barrydkMore almal05:44
ThatGraemeGuyhi Kilos 06:16
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:16
* Kilos needs to restart06:23
Kiloshi Padroni  pieter2627  inetpro  plustwo  06:36
Kilosmorning Guest87445  06:36
pieter2627morning Kilos 06:41
pieter2627and all others06:42
Padronias a matter of interest06:54
Padroninot sure who all finds security interesting but I tend to follow these things06:54
Kilosty Padroni  06:55
PadroniThe Jellyfish one is interesting, as it utilizes the GPU processor and memory06:55
Padronithereby avoiding detection 06:56
mazalMorning everyone07:03
Kiloshi mazal  07:03
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  SDCDev  07:36
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos and gents07:36
PadroniMail Queues.  Dealing with hundreds of thousands of spam emails surgically removes any good weekend memories.08:33
* Padroni sighs08:33
ThatGraemeGuyso glad I don't have to deal with mail, its a schlep08:36
Padroniyou have no idea, mate08:37
Padronihow are you, ThatGraemeGuy?08:37
ThatGraemeGuyI have some idea, I don't deal with it currently, but definitely been there, done that :-/08:37
ThatGraemeGuyI'm good thanks, you? :)08:37
ThatGraemeGuywell, we know how you are :p08:37
Padronibottled a new batch of beer this weekend08:38
Padronitried my hand at a lager this time08:38
Padronisurprisingly, this one fermented two days longer than usual08:38
Padroniso ABV = 4%08:38
ThatGraemeGuycolder weather perhaps?08:38
Padronicould be08:38
Padronibut that is actually better, imo08:38
PadroniIf you are ever in CT area, let me know08:39
PadroniWill take you to Triggerfish08:39
PadroniEric is a master brewer08:39
Padronihe has about 10 different types of beer on his menu at any given time08:39
Padronieven if beer isn't your thing, you should taste his08:40
ThatGraemeGuyi was in somerset west last weekend08:40
Padronidamnit Graeme08:40
Padronithat's close to me08:40
Padronihope you didn't go swimming at the beach - red tide08:40
Padronieven the sharks are on a diet here at the moment08:41
ThatGraemeGuyno, stayed up at bezweni lodge and drank lots of wine08:41
ThatGraemeGuywithout the kids, best part ;-p08:41
PadroniKoelenhof Pinorto08:41
Padroniif ever you have a chance - go to Koelenhof08:41
Padronithank me later08:41
ThatGraemeGuyprobably never08:42
Padronibest wine ever08:42
ThatGraemeGuythe wife isn't into wine much so we don't ever really go to farms08:42
Padroniah but she will love that one08:42
ThatGraemeGuyin fact she doesn't really drink, wine or not08:42
Kiloshi Squirm  09:02
SpekkoHello erribody09:35
Kiloslol hi plustwo  09:36
stickyboySpekko: :P10:02
stickyboyErrbody in the club get tipsy10:02
inetpro`good mornings10:32
Kilosmorning inetpro  10:52
arnaudmezhi Kilos14:19
Kiloshi arnaudmez  14:25
magespawngood afternoon14:44
Kiloshi magespawn  14:44
magespawnhow are things Kilos?14:44
Kilosok ty and you?14:45
magespawngood thanks14:45
magespawni have an interesting problem with a win machine14:45
magespawnbut it looks like i might have solved it, just rebooting to test14:45
Kilossjoe, lets hear14:45
magespawnthe default explorer has been replaced by the POS one, in the registry14:46
Kilosget ccleaner14:46
Kilosit sorts registry and many other probs14:47
magespawnwhen the computer is like this you cannot get online or browse files etc, unless you know the command14:47
magespawnyou have to edit the registry by hand14:47
Kilosfetch it with another pc then transfer i over14:48
Kiloseven with your fone maybe14:48
magespawnnah i have edited the registry already the pc is booting normally, now to test to make sure14:49
Kilosok but then get ccleaner anyway14:49
magespawnyes and malewarebytes just to make sure14:49
Kilosand avast14:50
Kilosand a bucket of patience14:50
magespawnback again15:06
magespawnfortunately, i am in a bar, so if it comes to drinking my problems away, i am spoilt for choice 15:08
magespawnbrb just switching computers15:19
magespawnright back again15:24
Kiloswb magespawn  15:25
magespawndinner time15:39
magespawngoing to try an complete some of the codecademy courses i started15:50
magespawndoing the python one at the moment15:56
arnaudmezpython ...16:05
arnaudmezhmmm good16:05
arnaudmezTry to eat it with chili sauce, you won't regret16:06
