things and how to work with the system14:12
liuxgjdstrand, in fact, I designed a sample to output all of the variables at http://blog.csdn.net/ubuntutouch/article/details/4128197114:12
popeykissiel: done14:13
kissielpopey, tyvm! :)14:13
jdstrandliuxg: you know, our hello-world click should do that. in snappy we have that. after installing on a snappy system, you run 'hello-world.env' and can see everything14:13
jdstrandliuxg: or just upload your app :)14:14
liuxgjdstrand, it is interesting. I do not know that. yeah, you can upload my app for sure. It is there bzr branch lp:~liu-xiao-guo/debiantrial/runtimeevn14:14
jdstrandliuxg: I'll let you upload it if you want-- it is quite satisfying getting one's app in the store (it is quite easy)14:15
liuxgjdstrand, ok, I will try to do that for sure :)14:16
liuxgjdstrand, I will let you know it.14:17
studio_popey, if someone is asking again for the flash-tools for the bq e4.5, they can find them on http://www.bq.com/gb/products/aquaris-e4-5.html14:17
popeystudio_: thanks14:17
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studio_popey, if the peoples want to flash back, they can download the firmware from her: http://www.ubuntugear.com/2015/02/first-ubuntu-phone-official-firmware.html or use their own scatter.txt after they built the kernel from the git.14:46
robin-herohi! Is there anyi info about today's OTA update? sil210014:49
davmor2robin-hero: it's not today, it was monday/tuesday and that is for feedback from bq then we release and it will be staggered updates again14:51
sil2100robin-hero: hey! Still waiting for feedback :)14:52
robin-herodavmor2: sil2100: Thanks. :) I'm really looking for it. :)14:52
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studio_hi Benno-007 :)15:17
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* kissiel is away: gym16:00
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DonkeyHotei!seen jhodapp16:17
ubot5I have no seen command16:17
jhodappDonkeyHotei, what's up?16:18
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2015-05-11 03:15:04 AM PDT] <popey> maybe poke jhodapp when he wakes16:18
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2015-05-11 03:15:10 AM PDT] <popey> he's our expert in this area I think.16:18
jhodappDonkeyHotei, have a specific issue?16:19
DonkeyHoteivideo playback on hammerhead16:19
jhodappDonkeyHotei, it's the nexus5 right?16:19
DonkeyHoteithis happens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10696198/16:20
DonkeyHoteiogra_ said it was mentioned on the mailing list but i did not see that16:20
jhodappDonkeyHotei, what codec are you trying?16:21
jhodappfor video16:21
DonkeyHoteijust a sec16:21
jhodappDonkeyHotei, it looks like it's not configuring the hardware codec properly16:23
DonkeyHoteiexactly where is the bad code?16:23
jhodappDonkeyHotei, I don't have a N5 so of course this is hard for me to reproduce16:24
DonkeyHoteii can reproduce it at will16:25
jhodappDonkeyHotei, well tough to say, but it would most likely be either in our code that lives on the Android side that calls MediaCodec::configure() or the gstamchybris plugin16:25
jhodappDonkeyHotei, gstamchybris code: https://github.com/jhodapp/gst-plugins-bad16:25
jhodappDonkeyHotei, take a look in sys/androidmedia16:26
DonkeyHoteiconsidering the latter works on other hardware, you think the former is more likely?16:26
jhodappDonkeyHotei, other hardware issues have usually been in gstamchybris16:26
jhodappDonkeyHotei, things like making sure the right codec config data is passed in or making sure the right number of input buffers or their sizes are used, etc16:27
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: where exactly in plugins-bad is gstamchybris?16:31
jhodappDonkeyHotei, let me know if I can point things out, have to run for now16:36
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: how do i play from the cmdline so i can see the gst msgs?16:36
jhodappDonkeyHotei, bzr branch lp:media-hub and check out the README in there16:36
jhodappDonkeyHotei, make sure to "stop media-hub" first16:36
jhodappDonkeyHotei, then add GST_DEBUG=*:3 or whatever else you want to that line from the README to get the gstreamer messages16:37
