firlhatch: yeah I am comfortable with it. I am trying to see for my co workers what might be easier for them to work with for node expansion / deployment etc00:00
hatchahh - well using the gui and bundles is definitely the way to go...later this week ;)00:00
firlAny way to track that status so I can try it later?00:00
lazyPoweryeah hatch00:01
lazyPowerwhats with these new toys i haven't heard about yet?00:01
lazyPoweryou holdin out on us?00:01
hatchfirl you can follow our blog http://blog.jujugui.org/ or follow me on twitter @fromanegg00:02
hatchlazyPower: we travel in different circles now ;)00:02
lazyPowerthats low hatch :|00:02
firlhatch: thanks, is there a dev version I can try now by any chance?00:02
hatchfirl: there is, but deployment is a few steps becuase you have to run the dev version of the charm and of the actual gui source.00:03
hatchIf you're up for some bzr/git fun I can outline the steps00:04
firlI am bzr and git compatible00:04
hatchhaha ok give me a few00:04
firldo I need a custom juju source client also?00:04
firlor can i bootstrap00:05
hatchnope, you can use whatever version of juju you have installed00:05
hatch(assuming it's > 1.2)00:05
hatchfirl: https://gist.github.com/hatched/2dc93eddbcdc9a2c997400:08
firlhatch: ty, do I need to do anything special to have the un tethered bundle so to speak?00:09
hatchfirl: so with this branch you'll be able to drag/import a bundle and it'll be 'uncommitted'00:10
hatchso you can play around with it00:10
hatchdelete services etc00:10
lazyPowerthat, is awesome news00:10
firlsweet, can i choose the placement as well on the machines?00:10
hatchthere are known bugs that we're squashing just FYI :)00:10
firlI completely understand, I work in software dev00:11
hatchfirl: yeah you'll need to 'destroy' the unit from the placed unit, and then add another unit and place that one00:11
firlI think I understand enough00:11
hatchthe UX for that is a little funky but we're working on it00:11
firlso I should do juju add-machine00:11
firlso I can “pre” place each service00:12
hatchnope the GUI will take care of all of that from the Machine View00:12
firlwill it spawn the 17 machine states again?00:12
hatchnope - it won't do anything until you hit 'commit'00:12
hatchwell.. 'commit' then 'confirm'00:12
firlok I will have to putz around00:12
hatchyeah - I'll be doing some docs on how to do it for release00:12
firlyeah when I was trying the trusty bundle it was trying to provision 17 machines through my MaaS00:12
hatchyeah - it does that now as a default00:13
hatchwhich bundle?00:13
firl17 items in the sandbox00:14
hatchfirl: ok that bundle doesn't have machine placement details so when you drag it to the canvas, after a bit you'll see a bunch of blue bordered icons showing up00:17
hatchonce it's done switch to the machine view where you'll see a list of unplaced units on the left00:17
hatchcreate the machines you want in the gui and place them as you like00:17
firlso I need to juju add-machine for each node then right?00:18
hatchnope when you create a machine in the GUI it'll handle doing all that in the background for you00:18
firlah! nice ok00:18
hatchyou shouldn't need to touch the CLI00:19
firlok just for the bzr branch and deploying of gui00:19
firlunderstood, thanks for sharing the info I appreciate it00:19
hatchbecause you're using dev version of both :)00:19
firlapparently it is a large trunk hah00:20
hatchyeah it's huge00:21
hatchsorry I should have mentioned that00:21
hatchfirl: I have to run but I'll check back in a bit later to see if you run into any issues00:25
hatchfirl: having any luck?01:32
firlhatch: JUST got back01:32
firlabout to deploy since bzr finished01:32
hatchgreat, well I'll be around now if you have any q's01:33
firlcool, “error: no service name specified” when I do “juju set juju-gui-source=develop"01:34
firland in the order of your gist it’s after the deploy01:34
firl( not sure if it needs to be before )01:34
hatchjuju set juju-gui juju-gui-source=develop01:34
hatchupdated gist01:34
firlthen expose and run with it?01:35
hatchyep - it'll take a bit as it needs to download the source and build it01:35
firldownload it from my local juju CLI client right?01:36
hatchnope it actually downloads the latest source from github01:37
hatchthen builds it01:37
