mapppshi all03:04
knightwisemorning mapps05:27
shaunomorning knightwise05:53
shaunotrying to install spotify on windows.  it's not going so well  heh05:57
shaunoand that took a little under 45 minutes :|06:12
RogersBlantMorning; noob (gawd, hate that word!) here; q re replacement HDD and 14.04 LTS installation, any takers?06:29
nigelbTry asking first?06:33
RogersBlantMorning Nigel - I did, pls see above :)06:33
nigelbRogersBlant: What's your question? I don't see anything in scollback.06:34
RogersBlantoFair enough :) My HDD is dying, so I've ordered a new one, it's due later today (Toshiba Satellite C855-29M laptop). problem is that this is the first brand new fresh out of the wrapping HDD I've worked with, and need to know if there are pitfals to avoid when formattting it?06:35
nigelbThe last time I had to do this, there really wasn't any big pitfalls I hit that I can remember.06:36
nigelbSo, I don't think so.06:36
nigelbBut then, the last I did this was a year ago.06:36
RogersBlantthat's a relief, thanks :) Just to clarify, though, I'm going to be using a bootable thumb drive with 14.04 LTS on it - previously, I've overwritten an existing filesystem (Fat32, then replaced with EXT3 when FAT fell over), the 14.04 installer will cope with a fresh HDD?06:38
nigelbSo, I don't remember having trouble with this.06:39
nigelbI mean, logically, it shouldn't have a problem.06:39
nigelbThe installer is able to format harddisks anyway.06:39
nigelbthe fact that it's new shouldn't make a difference to it.06:39
RogersBlantoutstanding, many thanks indeed :)06:39
MooDoomorning all06:59
directhexthe installer will just create a fresh partition table and go from there. new disks are unformatted.07:02
RogersBlantah, cool, thanks :)07:11
popeyGood morning all!07:54
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:08
davmor2Morning all today is brought to you by the Letter L, For layla, lola and Liberian girl08:10
zmoylan-piand the number ∞08:12
davmor2my wife said she was going to watch Blues Brothers I said not without me so now she is going to watch lost boys so I also have that ost running around in my head08:13
TwistedLucidityThey're going to remake Lost Boys08:14
TwistedLucidity^ prediction08:14
davmor2time to kill all the film producers then08:19
zmoylan-piyeah, just means they'll hire some nobody to produce... cheaper too probably08:28
davmor2Last fire will rise behind those eyes.....08:38
foobarrym0nkey_: tht08:57
foobarrythat was me on 11s08:57
foobarryfaceb99k keeps saying "waiting for 1-edge-chat.facebook.com"09:01
foobarrythink they turned off too much chat09:01
foobarryeven on their own site09:01
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Twilight Zone Day! 😃09:06
davmor2\o/ JamesTait twiglets09:08
zmoylan-pishatner on a plane!! \o/09:09
davmor2JamesTait: the thing that scares me is that an entire generation will be cheering thinking this is a new sequel to a teenage vampire flick09:14
JamesTaitOr a rehash of the X-Files.09:15
zmoylan-pithey are doing more x-files09:15
JamesTaitI know! 🙌09:15
zmoylan-piby the end was anyone watching x-files?09:15
* JamesTait does a little dance.09:15
JamesTaitI think I was, but it's a long time ago.09:16
zmoylan-pii started watching it again and seemed to have missed a lot of episodes from 7 onwards09:17
zmoylan-pi*season 709:17
JamesTaitI wonder if I still have them on DVD.09:20
zmoylan-piit was funny listening to the lone gunmen talking about how the feds were eavsdropping on everything09:25
davmor2the thing I find most amusing about the x-file is in really life their beliefs are reversed, Mulder is the doubter and Scully the believer :D10:00
zmoylan-piwas good scifi in it's day10:23
davmor2zmoylan-pi: that and twin peaks and the outer limits  I think those were the 3 weird thing on tv then weren't they :D10:25
zmoylan-pimillenium and dark skies too10:25
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no those were newer10:25
zmoylan-piouter limits was mid 90s too.10:27
davmor2zmoylan-pi: ah no millennium was 90's I thought it was 00's10:28
zmoylan-pisaw a few episodes of twin peaks but it was too weird for me10:28
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knightwisemorning peeps11:22
diddledanarta noon11:38
diddledanjeebers - 5TB WD Elephants USB3.0 drive for 119.9911:45
diddledanmethinks somewhat shy of a WD RED drive for NAS use11:46
diddledanthey like using their greenies11:46
diddledanlast WD NAS all-in-one unit I bought was a greenie11:46
popey\o/ re-heated left-over lasagne for lunch11:46
diddledanexcuse that it's graham clueless, but funny: http://www.welivesecurity.com/2015/05/11/hacker-execution11:54
MooDoodiddledan: i've got 2x WD reds for my storage server, they see ok :D12:00
diddledanMooDoo: yeah, I'm using reds in mine12:00