magespawnsweet chilli and garlic16:16
stickyboyI want to drink my problems away.16:20
Kilosit doesnt work you just end up with a headache in the morning16:21
stickyboyKilos: Tru16:22
stickyboyAnd I start flirting with girls on WhatsApp.16:22
stickyboyNot cool, man.16:22
stickyboyBetter to drink coffee and hack Linux.16:22
Kilosyou supposed to flirt even when you are sober16:22
Kilosbut not online, face to face16:22
stickyboyOnly dudes in my office right now though.16:23
arnaudmezI will think about going Tea and Hack Linux16:23
arnaudmezCLI for ever ... 16:23
arnaudmezWho here uses Linux at work ?16:23
stickyboyarnaudmez: Let's get tattoos, "LINUX 4 LYFE"16:24
stickyboyarnaudmez: I manage like 40 Linux servers at work. :P16:24
arnaudmezstickyboy: That's great ... that's the place i should be ...16:24
arnaudmezNot sitting in front of MS machine filling couples of forms, snorring and snorring and snorring16:25
arnaudmezOne of the best thing i like is to manage Cisco, HP and even MS servers from my Linux box ... makes me feel like MoU16:26
Kiloshi Tonberry  16:28
magespawnarnaudmez: i do, but mostly on my machine, most of the work machines are windows 16:30
stickyboyarnaudmez: You gotta be hardcore16:33
stickyboyTell people FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK Windows.16:34
arnaudmezmagespawn: how do you feel things when you command those MS from LNX box16:34
magespawnarnaudmez: mostly desktops for people to work on, only one or two server machine, i do have a few centos boxes running asterisk16:35
Trixar_zaProbably better than using a MCRSFT box16:35
magespawnwhoever wrote this course spent a fair amount of time around monty python16:37
arnaudmezCentOs that's great16:40
magespawnmy bed is calling me, chat tomorrow all16:51
Kilosnight magespawn  16:52
Kilossleep tight16:52
Kilosi go eat17:00
Kiloshi octoquad  17:28
octoquadhey Kilos long time :)17:29
Kilosyeah man you naughty17:29
octoquadbeen so busy man :(17:29
octoquadwork work17:29
Kilosya thats life17:30
octoquadfinally have some time again, so that's why I'm online. Did (I forgot his name) come right with the bug fix?17:31
Kilosoh my17:32
Kilospieter i think it was17:32
Kilosi actually forgot to ask him17:32
octoquadyes I think that's his name17:33
Kilosthat was the papercuts thing i think17:33
octoquadshame man, feel bad for not helping him out17:33
Kiloshe will understand17:33
octoquadSo some good news, launchpad is getting git integration. Should be a lot easier for folks to help contribute back to the web site.17:34
Kiloshehe im scared of github17:35
Kilosbut guys like stickyboy  live there17:35
octoquadwhy you scared?17:36
Kilosits too much thinking17:36
octoquadcompared to launchpad, I think launchpad makes you think more17:36
Kilosya i battled a bit there today as well17:37
octoquadKilos, off on tangent, anything urgent to do on the trello board17:37
octoquadprogramming wise17:37
Kilosthis etherpad thing the ubuntu peeps use17:37
Kilosoh my17:37
Kiloslets go see17:37
Kilosi thinks its ok atm, we just waiting for fly to do the last merge to the africa site17:39
Kilosthen that can go in the done box17:39
Kilosibid is running on inetpro  s server17:39
Kiloshe worked it out17:40
octoquadok so thats handled17:40
Kilosthere are libraries that are there in later ubuntus17:40
Kilosim not sure what he did, maybe a vm thing17:40
Kilosi was going to look at that but been a bit busy too17:41
Kilosthere is another thing there too for offline stuff17:41
octoquadcreate automated backup procedure of Trello board <- not to hard to automate17:42
octoquad^ Can do that tonight17:42
Kilosthe one below apt-offline17:42
Kiloscool the pro will be happy17:42
Kilosi removed something i shouldnt have hence the backup thing17:42
Kilosthe pro has also been very busy17:43
Kilosdoesnt even come for coffee anymore17:43
octoquadMaaz, coffee please17:43
Maazoctoquad: There isn't a pot on17:43
KilosMaaz  coffee on17:44
* Maaz washes some mugs17:44
* octoquad smiles17:44
KilosMaaz  coffee for all17:44
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already. Just type in Maaz coffee please17:44
octoquadMaaz coffee please17:44
Maazoctoquad: Alrighty17:44
Kilosinetpro  coffee time17:44
