AR45Well damn I need to spend even more money on this computer :[00:00
grenddaftykins: http://pastebin.com/GAW8a9Ew00:00
grendAR45: paypal them to me and u wont :D00:00
daftykinsgrend: yep that disk has one bad sector pending and many errors, do you have your data backed up?00:01
daftykinsgrend: so personally i would 'dd' zero fill the disk to force it to remap any and all bad sectors it finds, but most likely due to the errors reported you need to replace it anyway00:02
daftykinsCoolmannorm: do you have a support question?00:02
grenddd zero fill how?00:03
daftykinsbeing 100% sure you have any data you need, because this will kill *everything*...00:03
daftykinssudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=2M00:03
Coolmannormwhy can i not connect a bluetooth speaker using ubuntu mate on my rbpi00:03
Coolmannormit goes to connect but then disconnects00:04
AR45daftykins: is my issue with my motherboard or my card?00:04
daftykinsAR45: you don't have a card, the graphics is on the CPU00:04
AR45that's what I mean00:04
cuddylierDoes this error: http://i.imgur.com/HsVYFq5.png when trying to load a ubuntu desktop CD for installation mean the CD is corrupt?00:05
AR45I have a 30 day warranty I could just switch the cards parts out.00:05
daftykinsi can't 100% see what that model CPU is meant to do, but it could be a CPU limitation00:05
daftykinsi looked at a Z97 and it has the same limitation00:05
grenddaftykins: kill means delete data?00:05
daftykinsno you don't follow, the entire CPU would have to come out :P00:05
daftykinsgrend: yes the above command wipes the entire drive00:05
grendthats not very useful :D00:05
grendits like reinstalling ubuntu00:06
daftykinsgrend: what? you do understand that disk is trash right?00:06
daftykinsit's dead, not coming back00:06
grenddaftykins: its alive00:06
grendi can access it00:06
daftykinsno it is faulty00:06
grendmerely 1 bad sector00:06
daftykinsand it will only get worse.00:06
daftykinsno you're not looking at the proper information there00:06
daftykinsone sector awaiting remapping is only part of the issue00:07
daftykinslook at line 5400:07
grendwell what are others?00:07
grendpre fail00:08
daftykinsalso, it's a 100GB Hitachi?00:08
daftykinsthat wouldn't even store my music00:08
grendyes I plan to get new HD00:10
cuddylierDoes this error: http://i.imgur.com/HsVYFq5.png when trying to load a ubuntu desktop CD for installation mean the CD is corrupt?00:10
grendseems like it00:10
daftykinscuddylier: aren't you pointing to an ISO?00:11
daftykinswhy not just MD5 it00:11
cuddylierI burnt the ISO to the CD00:11
cuddylierHow do I do that if it's an ISO on a CD?00:11
cuddylierI got the ISO from the ubuntu site just00:12
grenddaftykins: out of interest how i can tell ubuntu to remap bad sector?00:12
grendwithout re installing it00:12
daftykinsgrend: you don't. and it doesn't even matter if you do, that disk is fudged.00:12
grendwell how to do it? :D00:13
daftykinsyou don't00:13
daftykinsit is a disk firmware action00:13
grendwhat do u mean?00:13
daftykinsout of the reach of the OS.00:13
grendsome people say use sudo badblocks -svvn -c 262144 /dev/sda00:13
daftykinstotal waste of time00:14
daftykinsyou'll just likely corrupt the drives partitions further00:14
=== CaptonjamasonMod is now known as Captonjamason
grendsilly firmware :D00:14
daftykinsnothing to do with it, your disk is dead.00:14
grendits alove00:14
daftykinsno it is not.00:14
grend99% works :D00:14
Bashing-omcuddylier: "I burnt the ISO to the CD " Most of the 'buntu .iso files will not fit on a "CD"; require a DVD .00:15
grendblah only 1 sector is bad so far and ok slow access time00:15
cuddylierBashing-om: DVD then yeah, Datacentre did it for me00:15
Bashing-omcuddylier: check the DVD's integrity; easy way is boot to the boot menu and "check disk for defects" option .00:16
daftykinsgrend: i've over 20 years experience with hardware, i've seen hundreds of disk failures. you're not the first to HOPE for a better outcome, but i'm telling you you're living on borrowed time :) have a backup of your data, buy a new disk - and throw this thing in the trash :)00:16
cuddylierBashing-om: Boot menu of the CD?00:16
daftykinsto try and use it is simply foolish00:16
grenddaftykins: atm there is no new disk00:16
grendas simple as that00:17
daftykinsgrend: having one sector pending reallocation simply means only one has been found so far, there will likely be more00:17
daftykinsyour machine will lock up the next time it encounters one most likely00:17
grendI have read some forums, people use such drives for years00:17
Captonjamasonso in the past ive had my fare share problems with GRUB but this is insane, if you helped me in the past you know what my problem is, if you dont know then when i boot it throws me into the grub command line, i have A: reinstalled grub, Did not work B: Reinstalled it another time, did not help and C: Compleatly got rid of grub and replaced it with LILO and it still puts me into the GRUB command line, why is this happening00:17
MisterMomgrend, i agree with daftykins that disk will die the more you fool with it the more data you will loose00:18
Bashing-omcuddylier: Boot the liveDVD, and as soon as the bios screen clears, depress the right shift key -> language screen, press the escape key to accept the default -> boot menu .00:18
daftykinsgrend: only after a full wipe to ensure there really was only one bad sector00:18
cuddylierBashing-om: Is the bios screen before the purple screen with the dots?00:18
Bashing-omcuddylier: Yes, bios boots then hands off to the operating system boot code then the kernel loads .00:19
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cuddylierBashing-om: I pressed alt F1 to see the console, how do I get back to GUI?00:23
daftykinscuddylier: F700:23
cuddylierdaftykins: Thanks, console part showed the same errors but GUI says it's checking the disk so I'll leave it00:24
daftykinsare you 100% forced to use real optical media?00:24
daftykinssurely KVM can be fed ISOs00:24
Bashing-omcuddylier: press ctl+alt+F7 to return to the GUI .00:25
daftykinsno need for control at that point ^_^00:26
Captonjamasonso in the past ive had my fare share problems with GRUB but this is insane, if you helped me in the past you know what my problem is, if you dont know then when i boot it throws me into the grub command line, i have A: reinstalled grub, Did not work B: Reinstalled it another time, did not help and C: Compleatly got rid of grub and replaced it with LILO and it still puts me into the GRUB command line, why is this happening00:27
Captonjamason and please help me, im tired of fighting with this problem,00:27
grenddaftykins: imo firmware simply wants people to buy new disks00:27
NomaskaIf I have an Ubuntu virtualization, is it possible to run things from my main OS on my Ubuntu virtualization?00:27
daftykinsgrend: no00:27
grenddaftykins: well hmm disk could last at least 400 years00:27
daftykinsno that's complete rubbish :)00:28
grendI love to keep same stuff for ages :D00:28
grendwhich modern disks can last very long time?00:28
daftykinsthey all suffer from failure.00:28
daftykinsor all *can* at least00:28
daftykinsi run many systems with disks that have been spinning for over 6 years solid, 24x7...00:29
wdkevinIs there anywhere to get a copy of Ubuntu as an OVF for quick deployment of new VM's?00:29
grenddaftykins: also how to access such disk? backup I had is ok however not the most recent :D00:30
MisterMomive had a two week old laptop with a failing HD and then i have had disks that are 10 years old that still work00:30
grendyes 10 years and more is nice00:30
daftykinsgrend: no idea, you use LVM. i have no experience with that00:30
MisterMomthey just go when they want lol00:30
daftykinsthat they do!00:30
grendMisterMom: do u know how to use LVM?00:30
MisterMomgrend, sorry no00:31
cuddylierBashing-om: It says http://i.spartanhost.net/qoII8Oxi.png00:31
cuddylierI'm assuming that means the CD is dead00:32
daftykinseither work out how to use ISOs or reburn the CD with verification at a slower speed00:32
Bashing-omCaptonjamason: If it were me with a history of grub issues; I would do a full CHange Root, purge grub and do a fresh install of grub .00:32
Captonjamasonive done that00:32
Bashing-omcuddylier: You are back to square 1, md5sum the .iso file and reburn to DVD .00:33
cuddylierMhm yeah, I'll do that, thanks00:33
grenddaftykins: which file system ubuntu usually use?00:35
Bashing-omCaptonjamason: As you have done all the reinstallation of grub from scratch, and stiill with problems - I would suspect a bad hard drive . -> smartctl ?00:35
Captonjamasonran it, i dont know what is wrong00:35
grenddafty so something like mount -t ext4-3g /dev/dw-0 /media/disk -o force ?00:36
daftykinsthere is no such thing as ext4-3g00:36
grendit wont mount via disks as it was not shut clean last time00:36
daftykins/dev/dw-0 sounds wrong00:36
daftykinswhy are you asking me about something i already stated i don't have experience with? :)00:36
grendbecouse u know something00:36
Bashing-omCaptonjamason: Then is the final solution, as daftykins points out .. time to zero out the drive and start all over fresh with all .00:37
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EriC^^Captonjamason: what's the problem?00:37
daftykinsCaptonjamason: sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit00:37
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* daftykins plays the organ for grend's disks funeral00:41
grendits very solid disk00:41
grendI can sell it to you for u server :D00:42
=== tuxd00d_ is now known as tuxd00d
daftykinsi get really annoyed by people who continue to say the opposite of fact.00:42
grenddaftykins: fact is many disks can be fixed00:42
grendso I wish to fix this one00:42
grendat very least to get latest data from it00:43
Apachezfact is dont claim something to be factual when it really isnt00:43
daftykinsit is based on the smartctl output from before, Apachez00:43
daftykinsgrend: yes getting data is the only thing you will likely be able to achieve.00:44
sleeziohello, lets say when i installed ubuntu, i chose not to require password to login when starting pc, now i've changed my mind, where/how do i tell it to require password to login now?00:44
daftykinsplay with 'testdisk' maybe00:44
EriC^^sleezio: settings > user00:44
taydonhello hello00:49
taydonhow everyone00:49
jayjoIs there a way to ensure a job is being run in the background? Vague question I know... I'm running a mysql query that takes many hours but I lose my connection to the server and it halts the query. How can I run it and log out while it still works?00:52
daftykinsor run it in a screen session00:52
daftykinsyou can reattach to screen upon disconnection00:53
grenddaftykins: ty :D00:55
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.01:01
taydoni understand01:01
jayjoI know how to run a linux command from screen and detach from the session, how do I login to mysql and run a specific query and logout01:01
sorchuse the mysql console?01:02
daftykinsmysql -u user -p01:02
ki7rwis there a way for 2 bluetooth headsets to share the same source?01:03
daftykinski7rw: i doubt it01:04
jayjoright, that's what I was doing. sorry if this is clear. From there, it will be in the interpreter and not give me access to the terminal. Am I safe to disconnect if I started the screen session?01:04
daftykinsbut then i can count on one finger how many times i've touched bluetooth01:04
daftykinsjayjo: yes because you first detach with "ctrl+a, d" then do whatever01:05
daftykinsgive it a try.01:05
wldcordeiro__What's the name of the fallback dm? I'm getting annoyed with it appearing instead of sddm when I open my laptop up from a suspend01:05
ki7rwi didn't think so - i can see how it could be a security issue if someone could evesdrop on skype or cell phone conversations01:05
Flanneljayjo: with screen, while you've disconnected from screen, you didn't logout of the terminal (so the stuff will continue)01:05
barnexheh, I'm getting terrible performance, any ideas why?01:05
barnexit's soo bad I'm seeing keyboard lag01:05
barnexmeasured in seconds on spikes01:06
daftykinsbarnex: share a screen/paste of 'top' ?01:06
daftykinsand check dmesg for issues?01:06
barnexhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11070937/ - that's the dmesg, seems to be full of flash related segfaults01:09
barnexbut that's not recent, since the supermeatboy and don't starve was hours ago01:09
barnexhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11070965/ - here's top01:10
daftykinshmm intel driver hangs01:10
daftykinsyeah your load average is high01:10
daftykinsweird, you're using a lot of swap despite having RAM free01:11
daftykinsbarnex: has this happened regularly, or just this boot right now?01:11
barnexIt's not performing great and I sometimes get laggy keyboard or program switching01:11
barnexbut that's the new level of bad01:12
barnexthis boot has uptime of 5 days and it was ok most of the time01:12
daftykinsdo you have an SSD or a mechanical hard disk?01:12
barnexmechanical in raid 5 which wasn't smart01:12
barnexalso luks01:12
daftykinsso really, if this is the only time it's done it, there's not much to say01:13
jayjoOK to be painfully clear, and I'm sorry that I'm new to this, but I run screen, detach it, and then run the command while using the detached screen? And at that point because it is detached the session won't be ruined if I disconnect?01:13
jayjoso after I do ctl+a d to detach, I do screen -r get to back into the detached screen?01:13
barnexjayjo: I think the order should be run screen, run a command inside, detach01:14
daftykinsjayjo: you type screen, run "mysql -u user -p" to get the mysql terminal, then lets say you ran a query ending ; - you then press Ctrl+A, then single press 'd'01:14
barnexbut I'm not sure what you want01:14
jayjoOK, thanks I'm trying it now01:14
barnexhm, so… 25% load when listening to music online is fine on i5-4670K 3.4 Ghz?01:16
jayjoGreat that worked I think! screen must havea  catch in place to grab ctl+a all the time, because when I ran the sql command I thought my cursor would've still be accepting inputs ontly into the mysql command line01:16
barnexseems like everything is so resource intensive nowadays01:16
daftykinsjayjo: mmm it's an intermediary layer that understands that stuff01:17
daftykinsbarnex: well you've got skype running, been running for 5 days... really no point judging anything ;)01:17
barnexso like01:17
barnexregular restarts are now a thing in linux? :o01:17
jak2000hi friends how to remove completly apache?01:18
daftykinssudo service apache2 stop && sudo apt-get purge apache201:18
daftykinsbear in mind that'll nuke your configs01:18
barnexEhh, it's weird, I'd expect reasonably current computer to be able to run pidgin, browser, a 7 year old game and stream some music without dying ;301:21
barnexand some screens with irc and shells01:21
daftykinswhat version are you on?01:21
barnexand other weird stuff01:21
daftykinshas it at any point been upgraded from a prior?01:21
barnexIt's a fresh install, but I kept my home01:21
=== oliverio_ is now known as oliverio
barnexsince 2003 I think :P01:21
daftykinsincluding . folders?01:22
jak2000daftykins ok no problem01:22
daftykinswell running a haswell there, using the on-die graphics judging by your dmesg from earlier, maybe there'd be benefits from a newer build01:22
daftykinser newer kernel01:22
barnexthat's worth looking into01:23
barnexalthough that on-die is just because I broke my graphics card recently01:23
barnexand it wasn't much better with it (nvidia card)01:24
daftykinswhich one?01:24
daftykinsright well i've never seen anyone with such hardware have issues like you are, so i'd clean out that home personally01:25
daftykinsbut maybe it'd only be worth doing once you get a new card in, assuming you are01:25
barnexMSI geforce GTX 780 OC01:25
barnexheh, maybe you're onto something01:26
barnexI upgraded everything, because performance was getting bad on my previous computer01:26
barnexand it wasn't that much better with the setup I think was pretty decent back than01:26
barnexI'll miss my dotfiles though :<01:26
daftykinsnever hurts to cheak the health of your disks01:26
daftykinsbut even in RAID dmesg would be screaming01:27
barnexThe disks were new too01:27
daftykinsthat doesn't mean a thing01:27
barnexI know01:27
daftykinsin a batch of 8 enterprise WDs i had two die in a month once01:27
barnexI run a default diagnostics before making an array01:27
barnexI mean smart01:27
barnexnot sure which test though01:27
barnexit's probably worth looking into01:27
daftykinssudo smartctl -a /dev/sdx | pastebinit01:28
daftykinswith pastebinit and smartmontools installed01:28
daftykinswhere sdx is each disk01:28
barnexI know01:29
daftykinsbut then i have zero experience with encryption setups and soft RAID so they could factor into some of this behaviour01:29
barnexhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11071246/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/11071248/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/11071249/01:34
barnexmaybe I should run some self-tests01:35
barnexNot sure which ones though?01:36
daftykinsdefinitely all clean there01:37
daftykinsnah i don't think so01:37
barnexI wonder, when you run 14.04 live how's performance?01:37
barnexbecause my dotfiles and raid setup shouldn't be an issue live01:38
barnexand it was terrible afair nevertheless01:38
daftykinsdepends if you have a nice nippy flash drive :>01:38
daftykinssurprised you don't grab an SSD, i can't tolerate machines without them nowadays01:39
daftykinsleave the RAID for your media storage01:39
daftykinsif spoilt is working and spending your own money on warped priorities, then sure - spoilt01:39
sven86hello everyone, is this where I can get help with my ubuntu setup?01:40
daftykinsyes it is!01:41
dthboijoin #Plez01:41
daftykinsthough you have to ask a question first01:41
daftykinsdthboi: missing a / ? :)01:41
barnexwell, this setup is seriously spoilit'd anyways, so I might do that01:41
compdocits 'spoiled'. I was just saying it like some ppl on TV01:41
sven86okay, I'm having problems setting up my directory for nfs.  it keeps on hanging when i try to do a mount01:42
Parabolaso, i installed ubuntu-desktop on top of a clean server install (needed raid), and i don't have audio.. lspci showed the intel hda, i have the driver in the conf, alsamixer volume turned up.01:42
Parabolawhat magical package am i missing?01:42
compdocsamba might work a little better01:42
sven86even though it's a xfs filesystem?01:43
daftykinsno experience with NFS here01:43
compdochmm, maybe. Works great with zfs01:45
deadmundParabola: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting   Have you gone through this very good doc about sound?01:45
Paraboladeadmund: i had not, i followed this (to no avail) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto01:48
Parabolai'll check that one out now01:48
Paraboladeadmund: is there some meta / group package for desktop i need to install?01:48
Parabolai needed mdadm during install, so i used server install, then added the DE with the meta package01:49
Parabolaalsa-base and pulseaudio appear to be installed and "working"01:49
daftykinsParabola: ubuntu-desktop is the meta package, though installing ubuntu-desktop^ is the tasksel entry01:49
daftykinsnot sure if it'd pull in anything else01:49
daftykinsParabola: fritsch has some minimal server install guide somewhere though01:49
daftykinsassuming this is for Kodi01:49
Parabolakodi? no01:50
Parabolaits a desktop./01:50
Parabola no XBMC01:50
daftykinsah ok01:50
Parabolai did xubuntu-desktop, but yeah, i dont even have audio / sound entries in settings01:50
Parabolanor do i have a volume thing to add to panel. i feel like somethign is missing01:51
Parabolathere are no sound settings, so theres some package im missing that might be vital01:51
eryndiamondsI need help. I am running Kubuntu 15.04. Ever since the last security update, I am having an issue with grub01:52
eryndiamondsI'm getting g-io-error-quark01:52
Parabolalol.. fixed01:53
Parabolawell, partially fixed, in alsamixer i set the device, but it was being overriden by PA, so the HDMI out audio (no HDMI being used) was the "default'01:53
Parabolanow to get the volume panel installed :)01:53
sven86i'll try samba, because I know that kodi can read samba directories, but I wasn't sure because the shared directories were in xfs.01:54
user_hi everyone01:54
eryndiamondsdoes anyone know how to fix my problem?01:54
user_how do i use the output of a cut command to a wget request?01:55
daftykinsuser_: sounds like a question for #bash01:55
user_im trying something like cut | wget $101:55
user_grep  'var myPhpVar' teste | cut -d "'" -f2 |01:55
compdoceryndiamonds, what sort of drive is it?01:55
daftykinseryndiamonds: when do you see this "g-io..." ?01:55
barnexbtw, how would that SSD setup look? Keep all my dotfiles on SSD and UnionFS my /home?01:56
barnexor just have home/media as a mount point for my heavy stuff?01:56
daftykinsi usually say to symlink or mount the media folders to the mechanical01:57