MooDoodiddledan: mine are just mirrored12:00
diddledanI've got 4 in a RAIDZ (ZFS-based RAID5 equiv)12:01
MooDoonice, my server isn't that new so it'll only hangle 2 drives12:02
MooDooand only max of 1tb lol12:02
zmoylan-pi1tb... remember when 1tb was a lot? :-)12:03
zmoylan-pii think you can buy usb drives that big now.  but you'd need deep pockets for next few years12:06
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moreatiA snip at £676 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc7k-DwrITI&feature=youtu.be12:10
moreatier, I mean  http://www.amazon.co.uk/HyperX-DataTraveler-Predator-1TB-DTHXP30/dp/B00E65QM8O12:10
davmor2moreati: how do12:13
moreatidavmor2: fine thanks, good to see you're alive still12:14
diddledanbyeck that's a big flashy stick12:15
elfyI'd buy 10 - but it's grey12:16
zmoylan-piusb chunky...12:16
zmoylan-piand they only have 7 in stock12:16
knightwiseyo peeps12:21
shaunoI Think he's stuck in a loop ;)12:28
zmoylan-pistand back, i'm an engineer... ::thumps knightwise's connection::12:29
davmor2zmoylan-pi: that's not gonna work here use this hammer12:34
zmoylan-pino no, first a thump, THEN the hammer, THEN the big hammer12:34
zmoylan-pibut it is acceptable to use a fubar in an emergency12:35
* davmor2 lines up his hammers muhahahahahahahaha12:35
diddledanour procedure for recycling dead hard disks involves a hammer12:39
zmoylan-pii keep meaning to shoot dead drives with bow and arrow after a hammering to be sure to be sure12:40
popeyI just dd zeroes over them12:43
zmoylan-piwhat if they're not running well enough to 0 like that?12:44
shaunouse a sharpie12:45
zmoylan-piand write really really small? :-)12:45
shaunoyes :)12:45
zmoylan-pijust remember to use permanent marker otherwise it would just be silly :-)12:45
shaunoactually, I bet platers could make for some pretty spirographs.  platter, spirograph & the pointy end of a compass12:46
popeyi usually dismantle them12:50
popeyand maybe scratch the disks a bit and put them in different bins12:51
popeyi haven't had many drives die though, which is surprising given how many I own.12:51
zmoylan-pii have had drives of every make, ilk and type fail.  some spectacurally12:51
diddledanmaxtor ftw!12:52
shaunoI've only tried that once.  I wanted to fire it up with the cover off so I could see how fast thousands of rpm actually is12:52
zmoylan-piat my first job they did open 5-10mb hard drives to fix them...12:54
zmoylan-piwhen they cost a few grand it was worth the effort12:54
TwistedLucidityI've put my HDD in a vice to compress the data...12:56
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diddledanfolks, this is fun: https://poststatus.com/the-trojan-emoji/14:11
diddledanin other words: hoh lee pancake (crape)14:12
diddledanI can't spel foreign words14:12
zmoylan-piwhich is most of english so you do have a problem... :-P14:13
davmor2diddledan: or words would of been enough there :D14:13
diddledandavmor2: >.<14:14
diddledanseriously though, that is a scary article14:14
diddledanthe entire world was broken for years14:15
davmor2diddledan: people have been using windows for decades of course the world is broken :P14:20
zmoylan-pithis is the os they use on british subs isn't it?14:24
diddledanit took me ages to realise that todo was something you needed to do rather than some random thing that I had no clue what it was "what is a toedoe[phonetic]?"14:25
zmoylan-pia person i worked with yonks back pronounced menu minu to the confusion of all.  was very inspector closeau14:26
diddledanzmoylan-pi: they use windows nt on the subs14:26
zmoylan-pithat's... reassuring... sortof... not really...14:26
davmor2diddledan: todo it's like a dojo for origami right?14:26
diddledanas in nt4 (the recent subs) or maybe even 3.51 :-p14:27
zmoylan-pirunning ie3 for interface...14:27
diddledandavmor2: I figured it was something to do with feet14:27
diddledanie3? you mean mosaic, right?14:28
diddledanI remember we had mosaic installed on one pc at school - that was the internet pc14:28
diddledanhad a dialup modem14:28
zmoylan-pii had arachne dos browser installed on a 286 with 640k of ram.  boy did that take a while...14:29
diddledanafter I left in 1999 they actually decided to update the network with a proper shared internet connection (adsl I believe)14:29
diddledanback in those days a proxy server was almost a requisite due to the bandwidth issues of going over the wan14:30
diddledanMS ISA server prolly14:30
diddledanthat's an acronym for "Internet Security and Acceleration"14:31
davmor2diddledan: Industry Standard Architecture surely15:08
MartijnVdSdavmor2: from way back?15:14
diddledandavmor2: not the proxy server, no15:48
diddledanthe proxy server was/is Internet Security and Acceleration as I said15:49