* jhodapp bbiab16:37
DonkeyHotei0:00:17.809332025 13802 0xb2528100 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3470:gst_base_src_start_complete:<source> pad not activated yet16:48
DonkeyHotei0:00:17.828363015 13802 0xb2e02d20 WARN                 qtdemux qtdemux_types.c:202:qtdemux_type_get: unknown QuickTime node type iods16:48
DonkeyHotei0:00:20.919490356 13802 0xb241f100 FIXME                    bin gstbin.c:4023:gst_bin_query: implement duration caching in GstBin again16:48
DonkeyHotei0:02:01.026177819 13802 0xb241f100 WARN                 playbin gstplaybin2.c:5426:setup_next_source:<playbin> error: No URI set16:48
DonkeyHoteibool gstreamer::Playbin::set_state_and_wait(GstState): requested state change.16:49
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: ^16:49
peat-psuwitawe: ping17:04
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awepeat-psuwit, how can I help you?17:15
peat-psuwitawe: I'm thinking of the way to implement multi-sim on my device in ofono. (You remembed qcom-msim plugin, right?)17:20
peat-psuwitCould you give me some hint about where should I do that?17:21
aweyes, I remember.  We merged your changes, but haven't yet released a new ofono to our overlay PPA yet.  That should happen later this month17:21
awepeat-psuwit, it really depends on how your device implemented dual-SIM17:21
awemy suggestion would be to look at the mtk plugin, and associated mtkmodem driver17:22
awethere are many device-specific assumptions made in that code17:22
awe( ie. the SIM can't be accessed with the radio of )17:22
aweis your device the same as BQ's dual-standby?17:23
awecan it have a phone call using one SIM, and data call using the other SIM?17:23
awealso, the big question is how does it expose dual-SIM from ril?17:24
aweis everything done via a single socket, or are there two sockets available like BQ?17:24
peat-psuwitawe: At least, there is 2 ril socket in /dev/socket17:24
aweok, that's good news17:25
aweI would suggest starting a wiki page, or a google doc, and start documenting some of this17:25
aweand honestly, as the BQ phone is our only dual-SIM implementation to date, it's probably the best place to start17:26
aweyou already had to create a device plugin, and new driver type17:26
aweso you've got some of the basic structure already in place17:26
peat-psuwitawe: Using Android to observe it's behavior?17:28
jhodappDonkeyHotei, that's all benign stuff17:32
awepeat-psuwit, yes.. that's how you should be able to confirm messaging flows, quirks, ...17:32
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: anything in particular i should look for?17:33
jhodappDonkeyHotei, I'd debug around the call to *configure*17:34
peat-psuwitawe: Thank you for your sugestion!17:35
aweyour welcome17:37
peat-psuwitawe: By the way, my changes will eventually land in image after they land in overlay PPA, right?17:37
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: when is that called?17:38
jhodappDonkeyHotei, right when a video is getting setup to be played17:38
awepeat-psuwit, yes17:38
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: GST_DEBUG=*:3 isn't enough?17:39
jhodappDonkeyHotei, line 130 of http://paste.ubuntu.com/10696198/ is really the thing to figure out why it's failing to initialize/configure17:40
* peat-psuwit plans to remove quirks from device tarball after that17:40
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: i did GST_DEBUG=*:3 and those were the only debug msgs17:42
jhodappDonkeyHotei, http://docs.gstreamer.com/display/GstSDK/Basic+tutorial+11%3A+Debugging+tools17:43
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: how do i stop media-hub-server?17:56
jhodappDonkeyHotei, stop media-hub17:56
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: http://danielg4.drivehq.com/typescript.xz18:04
jhodappDonkeyHotei, ?18:04
DonkeyHoteithe debug log18:04
jhodappDonkeyHotei, can you generate that again removing the color from the output?18:05
jhodappDonkeyHotei, google for the flag to remove that, I forget how offhand18:06
peat-psuwitjhodapp: Any progress for my patch? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-plugins-bad1.0/+bug/145238618:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1452386 in gst-plugins-bad1.0 (Ubuntu) "[gst-hybris] Support COLOR_QCOM_FormatYVU420SemiPlanar32m color format." [Undecided,New]18:09