firlso the local repo just holds the info of where to point to then?01:37
hatchthe gui has a charm and the 'app'01:38
hatchwe ship a built version of the app with the charm, but because you're using the bleading edge you have to download the source and build it01:38
hatchshouldn't take more than 5min01:39
hatchmost of that will be cloning the repo01:39
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firllooks like it is rolling01:40
hatchdo you know how to get the admin password for the GUI?01:41
firlbut I did just notice that it is a nodejs app01:41
firlI assumed it would be the same as my environments.yml01:41
hatch head ~/.juju/environments/<whatever your environment is>.yaml01:41
firlgotcha, after it’s built and going I take it01:42
hatchthere will be a line in there called 'password' or the like01:42
firlyeah, it picked it up from the environment, or looks that way01:43
hatchfirl: feel free to file any bugs you find https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui :)01:47
firlthanks, not sure I would know what a bug is yet vs what I am just using wrong hah01:49
firlUI just came up01:49
firlSo even though it says “This bundle will be deployed to your provider immediately” it won’t?01:50
rick_h_firl: hah, good feedback. That text will have to be updated.01:51
hatchgood catch01:51
hatchrick_h_: I'll add that to the list....lol01:51
firllol i can open a bug i suppose01:51
hatchit's ok I got it :)01:51
firlnice they are all blue01:52
hatchgreat - now switch to the machine view01:52
hatchthe Machine tab at the top01:52
hatchand you'll have a list of all the units on the left01:52
firlso I should “add machine” from that view01:52
firland not worry about the containers on the right01:52
hatchonce you create the machine you'll want to click on it01:53
hatchthen drag any units onto the 'Bare Metal' container shown on the right01:53
firljust have it mimic my MaaS01:53
hatchyou can also create lxc/kvm containers in that right column if you so choose01:53
firl‘bare metal’ container on the right = ‘Root Container’ ?01:53
hatchforgot we renamed that :)01:54
firlyeah it threw me for a loop the first time01:54
firlwhen I tried deploying to a non KVM’able machine01:54
firllets see how it rips02:22
firlhatch: well, it provisioned the machines, it did not add any of the services to the root container though02:34
firland it lost all of it’s relations02:34
rick_h_firl: give it time, if it fails it should come back with an error02:35
rick_h_firl: otherwise it might take a bit to bring up the machines/get the charms/come up02:35
firlI can check the juju logs, but juju status looks like it’s done02:36
rick_h_firl: :/ ok02:36
lazyPowerfirl: w/ 17 machines, in the config that ships with the bundle it takes 15 minutes to come up02:37
lazyPowerfirl: check juju debug-log -x machine-0 (this filters out some of the stateserver noise)02:37
lazyPowerthe relationships come up after the agent state reaches started02:37
lazyPowerand there's a ton of relationships in there.02:37
firl( from the juju-gui node )?02:37
lazyPoweryou should be able to run that command from your workstation02:38
lazyPowerall those commands route through the Juju-API02:38
rick_h_lazyPower: purdy (aside from the docker icon which is a fix that we applied in search results but missed here https://jujucharms.com/u/lazypower02:38
firlyeah, it didn’t work that’s the only reason I asked02:38
lazyPowerrick_h_: docker icon?02:38
lazyPowerwat did i miss02:38
rick_h_yea, the docker icon wrecks things02:38
lazyPoweris it docker or etcd?02:39
lazyPoweri updated teh bundle - but the icon didn't udpate02:39
lazyPowerargh fingerssss, cooperate02:39
rick_h_lazyPower: oh sorry, coreos I think02:39
lazyPoweryeah, its etcd then02:39
rick_h_sorry yea etcd02:39
rick_h_anyway, aside from that quite a nice profile page. You need to setup a gravatar02:39
lazyPowerah i know what happened here - i'm pointing at hazmats old charm that needs a new icon02:40
lazyPower    charm: cs:~hazmat/trusty/etcd-602:40
lazyPoweri'll get a fix for that pushed shortly02:40
rick_h_ah, gotcha02:40
firlOk, so every agent-state is “started” all the “services” are installed but not put on any of the machines, and there has been no log activity on any of the nodes for over 10 minutes02:42
rick_h_firl: hmm, it sounds like the services were added but not actually deployed. hatch ^02:42