eryndiamondsI see it when I go into recovery mode. because Kubuntu will no longer reboot nor boot up without going through recovery mode01:57
daftykinsso Music, Pictures, Videos, etc01:57
p1und3ris there a way to test unity8-mir desktop session when you run nvidia proprietary on X?01:57
eryndiamondsHow do I find my drive info again?01:57
sven86any suggestions for a smb.conf setup so that kodi can use mythtv to record to the shared directory?01:58
eryndiamondsdaftykins. Is it a driver issue?01:59
daftykinsalthough i suspect you may have meant 'drive' ?02:00
daftykinswhich was not my suggestion if you look above :)02:00
eryndiamondsyes I did02:00
eryndiamondsHard to follow. you were talking to 2 of us02:01
daftykinsbut it was someone else who mentioned disks to you :)02:02
eryndiamondsI just don't know how to fix the problem.02:03
eryndiamondsIt is very annoying02:04
daftykinswell i'm not sure why compdoc asked what sort of drive you have, but err02:04
eryndiamondsI don't know either02:05
daftykinswhat happens when you try to boot normally?02:05
eryndiamondsI wasn't having any problems before the last security update02:05
user_does aplay play sounds from url?02:06
daftykinswhat do you deem a security update?02:06
eryndiamondsIt goes to a blank screen and no drive activity. I have to manually restart and then it gives me the grub menu02:06
daftykinseryndiamonds: tried booting with nomodeset?02:06
eryndiamondsIt was a pop-up on bottom of screen telling me there was a security update02:07
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:07
daftykinsdo you use any proprietary graphics drivers?02:08
eryndiamondsnot sure. i was given this laptop several years ago. I have no idea what it has. It is very old. 200702:09
daftykinseryndiamonds: well try the above and see how you get on, then we can continue if you come back02:10
eryndiamondsHow do I do the !nomodeset?02:11
daftykinseryndiamonds: you see how me typing that made ubottu speak? read her message.02:11
=== JonathanDongle is now known as JonathanD
newhoaHi. Is there a program that will reorganize my photos to a new directory structure (right now they are Year/Month/Day and I want then Year/Month)? You can change the import structure on Shotwell, but I don't see a way to reorganize already imported photos with this program.02:13
barnexNot sure, have you tried shotwell and simmilar photo management programs newhoa?02:14
newhoaI can't find a way to do it in gThumb. I'm trying a weird roundabout way in shotwell right now which is erasing the database, setting it to import into an empty folder, and then importing my library into that new folder.02:25
newhoaSeems like there would be a really simple command line app for this. All it needs to do is read exif date data and sort.02:25
daftykinsif there is, your research would've turned it up though right?02:26
barnexI think it might be one of those things, that are so simple nobody bothers to make a command for it and package it, since you can write a script for it in half an hour02:26
barnexand this half hour probably includes learning how to write scripts in bash :P02:28
daftykinsi would have just sorted my pics from the beginning *cough*02:29
barnexidentify -verbose path/to/image | grep date:create:02:30
barnexgets you create date02:30
barnex| awk -e '{print ($2)}' | awk -F- -e '{print ($1)}' - gets you a year02:34
barnex| awk -e '{print ($2)}' | awk -F- -e '{print ($2)}' - gets you a month02:34
barnexstore those in variable02:34
barnexmkdir -p $YEAR/$MONTH02:34
barnexmove $PHOTO $YEAR/$MONTH02:34
barnexand you're done02:35
daftykinsbe nicer if you took that to #bash really :>02:35
barnexdo this for every photo with find or bash loop if they are all in the same dir02:35
barnexIf I took that to #bash they'd probably tell me that I'm terrible and this sucks :P02:35
barnexBecause it probably does02:35
barnexpoint is, it's simple enough to not require a commandline tool02:36
daftykinshanhui: if you are here for support, ask a question02:44
Ghenjust wandering about02:44
LMNOPhi how can i help u02:45
daftykinsGhen: i was referring to the user named02:45
LMNOPhi how can i help u02:49
daftykinsLMNOP: stop it02:53
LMNOPam i makeing u mad02:57
LMNOPjust trying to help02:58
newhoaAh, thanks you all. I just ended up doing the weird shotwell thing. It worked.03:01
barnexglad it did03:02
LMNOPhi how can i help u03:06
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netgear1anyone own any system76 products or have any opinions on their desktops?03:08
justdaveI have a machine hooked up to a TV, and the BIOS can't drive the TV's native resolution (but Ubuntu does just fine once X11 starts and I get a desktop)03:09
justdavesince I can't actually see the boot menu is there a way to make grub tell it to boot from a USB stick without interactoin?03:09
dingurtjustdave: I know it's a silly suggestion, but have you considered just temporarily hooking it up to a monitor to enable the setting in the BIOS?03:11
daftykinsor learn the boot menu key03:11
justdavedingurt: yeah, stongly suspected that's what'd have to be done, but that involves finding one :-)03:11
dingurtif he can't see the option, then he won't know which one to select03:11
justdavecan't exactly detatch a laptop display :)03:12
dingurtlol, no03:13
justdaveoh, actually.... I have one of those crashcart adapters I use for work when I visit datacenters, plugs the USB and video from a server into the USB port on the laptop and shows me the display on the laptop.  should have thought of that.  bet that'll work03:13
dingurtwell there ya go03:14
daftykinsdingurt: you have no sense of adventure! :D03:14
daftykins*press key, cursor down, hit enter... hope... repeat* :D03:15
geoffmccsven86: it was forever ago, but are you still having NFS issues? As I use it.03:22
sven86yes, very much so03:23
geoffmccsven86: is it an external drive?03:23
sven86yes, it's a raid03:24
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justdavehmm, no luck.  crashcart adapter is VGA, the box hooked up to the TV only has a DVI output (and a DVI->HDMI converter between it and the TV)03:25
justdavecan't find a DVI->VGA converter anywhere03:25
geoffmccsven86: i have not done it with raid, but maybe can help. Have you setup your exports directory03:25
sven86yes i have, and they hang when i do sudo exportfs -a03:26
geoffmccsven86: one min, lemme go through my setup03:26
geoffmccsven86: i had issues at first but it was because of /etc/idmapd.conf  what does yours look like03:29
geoffmccsven86: also is this for just local use03:30
sven86geoffmcc: yes, it's for local use for now. I'm just trying to setup my kodi frontend to see the directories on my mythbuntu backend03:31
justdaveaha, found a DVI->VGA, and it works, I can see it :)03:32
cuddylierAnyone know how to get the exact ubuntu desktop theme for xrdp?03:32
sven86geoffmcc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11072568/03:33
geoffmccsven86: does /etc/idmapd.conf contain Domain = localdomain under the #set your domain here section? On all machines. THats what made it work for me03:33
geoffmccsven86: try uncommenting Domain = localdomain03:33
geoffmccsven86: on both client and server03:34
sven86geoffmcc: okay03:35
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ivancssBoa noite pessoal!03:36
viyyerHi I am having difficulty starting X after upgrading to 15.0403:36
sven86geoffmcc: I also get this when I do showmount: showmount -e xxx.xxx.x.x gives me this: rpc mount export: RPC: Timed out03:36
viyyerthis is the error thrown by lightdm http://paste.ubuntu.com/11072521/03:36
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viyyerI get low resolution x with nouveau drivers. but when I remove it and install the ubuntu recommended proprietary nvidia-331 drivers, I just get blank screens03:37
daftykinsviyyer: what card?03:37
viyyerdaftfykins: nvidia GF108GLM [03:39
viyyerdaftfykins: nvidia GF108GLM [NVS5200M] (rev a1)03:39
viyyeracording to lspci03:39
sven86geoffmcc: I uncomment on the mythbuntu server, but I don't know how to uncomment it on the kodi frontend, because i'm using amazon fire tv as the frontend03:41
geoffmccsven86: lemme do some more looking03:41
geoffmccsven86: also you have installed nfs-common on client?03:42
compdocmythbuntu works with amazon fire tv?03:42
sven86no i haven't03:43
daftykinsviyyer: is this a desktop?03:43
daftykinsah no M, so laptop surely03:43
viyyerdaftykins: should I try the other drivers? I have already tried the noueau and nvidia-331-update. nouveau shows low resolution like 640x480 and update doesn't show anything03:43
daftykinsthat's... old and technically quadro i think03:43
daftykinsyeah try 30403:43
viyyerdaftykins: nope, its a laptop03:44
viyyerdaftykins: its a quadro processor03:44
viyyerhaven't had X issues on ubuntu in a long time03:45
geoffmccsven86: likely your issue... I used this guide to setup mine https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html#nfs-client-configuration03:45
sven86i've read that one03:45
daftykinsviyyer: sticking to LTS was probably wiser for such age hardware, but yeah see how nvidia-304 grabs you.03:45
sven86geoffmcc: but the freezing and hanging is happening on the server side03:46
viyyerok .. let me enable nouveau and then switch to 30403:46
daftykinsenable? just purge nvidia* and install nvidia-30403:46
viyyerdaftykins: oh ok03:46
viyyerdaftykins: could this have been because of kernel upgrade as well?03:47
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geoffmccsven86: hmm. All i did was sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server. Setup /etc/exports with /media/usb/media,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check) and then sudo service nfs-kernel-server start03:49
daftykinsviyyer: just moving up to 15.04 during the upgrade? yeah that kernel change to 3.19 would change a few things03:50
geoffmccsven86: on the client side i setup fstab nfs-server:/media/usb/media    /media/usb   nfs   auto  0  0, as well as set the Domain = localdomain in /etc/idmapd.conf03:51
sven86geoffmcc: yeah, i did that too, but when i try to do sudo service nfs-kernel-server start, it hangs03:51
most_wantedhow can i add a public key for apt-get?03:52
geoffmccsven86: only other thing i can really say is I did all this on Ubuntu Server 15.04 and my client is Jessie 803:53
sven86geoffmcc: okay, thanks03:54
geoffmccsven86: sorry. Like i said I had issues until i set on both sides the Domain = localdomain, but at no time was there any hang on server side, so you are having a different issue03:54
xangua!gpgerr | most_wanted03:57
ubottumost_wanted: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »03:57
most_wantedubottu: thanks! is there an article or man page you can refer me to?03:58
geoffmccsven86: now that i think of it, it could be freezing/hanging on the server side cause it cant make connection to client due to nfs-common not being installed, seeing as you presumably setup your desired shares on the server side and then tried to start it03:59
geoffmccsven86: no wait thats not right....sorry couldnt be of more help04:00
sven86geoffmcc: Okay, but I found this, when I was checking out my dmesg: "nfs: server xxx not responding, timed out"04:00
nextechhow to install xamp in ubuntu 14.0404:01
nextechhow to install xamp in ubuntu 14.0404:02
cfhowlett!patience | nextech04:02
ubottunextech: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:02
nextechOK thanks im sorry04:03
geoffmccsven86: oh wait, not 100% sure matters, but did you do sudo exportfs -a before or after you sudo service nfs-kernel-server start04:05
daftykinsnextech: well you know what the letters stand for right? so you are installing apache, mysql and either PHP or Perl or some such04:05
daftykinsnextech: so install apache2, mysql-server and php504:05
dingurtso i guess it isn't referred to as LAMP anymore?04:07
nextechall thank you04:07
daftykinsdingurt: yes, X simply refers to *any OS*04:07
daftykinsi wouldn't have said that in a Linux channel :)04:08
geoffmccsven86: also, sure you dont have a firewall enabled?04:12
sven86geoffmcc: you know what? that could be the problem04:13
geoffmccsven86: i didnt even think of that at first since I dont use as my ubuntu server does not have direct incomming access. You have to go through my Pi to get to my Ubuntu Server04:14
geoffmccif not accessing locally04:16
andrewjs18hi LAMP gurus, is it still customary to place apache.conf config changes in a 'child' conf?04:19
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:21
daftykinsandrewjs18: you mean sites or the main config for the server itself?04:21
andrewjs18daftykins, main config04:21
daftykinsi always make a backup and edit direct, you'll find it's pretty separated these days though04:21
daftykinsseparate portions all over the shop :P04:22
andrewjs18yeah, I've noticed.  I had just created a custom.conf and adding some configs in there that I noticed were also in server.conf..I guess the server.conf config options were overriding the ones I placed inside custom.conf04:22
daftykinsyeah hardly worth listing things twice04:23
daftykinscan't say i've ever known of doing that one separate04:23
andrewjs18sorry, it was security.conf04:23
andrewjs18in older versions of apache, there wasn't a separate security.conf file, was there?04:24
andrewjs18that's what I thought04:24
daftykinsnor were the worker module configs separate too04:24
LMNOPhi how can i help u04:24
andrewjs18I guess I shall just make a copy of the enitre apache directory, then make my edits direct, as you mentioned04:25
spearsonI updated to ubuntu 15.04 and accidentally  deleted the ubuntu gnome via terminal and it booted to termnal so I followed the instructions to get the light dm back04:25
andrewjs18no sense in copying a file here or there..easier to do the whole directory, lol04:25
spearsonnow, it's stuck in a login loop04:25
lotuspsychje!recovery | spearson04:26
ubottuspearson: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:26
spearsonI enter my password and it just asks for it agian04:26
lotuspsychjespearson: you can also try 'fix broken packages' from grub recoverymode04:26
daftykinsspearson: check your ~ for any files not owned by your user04:26
zykotick9spearson: re: daftykins's suggestion above, ~/.Xauthority specifically can be an issue (if not owned by your user)04:30
spearsonI booted into recovery04:31
spearsonwhat next?04:31
daftykinsls -al ~/ | pastebinit04:31
lotuspsychjespearson: try the 'fix broken packages'04:32
spearsonwhat't the command to fix broken packages?04:33
daftykinsi believe it's a menu item, no?04:34
lotuspsychjeyes, should be on the menu of recoverymode04:35
spearsonI saw it but the drop down command line has scrolled it off the screen04:35
spearsonshould I reboot into recovery again?04:35
lotuspsychjespearson: i dont know wich option you triggered04:36
daftykinsroot shell perhaps?04:36
lotuspsychjespearson: did you choose something else from list like terminal or failsafeX ?04:36
spearsonDrop to root shell prompt04:37
spearsonthat was what I triggered04:37
lotuspsychjespearson: ok reboot, and re-enter recoverymode, this time with fix broken packages04:38
spearsonI selected fix broken packages and it said the software was up to date so I went ahead with a partial upgrade if it did anything04:41
spearsonshould I try to reboot normally now?04:41
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lotuspsychjespearson: how about failsafeX would that bring you any further?04:42
spearsonwhat about failsafeX?04:44
lotuspsychjespearson: can you boot into it?04:47
Mavavery intresting. "Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto"04:49
zoidfarbI just upgraded to 15.04, and if I log into any desktop other than GNOME (e.g. GNOME Classic, Cinnamon, etc.) I get a black screen after login04:50
spearsonI just tried booting normally and get the same login loop04:50
zoidfarbAny ideas what I can do to fix that?04:50
LMNOPhi wut error04:50
lotuspsychjespearson: i think you will need a fresh install mate04:51
spearsonso there is no way around the login loop issue?04:51
spearsonI got boot to the gui login screen though and enter my password but it doesn;t actually login04:52
spearsonI could try recreating the user account?04:52
lotuspsychjespearson: you can try sure04:53
spearsonhow do you recreate or delete a user?04:53
lotuspsychje!user | spearson04:54
ubottuspearson: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo04:54
spearsoncan I replace the user spearson with a new spearson ?04:57
spearsonit says it already exists04:57
daftykinstest the guest session04:58
spearsonI tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/425112/cant-login-to-gui-with-my-valid-password and it didn't seem to work05:04
spearsoncan't seem to login with my password via the gui but when I do tty I'm able to login with username and password in order to perform sudo05:05
spearsonany ideas?05:09
daftykinswell i don't believe you ever checked the file permissions as initially suggested05:10
spearsoncould you walk me through it?05:13
daftykinsboot recovery, root shell, "ls -al /home/yourusername/"05:14
daftykinslook for anything other than ".." which is owned by root:root05:15
daftykinstest failed!05:15
geoffmccjoin #ubuntu-server05:16
buffon137chown nobody:nobody05:16
A1F4How to harden my ubuntu desktop?05:17
spearsonI took a photo05:17
A1F4i already installed and use ufw utility.05:18
A1F4Any other help will be appreciated..05:18
spearsonthat's the screenshot of the command05:18
daftykinsthat's a no then05:19
daftykinsspearson: test the guest session05:19
spearsonso the command output is good :)05:20
daftykinsit's fine yes05:20
spearsonI'll try the guest05:20
daftykinsbut that's actually a bad thing because it means the problem is elsewhere05:20
spearsonshould I test the guest session or try something else?05:20
spearsonnot sure if it did it wrong. it says no such file or directory05:26
A1F4What you like in ubuntu 15.04 ?05:27
spearsonls -al /home/yourusername/guest right?05:28
daftykinsspearson: no you boot to the login screen, then pick to log into a guest session05:30
spearsonrebooting now05:32
spearsonI clicked guest session and it went blank and then back to the login screen05:33
andrewjs18meant to ask..can I go from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS directly or do I need to do the versions in between?05:33
daftykinsspearson: sounds like your upgrade didn't go so well. just upgraded to 15.04 did you say?05:35
daftykinsandrewjs18: directly yes05:36
daftykinsspearson: log in via TTY and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to ensure it finished properly05:36
daftykinsbut it sounds like it's game over and clean install time05:36
daftykins(after backing up)05:36
andrewjs18daftykins, nice..I made the mistake of putting 12.10 on another server I was running..had to go from 12.10 to 13.10 and then over to 14.04, IIRC.05:36
nextech15.04 much better than 14.0405:36
daftykinsnextech: rubbish :)05:37
spearsonI did that05:39
andrewjs18nextech, I like LTS for servers05:40
nextechYes me too05:40
spearsonI think the issue was that I accidentally removed the gnome so when I rebooted, it went to the terminal screen so I installed the lightdm so I could login and that is when I started having login problems05:40
spearsonbefore everything worked fine after the upgrade05:40
daftykinsspearson: maybe you have no desktop environment installed05:41
spearsonwhat is the commend to install it?05:41
nextechsudo apt-get install05:41
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daftykinsspearson: gnome3 is it you use?05:43
spearsonwhich default display manager should I use? lightdm or gdm?05:44
daftykinsup to you.05:45
spearsonwhich do you recommend?05:45
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daftykinsjust pick one05:45
spearsonI went with gdm05:45
spearsonnow upon reboot I just a black screen with flashing text from the terminal hmm05:48
spearsonI have ubuntu install as a VM05:49
spearsonnot sure that would make a difference05:49
daftykinsit would definitely have been handy to have stated from the outset05:50
spearsoncould I still do that?05:50
spearsonyou mean not as a VM?05:51
daftykinsnot unless you have a time machine05:51
spearsonwhat to do now?05:51
daftykinsi have no chance of unravelling your installs issues plus i'm going to sleep, so you should probably back up your ~ and clean install05:51
spearsonThanks for your help05:52
daftykinsin future, make more use of VM snapshots so you can restore :>05:52
spearsonreinstalling now :)05:55
spearsonI wish I could figure out the issues with the old one though05:55
dodeluserI got a specific question about remastering.. I followed this tutorial.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization#Advanced_Customizations         but there is one thing I cannot understand.. someone who could help me please? thank you so much05:56
barnexjust tell us what you don't understand06:00
dodeluserok ahm.. about rebuilding initrd.lz... I edited a file (to change e.g. default username...)  I took the initrd.lz from original source.. I unpacked it how described.. and repacked it..06:02
dodeluserI tried to copy the file to /editchrootfolder/casper/06:02