jhodapppeat-psuwit, not yet18:19
jhodapppeat-psuwit, I'll mark it as in progress when I'm working on it18:19
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: ok, redownload, same url18:20
jhodappDonkeyHotei, a quick glance shows this:18:30
jhodapp0:00:21.289290305  4271 0xab202120 DEBUG                qtdemux qtdemux.c:7697:qtdemux_parse_trak:<qtdemux0> found avcC codec_data in stsd18:30
jhodappDonkeyHotei, I bet there's something we're not quite configuring correctly for avcC codec_data18:31
DonkeyHoteiogg theora fails too18:31
jhodappDonkeyHotei, that's expected, probably no hardware decoder for that18:31
jhodappDonkeyHotei, http://aviadr1.blogspot.com/2010/05/h264-extradata-partially-explained-for.html18:32
DonkeyHoteijhodapp: that is frustrating18:35
jhodappDonkeyHotei, do you have any experience with video stuff?18:35
jhodappat this lower level I mean18:36
DonkeyHoteisome, but little with gstreamer18:36
jhodappDonkeyHotei, take a look at the last few commits for this, I think those might give you some good clues on things to try: https://github.com/jhodapp/gst-plugins-bad18:37
jhodappDonkeyHotei, you'll see some changes by Alfonso (abeato) to fix some issues for other hardware18:38
DonkeyHoteii see added constants, no clue where to get them18:40
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samuelHI guys i did phablet-dev-bootstrap phablet but now i keep getting Invalid-Clone20:35
samuelAnyone Here?20:42
samuelAnyone Here?20:42
wxl!ask | samuel20:42
ubot5samuel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:42
samuelDoes anyone Know how to fix the Invalid clone Error?20:43
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:48
samuelIm being patient. I found a question but theres no answer.,20:52
ahayzenHi, I just switched developer mode back to off and noticed that I can still SSH into my device but I cannot (correctly) adb... is there something else I need to do to stop SSH or is this a bug?21:08
rsalvetionce enabled ssh will always be running, but as it needs your own key, it's safe21:09
rsalvetiif you want to disable it, you need to manually disable via property21:09
ahayzenrsalveti, ok thanks just wanted to check :) ... which property do i have to change?21:09
rsalvetijust use sudo setprop persist.service.ssh false21:10
ahayzenand it should come back on if i reenabled developer mode?21:10
ogra_hmm, it shouldnt be on21:11
ogra_unless you used android-gadget-service to enable it21:11
rsalvetiogra_: is the developer mode taking care of that as well?21:11
ogra_phablet-shell immediately stops the server on disconnect21:11
rsalvetiwell /etc/init/ssh-property-watcher.conf21:11
ogra_no, developer mode doesnt touch ssh at all21:11
rsalvetiI always have it running on my devices21:11
rsalvetinot only with phablet-shell21:11
ogra_you either enable it via android--gadget-service or phablet-shell enables it21:12
ahayzeni've used phablet-shell21:12
ahayzenits probably from that then21:12
rsalvetiright, but it doesn't stop the service21:12
rsalvetijust sets the property21:12
ogra_well, it should disable it afterwards if it was not running before21:12
ogra_it doesnt use the property at all21:12
rsalvetiogra_: it uses it to start ssh21:13
rsalveti    CMD="sudo -u phablet bash -c '/usr/bin/gdbus call -y \21:13
rsalveti        -d com.canonical.PropertyService -o /com/canonical/PropertyService \21:13
rsalveti        -m com.canonical.PropertyService.SetProperty ssh ${1}'"21:13
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ogra_yeah, just looking at that21:13
ogra_why doesnt it turn it off though21:14
ogra_# turn off ssh access again21:14
ogra_[ -n "$SSH_RUNNING" ] || toggle_ssh false21:14
ahayzen...pulling out the USB cable with phablet-shell running wouldn't have any affect right?21:15
rsalvetiI think it only stops it the first time you enable it21:15
rsalvetiif you enable and reboot, the property will always be set21:15
rsalvetiso ssh will always be running21:15
rsalvetiso if disabling was the goal, it might need some changes21:16
ogra_rsalveti, if you properly disconnect sshd is stopped ... just tested that here21:22
