EtriaphPolls are open.01:39
sgclarkEtriaph: umm were we suppose to get an email or something?01:48
EtriaphI started the poll, provided all of the addresses that were available, but I don't know how long it takes for their system to send it out.01:49
EtriaphOnly three members are missing for ballots, but I can add them as soon as I have email addresses.01:50
sgclarkahh seems my mail is behind, hopefully I have a ballot01:51
EtriaphIf not, I've never used their software before, but it seemed straightforward with respect to options.01:51
EtriaphIt could be stopped if need be.01:52
EtriaphDid Rohan have any issues last year with it?01:53
sgclarkI found my mail, all good. was my mail server01:53
EtriaphOh, excellent!01:53
Etriaphsgclark: Thanks for confirmation the ballots are working :D01:54
sgclark:) thanks for doing the elections :)01:54
Etriaphsgclark: It's a meaningful way to contribute.  :D01:54
Etriaphsgclark: FYI, if you're interested, someone passed along this gem to me today:  http://devdocs.io/01:57
sgclarkoh wow how cool is that01:58
Etriaphahoneybun: We should find a way to integrate developer documentation into http://devdocs.io/01:58
EtriaphOffline storage :D01:58
EtriaphDisconnect your laptop and the site's content is still available.01:58
EtriaphVery smart idea.  That system, devdocs.io, is on github01:59
EtriaphGonna fork that and see what I can do with it :D01:59
ahoneybunawesome Etriaph02:05
Etriaphahoneybun: Getting the KDE class docs into that would be handy.02:16
EtriaphAnd any custom QML stuff that KDE provides.02:16
EtriaphDoes anyone know when we'll have a build of QML WebEngine?  Or is there a package for it now?02:17
ahoneybunKDE class?02:20
ahoneybunuserbase you mean?02:20
EtriaphThe KDE API docs for KF502:20
EtriaphMore tools for developers means more apps :D02:21
ahoneybunso that page is for? I still don;t understand what it is Etriaph02:22
Etriaphahoneybun: You mean devdocs.io or the page I linked?02:23
EtriaphThey built an app that allows you to download documentation for offline browsing02:23
EtriaphSo you can sync, have the docs available, and it updates them when you connect again02:23
ahoneybunI saw that is support mobike02:24
EtriaphYup; you could store docs on your phone.02:24
EtriaphBut... the site's code is open source.02:24
ahoneybunwell making the docs pdf does the same02:24
EtriaphSo we could fork it, put documentation in our channels into it02:24
EtriaphYa, but PDF doesn't sync on version updates.02:25
EtriaphSo.. small QML app with a browser for reading on Desktop, then in browser for tablet and mobile02:25
ahoneybuncould be a widget as well02:26
EtriaphYup, that would be natural to do as well.02:28
EtriaphPlasma Active could have an app.02:28
EtriaphRead docs on the tablet while working on desktop.02:28
ahoneybunActive is a bit slow atm with Plasma 5 and such going on02:28
ahoneybunEtriaph: have you seen my slideshow?02:30
Etriaphahoneybun: Not yet.. what's it on?02:30
ahoneybunhaving a single/few languages for the docs02:31
ahoneybunof all the projects02:31
ahoneybunsince all the projects (xubuntu, lubuntu, kubuntu) docs are on different sites it can be annoying to find them02:32
ahoneybunand the ubuntu wiki is bad with MoinMoin02:32
EtriaphIn the past, with producing documentation, I always had an internal format that exported to several external ones.02:34
EtriaphChoose what you want to work with the most, to produce documentation, and let everything else read from that.02:35
ahoneybunLaTeX is the most used, with the Ubuntu Docs, Server Docs, and Xubuntu Docs02:36
EtriaphSo all you need to do is learn to transform LaTeX02:36
EtriaphOr to LaTeX02:37
EtriaphWhat would you prefer to work with?02:37
ahoneybunI really like RST02:37
ahoneybunI would help move things over02:38
EtriaphNow do you want restructuredText for the next four or five years?02:38
EtriaphDoes it support all possible documentation presentational elements you may need down the road?02:39
ahoneybunit works and has been around for a while02:39
ahoneybunsupports imgs, sections02:39
ahoneybuntables, bullets02:39
* ahoneybun is still researching02:40
EtriaphCan I ask you to consider something?02:40
EtriaphDo you think a technical writer, who chooses to donate time documenting in the future, would enjoy using restructeredText?02:41
ahoneybunI like it02:42
ahoneybunbut for users/contributors they can file bugs against it in LP or Git02:42
EtriaphDo you have control over the resulting processing?02:43
ahoneybunand contributors fix them02:43
ahoneybunwell the bug tracking system on LP and Git?02:43
Etriaphie. could I take your source and decide what kind of HTML output I get for it?02:43
EtriaphAnd then do like: rt-transform my_doc.rt template.in out.html02:44