dodeluserand then to06:03
dodelusersudo chroot "${WORK}/new" mkinitramfs -o ${WORK}/new/initrd.lz 3.16.0-30-generic06:03
dodeluserbut I get error messages like:06:03
dodelusererrors like these: http://pastebin.com/GbuBH6N206:04
dodeluser?? :-)06:05
faazhi,why do i havePermission denied on command such as javac -v and ./idea.sh06:23
lotuspsychje!java | faaz06:25
ubottufaaz: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.06:25
faazi have installed OpenJDK7 package but still get this : bash: /usr/bin/javac: Permission denied after javac -v06:28
asraa hi can we install kvm and xen on same ubuntu 14.0406:35
asraait is possible to install xen on separate kernal with ubuntu?06:38
asraa hi can we install kvm and xen on same ubuntu 14.0406:38
TheteAnyone know how to get Ubuntu 15.04 to start in text/console mode (no GUI)?  The instructions on 14.10 no longer work06:59
TheoMurpseI just plugged in a USB3 device and dmesg gives me this at the end: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: xHCI xhci_drop_endpoint called with disabled ep ffff8800d8894648 - this after registered new interface driver usb-storage, uas, but fdisk -l does not list the disk at all. What might be going on?07:07
TheoMurpseIt seems like Ubuntu recognizes the disk but it's not in fdisk and it's not automounted in /media/ubuntu/07:07
TheoMurpselsusb sees it, too07:08
TheoMurpse(it's a HDD)07:08
faazwhile installing idea it said : "No JDK found. Please validate either IDEA_JDK, JDK_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable points to valid JDK installation. " i have installed openjdk7 how can i find the directory of this packet to set env variable?07:11
hateballfaaz: how have you installed it?07:17
faazsuhateball, with do apt-get install07:19
faazsudo *07:19
hateballfaaz: generally that should have setup your alternatives properly07:19
faazhateball, how should i do that?07:20
hateballfaaz: what does "update-alternatives --list java" return ?07:20
faazupdate-alternatives --list java07:21
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faazdid you recieve the result? i cant see it on my channel07:23
Nate_Bradleyhi guys07:25
Sefid_parI got error --with-libxc-prefix07:27
Sefid_parI got error:07:27
Sefid_parError: Unclassifiable statement at (1)07:27
Sefid_par/usr/include/stdc-predef.h:27.3: Included at loct.F90:1:07:27
Sefid_parI think I need to install another package before make07:27
faazhateball,  usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java  and   usr/local/java/jdk1.7.0_65/jre/bin/java07:27
Sefid_parwhat package should I install?07:28
muppisIs there software which I can use to install Ubuntu from console of livecd over ssh?07:28
AlexisBRENONHi guys. I can't do any admin task graphically i.e. I can't unlock settings for users & groups, I can't install with software center, or update... I can't shutdown my computer. Nevertheless, I can do all these task through CLI and "sudo". Anyone has an idea ? Thanks.07:28
hateballfaaz: Well I dont know what you're trying to do, guess you could just do "JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java ./name.of.what.you.want.to.run"07:30
nextechAlexis are you rooted?07:30
aeon-ltdAlexisBRENON: usually applications that need sudo are launched with a gksudo prefix, though i haven't used ubuntu in a while07:31
Nate_Bradleyhow do you root someone?07:31
AlexisBRENONnextech, What do you mean by "rooted" ?07:32
Nate_Bradleycan someone help me root someone?07:32
hateballpolkit is supposed to handle this for you07:32
AlexisBRENONaeon-ltd, I have gk-sudo and it works. But normally I d'ont have to use it manually07:32
aeon-ltdAlexisBRENON: i believe nextech means are you using the root user; imo frankly for general use you should not be logging in a root07:32
aeon-ltdAlexisBRENON: did you edit the launchers recently?07:33
AlexisBRENONhateball, I don't know very well polkit. I know that it's supposed to handle this, but I don't know how to restore it to default or whatever07:34
hateballAlexisBRENON: Check that service is actually running, so you havent disabled it for some reason07:34
AlexisBRENONaeon-ltd, nextech, No, i use a normal user07:34
AlexisBRENONaeon-ltd, I didn't modify launchers anytime07:34
hateballAlexisBRENON: iirc there should be an agent auto-starting with your session07:35
AlexisBRENONhateball, ls /etc/init.d/polkit* returns nothing...07:36
AlexisBRENONhateball, ps aux | grep polkit ==> root       849  0.0  0.0 275560  5576 ?        Sl   08:52   0:00 /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd --no-debug07:36
hateballAlexisBRENON: No it's a per user process07:36
hateballAlexisBRENON: check /etc/xdg/autostart, it should have polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1.desktop07:37
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hateballI'm running kde plasma so not sure how unity handles this07:38
AlexisBRENONhateball, yes, it has07:38
hateballAlexisBRENON: can you manually start "/usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &" and see if things work as expected?07:39
AlexisBRENONhateball, I've got a warning : "Unable to determine the session we are in: No session for pid 18252". Then it exits.07:40
Sefid_parwould somebody help me by this error? http://www.tddft.org/pipermail/octopus-users/2014-October/004446.html07:41
Sefid_parThe answer in that page could not help07:41
hateballAlexisBRENON: hmm, you could try killing the polkitd process, I think trying to start the agent will launch it again07:42
hateballAlexisBRENON: failing that, restarting your session/machine should do it07:42
AlexisBRENONhateball, I killed polkitd (with sudo), then launching the service restart it, but the service exits with the same error as previously.07:44
TheteI'm guessing nobody knows07:44
Thetegoogle don't know either07:44
hateballAlexisBRENON: Hmmm, afraid I don't know how to fix that... I'm afraid you'll have to wait/google07:44
AlexisBRENONthere is no way to reset polkit or something like 'dpkg-reconfigure polkit' ?07:45
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hateballAlexisBRENON: oh, and you're actually using unity? and not some other DE07:47
AlexisBRENONYes, I use Unity07:47
hateballAlright, it's not that then07:47
AlexisBRENONhateball, I already tried to reinstall ubuntu-desktop and unity, without any success...07:48
hateballAlexisBRENON: Yeah, as I said I don't really know any more... but hopefully someone else might, or you've gotten enough pointers to google a solution07:49
Nate_Bradleythe final solution is the only solution07:51
Nate_BradleyWHITE POWER07:52
Nate_BradleyHEIL HITLER07:52
Nate_BradleySIEG HEIL07:52
AlexisBRENONhateball, Thanks for your time. I'll wait a few more weeks ;-p07:53
faazi have est env variable JAVA_HOME with two ways in vim /.profile and with export, but when i restart it will be removed, whats the problem?07:55
nomicput things you want exported07:57
nomicsystem environment - into your bash configuration file (.bashrc file) -- in your home directory07:57
nomichttp://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-set-java_home-path-variable/  How to Set JAVA_HOME / PATH variables Under Linux Bash Profile07:58
faazdo i have to set env variable in root mode?08:08
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Guest75662hello, do you know some pdf editor for ubuntu?08:17
wangyidatex env08:17
usuariomuito leite08:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:26
usuariofilo da puta08:26
chotaz`whey guys, my system is hanging everyonce in a while, forcing me to REISUB. I would like to figure out what process is causing this, where should I start looking?08:36
chotaz`whanging as in, CTRL+ALT+Backspace doesn't even work08:37
kokutanyone else having trouble accessing shared files on a windows machine from ubuntu?08:37
kokuti mean, i can access the files but i dont have write permission08:38
maziar__how can i fix this error , on psql start service : connections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.543208:38
faazi have set enviroment variable but the value is not set , whats the problem? (08:42
Bray90820kokut: You have a permissions issue08:42
Bray90820What is the directory of the files08:43
faazBray90820 , usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java08:46
Bray90820faaz: I was talking to kokut sorry about that08:47
kokutBray90820: yea08:52
Bray90820kokut: What is the directory of the files that your trying to run08:52
kokuti'm trying to mount a shared resource with write permissions08:53
kokutits drive:c\folder\08:53
Bray90820Wait are you trying to mount a windows share on ubuntu or an ubuntu share on windows08:53
kokuta windows folder on ubuntu08:54
Bray90820If you can view the files drag and drop one into a terminal and send me the output08:55
kokutnvm man i found a way to do what i had to do08:56
Bray90820I was gonna have you use chmod to give you 75508:56
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sunflowerHello ,everybody!09:26
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Dave2`/win 2109:28
trssndhow do i figure out whether the root file system has barrier enabled or not?09:28
trssnd"cat /proc/fs/ext4/xvda1/options" has a line that reads "barrier"09:28
=== kosss is now known as koss
trssnddoes that mean that barrier is enabled or that barrier has the default option for ext4 which is enabled?09:29
trssndi know it's enabled in either case but still09:29
trssndis this a fool proof way to know?09:30
ubuntu-studiosearch torrent09:38
Roryhi ubuntu-studio, ask your Ubuntu support question please09:39
cfhowlett!details | ubuntu-studio,09:39
ubottuubuntu-studio,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:39
Rory!torrent | ubuntu-studio09:39
ubottuubuntu-studio: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P09:39
ubuntu-studiomy games win7 max payne09:40
ubuntu-studioubuntu unistall search09:40
svetlanause wine and be gentle about proprietary programs (they may contain backdoors).09:40
svetlanawine is a program that lets you run windows programs on linux kernel.09:40
k1l!warez | ubuntu-studio09:41
ubottuubuntu-studio: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:41
codehotterWhat could be reasons a package does not get configured?09:42
codehotterI installed postgresql-9.3 but /etc/postgresql/9.3 did not get created09:42
codehotterif I manually call /var/lib/dpkg/info/postgresql-9.3.postinst configure then it does get created09:43
codehotterwhy didn't it get created the first time roun d?09:43
test-gotthey did someone install bind9 and uses it ?09:43
codehottertest-gott: if someone replies 'yes', then it becomes socially difficult to ignore you afterwards.09:44
codehottertest-gott: people on IRC usually don't reply until they know exactly what your question is so they can judge if they want to help you09:44
codehotterI guess that was a little harsh - he didn't even ask his question and just left.09:46
Tumicodehotter: maybe his connection was reset by beer09:49
svetlanacodehotter: pointed them to #bind, looks ok09:57
ubuntu885مرحبا صدیق09:58
ubuntu885ھنا الموجود09:59
ubuntu885سین لام10:00
cfhowlett!english | ubuntu885,10:00
ubottuubuntu885,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:00
meandrainI've installed ubuntu 15.04 in a virtual machine and the time is right after a while. My question is: does ubuntu by default run some time sync app? ntpdate is installed by default but is not running (10:00
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية10:00
meandrainI've installed ubuntu 15.04 in a virtual machine and the time is right after a while. My question is: does ubuntu by default run some time sync app? ntpdate is installed by default but is not running (Loaded: not-found (sudo service ntp status ● ntp.service Loaded: not-found  Reason: No such file or directory)10:01
ubuntu885انا موجود فی الویب10:02
Basz0rmeandrain: My advice is to install ntp for that :) (apt-get install ntp). You can configure servers in /etc/ntp.conf10:03
basil2xSometimes, virtual machines just aren't as fast as their non-virtual counterparts.10:03
Rorymeandrain: No. You can add a cron to run it10:04
Rorymeandrain: I have a file /etc/cron.daily/ntpdate containing the following10:04
Rorymeandrain: /usr/sbin/ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com10:04
meandrainI will install ntp. So there is no time sync installed by default? I am asking because it keeps time properly. I also have a CentOS in virtual and it does not keep time like ubuntu10:04
dutchkimblenoob question, any help is appreciated. i want to install ubuntu 15.04 using software raid (RAID 0) on a laptop that has two 128gb SSDs. this site (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID) says i need the alternate install of ubuntu but I cannot find which one it is. any suggestions?10:05
geirhaIt's probably the VM that keeps the time in sync with the host OS10:05
meandrainis there a way to find out if ntpdate is run by some script?10:06
Basz0rmeandrain: Good question, i'm not sure of ntp is being installed by default. For your CentOS machine, check /etc/localtime for the timezone (I make a symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Amsterdam)10:06
Basz0rmeandrain: check /etc/crontab. crontab -l. or cat /etc/cron.*/*10:06
BhaalSo guys, been quickly growing grey hair...  I have 6 monitors between 2 GTX660 video cards, how do I get gnome or kde to see the second card?  If I use the nouveau driver it can see both cards, but crashes and burns...  If I use the nvidia driver gnome/kde can only see 1 card...  help :/10:07
seth-666_hello can i post some video of how to install ubuntu and things like that in romania language?10:07
geirhameandrain: ah, looks like ntpdate is hooked to the network interface10:07
seth-666_or is it a problem if post here10:07
geirhameandrain: i.e. it gets run whenever an interface connects10:07
geirhameandrain: dpkg -L ntpdate10:07
seth-666_prezentare de ubuntu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTbdFLqiAz810:08
meandraingeirha: so how often it is run?10:08
geirhameandrain: whenever it connects10:09
seth-666_instalare ubuntu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwluCqIGkGk10:09
meandraingeirha: you mean when it's up first time?10:10
meandrainor if I set it with a value?10:10
seth-666_diferente asemanarii intre sisteme de operare : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26qUs7eMxss10:10
meandrainor when there's traffic on it10:10
geirhameandrain: in the case of your virtual machine, probably whenever start and/or resume the VM. Because then it has to connect to the virtual netowrk interface10:11
meandraingeirha: is still weritd, the virtual guest is started two days ago and time is synced. Same for centos, still time is way off10:12
meandraingeirha: maybe it syncs other times too, like for example when I ssh into machine I have info regarding packets that must be updated. So it checks for that, maybe it also syncs the time10:13
geirhameandrain: possibly. It installs something in /etc/logcheck too, not sure what that is10:16
icedwaterI'm working with nvidia 840m/ubuntu 14.04.2. All versions of nvidia drivers seem to cause lightdm to instantly log back out upon login, does anyone know a fix that works?10:23
icedwaterAskubuntu.com has too many solutions to sanely attempt.10:23
meandraingeirha: I think that /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/ntpdate  is added to logcheck ignore so it will not log ntpdate time adjustments10:25
meandrainwhich could be annoying and is not useful10:25
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geirhameandrain: ok, I don't know then10:25
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the_trickyhello there, guys10:35
the_trickyanyone to help with the front panel audio problem?10:35
the_trickymy headphones aren't working10:35
Rorythe_tricky: What have you tried?10:36
Rorythe_tricky: Is the volume for the front audio jack turned up from 0, and unmuted?10:37
the_trickyRory: changed BIOS settings, but that didn't help10:37
Rory99% it's the volume is turned down10:37
the_trickyRory: and where do I checked that?10:37
the_tricky* check10:37
Rorythe_tricky: click the volume icon in the top panel and click Sound Settings10:37
Rorythe_tricky: the_tricky On the first tab, "output", make sure the correct device is selected in the left panel, and that the output volume at the bottom isn't muted10:38
the_trickyRory: they are both 100% and unmuted ^(10:38
Rorythe_tricky: Has your front audio jack EVER worked (in other operating systems) or is this the first time you've ever tried to use it?10:39
the_trickyRory: yes, it did work, but I forgot about it quite long ago10:39
the_trickyRory: and trying now I get no result10:39
Rorythe_tricky: when you say they are "both" 100% and unmuted, what is the additional entry?10:40
marbangenscheck you speker and pcm channels in alsamixer10:40
marbangensopen an terminal and type alsamixer10:41
the_trickyRory: I am not quite sure about that, but I have digital and analog sound options10:41
RoryI like the program "pavucontrol" for audio settings, although you have to install it10:41
Rorythe_tricky: OK, the digital one will be for your HDMI output, and the analogue one is the one you want10:41
Rorythe_tricky: if you install pavucontrol from Software Centre and run it, you can go to the Configuration tab and select the analogue one as the default output device10:42
Rorythe_tricky: There might be other ways to do that, but pavucontrol is the one I know10:42
tux_hey, is anyone know what's the linuxmint's channel id? thanks very much10:43
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:43
the_trickyRory: it says that my headphones are not plugged10:44
tux_thank you rory10:44
Rorytux_: in pavucontrol? go to configuration, and under the entry for HDMI, change it to "off" http://i.imgur.com/lmIyoob.png10:45
Rorythe_tricky: Sorry that msg was for you10:45
the_trickyRory: did that, but still no effect10:46
Rorythe_tricky: What is the model of your laptop/motherboard ?10:46
RoryThis is one of those problems I feel where if I was sat in front of the machine I could fix it in 60 seconds10:47
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:47
RoryI assume you already tried the Sound troubleshooting on the wiki the_tricky ?10:47
the_trickyRory: nope, being such a noob I didn't even try that, let me take a look10:48
Rorythe_tricky: Not to worry, poke me if you have questions about it10:49
the_trickyRory: thanks, I am going to take a look at the wiki page first10:50
Rorythe_tricky: The link ubottu gives is out of date. Take a look here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems10:50
Rorythe_tricky: There's a link at the top of the old page, but I'm letting you know in case you missed it10:50
the_trickyRory: excuse me for being so dumb, but isn't that page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems) for bug reporting issues?10:54
Rorythe_tricky: Yeah sorry, my bad, I just saw the link at the top of the first one that said it was out of date10:56
the_trickyRory: how do I check if the port itself is powered?11:00
the_trickyRory: I assumed that if USBs are fine, so should jacks11:01
the_trickyRory: is that right?11:01
Rorythe_tricky: Not necessarily. The analogue audio jacks are connected to the audio interface, which is separate from USB11:02
Rorythe_tricky: Do you hear an amp buzz/click when you plug earphones into the jack?11:02
Rorythe_tricky: if you know what I mean11:02
Rorydoes it "sound powered" ?11:02
the_trickyRory: yes, I do, think, they're powered11:02
BluesKajHiyas all11:03
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Rorythe_tricky: Can you try one last thing? run the terminal command "alsamixer", you will see an array of sliders. Press F6, and select the analogue device11:08
Rorythe_tricky: Use the keyboard arrows to navigate and adjust all the volume sliders, but particularly check that "PCM" is on max11:09
RoryHi Guest58609, the name "IT" was registered by someone else. You can change nick with the "/nick" command, for example, to change my name to Rory I typed "/nick Rory" (without the quotes)11:09
RoryGuest58609: And then you can ask your Ubuntu support question11:10
Guest58609i have my server issue11:11
Guest58609i need to java 1.511:11
Guest58609on server 12.0411:11
Guest58609and browser11:12
the_trickyRory: put them all to max, no effect still11:12
RoryHi Guest58609 , there's some instructions on how to install that version here: http://askubuntu.com/a/52294611:12
RoryGuest58609: I found that by searching on Google for Ubuntu 12.04 Java 1.5, and clicking the first result11:13
the_trickyRory: I am going to get them to work on Windows and then try something with Ubuntu11:14
Rorythe_tricky: Just to be clear, these are just normal headphones, right, not USB ones?11:15
casy_hi i am new here . can someone help me out11:15
Rorythe_tricky: Normal 3.5mm audio jack?11:15
Rorycasy_: Ask your Ubuntu support question and find out11:15
the_trickyRory: definetely11:15
Rorythe_tricky: Can you run "lspci | grep Audio" and tell me the output please?11:16
Rorythe_tricky: I would expect two lines11:16