ogra_but yeah, yanking out the cable will indeed leave it set ... or adb reboot21:22
rsalvetiand once set, it will always be on21:22
ogra_since we have no chance to stop it in that case21:22
ogra_not for me here at least21:23
rsalveti[ -n "$SSH_RUNNING" ] || toggle_ssh false21:23
ogra_it gets properly disabled if i exit the shell21:23
rsalvetiwill always fail21:23
rsalvetibecause the property is set21:23
ogra_doesnt matter21:23
rsalvetias ssh would be running before already21:23
ogra_we check before we enev touch andything21:23
ogra_if it runs before we dont start it or stop it21:24
ogra_if it didnt run before we stop it21:24
rsalvetiexactly, that's what I said above21:24
rsalvetiif you run adb reboot and let the property set21:24
rsalvetiit will always be on21:24
ogra_right, but it should never run before21:24
rsalvetiphablet-shell, adb reboot21:24
ogra_right, that would keep it running ... like yanking the cable would21:25
ogra_but only that21:25
ogra_if you properly disconnect from the shell it will be turned off21:25
ogra_there isnt much we can do about the pulling of the cable though ...21:25
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ogra_unless we move logic into udev21:26
rsalvetiI actually use this feature lol21:26
rsalvetior bug I guess21:26
ogra_ahayzen, if you feel like, file a bug ...21:26
ogra_yeah, more a bug that turned secretly into a feature :)21:26
ahayzenogra_, against which project?21:27
ogra_against the phablet-tools package21:27
ogra_(project ubuntu indeed :) )21:27
ahayzenand to confirm the bug is that if you pull the cable out while running phablet-shell SSH remains open?21:27
ahayzencool, will do :)21:27
ogra_or if you adb reboot ...21:27
ogra_rsalveti, oh, btw, my first snap/click integration project ... http://i.imgur.com/CB5QZg8.png ;)21:29
rsalvetiogra_: nice21:30
ogra_snappy IRC bot acting as the backend to a phone client app ...21:30
ogra_i plan to integrate that with notifications for pings ;)21:30
rsalvetiyeah, that would be awesome21:30
trickvi_Elleo: oh I just bumped into your name today out of the blue and noticed you created Podbird. One of the first apps I installed on my phone and really like!21:31
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=== salem_ is now known as _salem
ahayzenogra_, rsalveti, bug 1453970 hope i've put enough/correct info in :)21:31
ubot5bug 1453970 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "While running phablet-shell if the cable is disconnected or adb reboot is run, SSH continues running" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145397021:31
Elleotrickvi_: cool :)21:31
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ogra_ahayzen, thanks !21:31
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LostSoulHi community, I have some problems when I use startup in Ubuntu.. It's too slow. Any suggestion ??21:41
ogra_LostSoul, you mean your phone boots to slow ?21:43
LostSoulthanks ogra, yes, how can I improve this?21:43
ogra_does it take more than 30sec to 1min ?21:44
ogra_(there is not much chance to get below that)21:44
LostSoulmore than a minute21:44
ogra_what phone is that =21:44
ogra_hmm, did you tinker with the system in any way ?21:46
ogra_making it writable or anything like that ?21:46
ogra_it definitely booots in under (or around) 1min normally21:46
ogra_in the default setup that is21:46
ogra_no guarantees for anything if you made it writable though ...21:48
ogra_(or used apt on it or some such)21:48
ogra_hmm, seems i lost the Lost soul ...21:51
rsalvetiit's waaaaaaaay faster that any other android phone I ever had21:54
rsalvetidecided to boot the older galaxy nexus I have, and omg21:54
ogra_well, but he said above 1min21:54
rsalvetitook like 5 minutes haha21:54
ogra_thats pretty unusual ...21:54
ogra_iirc we are around 45-55sec21:54
rsalvetiunless something changed in the rootfs (by making it rw), it'd only happen after an update as a result of apparmor21:55
rsalvetior if unity8/usc is crashing during boot21:55
ogra_too bad he is gone ... :)21:55
ogra_would have been interesting to knwo what channel, if it is writable etc21:56

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