Tooncenatorholstein - this is UncleJed - someone nabbed my nick. lol.00:22
TooncenatorHave been following your directions - lsusb sees it. aplay and arecord both see it just fine. Jack server starts without any errors. I have disabled internal audio.00:23
Tooncenatori opened audacity, dropped in a tune, played it and can hear perfectly. I check the sound settings and the signal is definitely being sent to the m-audio box.00:24
TooncenatorHere's the part I don't get. The m-audio box only shows up on jack on the ALSA tab with a midi channel. Nothing on audio.00:26
TooncenatorSo if I understand correctly, the sound I'm hearing is not actually being routed through jack - it's going straight to the box from the computer.00:27
TooncenatorOk - i think saying that helped me think through it a bit. Doing more experimenting - will get back.00:28
TooncenatorNo luck....no matter which interface i choose in the jack settings (i tried all multiple times), the only place the m-audio box shows up is for ALSA midi. No audio.00:32
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TooncenatorAnyone know what this might mean? It was a message in qjackctl:04:07
Tooncenator(qjackctl:9526): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed04:07
Tooncenatorholstein - does this patch information help? I'm pretty sure the Fast Track Pro is quite different than most external boxes and doesn't work as-is with qjackctl. I'm just getting nowhere with your suggestions.04:33
OvenWerksTooncenator: The gtk messages are not audio related. They seem to not affect qjackctl's operation. I think it is the window manager using gtk while the application uses QT as a gui toolkit05:02
TooncenatorOvenWerks: Thank you. I suspected that, but as part of troubleshooting, I thought I'd open every possible door. Appreciate the response.14:05
holsteinTooncenator: it may not say 'maudio box' in jack or alsa15:08
holsteinTooncenator: what i do is, i'll literally eliminate the variable. i'll disable, or remove other audio interfaces.. i'll take the usb device to a *different* machine with *no* other audio devive15:09
holsteini'll run a live iso, to remove my installed OS and config from the equation15:09
holsteini'll run on other hardware to remove my chipset drivers, and USB hardware, and motherboard, and othher hardware from the equation15:10
holsteini'll do whatever it takes to make sure i see *only* that maudio usb device15:10
holsteini'll then route *all* of the ins and outs to something i have, as i suggested, already learned about exectly how to use15:10
holsteinfor example, ardour, with the internal audio device. i will have already sucessfully learned to create a channel, and route my internal audio device's inputs to a channel in ardour, and record it15:11
holsteinbe sure you have done that, and know the proceedure, and what that should look like15:11
holsteini wouldnt expect to use audacity and jack together15:11
holsteinTooncenator: if its me, i donwload the AVlinux live iso, as well as the latest ubuntustudio, and the last LTS.. i'll just run those live, testing with *only* the one audio device15:15
holsteinanything you learn from those live environments will be applicable to your installation now15:16
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