the_trickyRory: yes, there are: http://pastebin.com/9YFmxSq411:16
RoryOh I'm sorry, I need to afk :( Paste those lines anyway, and hopefully someone else can help11:16
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the_trickyRory: thanks anyway, good luck11:17
casy_Rory : how can i install cisco packet tracer in ubuntu 14.0411:17
=== Kingsquee is now known as argoneus
Rorythe_tricky: also you could pastebin "aplay -l"11:17
Rorycasy_: https://nextdime.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/how-to-install-cisco-packet-tracer-6-0-1-in-ubuntu-14-04/11:18
the_trickyhere is the "aplay -l" output: http://pastebin.com/dd0dhckh11:18
Rorycasy_: I found that by searching on Google for Ubuntu 14.04 cisco packet tracker, and clicking the first result11:18
Rory<-- WIZARD11:18
casy_ok Rory thanks very much11:22
josealonsoalgun español11:22
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hestesaks? I seem to have lost the ability to delete pictures from off of a SD card - deleting it in picture viewer gives the error "No wastebasket can be found". Any ideas?11:42
phveektorpls how can i format a SD card on ubuntu?11:43
phveektori tried it, using disks, it didnt format11:44
hestesaksphveektor, try gparted (Partition Editor)11:45
phveektorowkay hestesaks, thanks11:45
hestesaksnot sure itll work, but its worth a shot11:46
phveektori'm trying to get it now11:46
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PhibonacciHi. Whenever I do a `sudo apt-get update`, I get this error for different url on the same IP. I have the same error with the fr. url:12:01
PhibonacciW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-backports/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]12:01
PhibonacciDo you know anything about that ?12:01
yeatsPhibonacci: what Ubuntu release are you on?12:05
Phibonacci13 something.12:05
yeats!13.10 | Phibonacci12:06
ubottuPhibonacci: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy12:06
yeatsPhibonacci: short version: you need to upgrade to at least 14.0412:06
PhibonacciIs the `apt-get upgrade` working fine or would I be better with a new install ?12:06
=== vindex is now known as Guest26552
yeatsPhibonacci: if it were me, I'd back up my data and reinstall12:07
PhibonacciUnderstood. Thanks for your help.12:08
phveektorit works fine12:08
phveektori think it's better to use a LTS version of ubuntu than to use the stable one12:09
phveektormy chrome doesnt freeze on 14.04 LTS but it does after i upgraded to 14.1012:10
phveektorcan someone pls help me out12:10
jnoob22which version of chrome are you using phveektor ?12:11
jnoob22is it google-chrome or chromium?12:11
jnoob22chromium is the open source version12:11
jnoob22doesn't crap on your system as much as "chrome"12:11
jnoob22and is therefore superior.12:11
phveektorversion 4212:12
phveektorit's on auto update12:12
phveektorgoogle chrome12:12
phveektorshould i change to chromium/12:12
jnoob22i would suggest but... what happens when you start it?12:13
phveektorwill try it out12:13
jnoob22have you tried starting it through a terminal to see if it spits out any errors?12:13
jnoob2214.04 and 14.10 should both be solid.12:13
phveektori'm not really pleased with the behaviour12:13
phveektorit does that12:13
phveektorgives some stupid error12:14
jnoob22can you paste the error in dpaste or paste.bin?12:14
phveektorthe 14.10 boots faster and loads quicker12:14
jnoob22good deal.12:14
phveektorapart from my chrome12:14
phveektoreverything else works fine for now12:14
jnoob22well try sudo apt-cache search chromium and see if it's available to you and give it a whirl.12:15
jnoob22phveektor, i assume firefox works ok at least12:15
jnoob22for a workaround until you can get this sorted out.12:15
phveektorfirefox blazes12:15
jnoob22which version of ff you have if i may ask?12:16
jnoob22just curious to see which versions 14.10 has X-D12:16
phveektor cant say but i know it's most recent12:16
phveektorand i just upgraded to 14.10 yesterday12:17
jnoob22cool... all the hardware worked I take it?12:17
jnoob22i may stay on 14.04 forever... well until I have to get off anyways.12:18
jnoob22im not a bleeding-edger ;)12:18
phveektorit's good12:18
phveektori'm kinda new to this linux thing12:18
jnoob22frickin' sweet.12:18
phveektorand d few weeks i've spent on it has bn really sweet12:19
hestesaksWelcome to then12:19
phveektorwill keep working on it12:19
jnoob22my only advice to noobs is to use only Linux except when someone has pulled you kicking and screaming into windows and macos ;) and even then question it a bit.12:19
phveektori guess with guys like u here12:19
phveektori'll be fine12:19
phveektori'm good with windows12:19
phveektorbut linux hasnt been boring to me since i satrted12:20
jnoob22well, my first exposure was when my ancient cyrix box wouldn't work with windows 95. I installed Suse 7.something and only used that for a few years through hs and college.12:20
Jabolove that the linux kernel now natively supports chromebooks12:20
jnoob22well, it will be frustrating at times.12:20
Jaboinstalled ubuntu 15.04 straight from the iso12:20
Jaboand everything worked12:20
jnoob22that's sweet, Jabo12:20
phveektoru guys are really far ahead12:20
hestesaksI used a Mac for 15 years and was even a Mac Evangelist, and I got fed up with Mac OSX etc etc, discovered Ubuntu and linux in general, was overjoyed with it12:21
jnoob22eh, just keep using my man.12:21
MonkeyDustnow try nvidia ;)12:21
phveektori'm just a newbie12:21
phveektorgotta go now12:21
jnoob22later phveektor12:21
phveektorhope u guys will be here later12:21
phveektorlike 9 hrs time12:21
jnoob22hestesaks, requesting a mac at my current job a few years back was a big mistake.12:21
phveektorwill like to learn more from u12:21
hestesaksdo tell12:21
jnoob22i came to hate it within a few months.12:21
phveektorthnks for the help12:22
JaboI wiped OS X off my mac mini and installed ubuntu :)12:22
MonkeyDustok guys, we get the point, glad you're excited12:22
jnoob22one rant... why does Apple do the same crap that M$ did and gets nowhere near the hate and angst?12:22
hestesakslets take it over to #ubuntu-chat :)12:22
LabanHi! How can I prevent Ubuntu 15.04 from launching X at startup?12:22
jnoob22sorry MonkeyDust i got .... err.... excited.12:22
jnoob22Laban, see /etc/inittab12:23
jnoob22and change default runlevel to 3 instead of 5 (or whatever it is)12:23
MonkeyDust!text | Laban12:23
ubottuLaban: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:23
EriC^^Laban: add text ^12:23
jnoob22heh heh12:24
LabanThanks :)12:24
EriC^^Laban: if you want it permanently you can add it to /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub12:24
jnoob22i am old school.12:24
Labanjnoob22: Iniittab doesn't exist.12:24
jnoob22and come from the rhel server world.12:24
Labanerr /etc/inittab.12:24
jnoob22heh it may not on ubuntu... thanks for bringing that up. just learned something mate.12:25
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BhaalAnyone have any idea why Gnome won't run in xinerama mode in 15.04???12:27
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead12:31
BhaalBluesKaj: I'm running 6 monitors across 2 GTX660's ... Worked good in 14.10 ... Now neither KDE or Gnome will work in 15.0412:32
BhaalI know there is an issue with Qt 5.4 and xinerama ... And it's fixed in Qt 5.5, but that's still in alpha..12:33
BhaalSo that is the given reason for KDE not working, but I am unsure how that affects Gnome?  Gnome uses Qt now?12:34
manirajaany one there12:35
AscavasaionAsk your question ManikM12:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:35
BhaalI asked this last night but don't have link now, can anyone point me to the ppa for qt5.5 alpha for ubuntu desktop?12:49
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Guest44296hi,  i am trying to create a offline repo   and the files seem very small,   i doenloaded about 6 files less than 2mb each,,   following the instructions here12:52
Guest44296im trying to get all the games in it12:53
BhaalAhh found it12:57
=== blaze is now known as Guest8091
Bhaalor not :/12:58
groot15I'm using 14.04 lts on a dell latitude e6400. When I try to log in after shutting the cover of my laptop, I can't - the screen freezes at the login. Everything else works perfectly. Anyone know how to solve this problem?13:13
IronicBadgerdoes anybody here understand PPAs well? why do half the PPAs on launchpad not have a vivid set of published builds?13:13
cfhowlettIronicBadger, best to consult the ppa publishers.  ppa's are not ubuntu supported13:14
voozeIronicBadger: probably because their packages are not up to date13:14
cfhowlett!ppa | IronicBadger13:14
ubottuIronicBadger: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:14
IronicBadgeris there a way, such as there is on the AUR, to flag packages out of date then?13:15
=== vander is now known as Guest47535
voozeIronicBadger: nope, thats not how PPAs work :)13:18
voozeyou could contact the PPA maintainer13:18
JaboI really hate this https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12946313:22
ubottuGnome bug 129463 in Widget: GtkMenu "Give visual hint about why pop-up menus have big empty areas" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]13:22
semitonesHello #ubuntu -- here is a question for you: does anybody use ubuntu on a tablet that can replace a laptop?13:22
Jabo2003 that thread started, the 'feature' is still there13:22
JaboI wish I knew how to remove it13:23
Jaboremove the empty area13:23
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:27
MonkeyDustwakaakwaka  great, it works13:30
ndut2ubuntu still not been close13:31
ndut2see wikileaks13:31
ndut2ure so dead13:31
MonkeyDustthe is confusing easter with halloween13:32
MonkeyDustthe guy*13:32
cfhowlettis it that time already?13:32
sunflowerMy Ubuntu is unable to adjust the volume13:37
MonkeyDustsunflower  in a terminal, type   alsamixder   is it useful13:38
sunflower<MonkeyDust sure13:40
MonkeyDustsunflower  can you adjust it to your needs?13:40
semitonesSo do people still get help here, or is it mostly all askubuntu now #meta13:40
MonkeyDustsemitones  this is the help channel13:41
sunflowerYes I try13:43
LMNOPhi how can i help u13:47
sunflowerI think i can adjust the volume on the menu bar13:48
MonkeyDustright click on that sound icon13:49
MonkeyDustsunflower  ^^^13:49
fischlileft-click works also i think13:49
sunflowerNo icon13:50
MonkeyDustsunflower  then how do you adjust it?13:50
fischliwhich desktop? unity?13:50
LMNOPis unity based on ubuntu?13:51
MonkeyDustLMNOP  it's based on gnome13:51
LMNOPu know what im asking13:51
LMNOPis it based on ubuntu or no13:51
MonkeyDustLMNOP  no, other distro's use it also13:52
jpdsLMNOP: Err, Unity isn't based on anything.13:52
MonkeyDustLMNOP  unity is a compiz plugin for gnome313:52
=== elopio_ is now known as elopio
LMNOPyeah right13:52
sunflowerIn the settings menu bar to display the volume13:52
LMNOPok thanks13:52
sunflowerThe test sound in settings, no output13:54
booleanmorning ... is there another way to disable a service on 12.04 besides removing the sym link in the /etc/rc*.d directories?13:58
booleannever mind ... answer: update-rc.d <name> disable <runtime>14:02
Synx|hmIf there are config scripts in both /etc/init and /etc/init.d which is being used? service --list-all shows a + for the service however initctrl list also shows the service as started/running14:02
Klapoguys what should my friend do: 32 not authorized to control networking14:02
MonkeyDustKlapo  at what moment does that popup, on what system?14:03
KlapoMonkeyDust: while changing network, xubuntu14:03
memepadproretinaHey, I dualboot Mate&Window7 is it possible for me to "move" a installed game from windows7 to ubuntu?14:03
MonkeyDustusing which application?14:03
MonkeyDustKlapo  ^14:04
booleanSynx|hm: service --list-all  fails as an unrecognized service ( for --list-all I guess )14:04
KlapoMonkeyDust: default gnome network manager14:04
Synx|hmboolean: sry ment --status-all14:04
booleanno worries ... just looked it up :) Thanks14:04
MonkeyDustKlapo  which ubuntu version?14:05
booleanmemepadproretina: 2 different os .. doesnt work that way14:05
KlapoMonkeyDust: 14.1014:06
booleanmemepadproretina: you could get wine and see if the game is supported on it ( winehq.org14:06
=== darkdevil is now known as DarkDevil
KlapoMonkeyDust: sorry for slow reponds, I'm asking my friend about everything ;p14:06
memepadproretinaThe game is supported on linux14:06
memepadproretinaNo need for wine14:06
booleanmemepadproretina: it still needs a wrapper to work on linux14:07
memepadproretinaYeah I see14:07
memepadproretinaWill just re download it then14:08
memepadproretinaAlso is it risky to futher extend partition?14:08
MonkeyDustKlapo  is that wifi or with cable?14:08
booleanmemepadproretina: on a linux box, as long as it is lvm, there should be no risk14:08
KlapoMonkeyDust: wifi14:08
=== sysop is now known as Guest33112
ubuntu663hi, i have set my enviroment variable JAVA_HOME as an export command in ~/.profile but when i check,it has no value why/14:09
=== Guest33112 is now known as sysop2
=== Blabber968 is now known as MathBlab
sysop2how can I get the bluetooth button on my bluetooth headset to run script when pressed?14:10
LMNOPhi how can i help u14:11
KlapoMonkeyDust: any clue?14:11
MonkeyDustKlapo  no, can't find a solution online  and have never seen the eroor before14:12
shreezI am running a headless Ubuntu server, and I'm adding a new hard drive to it. Since I can't use gparted, what is the best way to partition the new drive? I read that there can be issues with using Fdisk with drives having more than 1024 cylinders.14:14
=== DarkDevil is now known as darkdevil
MonkeyDustshreez  try fdisk14:15
MonkeyDustshreez  oh, you said that14:15
ubuntu647i have exported my enviroment variable in ~/.profile file but i dont see the value when echoing it why? i am trying to set JAVA_HOME14:15
KlapoMonkeyDust: mhm, thanks anyway14:16
shreezMonkeyDust, Yea, the site says fdisk can have issues with really large drives.14:16
shreezI'm wondering if there is something better than fdisk that I should be using, or if I should just use fdisk.14:17
shreezSeems like there SHOULD be something better by now...14:17
paakkariwhere can i find code for wifi info for CONKY?14:18
Picipaakkari: You may want to ask the folks in #conky14:24
paakkariPici , i did, no answer,14:25
lazaIs there a kernel boot parameter that prevents the message "ACC PCI Probe failed" to show up during boot?14:28
shreezI created a partition using Fdisk and formatted it ext4 and it is only 2T even though it is ia 5T disk.  How do I get the partition to take up the entire disk?14:30
reisioshreez: use parted/gdisk instead14:32
shreezreisio, I don't have a GUI installed on my server.14:32
reisioshreez: the 'g' doesn't mean GUI or GTK+ in this case14:33
shreezAhhh, ok14:33
trijntjeI'm looking to buy a new monitor and I was wondering if there is a way to see the maximum resolution my videocard+fglrx driver supports14:34
reisioshreez: parted -a optimal -s /dev/FOO mklabel gpt; parted -a optimal -s /dev/FOO mkpart primary ext4 0% 100%14:34
sunflowerHow to send pictures?14:34
reisiosunflower: to whom?14:34
reisiosunflower: http://imgur.com/14:35
sunflower sunflower:    hi reisio ,How to do it?14:37
reisiosunflower: there's a button at top left, 'upload images'14:38
=== k10d is now known as k10d_afk
caseydwell I kind of pulled a boner. I wanted to clear out /var/log/ufw.log, so I deleted the file and I figured ufw would recreate it, but it isn't. Now it just isn't logging. I tried to recreate it but I guess I can't get the permissions right. Can anyone help me with the right permissions or a way to get ufw to recreate the file?14:44
reisiocaseyd: what makes you think it has found anything new to log that would've recreated it?14:46
caseydreisio, I even set logging to full and it wasn't working14:46
reisioprobably not related to permissions14:48
reisiobut the internet reports this: '-rw-r----- 1 syslog adm'14:48
nith1210caseyd: Have you stopped and started ufw or restarted the machine?14:52
new2neti removed the only sudoer account and recreat it (as a sudoer), but forgot to set a password. I can log into the sudoer's account automatically, but can't actually use sudo (password prompt). Any ideas how to recover from this situation without booting another distro and making the non-sudoer account's (with PWs) sudoable?14:52
caseydnith1210, both14:52
slidani had 14.10 and upgraded to 15.04 with do-release-upgrade now my pc boots up with this: http://imgur.com/hy5iOTl14:53
Guest88112new2net: can you boot it14:53
nith1210new2net: Your question boils down to "how to I set an administrative password without the password to an administrative account"14:54
new2neti can boot it14:54
nith1210new2net: You must boot another distro, chroot in as root and run passwd. If there's another way, there's a serious security hole.14:54
new2netso there is no "su -" like on fedora?14:54
=== Guest88112 is now known as EriC__
EriC__new2net: you can restart the pc and get a root prompt without a live usb14:55
nith1210new2net: "sudo -s" will give you a root shell, but you need the password to run it.14:55
KlikkaOSLOHello, Anyone here with experience on configuring Kippo on virtual Ubuntu?14:55
bazhang!info kippo14:55
ubottuPackage kippo does not exist in vivid14:55
EriC__new2net: do you have the root user enabled?14:56
KlikkaOSLOUre talking to a complete amatuer with ubuntu :P14:56
new2netI don't believe I do14:56
EriC__new2net: ok, can you restart the pc?14:56
nith1210EriC__ is right, the recovery console will do the same.14:57
=== Blabber219 is now known as MathBlab
new2netEriC_, yes. I plan on making a live USB with  my laptop (which i still have admin access on). The distro stuck (i'm using it for IRC right now) has another user who wasn't a sudoer (my girlfriend's account) and I think  I can edit /etc/sudoers and just use that account to run passwd my user.14:58
reisiosunflower: /msg alis list *ubunt*cn14:59
new2netEriC__: i wanted to avoid that if it was possible to determine what my current password was.14:59
reisioor *tw15:00
EriC__new2net: you need to restart and boot into recovery mode and make it read-write and then set your user's password15:00
EriC__new2net: i dont follow how you're going to edit /etc/sudoers to add your user with your gf's non-sudo account15:00
new2netEriC__: by mounting the root partition  while booted into another distro15:01
KlikkaOSLOFeel like im interupting your convo, but still in need of help with kippo if anyone has some knowledge15:01
EriC__new2net: so you're going to chroot into it? in that case just set your password straight away with passwd<user>15:01
EriC__* passwd <user>15:01
bazhangKlikkaOSLO, what is kippo15:02
KlikkaOSLOSSH HoneyPot15:03
bazhangKlikkaOSLO, what package is that from15:03
Night_ElfHi all. I have a software which I built localy. In the sources root-tree there's a file named "server.service". I guess it is a systemd-ish start service file. But where do I place that file and how do I make it active?15:05
EriC__Night_Elf: i think in /etc/systemd/system , and systemctl enable server.service see the below for more info15:05
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers15:06
KlikkaOSLObazhang, no idea. Been watching some youtube videos and they apt-get install subversion and apt-get python-twisted python15:06
Night_ElfEriC__: Ah, from 15.04 ! I am on 14.04LTS so it is upstart and I can't use it. Hmm...15:07
bazhangKlikkaOSLO, so contact the kippo creators, thats not an ubuntu package or issue15:07
new2netEriC_: is there  a key i normally need to press to change to the recovery boot?15:07
EriC__new2net: hold shift to get grub > advanced > recovery15:07
new2netty. I will try that first15:08
sapathHi, if anyone could help me with this: E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/dl.google.com_linux_chrome_deb_dists_stable_main_i18n_Translation-en%%5fUS, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.15:08
EriC__new2net: drop to root shell then type mount -o remount,rw /15:08
sapathI got this error just today, when I changed my mirror from Hongkong to Nepal's own15:08
new2netI've been in grub before. and have notes on that (...aper notes :).. ugh i wish I hadn't ^_^15:08
new2netty again15:08
Night_ElfIs /etc/rc.local read and acted upon by upstart ?15:14
vcoinminerhi my upstart conf with "env" part doesn't work, my app couldn't get env, can somebody help?  here is the config : https://gist.github.com/anonymous/af5d1474a60c9cebb4af     thanks15:14
MonkeyDustvcoinminer  i guess #bash would be a better place to ask15:17
vcoinminerMonkeyDust :D thanks15:17
crackhey guys15:25
crackis it possible to install a package while another package is installing?15:25
cracki keep getting something something locked15:25
crackis that normal or it's just me15:26
nith1210crack: You can't, and yes it's completely normal.15:26
crackok thanks15:26
robin-herohi all! I installed Ubuntu 15.04 (but I experinced this problem with an upgraded 15.04 too) last week. I have a wireless internet access and sometimes it doesn't work. tHe icon is showing it is connected, but I don't have IP address. I need to reconnect manually. I don't experience this with other releases. Any idea? Maybe something wrong with systemd?15:27