rick_h_firl: we'll have to check into it and see if we can dupe it and if there's something off in the commands sent to juju with the new uncomitted work02:42
firlanything I can do to help / log a bug for it?02:43
rick_h_sorry it's not fully baked yet but hopefully shows where we're headed.02:43
firlgrab the logs / recreate etch02:43
firlIm not dissapointed, it’s awesome02:43
rick_h_we'd need to pull a ton of info. I think it'll be easier for us to just do a manual deployment that has manual location stuff in it.02:43
rick_h_it should duplicate, if we can't we'll be in touch :)02:43
rick_h_cool, glad you like it02:44
firlhah cool, I will mess around a bit with it, see if I can get a work around going02:44
firlsince it installed them just not deployed02:44
lazyPowerrick_h_: next ingest that should look a lot cleaner02:44
rick_h_firl: hmm, you can try to reload the gui, check machine view, and see if it thinks anything is on those machines02:45
rick_h_firl: it'll reload the data juju has02:45
firlAlready did that, it will allow me to add new units02:45
rick_h_firl: and if nothing's there then it failed to tell juju to add those services to those machines02:45
firlbut the new HW MaaS machines show up02:45
rick_h_firl: if it did not, then you can go to the scale up UX "Add units"02:45
rick_h_and put them on02:45
rick_h_the machines and commit a second round and hopefully that'll work out02:45
firlyeah I was thinking about wiping the environment, then committing the machines first02:46
firlwaiting for them to be “started” then applying the bundle02:46
rick_h_can't do that02:46
firloh ok02:46
rick_h_a bundle cannot reference machines in the environment already since there's no way for you to map your desire there02:46
rick_h_bundles are always just 'additive' vs a merge02:46
firlmakes sense02:47
rick_h_best bet would be to wipe it and go to juju-quickstart with the bundle file you've got there.02:47
firlI figured with the new gui, I could just drag and drop to existing machines02:47
rick_h_firl: heh, not yet.02:47
rick_h_firl: you'd have to drag each thign into place and that's a complex UI to get right.02:47
rick_h_each service/unit02:47
firlI will try the “unit” additive02:48
firlI don’t understand it, but always fun to learn02:48
firllooks to be working03:06
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firlrick_h_ after the units have started, should I see relations in the gui if juju status shows relations to clusters?03:15
rick_h_firl: yes, you should see relation lines if there are relations in the juju status03:26
rick_h_firl: if you don't please take a screenshot and the output of juju status (if you can share it, sanitize it) and file a bug please03:27
firlglad you said that, I was about to clear the buffer03:27
rick_h_firl: going to call it a night here but thanks for being a tester for us and checking things out. Really appreciate it.03:28
firlnot a problem03:29
firlhave a good night03:29
rick_h_firl: if you hit/need anything feel free to send me a note rick.harding@canonical.com03:29
firlthanks mate03:29
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thumperstub: ping08:32
stubthumper: pong. Sorry I missed you yesterday - didn't notice my dead VPN08:32
thumperstub: that's fine08:32
thumperstub: the default trusty postgresql charm, what do I need to configure to get point in time backup/restore?08:33
stubthumper: wal_e_storage_uri and the appropriate credential config items (wabs_*, os_*, aws_* depending on your cloud)08:34
thumperhmm... ok08:35
thumperI should really get around to setting that up at some stage08:35
thumperI remembered one question I ha08:35
thumperI grabbed a backup from my server08:35
thumperand wanted to restore it on my laptop version08:35
thumperit has different db owner and database name08:36
stubyes. that story is very poor. If you explicitly specify the database and roles options in the relation, recovery (or what you are doing) is easier but still sucks somewhat.08:37
stubOne of many things I want to address in the great Leadership Refactoring/Rewrite.08:38
stubthumper: With what you have now, you need to manually go in and rename the database to the generated database name and fix ownership of tables etc. to match the generated username08:39