octoquadOk so apt-offline or Camicri Cube17:45
octoquadI can look at both this week. What's the goal though?17:45
octoquadjust an easy way to distribute package updates offline for new users?17:45
Kilosthe idea is for peeps that dont have net but still want ubuntu17:45
octoquaddistribution points for offline updates as well?17:46
octoquadnot sure, but how will they get the updates if they don't have internet access?17:46
Kilosi think the idea was to get all needed updates and then go distribute them17:46
octoquadphew that's gigs worth of stuff17:47
Kilosmaybe on externals or something17:47
octoquadlatest release only or all active releases?17:47
Kilosi dunno what pros idea was17:47
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and octoquad!17:48
octoquadok, let me start looking at these two and I'll pro what the plan is when he's online17:48
octoquadwohoo thanks Maaz17:48
Kilosim only on lts and would also advise offline peeps to do the same17:48
KilosMaaz  ty17:48
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:48
octoquadMaaz needs some tweaking hehe17:48
Maazoctoquad: Sorry...17:48
octoquadyou heard me Maaz17:48
octoquadalright, let me get the automated Trello backup going.17:49
Kilosgood to have you back17:49
octoquadgood to be back :)17:49
octoquadhmm, what was the plan for this trello backup script, any details on where it will be stored i.e. FTP, local folder, git repository (autocommit and push)?18:02
Kiloslol i have no idea18:02
Kilosinetpro  ping18:03
Kiloswatch he will arrive next week and go pong18:03
Kilosholy moly18:04
octoquadhey inetpro :)18:04
Kilosgonna rain18:04
inetprohi octoquad18:04
Kilosare you well inetpro  ?18:04
Kilosand the family?18:04
octoquadinetpro, what was the plan for the trello backup script, where do you want to store it? (S)FTP, local folder, git repository (autocommit and push)?18:06
inetprooh hi octoquad and Kilos18:06
inetproand good evening to everyone else18:06
inetprooctoquad: you work that one out for me please :-)18:07
octoquadok, so no preference really18:07
inetprowas just a random thought, seeing that trello don't do any version controls18:07
inetpronot a major important issue because I do the odd wget thing18:08
inetproand that is actually easy to put in a cron job as well18:09
octoquadI can write this a bash script and give instructions on how to install as a cron job18:09
octoquadsame page18:09
octoquadsure, I'll stick in some variables to make it customizable18:09
inetpromy thoughts were just to have it somewhere accessible by anyone else18:10
inetproit's public info anyway18:10
octoquadI suppose a local git repo, with autocommit will suffice as well so we can go back in time if need be18:10
octoquadI'll work on a Trello JSON parser as well so you can use the backed up trello board and this script to work hand in hand18:11
inetprosounds interesting18:12
inetproKilos: ?18:13
octoquadhot coffee?18:13
Kiloswhat he talks about hurts my head18:13
Kilosim forgetting everything with all the work you loaded off on me18:14
Kilosohi superfly  wb18:39
superflyme? I didn't go anywhere... or did I?18:40
octoquadhey superfly. How are you?18:42
superflysup octoquad, I'm doing OK, how are things on your side?18:42
octoquadok thanks, finally have some time for myself again. :)18:43
stickyboyKilos: I drank two glasses of wine.19:26
stickyboyOh man19:26
stickyboyJust merged a new post on the nairobilug blog.19:28
Kilosbout time you did something19:29
stickyboyMan, I work overtime. I'm like 50% of this LUG.19:32
stickyboyAll the young guys are like sleeping or playing video games or something.19:33
Kilosi told you ubuntu locos are better than lugs19:33
Kiloswe share the load19:33
Kiloswe even welcomed you here19:34
stickyboyKilos: Hey now.19:37
stickyboyWe use git, you use bzr... so you better recognize!19:38
stickyboyNot to mention, you use Kenyan Ubuntu mirrors!19:38
Kiloswith a za ubuntu guy managing them19:39
Kilosbecause the lug okes were too slack19:39
stickyboyPushing teh code to GitHub.19:47
stickyboyAll day.19:47
stickyboyEvery day.19:47
Kilosgood man19:47
Kilosone day you can learn bzr too19:48
superflyto the closed source service provider19:48
stickyboysuperfly: True19:48
stickyboyBut it's just a git remote, bro.19:49