robin-heroI experience this about 5/10 boots15:28
shlomocomputerIs there a way to manually mount partitions during installation?15:40
shlomocomputerEx.: Format an exotic filesystem, install, then chroot and rebuild initramfs and grub-install manually15:41
nith1210shlomocomputer: If you're using the ubuntu livecd/usb, I do this by going to "try" first, then poping open a root terminal15:42
nith1210shlomocomputer: The installer works as an app from within the "try" so I can manually do pre and post installation work.15:42
shlomocomputersure, but then when you "Choose something else" in the GUI for partitioning, you can't select a filesystem if Ubiquity doesn't know about it15:43
nith1210If you go to try, open a terminal, apt-get install your exotic filesystem, then run ubiquity afterwards, it still doesn't see said fs?15:43
shlomocomputerEven something as simple as, "Use my swap partition that I created with mkswap -L MyLabel /dev/sda3"15:44
BluesKajno option to format for ext4? ...never used that option since I usually do the manual option15:44
shlomocomputernith1210:  nope15:44
nith1210shlomocomputer: interesting. Sorry, i've no idea. I follow a similar set to setup my raid but I suppose it's different.15:45
shlomocomputernith1210:  I lucked out with my current setup b/c I formatted my root partition ext4 and then added Flashcache later, which you can do15:46
shlomocomputerbut suppose I was working with bcache instead.  There, you have to prepare the backing store prior to mkfs/mount15:47
shlomocomputerIn Arch Linux they used to have a GUI (ncurses) but you could opt for manual install15:47
shlomocomputerAny Archers in here btw?  :)15:48
shlomocomputeranyway thanks15:48
shreezUgh, ok, I'm trying to partition a drive using parted, and when I get it partitioned and mounted it only shows the size as 1003K instead of the entire 5TB...  Any idea how to troubleshoot what I'm doing wrong?15:49
shlomocomputershreez:  I'm gonna try to help you15:50
shreezshlomocomputer, Thanks so much!  :)15:50
Tangerinehi everyone, how can I make the clock show the date in ubuntu 14.x15:51
Tangerine14.04 LTS15:51
capruroshreez: gparted show you a partition of 5TB?15:52
=== walker is now known as Guest4369
shlomocomputershreez:  Please paste output of "parted -l" (as superuser) to http://paste.ubuntu.com/15:52
Tangerinei found solutions for 12.X and 13.X but they aren't working in 14.0415:52
xanguaaaah. go to time settings¿15:52
shlomocomputerTangerine:  Click on "Clock" tab15:53
Tangerineoh how did I not see this option before15:53
shreezshlomocomputer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11080973/15:53
shlomocomputer:) plezh15:53
shlomocomputershreez:  What gave you the idea you had only a tiny partition?15:54
shreezshlomocomputer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11081006/15:55
Goose_Hey everyone15:56
Goose_How can I make the command 'screenfetch | lolcat' load at startup15:57
tewardGoose_: at what point in the startup process?15:58
Goose_I just want it on my desktop when I log in15:59
shlomocomputershreez:  Please paste "dumpe2fs -h /dev/sde1" as superuser15:59
capruroshreez: can you paste  a dmesg... becouse I'know that there is a problem whit FS large more then 5TB16:00
bromancan anyone help me? lsusb shows Bus 001 Device 004: ID 03f0:2605 Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3800c ----- but sane-find-scanner shows # No USB scanners found ... what should i do?16:01
shreezshlomocomputer, Here you go!  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11081091/16:01
shreezcapruro, I just get [411021.947943] EXT4-fs (sde1): mounted filesystem without journal. Opts: (null)16:03
shreezcapruro, No other messages when I mount the fs16:04
shlomocomputershreez:  I presume that you've formatted and reformatted it16:04
shreezshlomocomputer, I thought parted did that...  How do I need to format it?16:04
shlomocomputerTry to do it like this, as superuser:  umount /dev/sde1 && mkfs.ext4  /dev/sde116:05
shlomocomputerThat (or some variation) is the underlying command16:06
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
shreezshlomocomputer, That's it!16:07
shreezShow's 4.6T now!16:07
shlomocomputershreez:  Great.  I've never used parted; it must be doing some kind of magic16:07
shreezshlomocomputer, What do you use?16:08
shlomocomputerPeople swear by it but I've always had a good experience with gdisk and mkfs.whatever_file_system_you_want16:08
shreezNever used gdisk. Perhaps I should be using that one...  :)16:08
capruroshlomocomputer: LOL good job!16:09
shreezshlomocomputer, I'm a total noob, but even a Google search didn't really help me with this one!16:09
xchatterHi when updating I get an error at least once a week now: Failed to fetch http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid-updates/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch16:10
shlomocomputerHappy to help.  parted seems overly complex to me; not sure why they use that as default.16:10
xchatterWhy could this be. If I wait one day it is gone.16:10
shreezshlomocomputer, Well, thanks so much! You win one internet from me today!16:10
shlomocomputerI have a correspondence with the guy who wrote gdisk--he is an extremely active community member and his software is solid and friendly16:10
shreezshlomocomputer, I will probably use that next time.16:11
shreezshlomocomputer, Looking at a Google search it seems to be quite a bit easier to use.16:11
shlomocomputerMy please.  Now hopefully my karma will get my question answered:  Is there any such thing as manual installation, a la Arch Linux?16:11
shlomocomputer^ my pleasure16:11
shreezshlomocomputer, Does a server install give you something close to what you want?16:12
shlomocomputershreez:  never tried it16:13
shlomocomputerDoubtful, because I do want a nice *buntu desktop after all16:13
capruroshlomocomputer: I don't understand what are you looking for?16:13
EriC__shlomocomputer: you want to install ubuntu like arch? manually?16:14
MonkeyDustshlomocomputer  i guess what you want, is a !mini installation, so you can choose what to install16:14
capruroshlomocomputer: <EriC__> question?16:14
shlomocomputerEriC__:  yeah16:15
=== amin__ is now known as amflir
EriC__shlomocomputer: install arch then16:16
MonkeyDust!mini | shlomocomputer16:17
ubottushlomocomputer: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:17
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
shlomocomputerMonkeyDust:  Cool.  Is the text-based installer a package that I could apt-get during a live session with a desktop CD?16:18
solsTiCehi. I have an intel i3 using intel_pstate and powersave governor the default. It is supposed to run at minimum frequency but in fact frquency is at 1.7MHz the max being 1.8MHz. so why is it so high ? cpu usage is not high. I hav eonly chromium running16:18
MonkeyDustshlomocomputer  yes, you can download it from a live session, but then save it to a safe place16:19
shlomocomputerMonkeyDust:  Well, I guess I meant, is the text-based installer itself a package that I could install into the live session (the way you e.g. install xfsprogs if you need to mount xfs during a live session), and then run within the desktop LiveCD16:21
penguserhi, I am wondering if someone can give me feedback about upgrades from 14.10 to 15.04 - how did it work for you? etc.16:21
shlomocomputerit would be like, server-style installation of desktop Ubuntu16:22
OerHekspenguser, please don't poll, what is your issue with upgrading?16:22
penguserI found 'how-to's' - it seems straightforward but I wonder if it is like that for most users :)16:22
OerHeks1894 answers?16:22
vonsyd0wshlomocomputer, are you going to run unity or another desktop environment?16:22
pengusernot a poll; just wondering if there's anything to watch out for - i.e. surprises16:23
penguserI'm running Gnome ...currently using classic16:23
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
shlomocomputerI guess I or someone would just sift through Ubiquity source code and eventually come up with a walk-through.  I certainly would love an Arch-style fine-grained installation in conjunction with Ubuntu.  Best of both worlds IMO16:24
EriC__penguser: purge unneeded ppa's and you should be ok16:24
EriC__shlomocomputer: like what do you want to customize?16:25
MonkeyDustshlomocomputer  if you're skilled enough, feel free to contribute to ubuntu16:25
EriC__you pick the locale when you start the installer, and you can partition manually.. arch you just have to do everything manually16:26
penguserEriC__, sorry, but, how do I know which ppa's are unneeded?16:26
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
EriC__penguser: if you're not using them remove them, ppa's usually break upgrades16:27
OerHeksAll ppa's are disabled during upgrade, btw16:27
shlomocomputerEriC__:  For example, I want to manually create a swap partition with a label.  Or, I'm using LXLE which doesn't have xfsprogs by default, install it, format root partition xfs, mount it, install Ubuntu, chroot post-install, apt-get install xfsprogs (into the target) and redo mkinitramfs/grub-install16:28
=== yCrazyEdd is now known as CrazyEddy
EriC__penguser: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ should show the ppa sources16:29
jzp113hi someone use nodejs?16:30
EriC__shlomocomputer: you can do all that in ubuntu already, create the xfs and swap and choose them in the installer16:31
shlomocomputerjzp113:  Node, nodebody ujses nodejs.  (sorry)16:31
shlomocomputerEriC__:  can't if Ubiquity doesn't know about a certain fs16:31
jzp113shlomocomputer, I use apt-get install nodejs16:31
shlomocomputerand in the case of mkswap -L MyLabel, Ubiquity insists on reformatting your swap space no matter what.  No option to use without format16:32
EriC__shlomocomputer: pretty sure it knows about xfs16:32
shlomocomputerjzp113:  What's your question?16:32
RNevillehow do I check for system updates for Ubuntu16:33
EriC__shlomocomputer: just change the label later then, or don't pick it as swap and add it to your fstab16:33
EriC__RNeville: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:33
jzp113I input node in commend it show me /usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory16:33
RNevillethx EriC__16:33
shlomocomputerEriC__:  Not LXLE, as I mentioned.  Or suppose I want f2fs on stock Ubuntu 14.04.2.  Or Reiserfs.16:33
jzp113but I input nodejs is all right how to change nodejs to node16:34
EriC__shlomocomputer: it supports reiserfs16:34
shlomocomputerjzp113:  add a line "alias node=nodejs" in ~/.bashrc?16:35
shlomocomputerEriC__:  F2fs then.  You need a PPA and the userspace tools16:35
shlomocomputerOr zfsonlinux16:36
shlomocomputerPoint is, mount partitions manually and then install packages to the target as normal16:36
MonkeyDustshlomocomputer  what is your end goal in ubuntu?16:37
EriC__shlomocomputer: ok, work on adding f2fs support in ubiquity16:37
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=== kpease is now known as kpease_
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
shlomocomputerMonkeyDust, EriC__:  It's not a philosophical question, clearly there's no support for what I'm talking about, I'd be happy to contribute something like what I'm describing, thanks16:39
harishkrupois there any utility which can undelete my files in ext4?16:40
EriC__!info testdisk | harishkrupo16:40
reisioyes, a number16:40
ubottuharishkrupo: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB16:40
MonkeyDust!contribute > shlomocomputer start here16:41
ubottushlomocomputer, please see my private message16:41
jzp113shlomocomputer, ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/local/bin/node I run this16:41
capruroshlomocomputer: miniiso don't do it what you ask... you want a clear installation like arch, right?16:41
jzp113shlomocomputer, but it doesn't work16:41
shlomocomputercapruro:  yeah, individual terminal commands16:42
EriC__shlomocomputer: ubuntu doesn't support f2fs out of the box, arch does recently16:42
shlomocomputerjzp113:  What doesn't work?  Making the link, or running it?16:42
jzp113making the link.and run the node doesn't work shlomocomputer16:43
shlomocomputerEriC__:  Thanks.  My question is not about filesystems but rather about the ability to manually install userspace tools for any arbitrary exotic filesystem and _mount_partitions_manually_ pre-installation (<- the three active words)16:43
shlomocomputerjzp113:  It has to be executable:  sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/theLink16:44
EriC__my point is that ubuntu won't do that, i think16:45
capruroshlomocomputer: I don't know if exist a distro of ubuntu whit a manual installation, you can try to press Alt+F1 or install in live. But I'm not sure that's work16:45
EriC__so in order for that to work, you'd have to add the support to ubiquity16:45
shlomocomputerEriC__:  yep, seems so.16:46
shlomocomputerA walk-through on the wiki or in the forums shouldn't be a horrible challenge16:46
EriC__i'd like to see that happen as an option, but i sincerely doubt it would happen, a manual install like arch16:47
shlomocomputerjust did apt-get source ubiquity16:47
shlomocomputerSigh...gotta figure out what to do this summer.  Maybe this'll be my computer project.16:48
harishkrupoi want to recover some files but testdisk seems to recover partitions16:48
EriC__harishkrupo: press p over the partition to list the files16:48
EriC__shlomocomputer: yeah maybe some day it'll happen though16:49
robholI've set up a samba share, restarted smbd. Can't reach it from my windows PC, nothing gets logged to smbd.log when I try, iptables is set to ACCEPT. the server is otherwise reachable. any tips for further troubleshooting? :p16:49
shlomocomputerEriC__:  cheers, take care16:50
robhol(the server itself isn't reachable through samba*)16:50
caprurorobhol: can you pastebin of smb.conf16:51
harishkrupocan somebody give me a small tut on how to use this utility testdisk, i am in a hurry16:51
EriC__shlomocomputer: you too16:52
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
OerHeksharishkrupo, there is, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step16:52
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
EriC__harishkrupo: press p over the partition after you do a quick search or deep search ( let it run a bit just until it finds the partitions ), then press c to copy the files and choose where and press C to copy,16:53
EriC__harishkrupo: or you can select a bunch of files, and press C to copy them all, then C after you select the destination16:53
EriC__harishkrupo: a heads-up though, ext4 and testdisk don't play well16:54
robholcapruro: https://gist.github.com/c1b05a0224edeb5ff206  not the whole config, but the rest is unchanged16:54
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
fearnothingcan anyone tell me how I might figure out why my syslog-ng hasn't been writing new logs for a while?16:54
EriC__harishkrupo: there's photorec that searches for files you want and recovers them, it might work better16:54
EriC__fearnothing: type df -h16:55
fearnothing99GB of space...16:55
harishkrupobut it doesnt seem to find properly16:56
harishkrupowill try photorec16:56
EriC__what do you mean?16:57
caprurorobhol: is security set as USER in global ?16:57
EriC__which type of file are you trying to recover?16:57
robholcapruro: is what set as what where? I just followed the guide16:57
robholI don't actually know jack :p16:57
robholI just installed samba a second ago, so whatever it is is default16:58
caprurorobhol: on the top of the conf file there is GLOBAL16:58
allegoricalif i boot linux from USB, is it a concern to overwrite hard disk contents?16:59
caprurorobhol: can you pastebin full smb.conf file16:59
MonkeyDustallegorical  no, your hard disk stays untouched16:59
robholcapruro: sec16:59
harishkrupounfortunately testdisk found the deleted directories but couldn't find the files inside it17:00
allegoricalso there is no way to tamper with it in the usb booted linux?17:00
NeverHereHi all, I configured dchp3 and gave my server a static address of but for some reason dhcp is still handing it the address of Any ideas why?17:01
allegoricalhmm, maybe i should finish the linux command line book (esp. chapter on mounting drives)17:01
jpdsNeverHere: Did you make sure to kill off dhclient?17:01
robholcapruro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11081934/17:02
preyaloneHelp, RUN apt-get install -y build-essential in docker (base ubuntu:12.04) complains "Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_3.2.0-77.112_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]"17:02
caprurorobhol: you want share only home dir?17:04
fearnothingEriC__ - any other suggestions for troubleshooting syslog-ng?17:04
archhereticHi I have a problem getting sound on my tv when using HDMI17:04
robholcapruro: I was thinking of a specific dir, just used that for testing purposes17:05
fearnothingthe service is running, I'm definitely receiving events on the relevant port, I can't find any error messages in my other log files17:05
NeverHereWouldn't a static assignment in /etc/networking/interfaces stop the dhcp client anyway?17:06
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robholrofl, that was quick17:06
EriC__fearnothing: is the service running?17:09
caprurorobhol: try this conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/11082029/17:11
=== tcpman is now known as Guest68862
fearnothinghaven't modified the config files since 3rd april, last event received was on 17th april17:11
fearnothinghad a bit of downtime while I moved house, which was on the 19th17:11
capruroand then restart smb and lunch testparm /etc/samba/smb.conf17:11
robholI think that IP block will cause problems, as it's not on the local net :p  anyway, I think I might be better off sticking to SFTP17:12
robholit's starting to occur to me that samba may not be ideal over the internet?17:12
archhereticI think my HDMI is card 0 device 8,  when I write: speaker-test -c wav -D plughw:0,8 the command is running, but I get no sound on my tv17:13
smwrobhol, windows filesharing is not made for the internet17:14
caprurorobhol: you must open port on router to forward smb outside local network17:14
robholheh, fair enough17:14
caprurobut is very slowly17:14
robholcapruro: there's no router as such, it's a dedi17:15
robholbut really, I'm dropping the whole samba idea, SFTP will cut it. I just can't mount it on my Windows machine, but that's survivable. Thanks anyway!17:15
archhereticaplay -l  gives me multiple cards and devices, but it lists HDMI2 as card 0 device 8,  on the application Display, my HDMI display is marked as HDMI217:16
archhereticAm I wrong in asumpting that card 0 device 8 is indeed the correct audio input ?17:17
archhereticStream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 1 channels17:20
archhereticUsing 16 octaves of pink noise17:20
archhereticRate set to 48000Hz (requested 48000Hz)17:20
archhereticis it playing at multiple ranges or just 48000hz ?17:20
archhereticif its the later then how Im a supposed to hear it? :p17:20
archhereticnot getting sound on any the hardware devices listed with  aplay -l =/17:25
kanazuchinoffa, quanta gente aqui17:25
daftykinsarchheretic: 48kHz is a sample rate, not a frequency17:26
archhereticI tried using a song on my computer17:26
archhereticaplay -D plughw:1,1 "Viking K 5".wav17:26
archhereticah I see17:26
archhereticwell I tried with a song to, playing on all the listed  card and devices17:27
archhereticno sound17:27
daftykinshave you checked your volume levels/17:27
BluesKajarchheretic, to find card 0 do: cat /proc/asound/modules17:28
penguserEriC__, I'm using some ppa's17:29
archhereticarchheretic@archheretic-P17SM:~$ cat /proc/asound/modules17:29
archheretic 0 snd_hda_intel17:29
archheretic 1 snd_hda_intel17:29
EriC__penguser: which ones?17:29
penguser1 is with xorg-edgers17:29
EriC__penguser: oh, that's a graphics ppa17:29
penguseryeah for my nvidia driver17:29
archhereticIm not sure if my problem is related to having an integrated GPU + a proper card17:29
penguserand tualatrix ppa17:31
archhereticIm not sure if my problem is related to having an integrated GPU + a dedicated GPU17:31
dbuggerHi guys. In linux containers, when doing a fancy listing ("lxc-ls -f"), is there a way to order the listing by IP?17:31
penguserdon't remember adding that one ... lol17:31
penguserbut, that's all of them17:31
BluesKajarchheretic, your audio driver is probly not loading, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , there won't be any output from the command if the driver loads properly, then reboot , but also make sure allyou vol ctls in alsamixewr are turned up and automute is disabled17:33
BluesKajalsamixer that is17:34
penguserI think I should remove that one....?   doesn't look like it has updates for vervet?17:35
penguserwhat method is recommended for ppa removal?17:35
EriC__!ppa-purge | penguser17:35
ubottupenguser: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:35
penguseroh yeah... just read up on ppa-purge17:36