stubIf you had explicitly specified the database name and ensured all your tables etc. had relevant permissions granted to the roles you specify, then this isn't a problem.08:40
thumperhmm.. fair enough08:41
thumperstub: where does the automated daily backup cron live?08:43
stubfair enough, but it is a horrible user experience. Security vs. usability as usual, but I'd like it to be better08:43
stubthumper: backup_dir config item08:43
stub var/lib/postgresq/backups by default08:43
thumpernot the files, but the cron to run it08:43
stuboh, umm...08:44
thumperwhat I'm wanting to do is to take a backup now before I upgrade my app08:44
thumperjust for piece of mind08:44
thumperthe daily one is about 6 hours old08:44
stub /etc/cron.d/postgresql08:44
stubThere was someone working on actions for this, but it didn't go so well08:45
thumperI did find a way to stream the file off...08:46
thumperjuju run -e kawaw-prod --machine=0 'cd /var/lib/postgresql/backups && sudo tar -c kawaw-site.20150423.dump' | tar -x08:46
stubactions can't return a stream IIRC, just stuff the backups somewhere and return the location for the user to retrieve.08:47
thumperwhat is the param '7' to the backup script?08:47
stubretention probably08:47
thumperstub: exactly, what I plan on doing is having the action return the command to get the file off :)08:47
thumperso with no args it backs up all databases?08:48
stubI'd like a stream. stuffing things into temporary files sucks when you are dealing with terabytes08:48
stubbut I guess you use pitr for any of those systems anyway08:49
* thumper nods08:49
thumperonce we have storage working well, I'll talk to you about migrating my db off the local instance08:49
stubthumper: It works well with the storage broker setup if you want to do things that way. Complex, but seems solid enough.09:04
thumperyeah... wanted to skip that though09:04
mattywthumper, got a moment for a minor distraction?09:10
thumpermattyw: depends09:10
thumpermattyw: I'm not working09:10
mattywthumper, any idea if there's a simple way to get a units private address from the juju command?09:10
mattywthumper, juju run unit-get private-address could work - but doesn't seem to09:11
thumperjuju run would need to be run in the context of a unit09:11
thumperlet me try that09:11
thumper$ juju run --unit postgresql/0 'unit-get private-address'09:12
thumpermattyw: ^^09:12
mattywthumper, perfect09:14
apuimedojamespage: thanks for the reviews09:43
apuimedoShould I re-target the keystone patch then09:43
apuimedoSorry that I didn't reply to that yet, I was a bit swamped in meetings09:44
jamespageapuimedo, I've sorted and merged the keystone changes09:44
apuimedoah, cool :-)09:44
apuimedothanks for that ;-)09:44
jamespageapuimedo, do you have a neutron-api branch up for review?09:44
apuimedoneutron-api and neutron-agents-midonet I want to re-check today09:44
apuimedofor some reason the sql connection data was not properly written09:45
jamespageapuimedo, hmm - what's neutron-agents-midonet?09:45
apuimedobadly rendered from the template09:45
apuimedothat's more or less like the quantum gateway plugin09:45
apuimedothat does the metadata agents and dhcp agents stuff09:46
apuimedobut as a subordinate charm to neutron-api09:46
apuimedo(and without gateway, since we need different things for that)09:46
jamespageapuimedo, so it provides:09:51
jamespage- nova-api-metadata09:51
jamespage- neutron-dhcp-agent09:51
jamespage- neutron-metadata-agent09:51
jamespagethat's pretty much exactly what the 'nsx' config option does on the neutron-gateway charm09:52
jamespageapuimedo, pushing those functions onto neutron-api means it can't be deployed into a container09:52
jamespagewhereas we categorically know that neutron-gateway can never be container deployed09:52
apuimedodoesn't 'nsx' config option also give you the gateway functionality?09:53
jamespageapuimedo, no09:53
jamespagejust some 'network nodes services'09:54
jamespageapuimedo, that charm may be a little misnamed09:54
apuimedo'a little' :P09:54
apuimedoI read quite a bit of it09:54
jamespageapuimedo, yes - plugin=nsx makes it do what you want09:54
apuimedobut I guess not enough09:54
apuimedoI have to remember why I ruled it out09:55
apuimedobut it is likely that I thought that it was hardcoded to provide gateway09:56
jamespageapuimedo, ack09:56