ahoneybunwith sphinx we can export to HTML02:44
ahoneybuneBook, and PDF02:44
EtriaphSphinx, lemme see02:44
ahoneybunit uses LaTeX for the PDF02:45
ahoneybunoh wow02:45
EtriaphYa, this is interesting.02:46
ahoneybunso we (kubuntu) could using RST, then export to LaTeX, while Lubuntu just write LaTeX02:47
ahoneybunthough ours would be one long file from the looks of it02:48
EtriaphThere must be a TOC02:48
EtriaphThat would produce links to anchors02:48
ahoneybunanyway I have to go to sleep02:49
Etriaphahoneybun: Night02:49
ahoneybunnight Etriaph 02:50
ScottKSomeone tell sitter I think it's fine when you see him.03:15
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ovidiu-florinEtriaph: ping05:49
Etriaphovidiu-florin: pong, adding it now05:57
Etriaphovidiu-florin: On its way to you know 05:58
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: when's the deadline?05:58
ovidiu-florinok, thank you05:59
EtriaphHave you seen http://devdocs.io/ ?05:59
EtriaphWas telling Aaron about it earlier05:59
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: can you add a trello card for this?06:00
EtriaphIt supports offline browsing for all of the documentation sets06:00
EtriaphFor devdocs?06:00
ovidiu-florinso we study it as well?06:00
ovidiu-florinI have to go now06:00
ovidiu-florinI'll be back this evening06:00
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sick_rimmitGood Morning07:51
BlizzzPerson widet (whatever this is) fails because it cannot load a qml file (dependency issue?) Error loading QML file: file:///usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.person/contents/ui/main.qml:23:1: module "org.kde.people" is not installed09:09
sitterBlizzz: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/ktp-desktop-applets.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_stable&id=8412fcd49838f8a5e14b4f0bec0e9d5848bd827009:19
Blizzzsitter: ty09:23
sitternow we just need someone to package 15.04.1 -.-09:24
Blizzzmeh, again that bloody Krautish everywhere -.-10:27
BluesKajHowdy folks11:02
* yofel puts on the He Voted badge11:10
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sgclarksitter: Riddell: sure I can run applications, but I am guessing I need to set up wily or something?12:45
* sgclark voted too12:45
sitterif I remembered where I put my script :'<12:56
sitterkubotu: order i voted button for sgclark and yofel12:58
* kubotu hands sgclark and yofel a blue "I Voted" button with a panda on it.12:58
kubotuThanks for voting -- The Illuminati12:58
* sitter wonders what the deal with the panda is12:58
sgclarklol nice12:58
sittersgclark: are you going to do applications for wily right away?13:01
sgclarkwell I have to set up a chroot first, I have not touched wily yet13:01
sitteryou could just run on vivid, there's no real difference anyway ;)13:01
* sitter wonders how backporting is supposed to work nowadays13:02
sitterkubuntu_stable ⇢ kubuntu_wily_archive ⇢ kubuntu_vivid_backports13:04
sitterif so then I'd branch kubuntu_stable ⇢ kubuntu_wily_archive. that should get packaged, once that is super awesome one would merge kubuntu_wily_archive ⇢ kubuntu_vivid_backports and upload vivid13:05
sitteragh, apps has kde4 bits again -.-13:07
sgclarkmmhm still for sometime I am afraid13:08
sitterme too13:08
sitterso actually the merge process probably is: kubuntu_vivid_archive ⇢ kubuntu_vivid_backports (which is already done for kf5 packages) AND THEN kubuntu_stable ⇢ kubuntu_wily_archive (if there is no kubuntu_stable: kubuntu_vivid_backports ⇢ kubuntu_wily_archive) then wily gets packaged. then kubuntu_wily_archive ⇢ kubuntu_vivid_backports and vivid gets packaged.13:10
sitterclearly someone should port all the kde4 stuff so I don't get my brain all twisted over merges13:10
sittercase in point13:12
sitterhow do those bastards even diverge13:12
sgclarkdidnt we already merge that in 15.04.0?13:13
sittersgclark: we only branched, there was no merge afterwards 13:14
sittersgclark: why is that version UNRELEASED in archive though?13:14
sitterseems either that should not be unreleased or that actually did not land in vivid?13:15
sgclarkit did nto land in vivid it looks to me13:15
* sitter emits a blink13:17
sittersgclark: they were uploaed though https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+source/ark13:17
sitterI so much despise our current process 13:17
sitterstuff gets lost all the time13:18
sitterartikulate packaging repo is weird13:18
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yofelhow is that weird?13:19
sitterwhy backports was branched from the first commit in the repo is beyond me13:19
yofelah hm13:20