jmfurlottI have ubuntu installed on /dev/sda and I recently installed windows on another hdd on /dev/sdb. How can I get grub to show me both drives on startup?17:37
EriC__jmfurlott: sudo update-grub17:37
kartojalHi, where can i make ubuntu/launchpad/bzr package questions? is there any channel for that?17:38
preyalonemitigating the missing precise 12.04 build-essential dependencies by using debian:jessie17:38
jmfurlottEriC__: That is only "finding" linux images.  should I expect to see windows being found?17:39
trismdbugger: maybe use the -F switch too and pass in the ipv4 as the first column, then use sort?17:40
OerHeks!info os-prober17:43
ubottuos-prober (source: os-prober): utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives. In component main, is optional. Version 1.63ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 17 kB, installed size 142 kB17:43
BluesKajjmfurlott, run sudo os-prober, then run, sudo update-grub17:44
archhereticI still  dont get any audio output on my HDMI, even after sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel  and reboot17:44
archhereticMy volume settings looks ok17:44
archhereticgot it to work17:45
BluesKajarchheretic, make sure your pcm and spdif ctls aren't muted17:45
dbuggertrism, can you write me the command. Im not sure what you mean17:45
archhereticHad to disable the computers own stereo speakers17:46
ioriajmfurlott, try sudo parted -l    and check if one is GPT and the other is msdos17:46
ablest1980how do i see how much ram i have installed?17:48
Munthey folks, does anyone here have the time to handhold me through setting up a server on an ubuntu machine for serving websites via my purchaced domain?       I have ubuntu installed, the webserver active, the ports are forwrded so people can see it online.        now I am left wondering how to set up the server to a dynamic dns service and have it utilise my domain name17:48
trismdbugger: sudo lxc-ls -f -F 'ipv4,name,state,autostart' | sort; you could probably make it a bit nicer trimming off the first two lines, maybe modifying some sort arguments17:48
=== happy is now known as Guest73240
dbuggertrism, I see what you mean. Thanks for the tip17:49
vltMunt: You could setup a CNAME record for your domain and then ddclient on ubuntu to keep your dyndns record updated.17:49
=== kerd is now known as Guest24016
Muntvlt:  I am seeing that i need to use an “A” as apposed to a CNAME record to link my domain via dyndns is that right ?17:52
Muntsorry i might be in a little over my head17:52
=== Kerd_ is now known as Guest10360
=== krabador is now known as Guest65010
Tri0bHi ! Can someone explain to me how to know the nvidia driver used by my system ?17:55
daftykinsdpkg -l | grep nvidia17:55
daftykinsor read /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:55
vltMunt: The CNAME record points from yourdomain.net to your_dyndns_domain.net where you have an A record pointing to your current IP address.17:56
Muntthanks vlt!17:56
Tri0bthank you :)17:56
Darpanetso i boot my laptop with ubuntu, i opened GParted to try and fix my partitions, because there is an issue with my HDD, but there is nothing. i don't see any devices "no devices detected" how could i fix this ? I am trying to setup a partition to install windblows :(17:57
MuntOnce I get the site setup … so you know of any services that will pen. test my server for obvious mistakes in my config ?17:57
Muntdo *17:57
vltMunt: Could you name one example of such an obvious config mistake, please?17:58
OerHeksDarpanet, ubuntu recommends to install windows first, then ubuntu.17:59
Darpanetbut this is not what i am doing17:59
n3ss3sI'm running Ubuntu 14.04 in VBox, with a virtual size of 20GB. I'm trying to install a large package (CUDA), and I'm getting "E: You don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives/". I've tried sudo apt-get autoclean (and clean) - is there something I can/need to do from the Ubuntu side or should I head to #vbox18:00
daftykinsn3ss3s: pastebin a "df -h" ?18:00
daftykinsthat was quick18:01
n3ss3sThe disk was originally 8 gigs, used VBoxManage modifyhd to change virtual size to 20GB18:01
n3ss3sHaha I was just going to do it anyway18:01
daftykinswhy not attach a second disk to the machine and mount it to /var/cache/apt/archives/ then try again - but you have practically no space there18:01
Munt__Just me having connection issues ?18:01
daftykinsif you ran tune2fs you could remove the 5% reserved for root space on the partition but i'd not hugely recommend it18:01
=== Munt__ is now known as Munt
n3ss3sWell thing is VBox shows it has a virtual size of 20GB so it should be able to grow, but I don't fully understand how that actually works18:02
hydruidI installed ubuntu 14.04 on a machine from a usb stick, and somehow managed to confuse grub. Grub wants to boot the USB stick instead of the hard drive18:02
daftykinsn3ss3s: actually you said 20GB and yet i see a 5.3GB sda1, hrmm18:02
daftykinsn3ss3s: can you run "sudo parted -l | pastebinit" ?18:02
hydruidIf I pull the USB stick the system never boots, if I put it in and tell it to boot to the usb, the system will boot normally lol18:02
daftykinshydruid: GRUB went on the wrong device, reinstall it to the disk18:03
hydruiddaftykins: yes i agree, not sure how to do that18:03
Darpanetso i boot my laptop with ubuntu, i opened GParted to try and fix my partitions, because there is an issue with my HDD, but there is nothing. i don't see any devices "no devices detected" how could i fix this ? I am trying to setup a partition to install windblows :( Help ? pls.18:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:03
hydruiddaftykins: thank you18:03
n3ss3sHmph, no sign of the promised 20 gigs18:03
daftykinsn3ss3s: hrmm doesn't look good, it seems to think it's 8.5GB odd only :<18:03
OerHeksDarpanet, how big is that drive? over 2 tb?18:04
Darpanet120GB OerHeks18:04
OerHeksDarpanet, and how do you tell there are issues with your partitions, what type of partitions?18:04
LIFE^hello there, may someone tell me how can install java script on my ubuntu 12.418:05
pbxLIFE^, i assume you mean outside a web browser?  like rhino? node.js? say more18:05
LIFE^i have a dedicated server18:06
LIFE^and i installed rutorrent + fileupload plugin18:06
hydruiddaftykins: worked perfect! Thjank you again18:06
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
LIFE^the fileupload plugin need java script to be installed in order to work18:06
LIFE^i did follow some thread , topics through the web18:07
LIFE^but nothing works for me18:07
LIFE^let me give you a pic for what i have18:07
vltn3ss3s: In case no one has mentioned it yet: `resize2fs -p /dev/sda1`18:07
OerHeksLIFE^, did you install openjdk-7-jre-headless ?18:08
LIFE^i think so18:09
LIFE^how can i know if i did installed it already ?18:09
daftykinsdpkg -l | grep openjdk18:10
vltn3ss3s: Hmmm no ... I just saw your second paste that shows the block device's size.18:10
=== troll is now known as yes
LIFE^•daftykins• may i PM you with the results ?18:10
daftykinsvlt: heh yeah not much point resizing when there's no space to resize with :D18:10
daftykinsLIFE^: no18:10
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:10
OerHeksjava -showversion18:11
=== yes is now known as no
daftykinsso as you can see, you do indeed have the package suggested installed18:12
=== no is now known as everyone
=== everyone is now known as anyone
=== anyone is now known as sysadmin
daftykinshowever two versions of 0o18:12
LIFE^okay so what is the problem with the script i use ?18:13
LIFE^keep telling me that there is no java script installed18:13
OerHeksmaybe it is looking at the wrong java version, not headless.18:13
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
DarpanetOerHeks: when i click format in the windows install screen it returns an error "cant format drive" and in ubuntu the partition manager does not show any device.18:18
OerHeksDarpanet, sounds like a hdd failure then ?18:19
OerHeksreplace it, and try again18:20
ioriaLIFE^ have you tried with   about:config  in firefox ?18:22
ReGiStRaSHi guys...I used to be able to copy from the VM host to Ubuntu 14 but I can't seem to do it with 1518:23
=== ata is now known as Guest32171
* Guest32171 wave hello18:24
daftykinsReGiStRaS: using what virt tech?18:25
=== Guest32171 is now known as psymole
=== pooky- is now known as pooky
=== shawn is now known as Guest64702
ReGiStRaSwhat do u mean by virt tech?18:28
daftykinsReGiStRaS: vmware, virtualbox, KVM...18:30
=== jkw is now known as Guest77569
=== eblip is now known as eb0t
inconceivableJust received an old Windows XP computer tower, but am lacking an extra monitor right now. Is there any way to send the vga output from the XP to my Ubuntu laptop's VGA port so that it could be displayed on my laptop screen?18:37
daftykinsinconceivable: no that'll be VGA out only.18:38
daftykinsalso XP era machine? probably best going right back where you got it :P18:38
finleyNo vga can't be used as a input (unless you have a special graphics card) there are network solution though that you can use, but they can be unreliable18:38
inconceivabledaftykins: Yeah I know, but it was free :)18:39
inconceivablefinley: What kinds of solutions?18:39
daftykinsthere's nothing you'll be able to set up without a screen for initial setup18:39
inconceivableThank you finley, I'll give it a try.18:40
inconceivabledaftykins: I might be able to find one for initial setup.18:40
Silenced_v2Guys ! How to host a website using ubuntu server ? I need a detailed explanation . Suggest me some links please18:41
daftykinsbut obviously you shouldn't be touching XP so presumably you're gonna wipe it for lubuntu/xubuntu?18:41
daftykinsSilenced_v2: look up ubuntu LAMP and go nuts.18:41
daftykinsbut be prepared for some real learning18:41
inconceivabledaftykins: I was considering it.18:41
Silenced_v2daftykins: OKAY :D18:41
inconceivabledaftykins: If I were to switch to lubuntu or xubuntu, were there any solutions you had in mind?18:43
daftykinsfor what18:43
inconceivabledaftykins: my original problem18:44
daftykinsthere are tonnes of remote desktop technologies, so if you really looked into it i doubt you'd go more than 5 seconds without tripping over a few18:44
=== rofltech_ is now known as rofltech
eighthey o18:45
kartojalHi all! :) Can someone help me a bit with launchpad PPA? I have a error while building a single binary package :/18:45
MonkeyDustinconceivable  try rdesktop18:45
inconceivablethank you daftykins18:46
inconceivableMonkeyDust: Okay, I'll try it.18:47
MonkeyDustinconceivable  in a terminakl, type this to start: man rdesktop18:47
inconceivableMonkeyDust: Yes, thank you.18:48
inconceivablealready sudo apt-getting18:48
inconceivableMonkeyDust: Oh! This one can work with XP, that's cool.18:49
zykotick9kartojal: terminology problem i think... building a binary would be difficult, as it's already built ;)18:49
n3ss3sSo after using GParted, parted -l actually shows the 20GB, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11082722/18:50
n3ss3sUgh wrong link18:51
daftykinsn3ss3s: err, i don't see it...18:51
jack_hey, i installed 32 bit ubuntu on this computer because that's all i had at the time.  but its a 64 bit machine.  so is there any way to use apt to switch it to 64 bit?18:51
n3ss3sHowever, it still says I don't have enough size for the package18:51
MonkeyDustinconceivable  basically, it's   rdesktop -u [XP username] [XP ip address]18:51
=== starlord3 is now known as pquill3
zykotick9jack_: nope, reinstalling would be required18:52
daftykinsn3ss3s: well yeah because your partition is the same isn't it, you're not making *use* of the larger disk. you need to swapoff, delete swap, delete extended, resize sda1, recreate swap, swapon, then do it :) (ideally from a live session)18:52
inconceivableMonkeyDust: Okay, will do.18:52
jack_dang.  i did so much to it18:52
jack_welp.  guess so.  thx, i guess18:52
pquill3Hi-running 14.04 LTS on dell latitude e6400. When I close my laptop cover, the screen freezes at the login screen. Everything else works perfect. Has anyone experienced this problem?18:53
n3ss3swow that was easy thanks daftykins18:55
n3ss3sI had sort of done that, except I didn't delete extended in the middle18:55
daftykinsah, surely it would've disallowed resizing sda1 with it still there18:56
crumprgood evening, is there a way to add an openvpn connection to networkmanager (and adding the password for the key) via script??18:56
n3ss3syeah I didnt resize sda1, I resized extended to take up the space18:56
n3ss3sI thought extended would actually be used18:56
daftykinsextended partitions are simply a 'frame' for logical drives to exist within, in your case the only logical drive was the swap partition18:57
BluesKajcrumpr, install network-manager-oprnvpn18:57
BluesKajerr open18:58
=== amin is now known as amflir
paakkariim thinking of custom my own ubuntu cd/usb with my preferences and programs on it so i just can install it on a computer so i dont need to install a lot of stuff before i can use it, and when im googling it it says if i want to make an install cd or a live cd, so my question is if i can custom my own ubuntu live cd and install from it?19:05
ReGiStRaSHi guys...I used to be able to copy from the VM host to Ubuntu 14 but I can't seem to do it with 15. I'm using VMware Workstation19:06
Smitheranyone here use fail2ban? What exactly does the jail usedns setting do?19:07
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
crumprBluesKaj, I've installed network-manager-oprnvpn but afaik it only helps me in adding openvpn connections interactively by clicking. or is there a scripting interface?19:13
BluesKajcrumpr, yes , usually the vpn server has some sort of  shell script you can download and run and install that integrates with network-manager-openvpn19:18
johny__czy ktos mial problem z tworzeniem startowego dysku USB pod ubuntu?19:26
johny__kiedy tworze taki dysk ale z innym systemem niz ubuntu to zrestartowaniu komputera pojawia sie blad CMD 3219:27
ubottuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.19:27
crumprBluesKaj, yes the openvpn server generates me a .ovpn config file a certificate and a keyfile. but that key is password protected. so while configuring the openvpn-connection interactively I'm asked for a password  -  how to do that in a script??19:27
mekhamiIs there a way currently to have a sync'd google drive folder on ubuntu? I couldn't find anything that currently works.19:31
mekhamiif not, is there an alternative that you would recommend? i keep some databases sync'd across multiple machines using gdrive19:32
r0nHi guys, still got same probleme here since 15.04 updates I've got random shutdown on my laptop even going back to 14.04. Temperatures are ok, It was running for the last 3 days non stop without problem but had to reboot and now doing it again. I checked ram too and eventual default on motherboard19:32
OerHeks!info grive19:32
ubottugrive (source: grive): Google Drive client for GNU/Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.0-1.1build2 (vivid), package size 158 kB, installed size 623 kB19:32
jiri_hi all19:33
mekhamiOerHeks from what I understand that's currently not working?19:33
BluesKajcrumpr, your vpn service should suppl;y you with a username and pw for their connection which you then add to their config file or to network manager depending how it's setup19:33
jiri_any admin or manager here?19:34
OerHeksmekhami, oh, that is bad, then i have no idea.19:34
daftykinsjiri_: volunteers only pretty much. what are you after?19:34
crumprok, got it. I don't have to add the password by script. if i add a file manually to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ then I get asked for the password by the keymanager19:34
PlasmaStarUbuntu running real slow in latest VirtualBox. :(19:35
bazhanghow much ram given to it PlasmaStar19:36
whallzhey, i installed nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime and now the x session suddenly freezes, completely unresponsive. if i switch to tty1 and then come back to tty7 it unfreezes and is responsive again19:36
bazhangthats why19:36
jiri_dafty ...help my pls19:36
PlasmaStarWhat do you recommend?19:36
daftykinsjiri_: i can't until you ask something19:36
bazhangrun some other shell PlasmaStar19:36
bazhangor even another DE entirely19:37
BluesKajwhallz, 2 gpus ?19:37
whallzBluesKaj: yes, geforce 820m19:37
jiri_where can buy windows?19:37
whallzBluesKaj: with the intel thingy19:37
reisioPlasmaStar: video ram might be even more relevant19:37
bazhangjiri_, ask in ##windows19:37
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
PlasmaStarHeh. Most likely.19:38
OerHeksmehkam i think you are wrong, just installed grive, did 'grive -a', logged in for the code, syncing now, done19:38
gerican nit find gmake19:38
geriwhats that?19:38
daftykinsjiri_: goodbye.19:38
bazhangtry lxde with that PlasmaStar see if it makes a diff19:38
=== comanch_ is now known as comanch
bazhanggeri install build-essential19:38
bazhangjiri no the channel ##windows19:39
=== badon_ is now known as badon
bazhangjiri_, /join ##windows stop asking here19:39
jiri_baz and XP?19:39
geribazhang: is already installed!!19:39
bazhangjiri_, go to that channel, its offtopic here19:39
jiri_i dont have adress19:40
gerigmake is not part of build-essential....19:40
whallzBluesKaj: what if it is 2 gpus? is that freezing behaviour a known issue or something?19:40
whallzjiri_: you can start here: google.com19:40
=== dan_ is now known as Guest44734
PlasmaStarI remember when Ubuntu worked on super low specs, right out of the box.19:42
PlasmaStarI could almost consider it garbage now.19:42
bazhangPlasmaStar, try something lighter no going back19:43
BluesKajwhallz, i just know there are difficulties with the intel and nvidia dual gpu system,  you're actually lucky you have a workaround19:43
PlasmaStarIt's being a bit more responsive now that I've given it slighter more RAM/VRAM.19:43
PlasmaStarBut resolution is stuck at 648x48019:43
LMNOPi doubt that19:44
LMNOPhi can i help u19:44
MonkeyDustPlasmaStar  try lxde or xfce for low specs19:45
daftykinsPlasmaStar: it's fine if you're sensible enough not to try and install the standard unity based one. pick a lighter weight DE and it still is good19:45
geribazhang: gmake is not part of build-essential!! any idea?!19:45
=== awakecodh is now known as awakecoding
PlasmaStarThere isn't much of a choice on the website daftykins :(19:45
daftykins"the website"19:45
MonkeyDustPlasmaStar  unity is idd quite resource consuming, i never use it for my virtual machines19:45
bazhangPlasmaStar, the repos have many many choices19:46
=== tanuki_ is now known as tanuki
daftykinsPlasmaStar: there is if you pick xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu MATE... which all have their own sites.19:46
MonkeyDustmate <319:46
PlasmaStarAh, ok.19:46
PlasmaStarFirst I'm hearing of lubuntu lol19:46
MonkeyDustPlasmaStar  https://ubuntu-mate.org/vivid/19:47
curious_userlubuntu is cool; openbox has really cool config19:47
=== Guest10360 is now known as Kerd
gerican nit find gmake ... what package is it in?19:49
reisiogeri: ask apt-file19:49
geriapt-file ?19:50
PlasmaStarMonkeyDust: Lol'd, I thought you were calling me your mate.19:50
MonkeyDustPlasmaStar  i was ;)19:50
reisiogeri: command/package19:50
geriapt-file gmake command not found19:50
geriapt-file gmake ... command not found19:51
MonkeyDustPlasmaStar  after the jokes, mate is really a nice experience, you should try it19:51
EriC__geri: sudo apt-get install apt-file && apt-file update19:51
PlasmaStarI guess it wouldn't hurt to download it.19:52
geriwhat is apt-file ?19:54
EriC__you can search which package has that file19:55
gerioh cant i figure out via web search? :D19:55
EriC__apt-file search /usr/bin/<package>19:55
EriC__there's ubottu too19:55
EriC__!find udisksctl19:55
ubottuFile udisksctl found in udisks2, udisks2-doc19:56
=== colin_ is now known as cotalinux
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:56
geriapt-file search gmake ?19:56
EriC__!find gmake19:56
ubottuFile gmake found in a2ps, bash-completion, cernlib-base-dev, drizzle-dev-doc, drizzle-plugin-dev, freebsd-glue, gnulib, kbuild, libmakefile-parser-perl, logapp (and 7 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=gmake&mode=&suite=vivid&arch=any19:57
EriC__geri: it might be too cluttered so use apt-file search /usr/bin/gmake19:57
EriC__geri: why are you searching for gmake?19:58
geniidpkg -S /usr/bin/gmake19:58
geribc a tools calls gmake19:58
geriand i dont have it installed19:58
EriC__genii: that only searches installed ones though right?19:58
geniiHm, yep19:58
geniiYou could search packages.ubuntu.com19:58
EriC__geri: when i type gmake i get no package suggestions19:58
EriC__which guide are you following?19:59
curious_userquestion: is somebody using awesomeWm?19:59
geriEriC__: http://pavel-demin.github.io/red-pitaya-notes/led-blinker/19:59
EriC__geri: it doesn't say gmake anywhere does it?20:00
geriit calls it internally20:01
geriEriC__: i try to install all packages which are listed here20:02
EriC__geri: do you have bash-completion installed?20:04