apuimedowhich is something that we need to provide on separate charm that uses midonet-host-agent as a subordinate09:56
jamespageapuimedo, so in this case you would use neutron-gateway with midonet-host-agent I think09:57
jamespagethat's how we use it for NSX09:57
jamespagensx-transport-node gets deployed with the neutron-gateway and nova-compute09:57
apuimedonsx-transport-node then must be like our midonet-host-agent09:58
jamespageapuimedo, do you have a deployment bundle yet?09:58
jamespageapuimedo, I think so yes - for nsx it installs the right openvswitch version and then registered the edge back into NSX controller09:58
apuimedono, I have a file openstack.cfg with all the configs09:58
apuimedoand another with the relations09:58
apuimedothe problem for having a bundle09:58
apuimedois that neutron-api requires at installation time a package which it does not have available09:58
jamespageapuimedo, this is a biggish problem09:59
apuimedoI wish the neutron-api charm has an additional repos config option09:59
jamespageapuimedo, does it actually need it? we set the config option for plugin to midonet10:00
jamespageand then the charm should know what todo re extra repos10:00
jamespagethat's acceptable10:00
apuimedojamespage: you mean that I add a patch to neutron-api that when midonet is selected it installs the repo?10:01
apuimedook, let's look at that10:01
apuimedohere was my last change10:02
apuimedoI'll check it out10:02
apuimedoand let's see where we could add it10:02
jamespageapuimedo, proposed that so we can see the diff10:06
jamespageapuimedo, ok - so first comment10:07
jamespageapuimedo, midonet and neutron will both be users under the service admin tenant10:07
apuimedoyes, that's the case10:08
jamespageapuimedo, so you don't need to provide the midonet access credentials via config10:08
jamespageapuimedo, as neutron-api already has access10:08
jamespageapuimedo, and the ip and port should be done via a relation, not via config10:08
jamespageapuimedo, juju add-relation neutron-api midonet-api10:08
apuimedothat was my original plan10:08
apuimedobut I think somebody here discouraged me from doing so10:09
apuimedoI don't remember exactly the details10:09
jamespageapuimedo, hmm - not sure who - if you remember who is was I'll go berate them10:09
apuimedowhich relation would it be providing?10:09
jamespageapuimedo, neutron-api consumes midonet-api right?10:09
* jamespage looks10:09
apuimedoit does10:10
jamespageapuimedo, midonet-api10:10
jamespage  midonet-api:10:10
jamespage    interface: midonet10:10
jamespageadd a relation to neutron-api that consumes that10:10
jamespage    midonet-api:10:10
jamespage      interface: midonet10:10
jamespageits optional for when you deploy neutron with midonet - that's fine10:10
apuimedojamespage: that's exactly what I was told I couldn't do for now :P10:10
* jamespage sighs10:10
apuimedoI remember now10:10
jamespageapuimedo, this is exactly what juju is really great a doing10:11
apuimedobecause it makes so much more sense10:11
apuimedoexactly, you saw that I even use relationships to change between upstream and downstream versions10:11
apuimedoI want relations to provide for everything10:11
jamespageapuimedo, I guess the only case is where midonet is pre-installed somewhere already10:11
jamespageapuimedo, yeah I'm not sold on midonet-repository10:11
jamespageits config, not a charm ;-)10:11
apuimedobut it allows me to config once10:12
jamespagegnuoy, ^^ what that you?10:12
apuimedochange everywhere10:12
jamespageapuimedo, hrm are you sure?10:12
jamespageapuimedo, config can change10:12
apuimedoif you change the repo it should change for all the midonet relations10:12
jamespageapuimedo, I understand conceptually what its doing10:13
jamespageapuimedo, but I think its a sledgehammer to hit a nut10:13
apuimedoyou'd rather have the configuration be specified for each charm like you do with cloud-origin, is that right?10:13
jamespageapuimedo, setting the same config on two deployed services is not that hard10:13
jamespageapuimedo, yes10:14
apuimedoI'll think about it10:14
jamespageapuimedo, its even easier with overrides in a bundle10:14
apuimedoyes, in the bundle case it's much simpler10:14
apuimedoI agree with that10:14
jamespageapuimedo, ok - so how about this10:14
jamespageapuimedo, provide those configuration options on midonet-apu10:14