sitterassuing my intial backports branch script crapped out and branched from master rather than a suitable branch it shouldn't have used the first commit as there were some 20 commits ontop of it13:20
sitterso that branch makes no sense13:21
sittersgclark: since artikular isn't wrap-clean... please make sure to setup a git template so new clones are forced to have a wrapped debian/ directory http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/git-hooks.git/13:24
sgclarkhow do I do that?13:26
sittersee readme13:26
sitterkde-wallpapers also has problems13:29
yofelcould that hook check first if one pushes to pkg-kde/ ?13:29
yofelcurrently that applies to all and any commits..13:29
BluesKaji just load wallpapers from the pictures file , the wallpapers available from kde-look are ok, but I prefer my own familiar scenes13:30
sgclarkeerr for all repos? that could be a problem with my work with kde and such13:30
sittersgclark: only if the repo has a debian/ dir13:31
sgclarkahh okies cool13:31
yofelI meant any package..13:31
sitteryofel: feel free to expand, probably just needs to check what origin points to13:31
sgclarksure ok fine13:31
sitterI don't think the script actually gets the remote passed as argument or something, though I might be mistaken13:32
sitterchecking origin should be a decent enough approximation at any rate13:32
sitteroh oh oh13:33
sitterI remember!13:33
sitteryofel: you created kubuntu_unstable for some kde4 apps when you created the initial repos supposedly because I hadn't pointed out that we only integrate kf513:34
yofelprobably, which I still don't understand, but whatever13:34
sitterno point investing time in stuff that is going anyway :P13:34
sitter*going away13:34
yofelsure, but it makes things complicated in other places13:35
sitteranywho, this wasn't a problem because we only CI'd applications based on a seclection list what with most apps being kde4. the branching scripts however merged without discrimination so they would create the backports from those incredibly outedated kubuntu_unstable branches on kde4 repos13:35
sitteryofel: such as?13:36
yofelmerging in kubuntu-initial-upload? or what does git do if you want to merge an inexistent branch? (Can't say I ever tried that)13:38
sitterinitial-upload doesn't merge, I have a special script for that13:39
yofeler, it does merge..13:39
sitterwhich has a list of origins, if it fails to find an origin it picks the next best one13:39
sitterwhich is something I need anyway because some upstreams have no 'stable' release13:39
sitterso there's always a case where a repo has no kubuntu_stable and needs logic to automatically fall through to kubuntu_unstable13:40
yofelwait what? "else: #not sru\n ... git merge origin/kubuntu_%s_backports ..."13:40
sitteryofel: in initial upload?13:41
sgclarksitter:  yes that merges now13:41
yofelsitter: er, correction, "git checkout origin/kubuntu_%s_backports, git merge origin/kubuntu_%s"13:41
yofelstill, it hardcodes backports o.O13:42
sittersgclark: of course it does. it does everything...13:42
* sitter shakes head13:43
sitterif lastDigit >= 80:13:43
sitter    stability = "unstable"13:43
sitter    stability = "stable"13:43
yofel-            subprocess.check_call(["git", "checkout", "kubuntu_%s_archive" % (release)])13:44
yofel+            subprocess.check_call(["git", "checkout", "kubuntu_%s_backports" % (release)])13:44
yofel. . .13:44
sgclarkso did you say you have a script or am I doing all this by hand?13:44
sitteranyone seen my valium?13:44
sittersgclark: script already running13:44
sgclarkpass me some if you find it13:44
sgclarksweet thanks13:44
sitterand failing xD13:44
sitterksnakeduel also broken13:44
* yofel passes sitter some ritalin13:45
yofelIf I didn't have exams to study for I would rewrite k-i-u...13:46
* yofel leaves it broken and hopes whoever falls on his face will forgive him13:47
sitteryofel: been drawing up a KCI based replacement anyway13:49
yofelin !ruby?13:49
yofelthat was a boolean statement :P13:49
sitterin that case nah13:50
sitterthe trick part is the architecture anyway13:50
yofeldanit ;P13:50
sitterneeds to be coherently atomic13:50
sitterwhich is somewhat mutuall exclusive13:50
yofeluh, you can't really do worse than k-i-u really...13:50
yofelside question: is ruby 2 more API stable than python 3?13:51
RiddellHow do I get Nick completion in quassel droid?14:24
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shadeslayerRiddell: you press the search button thing14:34
sittersgclark: there are a couple of repos that have no kubuntu_vivid_archive branch. not sure what exactly that means but they might warrant looking into .. ktp-common-internals: libkdegames: libkgeomap: meta-kde-telepathy:14:43
sitterpushing first merge part now (vivid_archive ⇢ backports)14:43