geriEriC__: no is it listed on this page?20:04
geriwhat is bash-completion?20:04
EriC__it's listed in the ubuntu site20:04
gerii cant find it here: http://pavel-demin.github.io/red-pitaya-notes/led-blinker/20:05
EriC__are you sure you don't have bash-completion installed?20:05
whallzhow can i revert to nouveu? i installed nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime, i have an acer laptop with dual gpu (geforce 820M and intel)20:06
geriEriC__: i donst remember doing any: sudo apt-get install bash-completion20:06
geriis thats what you mean20:07
EriC__type apt-cache policy bash-completion20:07
whallzshould i purge those nvidia packages and just install nouveau-firmware?20:07
geirhabash-completion is installed by default20:07
EriC__yeah, it is20:07
geirhaAnnoyingly it also forces itself upon users20:08
geriEriC__: http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ20:09
EriC__geri: did you install the vivado suite thing?20:09
geriEriC__: http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ20:09
zykotick9geirha: while i'm not a fan of bloat, i certainly don't consider bash-completion to be included in that... YMMV20:09
ZigguratWill Ubuntu 15.04 get Linux 4.x ? or will that be off till 15.10?20:09
EriC__geri: can you paste the error you get about gmake?20:09
geirhazykotick9: I'm unfamiliar with the abbreviation "YMMV"20:10
gerimom rebuilding20:10
zykotick9geirha: sorry, Your Milage May Vary (meaning you may have different results)20:10
whallzBluesKaj: well... it's not actually a workaround  :)20:11
geriEriC__: check: http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ20:11
aarobcHi! so, one question: I like to scroll around, and the touchpad has the momentum enabled. annoying thing is when I am scrolling and then want to hit a keyboard shortcut, i hold down control, but if I was previously scrolling, it zooms the page because of the momentum. Any workarounds?20:12
geirhazykotick9: It used to be bloated; taking seconds to start a new terminal, however once it started loading completions on demand, it stopped being bloated20:12
geirhazykotick9: I dislike it for its bad shell code; using $(ls) to iterate files and anti-patterns like that. And as a regular user, you can't opt out of it.20:12
BluesKajwhallz, bummer...sorry i don't know enough about the latest fixes available , if there are any20:13
EriC__geri: try to copy it to your path to see if it works20:13
EriC__it's located in /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/gmake20:13
EriC__geri: either check which variable it's using as the path, maybe $PATH, or you could do a workaround and run ln -s /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/gmake /usr/bin/gmake20:14
gerigeri: try to copy it to your path to see if it works ??? copy what?20:15
EriC__copy /usr/share/bash-completion/completions20:16
FiReSTaRThey guys... the uuid for my / partition changed due to an accidental unplug.. the solution i came across involves specifying the new uuid in /boot/grub/grub.cfg will that automatically get written into the mbr on reboot or will i still have to run update-grub?20:16
EriC__geri: try PATH=$PATH:/usr/share/bash-completion/completions20:16
EriC__then run it again20:17
EriC__FiReSTaRT: you need to run sudo update-grub, and the mbr won't be touched btw20:17
FiReSTaRTEriC__: so i'd correct the uuid in /boot/grub/grub.cfg and then run update grub and that should fix the grub error?20:18
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: Wht do you mean by "changed due to an accidental unplug"?20:18
EriC__FiReSTaRT: you don't need to edit grub.cfg , update-grub will make the file for you20:19
* zykotick9 has never heard of UUIDs changing before...20:19
OerHeksi wonder if that partition is healthy now.20:20
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: Just unplugging a drive without umounting it first can do some bad things, but I wouldn't ever expect it to change the fileystem's UUID. I highly suspect that you're misinterpreting your current situation.20:20
FiReSTaRTEriC__: the problem is that it didn't.. i accidentally unplugged the drive with the / partition and turned on the machine.. after i reconnected it, i got a grub error basically telling me it can't boot off whatever the uuid there used to be.. i can still boot off that partition if i select it from the BIOS boot menu20:20
jarlopezHey all. When I log in, my screen immediately goes black, only to attempt to ficker back on in ~5 seconds, and then go back again (rinse and repeat). Any tips on how to debug and fix? I've attempted a lot in the past, from re-configuring compiz to defaults to re-installing my graphics drivers to re-installing unity20:20
EriC__FiReSTaRT: what do you mean by the bios boot menu?20:21
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: What is the exact error message you see when you try to boot normally?20:21
shwaiilQ: Installed a Canon MG series printer scanner. Seen a few posts about how to use the scanner and requires the command line, scangearmp. I wonder if I can create shortcut on the desktop or something ?20:21
FiReSTaRTEriC__: pressing F8 during boot an selecting that particular drive20:21
EriC__do you have another hdd?20:21
FiReSTaRTJordan_U: i'd have to reboot this machine to get the msg.. been suspending it over the last couple of weeks20:21
zykotick9jarlopez: "ls -l ~/.Xauthority" and verify it's owned by your user and NOT root.20:21
Bashing-omwhallz: What release are you running ? Nvidia recommnes the 346 version for the driver .20:22
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: Before you do that then, please run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt it produces.20:22
Jordan_U!bootinfo | FiReSTaRT20:22
ubottuFiReSTaRT: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.20:22
jarlopezzykotick9: Yeah, .Xauthority is owned by me20:22
geriEriC__: ok lets try again :D20:22
zykotick9jarlopez: ok, good luck... i got nothin' more to suggest20:22
FiReSTaRTEriC__: yes.... that one i took out to travel with it since my desktop machine was flying in checked baggage and i didn't want the hdd with my /home partition unattended20:22
EriC__FiReSTaRT: do you have another hdd?20:22
jarlopezzykotick9: Thanks either way20:22
EriC__FiReSTaRT: ok, so it has only one hdd right now?20:23
EriC__or 2 are plugged in?20:23
FiReSTaRTEriC__: i put both in20:23
EriC__ok, i think you're booting the other one, select the order in the bios to boot the other by default20:23
FiReSTaRTi'm at my destination.. so i put in the hdd that was out but accidentally unplugged the one that had my system/apps/swap20:23
FiReSTaRTEriC__: already did that... the ssd is at the top of the list.. i never even changed that, but i verified that first20:24
EriC__are you using legacy or uefi?20:25
FiReSTaRTand i can boot off the ssd but i have to manually select it by pressing f820:25
FiReSTaRTiirc i changed it to legacy right off the bat20:25
EriC__check that it's legacy20:25
FiReSTaRTok.. i'll do a reboot, check if its legacy and also confirm the error message20:26
FiReSTaRTwill need a piece of paper... bbiab :)20:26
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: It's most likely that your /home/ drive contains a proper grub installation, and our drive with your root contains an old grub-installation from a previous installation which had a different UUID.20:26
joaojeronimohey guys, did something change in 15.04 that makes things that you install with pip not go to some place on my PATH ?20:26
geriEriC__: when i call gmake with that path added to PATH i get ... gmake ... permission denied :D20:27
geriwhhyyy?? :D20:27
=== john is now known as Guest30861
geriEriC__: dont understand why that is set to root? does it make sense? http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ20:29
EriC__geri: i don't know, but i just checked and gmake on my pc is a symlink to make20:29
geriEriC__: is your root owner too?20:29
stacks88with centos/redhat you can do yum provides '*/lspci' to figure out what package has the lspci command. is there something like this on ubuntu? if so what20:29
geriEriC__: permession denied ... hm?20:30
geriwhat should i do?20:30
EriC__stacks88: dpkg -S <command> if it's installed, apt-file search <command> if it's not an installed package20:30
paakkariwich is the best programs to tweak unity/gnome20:30
stacks88apt-file thats what i was looking for then, thanks EriC__20:31
OerHekspaakkari, unity-tweak-tool, or gnome-tweak-tool20:31
geriany idea EriC__ ?20:31
paakkariOerHeks , wich do u prefer20:31
OerHekspaakkari, try em both, and find out.20:32
=== Arab_Aspie_ is now known as Arab_Aspie
FiReSTaRTlooks like you guys are correct.. this is a bios mess.. for some reason the bios (legacy btw) is not letting me to allow to boot from it by default20:32
EriC__geri: honestly i don't know, we could be on the wrong track here20:32
EriC__geri: nevermind the whole bash-completion thing20:32
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: It's most likely that your /home/ drive contains a proper grub installation, and our drive with your root contains an old grub-installation from a previous installation which had a different UUID.20:33
Jordan_UFiReSTaRT: I'm also still waiting for boot info script RESULTS.txt and an exact grub error message.20:33
geriEriC__: can i change the link to user?20:34
geriinstead of root?20:34
EriC__geri: nah leave it as it is20:34
gerior call sudo make all :D20:34
FiReSTaRTmessage: "error: no such device: [shows uuid and then the next line is the grub rescue prompt]20:34
geriEriC__: i dont know how to fix it... permission denied seems not like a huge issue?20:35
EriC__geri: i'm not sure that's the file you need20:35
Jabowhat can I do for fan control if "sensors" doesn't show any fans?20:35
EriC__can you upload the makefile maybe we can see what it's looking for20:35
=== harttho_ is now known as harttho
EriC__FiReSTaRT: are you in your ubuntu right now?20:36
FiReSTaRTEriC__: yep20:37
FiReSTaRTif i push f8 during boot, i get the boot menu, select the device and it boots up... but in bios i can't give it priority for some reason.. only showing the other hdd, the dvd and something else (don't know what lol)20:37
EriC__FiReSTaRT: so the bios won't let you choose the ssd?20:37
FiReSTaRTEriC__: not by default but will from the F8 menu.. so it looks like it's not an OS issue but a bios issue20:38
EriC__FiReSTaRT: is the other hdd sdb?20:38
EriC__i wonder if grub can boot from one hdd to another, like one hdd has grub and the other has the root fs20:39
FiReSTaRTboth are sda20:39
FiReSTaRTthe other is sdb20:39
auronandaceFiReSTaRT: i would have thought that if you can select the ssd from f8 you should be able to set it in the bios for boot priority too20:40
FiReSTaRTauronandace: so would i.. might be some sort of an asus glitch20:40
EriC__FiReSTaRT: can you type sudo blkid -p PTTYPE /dev/sdb20:40
auronandaceFiReSTaRT: what are the boot priority options?20:40
FiReSTaRTerror: PTTYPE: No such file or directory20:41
FiReSTaRT/dev/sdb: PTTYPE="dos"20:41
EriC__FiReSTaRT: ok, try sudo grub-install /dev/sdb20:41
FiReSTaRTauronandace: the other hdd (magnetic), the dvd rw and not sure what the other option is but it's not the ssd20:41
geriEriC__: all here: https://github.com/pavel-demin/red-pitaya-notes/blob/master/Makefile20:42
belgianguyHi, since I've upgraded to 15.04 at boot Abiword opens when Unity has loaded, the page is empty, anyone an idea what might cause that?20:42
auronandaceFiReSTaRT: i'd check to see if they have released a bios update20:42
FiReSTaRTEriC__: done... brb, rebooting :)20:42
EriC__FiReSTaRT: ok, cool :)20:42
FiReSTaRTthanks EriC__20:51
FiReSTaRTthis worked20:51
EriC__ok, now you're using the ssd to boot the hdd20:52
EriC__i mean hdd to boot the ssd20:52
jarlopezHey all. When I log in, my screen immediately goes black, only to attempt to ficker back on in ~5 seconds, and then go back again (rinse and repeat). Any tips on how to debug and fix? I've attempted a lot in the past, from re-configuring compiz to defaults to re-installing my graphics drivers to re-installing unity20:52
FiReSTaRTand that makes a good bandaid, so now all i gotta do is figure out why the bios is not seeing the ssd all of a sudden20:52
FiReSTaRTthanks :)20:52
EriC__FiReSTaRT: yeah, no problem :)20:52
EriC__FiReSTaRT: maybe if you remove the cmos battery?20:53
FiReSTaRTEriC__: that was the next step but don't wanna mess with that until i move into our flat20:54
FiReSTaRTliving out of boxes and need this comp for work20:57
EriC__FiReSTaRT: you could try removing the battery and holding the power button, it might work i guess21:00
EriC__my wifi stops working when i use reisub to reboot and that fixes it21:00
samuelDoes Anyone Know why i get an Invalid Clone Error when syncing my directory21:03
samuelGuys when i sync ubuntu touch dir it gives me Invalid Clone Error21:05
FoddHey guys. I've got a system and i want to convert it to ubuntu. I've got 2 HDD's and want to put Ubuntu on the 2nd drive, and then take my main drive out, so i've only got the 1 drive left.21:05
FoddI've not got a CD drive, only a 32MB usb stick21:05
Foddsadly cannot go out and get a bigger flash drive atm.21:05
Foddits like 300000 years old21:06
SirNeobuy a 8gb stick21:06
EriC__ok, what's on the main drive?21:06
FoddWindows that im using atm21:06
Foddi need to keep that drive intact21:06
Foddas if i dont get along with ubuntu, i can just plug it back in21:07
EriC__ok, you can try the netinstall21:07
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate21:07
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD21:07
brian_bhi guys. how much sympathy will I get for what seems to be Xorg/kernel issues with i915 under 14.04.2, should I bother to fill out a bug report or just update to 15.04 before testing/reporting?21:08
Foddthe drive is 500gb, however just a small flash drive thats all21:08
mvki would like to make a file.service (powertop.service to be precise) as systemd... to be started at boot21:08
brian_bseemed to start happening in the last week or two after an update, there have been a strong of kernel & xorg updates21:08
mvkwehre should i place it?21:08
OerHeksOnly the 32 bit lts 14.04 will fit on a 32 mb stick21:08
bazhangnothing will fit on that21:08
Foddguess MB isnt used a lot anymore21:08
OerHeksbazhang, mini iso does.21:09
bazhangOerHeks, the mini was 60 or so I thought21:09
bazhang!find minimal21:09
ubottuFound: cm-super-minimal, libpython2.7-minimal, libpython3.4-minimal, libtcmalloc-minimal4, libtcmalloc-minimal4-dbg, python-minimal, python2.7-minimal, python3-minimal, python3.4-minimal, ubuntu-minimal (and 8 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=minimal&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all21:09
bazhangI must be thinking of the gparted iso21:10
EriC__Fodd: if you have another pc you can use a netinstall21:10
bazhangthanks OerHeks21:10
Foddcant i just download it online?21:11
Foddor how about put the ISO on the 2nd drive21:11
Foddboot from a usb drive21:11
Foddthen load the ISO?21:11
Foddor is that too big for the usb drive?21:11
EriC__Fodd: the problem is that you don't have another linux os, or else you could boot it with grub, that's why i asked what's on the other one21:12
LMNOPjust dig some change outta the couch and get a usb stick bro21:12
LMNOPthere liek $421:12
Foddlol i can afford one21:12
Foddjust that everything is shut atm21:12
Foddits 22:12 here21:12
Foddand i dont wanna let it defeat me :)21:12
EriC__Fodd: you could install 12.04 64bit it's 27mb and then sudo do-release-upgrade to 14.0421:12
Foddyeh sounds good21:13
EriC__if you are really keen on installing tonight21:13
LMNOPi gotcha21:13
Foddhow can i do that?21:13
Foddalso, if i do the update,21:13
Foddwill that install the GUI also?21:13
Foddas i'm shit in terminal lol21:13
EriC__http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso , checksum it after you download it21:13
EriC__you have a 64bit machine right?21:14
EriC__you dont?21:14
Foddnope, 4+ year old Dell21:14
Foddi need to dig in my sofa lol21:14
EriC__ok, download 14.04 then and install it's 31mb21:14
Foddhow would i install it?21:15
EriC__that's the link ^ after it downloads checksum it21:15
EriC__!checksum > Fodd21:15
ubottuFodd, please see my private message21:15
Foddthank you21:15
Foddwhat software would you use to put the ISO onto USB?21:16
EriC__use lili21:16
Jordan_UFodd: Can you be connected to the internet via ethernet while installing?21:16
Foddi've got ISO to USB - tried grub, however that didnt work21:16
FoddI've got ethernet cable21:16
EriC__linux live usb creator21:16
Foddthank you21:16
AxldenieDCiao All :)21:17
Fodddo i need to partition the drive?21:17
Foddor will the mini install do that?21:17
b10110011Hi :)21:18
EriC__Fodd: i dont know21:19
Jordan_UFodd: The installer will allow you to repartition.21:19
Foddwith that Linux Live USB Creator, i use my internal drive21:19
EriC__oh, right, thought you meant if it partitioned automatically21:19
Jordan_UFodd: Note that the minimal installer is a little bit harder to use than the normall Ubuntu installer, and about 50 times uglier :)21:19
n3ss3sOk I'm in a world of shit21:20
Fodddont care about ugly :)21:20
EriC__Fodd: just drink a lot of beer first21:20
FoddI can do beer :)21:21
Foddi did have a 4gb drive around here somewhere21:21
Foddhowever cannot find it21:21
Foddi've got an old Galaxy S3, if you can boot from that?21:21
carla_sa pizza21:21
pizzaopsPIZZA TIME FOREER21:22
EriC__mini install is fine, if you have a decent connection i think it would be pretty good21:22
Foddits a 152mb connection21:22
EriC__no big deal then21:22
geriis /opt/ usually reserved for root?21:23
EriC__geri: it's supposed to be for optional stuff21:23
Foddwriting the USB21:23
geriEriC__: i installed vivado with root permission21:23
geriand later on i changed it from root to user using chown21:24
geriis that an issue?21:24
Jordan_Ugeri: /opt/ is for installing System wide software from outside the default repositories / package manager.21:24
geriall located in /opt/21:24
geriand later on i changed it from root to user using chown21:24
EriC__geri: maybe you have to tell it where vivado is21:24
Foddlinux key is ready :)21:24
Foddwish me luck21:24
Foddi'll be back soon guys21:24
Foddthank you for all your help :)21:24
geriJordan_U: i installed vivado to /opt/xillinx/vivado for root user ... later i changed to to user ... using chown... is that allowed?21:25
Jordan_Ugeri: You should *not* make /opt/ owned by a non-root user. If you want to install software as your user, keep it in /home/you/. What is your end goal? What are you trying to install/use/do?21:25
gerivivado suggested this default path to be to /opt21:25
Jordan_Ugeri: Why did you want to change the owner?21:25
geriJordan_U: bc i dont want to always start the vivado with root permission21:26
Jordan_Ugeri: You don't need to be root to run an executable owned by root. 99% of your executable files are owned by root, but have permissions such that they can be read and executed (but *not* written to) by any user.21:27
geriJordan_U: i understand you... but to allowed to install to /opt i need to have root permission21:28
Jordan_Ugeri: Yes. Why do you have a problem with that?21:29
geriJordan_U: i dont like to use sudo to start vivado21:29
geriJordan_U: whats why i changed to permission for Vivado to a user permission21:29
geriJordan_U: http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ21:30
gerithe question was if thats allowed ?21:30
gerichown -R ...21:30
Jordan_Ugeri: I just told you that you do *NOT* need to run Vivado as root just because Vivado's files are owned by root. If anything, you should be use chmod to make the files world readable (and executable, for the executable files only).21:31
geriJordan_U: it didnt let me install to /opt without beeing sudo21:31
OerHeksgeri, read carefull:  install <> run21:32
Jordan_Ugeri: Installing software and running it are two very different things.21:32
Jordan_Ugeri: You *do* need to be root to install software to /opt/. That is normal, and should stay that way. You do *not* need to be root to run such software from /opt/. If you're getting errors running Vivado as non-root, the correct tool to fix it is "chmod", *not* chown.21:33
OerHeksmaybe read some vivado manual what to do after install > http://svenand.blogdrive.com/archive/167.html#.VVEf9ie1FBc21:34
Jordan_Ugeri: So to be completely clear, no you should *not* have any files in /opt/ that are owned by any user other than root.21:34
Jordan_Ugeri: You also should probably not be running vivado as root. Those two statements are not incompatible.21:34
gerii dont run it as root now21:35
=== greyback__ is now known as greyback
geribut can i run it as a user when the permission is root?21:35
Jordan_Ugeri: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have said yes to this many times already.21:36
Jordan_Ugeri: Change the owner for all files in /opt/ back to "root" and if you get an error message when running vivado as your user, please pastebin the error message and we will help you fix things properly.21:37
geriJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11085373/21:40