jamespageapuimedo, and then pass them down to midonet-host-agent?10:14
apuimedoyou mean for the repo stuff?10:15
jamespagethat way to guarantee that all deployed units are using the same config10:15
jamespageapuimedo, yes10:15
jamespagethere is a relation between midonet-api and midonet-host-agent right?10:15
apuimedoit's used for setting the tunneling10:16
jamespageapuimedo, so make that data part of the 'midonet-host' interface type10:16
jamespagemidonet-api -> midonet-host-agent10:16
jamespageapuimedo, does that make sense?10:16
jamespageit avoids the need for the extra charm, and still gives you the single point of control on setting source software config options10:17
apuimedoIt makes sense10:17
apuimedoI want to fix neutron-api + quantum-gateway(with the change you proposed above) first10:18
apuimedoI'd like to have that today10:18
jamespageapuimedo, ok but target you changes at the neutron-gateway next branch10:18
jamespageapuimedo, we've renamed that charm10:18
apuimedojamespage: thank God for that ;-)10:19
jamespageapuimedo, I can't guarantee re-review today10:19
jamespagehave alot todo for next week still10:19
apuimedowill neutron-gateway-next work well with the current stable neutron-api?10:19
apuimedohow stable are the neutron-api-next and neutron-gateway-next10:20
apuimedocause I want to use that for deployments soonish10:20
apuimedoor should I target them and then do backports?10:20
apuimedojamespage: ^^10:23
jamespageapuimedo, they are pretty stable10:23
jamespageapuimedo, we operate next first policy10:23
jamespagechanges land their first, and can then be backported to stable10:24
apuimedothat means that I should test it first with keystone-next as well10:24
apuimedothen backport, right?10:24
apuimedojamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~landscape/charms/trusty/neutron-api-next/trunk and the others first, then?10:28
jamespageapuimedo, all of the branches are under ~openstack-charmres10:30
jamespagenot sure where that one came from10:30
apuimedothat's the link from "view code" of the juju charm store10:30
apuimedojamespage: which of these branches for the resync to neutron-api-next https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charm-helpers10:32
jamespageapuimedo, next branches don't appear tin the charmstore10:36
apuimedojamespage: so I should move the patches to charm-helpers and neutron api to the next branches now10:39
apuimedoadd the new relation10:39
apuimedobetween neutron-api and midonet-api10:40
apuimedothen backport them10:40
gnuoyMmike, if you're about I'd be grateful for any feedback on https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charm-helpers/no-create-if-none/+merge/25898210:56
gnuoy https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/percona-cluster/1454317/+merge/25898110:57
gnuoythey relate to Bug #145431710:57
mupBug #1454317: sstpassword often set to wrong value in cluster and ha relations <percona-cluster (Juju Charms Collection):Confirmed for gnuoy> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1454317>10:57
Mmikegnuoy: ack, will take a look in a moment11:00
Mmikegnuoy: one more thing, prolly needs a bug to be opened - debian.cnf file, which has password for debian-sys-maint user, differs accross units (in multi-unit deploy). It is not super-issue as percona-xtradb-server package doesn't use it, but sometimes some maintenance tool use that account (for instance, mysqltuner)11:02
Mmikehm, this might actually be a percona-cluster-xtradb-server package bug, and not a charm bug11:03
gnuoyMmike, ok, I'll let you raise the bug if you think it's valid.11:03
MmikeAck - it is a percona bug, but we might create a workaround in charm... as I'm not sure how percona could fix this easily...11:08
Mmikegnuoy: these look ok for me, just waiting for the deploy on ctsstack to finish before +111:57
gnuoyjamespage, do you think it's ok for me to review and merge lp:~le-charmers/charm-helpers/leadership-election ? I didn't actually contribute any code to that mp12:47
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lazyPowerrick_h_: hey man, new profile page really pops :) It also highlighted i pushed to the wrong branch lastnight *doh*13:01
rick_h_lazyPower: :)13:02
apuimedojamespage: could I add the repository from a config('midonet-repo') in hooks/neutron_api_utils.py:determine_packages() ?13:43
