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smoserclaudiupopa, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/182764/17:20
smoseror harlowja 17:20
smoserand finally done.17:21
smoseri hope, with such license nonsense.17:21
harlowjamore license fun :-P17:21
smoseri think we're good now.17:23
smoserand i like the tiny file header too17:23
harlowjaman i worked on cloud-init in 201217:26
harlowjai'm old17:26
harlowjaback when i was a weee baby17:26
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smoseryou are old, harlow.17:36
harlowjasmoser thx dawg17:43
smoseris that how they spelled dog when you were in school ?17:45
harlowjain my gangster days17:48
smoserharlowja, ^17:50
smosershoot. my fault. fix coming17:50
harlowja2 blank lines17:50
harlowjawe can turn off some of that OCD stuff17:50
harlowjaif we want17:50
smoseror smoser could just not be an idiot too.17:51
tmclaugh[work]Before I go down this road, what does cloud-config do with mime encoded data that is not text/cloud-config or text/x-shellscript?17:59
harlowjasome of it's just OCD imho17:59
harlowjatmclaugh[work] many things17:59
tmclaugh[work]I;m looking to reuse the user-data endpoint for another system in our environment18:00
harlowjahttps://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init/blob/0.7.x/cloudinit/user_data.py#L98 can be walked through18:01
harlowjathats the main mime stuff18:01
smosertmclaugh[work], ignores.18:02
tmclaugh[work]okay, not sure if last comment went through due to internet issues here…18:02
smosertmclaugh[work], by design, so that you can acheive exactly that.18:02
harlowjaya, i think its going to log a message though18:03
harlowjahttps://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init/blob/0.7.x/cloudinit/handlers/__init__.py#L215 18:03
harlowjaand then leave it be18:03
tmclaugh[work]alright, not sure if previous comment went through18:04
smoser"I;m looking to reuse the user-data endpoint for another system in our environment" 18:04
smoserthats last i saw of you18:04
tmclaugh[work]ahh, yes, that was it18:04
tmclaugh[work]That;s the last I saw too. :)18:04
smoserso yeah, cloud-init will happily ignore stuff. 18:04
smoserit does write a wanring to console now... that says "don't knwo what to do with this"18:05
smoserto that affect18:05
smoserwhich could be considered obnoixious18:05
tmclaugh[work]I need new instances to have some metadata that gets passed to Foreman for Puppet.18:05
smosertheres other types, as harlowja pointed out, but if you dont collide, cloud-init will just ignore.18:06
tmclaugh[work]didn’t see what he said.18:06
harlowjasmoser aweaome, more encoding issues http://logs.openstack.org/64/182764/2/check/gate-cloud-init-python34/fc3d2da/console.html 18:21
harlowjayour favorites18:22

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