brian_b[repeating since I think it was lost in the conversation flow when I asked before] hi guys. how much sympathy will I get for what seems to be Xorg/kernel issues with i915 under 14.04.2, should I bother to fill out a bug report or just update to 15.04 before testing/reporting?21:40
brian_bseemed to start happening in the last week or two after an update, there have been a strong of kernel & xorg updates21:42
greybackbrian_b: 14.04 is a LTS release, we support it for 5 years. Please report your bug21:42
k1l_brian_b: what issues?21:43
geriJordan_U: wait a sec21:43
Jordan_Ugeri: Please pastebin the output of "ls -l -R /home/redpitaya/.Xilinx/".21:43
geriJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11085405/21:44
gerithats now correct21:44
gerii add those21:44
geriJordan_U: http://ideone.com/RYbdqJ21:47
geriJordan_U: all here now21:47
Jordan_Ugeri: So the problem appears to actually be caused by the fact that when you ran (not installed, ran) vivado as root previously (which you shouldn't have ever done) it made some directories in your $HOME that were then owned by root. So the proper fix is probably to "chown -r redpitaya:redpitaya /home/redpitaya/.Xilinx/", though there might be other things that also need fixing.21:48
geriJordan_U: and the opt?21:48
Jordan_Ugeri: Should stay exactly how it is, at least as far as that error message is concerned. If after fixing this we get another error message it might imply that something in /opt/ needs to be changed also.21:49
Jordan_Ugeri: Files in /home/you/ should generally be owned by you. Files in /opt/ should be owned by root.21:50
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geriok ... i installed vivado via sudo ./installfile ...21:50
Jordan_Ugeri: That's perfectly fine (aside from the fact that .deb files are preffered where available).21:51
geriok...it seems its better now... let me run it to the end21:51
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
=== Biz is now known as Guest2829
geriJordan_U: the make file calls somewhere qmake with is a symlink: ls -la /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/gmake  lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 May 5 07:52 /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/gmake -> make22:01
gerii mapped this to PATH but get an permission error :) any idea?22:01
brian_bk1l_: Upon resume or attaching an external monitor, desktop frequently becomes inaccessible22:01
brian_bas if compiz had crashed, but kill/restarting it from console doesn't help22:01
brian_bonly full reboot seems to bring it back22:01
brian_bunity --reset appears deprecated, which was something I tried from googling around22:02
Kiondoes the printer configuration utility needs to connect to a cups server via tcp socket or unix type socket?22:04
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dami0hi, i'm trying to listen in on acpi events, but i get nothing using acpi_listen22:08
mekhamianyone know what's up with nvidia-331 and whether or not it's gonna get fixed or if i should just look for a different driver...22:08
cryptodanmekhami: whats the issue?22:10
Aramili need some help im on a livecd right now because my ubuntu install does not allow me to login the login screen shows up then after i type in my password it shows a black screen then goes back to the login page22:11
mekhamicryptodan, i just get bug report spam22:11
Bashing-omAramil: Proprietary graphics driver that was in use, and now an update has broken it ?22:11
cryptodanbug report spam? mekhami can you elaborate?22:11
Spec-ChumAramil, sounds like an issue starting X, video drivers?22:12
Aramilwell i did just move my backup of my /home to a different partition then changed fstab to use it22:13
SonikkuAmericaAramil: (Please tell me you used UUIDs in /etc/fstab ?)22:13
mekhamicryptodan, not really. 'system has encountered a problem' and it's always related to nvidia-331.22:14
mekhamithe problem's been reported to them a hudnred million times based on the bug page.22:14
cryptodanmekhami: maybe its time to replace the video card22:14
Aramilyes i did22:14
cryptodanmekhami: I have used the nvidia-331 driver and it was stable never crashed22:14
cryptodanIt only crashed when my GTX 580 was failing22:14
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I-am-GrootHello... I have Ubuntu 14.04 and i have facing some glitches22:19
I-am-GrootFor a month now, the shutdown option in the status bar decided to stop working22:20
I-am-GrootI was able to shutdown and restart by pressing the power button and selecting shutdown or restart..or simply use terminal22:21
I-am-GrootBut just this evening, i found out that when i press the volume buttons on my laptop, nothing happens22:21
I-am-GrootAny help??22:21
KionI-am-Groot: maybe upgrading to 15.0422:24
I-am-Groothmmmm... i dont know Kion22:26
I-am-GrootI really enjoy using Ubuntu 14.0422:26
Bashing-omclaude2: Hello, You have a ubuntu support request ?22:31
I-am-GrootGuys is there anyway i can fix my volume buttons without upgrading??22:33
joaojeronimohas anyone had any issues with the ansible package in vivid ?22:35
TechNoNerdWhat is the best way to install the latest version of ubuntu on a windows xp computer?22:36
KionI-am-Groot: what did you change when they stopped working?22:40
I-am-GrootKion: Nothing, it just happened22:40
om3nhaving a strange issue on ubuntu 14.04 running on lenovo yoga 2 (non pro) seems whenever i press the f6 button or rather switch off touchpad button, i get this symbol; ± popping up o.O anyone know of anyhitng of this sort happening ? i tried acpi_listen but it doesnt seem to return any vlaues22:40
fotografistohow do I access an encrypted home partition in windows 7?22:41
bekksfotografisto: you cant.22:42
KionI-am-Groot: Sorry, I wish I could help but I dont know more22:42
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davidfetter_fbnwhat's the officious way to get less not to care whether a file is compressed or not?22:43
I-am-GrootThanks Kion22:43
KionI-am-Groot: I would try and filter my syslog file for errors, that might give you a clue of what's going on22:44
Bashing-omTechChristoph: older Windows XP may have some depends . How good is that hardware by todays standards will dictate what it can support .22:44
I-am-GrootThanks again Kion22:45
I-am-GrootWill do22:45
mmercerhow often does ubuntu apply updates for things like iftop from universe ?22:48
OerHeksmmercer, when nessasary?22:49
mmercerOerHeks: then id argue its WAY behind, given that from a network admin perspective, pre3 from last year adds a critical request feature ( text output mode )22:49
alephantHi, does anybody know how I configure ISC dhcpd to send responses only via a specific address? I'm running it on a box with multiple IP addresses and (for monitoring purposes) I want all responses to come FROM $IP_FOO (rather than $IP_BAR or $IP_BAZ)?22:50
mmerceralephant: aliases on the same interface, or separate interfaces ?22:51
alephantAliases on the same interface, unfortunately :-/22:51
mmercerhmmm, checking,  dont remember if thats possible or not22:51
alephantmmercer: I know it's easy to do if I've got separate interfaces22:51
* mmercer nods22:51
alephantmmercer: unfortunately the manpage is voluminous22:52
okwexhello everyone, does anyone use nevernote here?22:53
alephantokwex: is that a typo for Evernote?22:53
mmerceralephant: hmmm... wait... thinking about it.... your dhcp server should be bound to one of those ip addresses, not to all of them, it should be based on the pool/router definition22:53
okwexalephant, there exists nevernote, or, more precisely, nixnote22:54
mmercerare you seeing it respond based on any of the ip addresses ( assuming due to aliasing )22:54
alephantNot sure whether it's all addresses, I've only seen it be not the one I want.22:54
alephantokwex: Then, no :-)22:55
awojoDoes anyone know if you can design your own alerts in Landscape?22:56
okwexor maybe I can tell the problem and maybe it relates to other programs with similar situations sometimes..all of a sudden the text field is disabled. that is, I cannot paste or type in. what could I try to change this=22:56
alephantmmercer: standby, just noticed there's both /etc/dhcp{,3} and I'm not sure which I'm using... garbage-collecting...22:57
Rev_DEHey, anyone here good with debian packaging? I've got a newbie question about how to build a package from source22:58
Ev0luti0n_guys,i know this is offtopic... but i need to say this...22:59
Ev0luti0n_why is it so freaking hard to get a free code unlock tool these days?23:00
Ev0luti0n_God damn!23:00
alephantCan somebody point me to some documentation of when/how the s/eth0/p2p1/ change happened???23:00
Ev0luti0n_and i'm searching for a cheap alcatel phone ffs23:00
OerHeksEv0luti0n_, hahahaha .. this is not offtopic, join #ubuntu-offtopic23:00
OerHeksEv0luti0n_, and swearing is against channel rules, so please don't.23:01
alephantmmercer: Sorry, I just hosed the irc window. Could you please up-arrow your comment about pools?23:01
beardsirHello there.23:01
beardsirdid #ubuntu-beginners redirect me here?23:02
Ev0luti0n_kay, sorry23:02
beardsirdoes anyone use i3?23:03
beardsiror are you married to unity?23:03
beardsiroh boy...lotsa traffic on here23:04
mmerceralephant: your responses should be based on the router definition in the pool,  is it sending the responses on multiple source addresses because of the aliasing ?23:05
yeatsalephant: the channel is logged, so you can read here (just FYI): http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/11/%23ubuntu.html23:05
alephantyeats: nice, thanks. Why isn't that in the /info?23:05
mmercerif so, that seems like a bug, as thats basically running duplicate dhcp servers (in a very unusual manner) on the same subnet topology23:05
alephantyeats: (or whatever the channel message is called)23:06
asnel#join ##c23:07
alephantso... what if I want the OFFER to come from a different IP from the one given by the pool's router definition?23:07
alephant(I'm monitoring the dhcp.local service which is on a discrete IP from the router)23:08
beardsiranyone know how to get rid of user activity in weechat terminal?23:10
beardsiras in the log on/off stuff?23:10
okwexor maybe I can tell the problem and maybe it relates to other programs with similar situations sometimes..all of a sudden the text field is disabled. that is, I cannot paste or type in. what could I try to change this=23:10
mmerceralephant: ... so your using dhcpd as a dhcp-relay service ?23:10
mmerceri fail to understand why the offer would come from something other than the server unless youre doing dhcp-relay23:11
mekhamiI have one game open and one browser tab, why the HELL am I swapping to disk? i do not understand23:12
mmercermekhami: not nearly enough information to answer that question23:12
mekhamii ddon't even know how to give you any more information than that23:12
mekhamii have 8gb ram there's no way i should be swapping to disk like this23:12
alephantmmercer: Server has two IPs $GW and $DHCP. I'd like to monitor DHCP as discrete from routing availability, so I want to monitor the availability of $DHCP. But dhcpd is sending responses from $GW (which is the value of the routers option in dhcpd.conf). Dig?23:12
daftykinsmekhami: configure vm.swapiness if you don't want to.23:12
italysso quick question regarding upstart... what exactly is a sequence number, and what are the values supposed to denote?23:12
mmerceralephant: ahhhh,  gotcha23:13
mekhamiand now i'm just getting bug report spam again23:13
mekhamithis is a brand new install of ubuntu 14.0423:13
mmercersorry,  you had neglected to mention that you were doing routing on the box native too XD23:13
Bashing-ommekhami: What does ' free ' relate about memory management ; what does ' top ' say ?23:13
alephantmmercer: Yes, I had a lot of implicit assumptions ;-)23:13
mmercersingle interface is handling both your lan and wan routes?23:14
mmercerthats going to get complicated btw... lol23:14
alephantmmercer: No, multiple interfaces for both.23:14
mmercergotcha.  anywho, give me a sec, i know there is a hidden "arg" somewhere, i just have to find the darn thing23:15
alephantmmercer: After warm-spare failover this morning, I want to avoid assuming that DHCP is on the same machine as routing.23:15
alephantmmercer: although it's late enough now that I might send SIGFUKKIT23:15
mmerceralephant: hehe, but its sooo fun making assumptions when it comes to networking23:15
mmerceronly to find out that your assumption, while being common sense and completely logical.... is the *opposite* of what #vendor decided to do...23:16
alephantInsofar as networking is just statistical determinism, it's *all* assumptions!23:16
mekhamiBashing-om, I'm running CS:GO and top shows CPU spiking at over 150% and memory around 20%23:16
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mekhamiBashing-om, its like this any time i play a valve game23:18
alephantmmercer: strike that, I was thinking of RF.23:18
* alephant waves at the nice people23:19
daftykinsmekhami: you say clean install but do you keep the same /home ?23:19
KageI need to upgrade my server from 10.04 to 14.04, what is the less painful way of doing so?23:19
daftykinsclean install23:20
mekhamidaftykins, i mean a total reformat on a new ssd23:20
daftykinsok so preserving nothing, good good23:20
KageI have users and configurations I don't want to break23:20
daftykinsodd you still get such quirks23:20
daftykinsKage: right but you have to upgrade twice so it might go bad anyway23:20
daftykinsKage: step 1 backup regardless, then do an upgrade to 12.0423:21
daftykinsthen see where you stand23:21
Kageso... do-release-upgrade?23:21
daftykinsafter a nice backup23:21
mekhamidaftykins, i dont' even know if its a ram problem, but i get regular system 'crashes' that don't seem to be crashes, a lot related to nvidia-331, and my framerate drops to <1 during games and stays that way23:22
Bashing-omKage: ^^ keep in mind a LOT has changed in 14.04 from 10.04 . A lot can break .23:22
daftykinsmekhami: so run memtest?23:22
mekhamidaftykins, idk what that is23:23
daftykinsgah no factoid23:23
daftykinsmekhami: hold left shift at boot to get GRUB, then pick memtest23:23
mekhamihow long does this run..23:24
daftykinsor boot a desktop ISO and run memtest from there23:24
daftykinslikely an hour for a single pass depending on system RAM amount23:24
mekhamiokay thanks23:24
mekhamiback in a bit23:24
daftykinsi'd do 2 passes minimum23:24
EriC^^more like a gigabit23:24
daftykinsEriC^^: hmm?23:25
EriC^^daftykins: nothing, it was a joke23:26
EriC^^be back in a bit ..23:26
EriC^^i can't get fglrx to work, trying fglrx-updates right now23:27
daftykinsEriC^^: which card?23:27
daftykinsah hybrid setup with a mobile, hmm23:29
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EriC^^ok, it installed, reboot time23:29
EriC^^what do you mean mobile?23:29
ablest1980should i be using fglrx?23:29
daftykinsit has an 'M'23:29
ablest1980i have amd graphics23:29
EriC^^ablest1980: i don't like it, it runs hotter, but i need the gpu for a bit23:29
EriC^^daftykins: ah23:30
ablest1980is it good for cs?23:30
EriC^^i guess23:30
EriC^^ill brb23:30
daftykinsablest1980: what model is your card?23:30
Kagedaftykins: no such command as do-release-upgrade23:31
ablest1980Gallium 0.4 on AMD SUMO23:31
ablest1980AMD A4-3300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 223:31
ablest1980i have two options for xglrx23:32
ablest1980which i choose23:32
daftykinsablest1980: try the newer then23:32
EriC^^nope still says radeon23:32
daftykinsEriC^^: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?23:32
ablest1980one is xglrx the other xglrx updates23:33
EriC^^fglrx-updates used to work23:33
ablest1980fglrx then fglrx updates?23:33
daftykinsablest1980: *just* updates23:33
=== wook is now known as Guest74117
ablest1980i chose the other one23:34
daftykinsEriC^^: module doesn't exist, lack of dkms perhaps?23:34
daftykinsablest1980: wow.23:34
EriC^^it said it installed dkms and rebuilt stuff23:34
ablest1980i cancelled in time23:34
daftykinsEriC^^: hrmm maybe it did it for the wrong kernel?23:34
moros-olethrosi missed alot, didn't i?23:35
EriC^^daftykins: i tried rebooting and reinstalling, let me check23:35
daftykinsmoros-olethros: no idea what you're talking about. got a support question?23:35
ablest1980maybe xglrx then updates?23:35
daftykinsablest1980: why do you keep typing xglrx?23:36
daftykinsablest1980: you must be a troll since we both told you to install one thing and you're still asking.23:36
ablest1980im getting the updates one23:36
moros-olethrosOOOOK. Let's say I want to set up a server made up of nothing but Virtualbox virtual machines23:36
moros-olethroshow would i do that?23:36
daftykinsmoros-olethros: look into virtualbox headless23:37
daftykinsbut vbox would be the wrong tech to use for such a thing23:37
moros-olethrosI see...23:37
moros-olethroswhat would be best, then?23:37
daftykinssomething like vmware ESX or KVM23:37
moros-olethrosThank you very much, my good sir/madame/whatever23:38
daftykinswe are legion23:39
moros-olethrosThank you, legion23:39
ersteHi, I'm using Ubuntu 14.04, and there's a process "init" that has 100% cpu use.. and I found this solution, but it's from about 3 years ago: http://linuxbytknalla.blogspot.com/2012/12/init-process-at-100-cpu-usage.html23:40
EriC^^daftykins: any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11086705/23:41
EriC^^also this warning comes up update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/ld.so.conf because link group x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf is broken23:41
daftykinsEriC^^: hrmm does Xorg.0.log still speak of no module found?23:42
EriC^^i'm trying sudo updatedb now to run locate23:42
daftykinsroger that23:42
Bashing-omEriC^^: Maybe "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/ld.so.con  " http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2276537 will work for you ?23:46
EriC^^Bashing-om: thanks, checking23:47
EriC^^daftykins: the module seems there i think /lib/modules/3.13.0-52-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx_updates.ko23:48
Bashing-omEriC^^: Also ATI with FGLRX requires ' sudo amdconfig --initial ' prior to rebooting .23:48
EriC^^Bashing-om: it says no supported adapters found23:49
EriC^^i've used it before though and i didn't type that to get it working23:49
EriC^^it's still odd it says it doesn't find anything though..23:49
Bashing-omEriC^^: Yikes, that can no be a good thing ! We know the hardware is there .23:50
daftykinsmaybe that range of M model isn't supported by that driver version?23:50
EriC^^Bashing-om: ok, i tried removing the alternative thing and reinstall fglrx-updates23:50
Aramilcan someone please help me im getting a login loop and i tried everything i could from a google search im thinking i might of f#@ked up my fstab23:50
EriC^^daftykins: i don't know, it's in the recommended drivers and it used to work23:50
EriC^^maybe with this kernel it doesnt work?23:51
EriC^^i dont know if it matters but i installed the driver from amd's website once and then removed it23:51
daftykinshrmm did you use their uninstaller?23:52
EriC^^couldn't find it :D it's supposed to be in /usr/share/ati but it wasn't23:52
EriC^^i just purged it23:52
EriC^^and the pc wouldn't boot with the opensource one, as much as i tried to reinstall it etc. so i had to reinstall the amd one23:53
EriC^^until a dist-upgrade fixed stuff i think23:53
EriC^^after that i could use the open source one again23:53
mekhamidaftykins currently 50% through pass 1, it caught one error on test 4. is it common to have a few errors?23:54
daftykinsmekhami: no you shouldn't even have one23:55
ersteHi, anyone with Ubuntu 14.04 and having the process "init" using 100% of your CPU ???23:55
Aramilcan someone please help me im getting a login loop and i tried everything i could from a google search im thinking i might of f#@ked up my fstab23:56
mekhamidaftykins is there a repair action or is it just new ram time23:56
daftykinsmekhami: is this a desktop?23:56
daftykinsmekhami: 2+ modules?23:56
=== vance is now known as Guest4606
daftykinsnewish machine?23:57
mekhaminot particularly23:57
daftykinswhat i would do, is take both out - (with mains power removed) and clean the gold contacts on the modules with a pencil eraser. then clean the slots a bit with an old (but not dirty) toothbrush. after that, memtest each module separately by having just one in at a time in the first slot23:57
daftykinsthat'll let you work out whether one is bad or both23:58
EriC^^Bashing-om: that did it! thanks!23:58
Bashing-omericr: Not to detract from your train of thought, but what does the repo offer for drivers ? ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list '23:58
mekhamisounds good daftykins thanks23:58
daftykinsEriC^^ Bashing-om - weird i thought all amdconfig did was spit out a xorg.conf with 'fglrx' forced as the choice?23:58
daftykinsmekhami: np23:59
EriC^^daftykins: i meant the update-alternatives command in the website Bashing-om gave me23:59
daftykinsah i missed that one23:59

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