apuimedoI'd do it just before the loop if config('neutron-plugin') == 'midonet'13:44
hatchfirl: hey did you get it working for you last night?14:04
firlhatch: I ran into a possible bug14:04
firlwhere once the units were associated with machines14:05
firlwhen I hit commit, the services got installed to juju, but the units didn’t get allocated and the relationships were not persisted to juju14:05
hatchhmm that's very odd, were there any errors in the browser console that you saw?14:06
hatchfirl: from your bug it looks like they got units14:08
firlI manually re associated14:08
hatchohh ok14:08
firlso I think the bug I made, specifically isn’t valid14:09
firlI think I was misreading the associations in the juju status14:09
hatchahh ok ok14:09
hatchI'm quite interested in the issue where it didn't place the units14:09
firlwant me to replicate and give you remote access so you can see it?14:11
hatchwell the issues would be shown in the browser console if a notification wasn't generated14:11
firlI can give a vnc shell or a port forward and let you do what I did14:12
hatchso you could `juju set juju-gui juju-gui-console-enabled=true juju-gui-debug=true`14:12
hatchand then those errors 'should' be surfaced14:12
firlgive me a sec14:12
firltakes about 15 minutes because of bare metal deploys14:13
hatchno rush whenever you have time14:14
firlalso the changes in juju via console stoped being propagated into the juju gui like the stable release shows it14:14
hatchI wonder if trying a smaller bundle wouldn't be a bad idea14:18
hatchsomething like the django bundle14:18
lazyPower...or docker-core...14:18
hatchI've been using that one for testing here so I knwo it works14:18
hatchbut requires the machine placements14:19
lazyPowernice mix of subordinate + services there, representations of all the major concepts14:19
hatchor that!14:19
firlso django or full on openstack?14:19
hatchfirl: well I'm just thinkin that it might be better to try a smaller bundle to rule out any other issues14:23
hatchhere is the docker one lazyPower was talking about https://jujucharms.com/u/lazypower/docker-core/414:24
firlagain, no “juju add-machine xyz.maas” first ?14:24
firlbuild it out all via the ui14:24
firlmy MaaS is running on vivid as well, in case that makes any difference14:27
hatchhmm it shouldn't - at least as far as I know14:31
firlhatch: looks like the smaller bundle is working better than the large one14:46
hatchok so that's good, placements appear to be working as expected?14:47
firlyeah it got further than the openstack one14:47
firlrelations persisted etc14:48
firllet me try across 2 nodes14:48
hatchlazyPower: https://jujucharms.com/u/lazypower/docker-core/4 one of your code examples isn't highlighted as code fyi14:51
lazyPowerhatch: bug plz <314:51
firlafter deleting the services, I had to restart the web ui to be able to add another bundle14:52
hatchhmm, what was it doing that requires you to do that?14:54
firlI dragged the bundle to the canvas, didn’t do it14:54
firlclicked add manually, didn’t do it14:55
firlchecked console saw some errors, restarted, repeated manually adding and it worked14:55
firlI also recorded it14:55
hatchahh you have the errors? great14:55
firlonce docker is done deploying via 2 I will upload a video for ya14:56
firlsee if it’s user issue14:56
firlhatch: https://vimeo.com/user29582213/review/127726021/09e7d5b4cd15:04
hatchfirl: just otp right now, will look in a few15:08
hatchfirl: thanks for that video - it's definitely not your fault, there is a bug there somewhere15:19
hatchthe bundles were able to deploy properly? The smaller ones that is15:20
firldid you want me to open a bug for it?15:26
hatchit's ok I got it15:26
firlI just finished recording a longer video showing the full issue15:26
hatchoh that would be awesome15:26
firlof how to replicate15:26
hatchif you wanted to file the bug so you get notified that would be ok15:26
firlEither way, just trying to help15:27
hatchI suppose you have a better idea of how you created it :)15:27
firlI will try the openstack bundle again to see15:29
mupBug #1454750: bundle to canvas sometimes doesn't work <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1454750>15:31
firlno problem15:31
firlwell it might work this time15:37