zmoylan-pisome vague weird name.  does sound very microsofty15:50
MartijnVdSacceleration. hah16:06
zmoylan-piwell, compared to it's normal speed...16:06
zmoylan-pia shared isdn line for an office... the bytes really flew...16:13
diddledanespecially in split-line mode where someone's using the second line for a voice call16:14
diddledanI remember when 36kbps dialup was fast16:15
foobarryis prometheus any good? was on telly last night16:15
diddledanfoobarry: I enjoyed it but I'm not a movie snob16:15
diddledanfoobarry: I have friends that prolly hate it because they are16:15
elfywhich is as good as any reason to watch it :p16:17
diddledanI tend to find something enjoyable in most hollywood stuff16:18
diddledanI don't actively look for shod in a movie to prove that I'm oh so awesome because I saw that the story doesn't quite tie-in with science16:19
diddledanit must be really difficult for some of these people who mark movies as "the worst thing since JFK" or some such to live with their huge egos16:20
foobarryigenerally don't like hollywood stuff due to lack of story and character16:20
foobarrybut i'm open to seeing if i like it16:20
zmoylan-pihollywood has a tendency to cover up lack of plot with cgi16:21
diddledanreally I think prometheus is more of a stepping stone into a new story arc in the same universe as alien - it provides a bit of genesis for the alien creatures as a crossover and then goes it's own way to lay down characters for the parallel story16:22
diddledanof course I'll admit that the alien vs predator films were bad bad16:22
diddledana shocking attempt at monetising two products in one outing16:23
zmoylan-pithe books were good16:24
zmoylan-pi_for_ cheesy pulp scifi16:24
foobarrythis C,H.I.P $9 kickstarter16:26
foobarrywhats the shipping to UK?16:27
zmoylan-pithe pocketchip looks very interesting16:27
zmoylan-pisomeone said #2016:27
zmoylan-pibut i'm sure someone will stock locally if they are successful16:27
Laneystudent loan -> direct debit16:54
Laneythis sucker is nearly paid off16:54
elfyindeed \o/16:56
davmor2Laney: \o/16:56
zmoylan-piyou'll be able to afford brand name noodles!! \o/ :-)16:56
LaneyI say nearly but it's actually like 11 months16:56
davmor2Laney: in comparison to the how many years you have been paying it?16:57
Laneygraduated in 200816:57
elfythat's nearly enough to call it nearly in my book16:58
davmor2Laney: yeah 11 months is close enough to nearly then :)16:58
diddledanless than a year ftw!16:58
LaneyDon't know why these shenanigans are necessary16:59
LaneySLC only learns how much you've paid from HMRC once per year16:59
zmoylan-pigot to control those rebellious students...16:59
Laneyso you can end up overpaying until they get told the next april ...16:59
Laneycan't possibly imagine how this could be done differently ...17:00
davmor2Laney: you realise of course that as soon as it is paid off, you will get spam mail off every credit card known to man plus every car company as your credit rating goes through the roof :D17:02
LaneyI'll be locking it away in a very safe cash isa for the forseeable17:03
Laneyuntil I can buy that van and take a decade off to go climbing in the USA17:03
diddledana decade?!17:03
davmor2Laney: you'll want something a bit more comfy than a van :D17:03
Laney(one month)17:04
davmor2Laney: you're not married are you?17:04
Laney(okay, okay, I'll go for a weekend before a sprint)17:04
Laney(don't sack me!)17:04
davmor2see how I can tell17:04
Laneytake off with your beloved to climb every day17:05
Laneywhat could be better?17:05
davmor2Laney: no it was more you had money you could put in an isa :D17:05
Laneyso I can buy a 200ft marble statue of davmor217:07
diddledanthat's a large ....17:07
Laneywith a frickin laser beam attached to its head17:07
diddledanin the eyes!17:08
diddledanlaserbeam eyes ftw17:08
davmor2Laney: now take your pinky from the corner of your mouth17:08
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daftykinsdo you folk know of any mass mailing providers you can recommend? a mate that runs an art gallery is picking one for sending out business lark, she mentioned mailchimp so far17:24
popeydaftykins: mailchimp is the one that always comes to mind, yeah18:16
daftykinsty sir18:17
diddledanat work we use something called "smartfocus"18:18
diddledanhttp://www.smartfocus.com/ ("the message cloud")18:19
awilkinsNeed : an app that will make a reading list of files within a structure and keep a list of the ones you've checkboxed as "read"18:19
diddledanerr, huh? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-3269650518:53
popeyhe's comedy gold18:53
MartijnVdSwait what18:54
MartijnVdS"resignation rejected"?18:54
diddledanseems he's not allowed to leave18:54