sitterall repos that are getting a kubuntu_wily_archive branch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11114684/14:52
sitterpushing second part now (stable | vivid_backports ⇢  wily_archive)14:52
sittersgclark: all applications repos have a kubuntu_wily_archive branch now15:18
sitter(excluding kde-workspace of course, since we don't package that anymore)15:18
sgclarkokies thank you15:22
sgclarkgrr can we put our tools in git , bzr hates me16:25
yofelbzr hates its life, can't get any worse16:32
yofelactually, we could convert it into a git repo...16:35
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KDDAanyone know of a gui version of the du tool?20:44
EtriaphKDDA: Kinda, you can try filelight20:48
KDDAI have an sdcard I want to find out where the most usage is20:48
EtriaphYup, Filelight then20:48
Etriaphsudo apt-get install filelight20:48
EtriaphIt's a graphical display of disk usage, one of my favorite tools.20:49
KDDAin progress of installing20:49
KDDAah nice20:50
KDDAthanks Etriaph20:50
KDDAah, log files20:50
KDDAlots of huge log files20:50
* ahoneybun had to reinstall...20:51
Etriaphahoneybun: Oh, what happened?20:51
ahoneybunnot sure. my wifi was not working at work so I rebooted, still nothing, rebooted still nothing, rebooted black screen with the mouse showing and I could move it20:52
ahoneybunEtriaph: 20:52
ahoneybunyes and sucking20:52
ahoneybunoh well20:53
Etriaphahoneybun: Did you try to rescue first?20:53
ahoneybundid not know what to do really20:53
KDDA2.1Gb of logs :/20:53
KDDAsilly raspberrypi20:53
EtriaphKDDA: That'll do it :D20:53
ahoneybunI was looking at top and plasmashell was running20:53
Etriaphahoneybun: Did the reinstall get the Wifi working?20:54
EtriaphKDDA: Remember, filelight is your friend :D20:54
ahoneybunnot sure, I'm on cable atm20:54
ahoneybunoh wait the EFI bug was fixed20:54
KDDAshame it doesnt work over ssh20:55
ahoneybunyay did not even notice till now20:55
ahoneybunbrb reboot, updated, upgraded and added the backport ppa20:56
KDDAindeed Etriaph, its fast too!20:56
ahoneybunwait installing some more stuff then reboot20:57
ahoneybunEtriaph: that is a game changer that sphinx can export latex20:58
ahoneybunand we have pandoc20:58
KDDAweather station is back online!21:00
yofelKDDA: it should work over ssh -X actually. just very very slow21:00
KDDAI need to auto delete my logs21:01
sitternot necessarily there's all matter of problems with involved apps as they somewhat depend on enviornmental conditions21:01
yofelthere's logrotate for that ;)21:01
sittersuch as a dbus socket21:01
yofelhm, true. bad dbus21:02
KDDAit must not be working on rasbian !21:02
sitter21:01:46 E, [2015-05-13T21:01:46.714014 #25739] ERROR -- ppa_promote: Found more than one matching source for plasma-workspace=4:5.3.0+git20150513.0917+15.10-021:04
sitterlaunchpad is drunk or something21:04
KDDAoh dear, plasma sheel just crashed :/21:10
EtriaphAnyone know a low-cost place to host a Quassel core?21:20
EtriaphI only have the one PC, I tend to turn it off at night.21:23
EtriaphI have a laptop, but same deal.21:23
=== sitter changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Kubuntu Kickoff: http://tinyurl.com/kubuntukickoff | Plasma 5 Demo: http://tinyurl.com/plasma5demo
test__I need help, plasma-shell crashed on me and wouldnt restart. I rebooted my system and not cant get into my desktop.  Ive had to setup a brand new user to get online21:43
sitterstop running things using sudo? :P21:43
test__its KDDA btw21:44
=== test__ is now known as KDDA
KDDAsitter: if that was reply to me, I wasnt using sudo.  I had this IRC open and an SSH terminal to my RaspberyPi and a Firefox browser open at the time21:47
sitterpaste your .xession-errors file21:47
KDDAhow do I reset my desktop?21:48
sitterthat entirely depends on how it broke21:48
sitterKDDA: is krunner still working?21:49
KDDAthe inferface is, but it not working in my other account21:49
KDDAAlt-spacebar brings up the type box, but nothing works21:50
sitterdefine nothing works21:50
KDDAwell typing firefox, does nothing21:50
KDDAtyping IRC, does nothing21:50
sitterKDDA: sudo chown -R yourusername /home/yourhome21:53
sitterKDDA: if that does not help you'll have to get help from #kde or #plasma21:53
KDDANo ksycoca database available! ?21:57
sitterthat seems somewhat unlikely as it gets force generated during login IIRC21:57
KDDAwell thats the error in .xsession-errors21:58
sitterfair enough so you have been running a gui thing via sudo or some other such nonesense :P21:59
sitterKDDA: ls -lah /home/yourhome/.cache/ksycoca5*21:59
KDDAnot that I know of21:59
KDDAwhat is the bar at the bottom called?22:26
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