firldon’t know if the code changed between yesterday night and today15:37
hatchit hasn't15:37
hatchat least, nothing beyond tests15:37
hatchif it works....then yay?15:38
firlhaha yeah, I will try one more time to see if it is anything I might have done differently15:38
firlis there a way to mass select and delete services?15:39
hatchunfortunately no15:39
lazyPowerfirl: if you have juju-deployer installed:  juju-deployer -T15:40
lazyPowerthat will reset you back down to just the state server, you will need to re-deploy the gui15:40
firlthat’s awesome15:40
lazyPowerman, actions + new status stuff in 1.24 is really nice15:41
lazyPowerhattip @jujucore for this15:41
hatchlazyPower: yeah it's fun15:41
hatchI'm going to add the actions to the gui charm and to the ghost charm at some point here15:42
hatchsurfacing those statuses will be so cool15:42
lazyPoweri'm working on a benchmark suite for a charm i prototyped lastnight, this is silly nice15:42
lazyPoweri see some instances where my status set in config-changed are pretty bummer, and require extra logic to surface the proper message - but hey - this is 100% better than "installing","started"15:43
hatchoo a benchmarking suite as a subordinate would be awesome15:46
hatchfirl: the first bug was closed (as discussed) and the second will be fixed before release15:47
firlvery cool15:47
firldo you want me to just keep filing them? hah just found another where if a service on destroy has an issue, the UI leaves it “blue” but shows up in juju status and I have to “re-destroy"15:48
hatchyes please :) That would be very helpful15:48
firlok, replicated my issue15:54
firlbefore I refresh the GUI is there anything you want me to do?15:54
hatchthose console errors, it would be nice if you could expand them to get a stack trace15:55
hatchlittle red arrow to the left of the error message15:55
firlalready did15:56
firlfile a bug for this, or did you want to see the video first?15:57
hatchmight as well file the bug15:58
hatchI'm sure it's a real bug :)15:58
hatchand even if it isn't - if you're able to cause the failure that's an issue that needs to be fixed15:59
hatch(but I'm sure it's a bug)15:59
firlhah thanks15:59
firlAnything else you want me to do with the environment before I blow it away ( going to do a landscape install )16:03
hatchnope let it go!16:06
firlvery cool16:07
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hatchfirl: just in case you didn't know there is a gui specific channel at #juju-gui :)16:26
firlhatch: thanks, yeah when I first joined I didn’t know which channel my issue was in, but you seemed to care more about the gui so I obliged16:26
hatchthere is also #juju-dev for development of juju core16:27
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mattraeusing the latest version of juju-deployer, i appear to be hitting this bug.. juju deployer exits with 'watcher was stopped' at different points. https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-deployer/+bug/128469017:51
mupBug #1284690: all watcher api regression <hs-arm64> <juju-deployer:Fix Released> <python-jujuclient:Fix Released> <python-jujuclient (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <python-jujuclient (Ubuntu Trusty):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1284690>17:51
mattraeanyone know what may be causing the 'watcher was stopped' error with juju-deployer?17:52
mattraethe comments seem to indicate that this error happens when the state server loses its connection to mongo17:52
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: From what I can gather the openstack service charms deployed on trusty using the "openstack-origin: cloud:trusty-kilo" param are not preforming an "apt update" before the openstack services get installed and thus kilo packages are not installed until "apt update" and "apt upgrade" are ran manually on each respective node for which a charm is deployed.18:01
mattraehere's the exact output i'm seeing http://pastebin.com/DCtJpwRY18:02
bdxcharmers, openstack-charmers: Is this expected^^???18:02
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mbruzekDoes anyone here know a charm that takes a payload URL and a hashsum as a configuration parameter?  (and also happens to be written in bash)?20:00
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