superflystickyboy: gitlab - it's open source and they do hosting too19:49
stickyboysuperfly: I'm not freetarded.19:50
stickyboyGitHub is a great platform, I don't need it to be open source.19:51
Kilosi suppose any excuse is better than none19:51
stickyboyI love Stallman and GNU, but I'm not as extreme.19:51
stickyboyYou have to be pragmatic. :P19:51
stickyboyGitHub has a solid business model. They are not evil...19:52
stickyboyIt's not evil to make money, y'all.19:52
superflystickyboy: totally agree, but I still prefer an open platform where there's an option19:52
stickyboysuperfly: Cool19:52
stickyboysuperfly: But GitLab < GitHub. :P19:52
stickyboyJust the truth...19:52
superflynah, I've played around with GitLab about as much as I've played around with Github, and they seem pretty much on par19:53
stickyboysuperfly: I almost deployed my own GitLab last year.19:53
stickyboyDecided not to... I don't need one more system to manage. :P19:53
stickyboysuperfly: But I'm watching these guys: http://gogs.io/19:53
stickyboyWritten in Go. Pretty radical.19:53
stickyboyGo is rad. Static binaries which don't even depend on libc.19:54
superflyI'm still trying to decide which is worse: Go or Ruby (well, more Ruby on Rails)19:54
stickyboyRuby is definitely worse19:55
stickyboyGo is just a modern, type-safe language with performance on par with C.19:55
superflymaybe one day I'll look at Go.19:55
stickyboySo that is #winning. But also Rust, D, Julia, NIm...19:55
superflydon't care much for it now.19:55
stickyboyLots of cool new things coming.19:55
superflyJulia is not new...19:56
superflynor is Rust, or D19:56
stickyboysuperfly: Sorry. "new".19:56
stickyboyYou know what I mean. They're noy from 1970.19:56
stickyboySplitting hairs, man ;)19:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:57
Kilosstickyboy  behave19:57
KilosMaaz  watch them19:57
Maazoh Kilos I will watch them no problem, but you better be back soon!19:57
KilosMaaz  botsnack19:58
MaazYAY someone cares about me too!19:58
stickyboyMan, PT Sans is so nice.19:58
superflystickyboy: dude, splitting hairs is my JOB19:58
superflyohey Xethron!19:58
stickyboysuperfly: Also, I think I'm two glasses of wine ahead of you so you have to cut me a LITTLE slack ;19:59
superflystickyboy: you'll always be a few glasses of wine ahead of me, I don't drink wine20:00
stickyboysuperfly: Do you ever use reveal.js?20:00
superflynope, but I've heard of it20:00
stickyboyWell my girlfriend is in Khartoum for a month and there's no wine, so I told her tonight I'll stop drinking in solidarity. :P20:00
stickyboysuperfly: Kilos: https://alanorth.github.io/github-pages-2015/20:00
stickyboyThat's a reveal.js presentation I gave about GitHub pages last month.20:01
stickyboyKinda meta20:01
superflyah yes, the presentation thingie20:01
superflystickyboy: oh yes, githib != git20:02
superflysooo many people equate the two20:02
stickyboysuperfly: Yah, I was presenting to my team who are nontechnical. I wanted to hammer that point in.20:02
superflystickyboy: even the technical people think that github == git20:03
stickyboysuperfly: Sadly some do... haha20:03
stickyboysuperfly: Do you know who Daniel J Bernstein is?20:09
superflystickyboy: name rings a bell, isn't he the guy behind that DNS server?20:11
superfly(or is it a mail server?)20:12
superflysomething like that...20:12
stickyboysuperfly: Yah, he write a lot of stuff.20:13
superflysuper secure, IIRC20:13
stickyboyHe wrote qmail too20:13
stickyboyAnd he has been doing awesome research on crypto for at least 15 years.20:14
stickyboyI dunno if you follow elliptic curve crypto stuff.20:14
stickyboyHe wrote ChaCha20 / Poly1035, a cipher suite for TLS.20:18
stickyboyLike AES-GCM. Does key exchange, authentication, and data encryption.20:18
superflystickyboy: nope, haven't been following him20:46
stickyboysuperfly: That's ok20:47
stickyboyAnyways, he's really smart.20:47
superflyyeah, I remember that.20:47
stickyboyPretty neat...20:47
stickyboyNIST curves are not safe20:47
stickyboyElliptic curve discrete logarithm problem.20:47
stickyboyMath people... haha20:47
superflyI need to get to bed. night all20:48
stickyboyNight, man.20:49

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