diddledanthey're forcing him against his will to remain in charge18:54
MartijnVdSwell, as long as you still use FPTP he's mostly harmless ;)18:55
OerHeksHis wife, of course18:55
shaunothat was the plan anyway. he said he was going to stand down but still run for party leadership18:55
shaunoso it's kinda like .. he motioned for a vote of no confidence in himself, and the vote failed18:55
MartijnVdS"Please stop trusting me" "NO"18:58
shaunowell, as much as I detest the guy19:00
shaunohe didn't really fail.  they got 30%? of the vote?19:01
diddledanthat's more worrying about the people that voted19:01
popeyif we had PR I doubt he would have got quite that many votes19:01
shaunoI'd hope not19:02
daftykinsthat's what all Guernseys come with19:03
shaunobut I guess what I'm saying is no-one expects the leader of the green party to step down either.  the small parties got small parts.  it's not so mucha  failure, as simply reality not matching their optimism19:03
MartijnVdSpull requests for lawmaking19:03
MartijnVdSimagine the code reviews19:03
diddledanand the inline commentsw19:03
daftykinsand the variable names19:04
MartijnVdSand the Makefile19:04
MartijnVdSI seem to remember someone was creating a collection of duck photos on G+?19:05
MartijnVdSdiddledan: I found some on a bike ride today :)19:05
shaunodid you ring your bell furiously and then elbow them?  or is that just amsterdam :)19:05
MartijnVdSshauno: that's mostly just amsterdam19:06
MartijnVdSshauno: my bike doesn't work on water very well :P19:07
shaunooh hey, MartijnVdS .. I have some questions for you :)  (sensible ones  heh)19:07
shaunoone, philip tap, curious how you use yours .. I can't seem to create button profiles that toggle?19:07
diddledanyou're letting the side down, shauno !19:07
MartijnVdSshauno: install "TapApp"19:07
MartijnVdSshauno: it uses the Hue API slightly differently, and make the button toggle-capable19:08
shaunoooh, interesting19:08
MartijnVdS(I have mine set to toggle "last scene" and "all off", one button is "Random colours", and one is "dining room lights only, 75%")19:08
MartijnVdS(the dining room one is a toggle too)19:08
shaunoyeah, that's more what I imagined it doing.  well, sans the colours, I haven't found much use for them19:09
MartijnVdSshauno: they have seasonal themes too :)19:10
MartijnVdSshauno: with halloween, you could get "lightning" effects and random blue/orange hues19:10
shaunosimilar question, I got a harmony remote, and can't figure out if there's a better way to customize it.  their app is more than a little annoying19:10
MartijnVdSdo you have one of the new (web based) hubs that also talks to the Hue properly?19:11
MartijnVdSOr one of the XMPP ones that doesnt?19:11
shaunojust a remote, no hub19:11
MartijnVdSah.. haven't customized those19:11
shaunohm, okay19:12
MartijnVdSbut the hub (especially the newest model) has a proper documented API19:12
shaunointeresting.  might have to look into the hubs if I can't get this to behave then19:15
shaunohm, the philips api looks a lot more interesting than last I looked19:28
mapppshi all20:15
mapppsmy parcels arrived yay20:20
zmoylan-piwhat's todays parcel?20:21
mapppsnew portable charger 15000mAH and a cable with both iphone charging connectors old 30pin and lightning and micro usb for droid20:22
mapppshowever not sure how good it will be..ive had unofficial iphone cables before..after a week they stop working20:22
mapppscant remember the reason i guess official cables have some kinda chip or something..but strange it worked o for a week20:22
zmoylan-pithat's your punishment for not using true "it just works" apple hardware20:27
diddledancrisis over20:50
diddledanmysql upgrade didn't work so I was frantically fixing a live system during the maintenance window20:51
diddledanit didn't help that, yes, it was one of my beloved gentoos20:53
daftykinsdiddledan: you've not murdered all of those yet! :P22:59
diddledanI'm trying22:59
diddledanso far the 10 physical servers are now ubuntified23:00
diddledanit's just the vms now23:00
diddledanjust got done watching "debug" - it's an indie scifi - not bad23:13
daftykinsgeneral premise?23:13
diddledan6 computer hacker prisoners are sent to a derilict space ship to delete any errant processes in the computer systems and reboot the ship ready for recommissioning. the ship has other ideas.23:14
diddledanif you ever watched stargate atlantis then the film is by david hewlett (dr mckay from atlantis) and stars as the ship jason mamoa (ronan from atlantis)23:16
daftykinsaaaah neat23:17
daftykinsthat sounds good, mmm23:17
diddledanhmm, plex just treated me to a trailer for "babadook"23:26
diddledanlooks utterly frightening23:27
daftykinschanged your trousers i hope23:28
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