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phoenixzOkay, so Kubuntu 15.04 (for me anyway) is the worst version of all, and this weekend I'll return to 14.10, its unusable. I think I can say "literally" nothing works as it should, and I have a long long list of problems to report, but even that is problematic. For example, I want to try to submit a bug for amarok, but in https://bugs.launchpad.net , I don't see a way to do this00:15
est31I agree kubuntu 15.04 is shit00:16
est31it really is00:16
phoenixzAlso, where are updates? previous releases all had loads of updates with fixes coming out in the weeks after release.. 15.04 has been out nearly amonth, and I have had a few updates, which fixed nothing00:16
est31thats the main issue00:16
est31thats exactly the reason why I always update one month later00:16
phoenixzsddm SUCKS, literally freezes 9 out of 10 times,.. I reboot, black screen,go to shell, try to restart that manually.. 10 times or so,yaaayy,got a login screen00:17
est31all my widgets were deleted00:17
phoenixznetwork manager VPN disconnects every 2 minutes, forget about using a VPN through that.. Not that it matters, sometimes it suddenly loses allnetwork connections00:17
est31even okular looks crappy now00:17
phoenixzamarok freezes for about a minute after it starts a new song00:17
est31vlc is broken00:18
phoenixzkrunner is simply DEAD.. alt-f2, and it just sits there, frozen00:18
phoenixzI have to kill the process, restart it, and alt-f2, frozen..00:18
phoenixzquassel works, then I reboot, I start quassel automatically and it shows the SDDM login screen, yay.. Ihave to remove all quassel files, start over, and it works again.. until next reboot00:18
phoenixzIf in firefox I try to save an image.. the file requester window takes about a minute to show up00:19
phoenixzkwin crashes about 3 times per day00:19
phoenixztry using netflix in chrome, do it full screen, press pause, blackscreen, sddm login again! yay, at least it didnt freeze again00:20
est31I'm not using ubuntu because I'm a newbie, but to have it stable00:20
est31and right now its disappointing me fully00:20
est31I've tried to change settings, what happens?00:20
est31it crashes00:20
phoenixzIf the lock screen comes up, it doesn't come up, it simply shows the windows, videos even if thats polaying, it just blocks mouseand keyboard.. I have to ram the keyboard for about 3 minutes before finally I see a lock screen and I can unlock it and do somethign again00:20
phoenixzclose laptop lid > suspend? hah! suspend doesnt work anyway if I try to do it manually, but closing the lid doesnt do shit.. which was nice because the first time I did not think about it and put my laptop in the laptop case, and it went until the laptop overheated and did a direct shutdown.. At least Kubunt did not burn down my laptop, Isuppose I'm happy00:22
est31my vlc segfaults when I just want to *list* my open music00:22
phoenixzEven the frigging bug report system ... How? where?documentation is all about "Use apport"... great! How do I use apport on a program that freezes? half the time it doesn't fire anyway00:22
phoenixzah, CTRL-DEL does not delete the word before the cursor anymore as it used to do for the LAST 10 YEARS00:23
phoenixzI would try keyboard mapping if I did not already know that Kubuntu won't save those settings00:23
est31I had set up to have three fingers touch make middle mouse click00:24
est31setting lost00:24
phoenixz15.04 is by far the worst piece of.. that I've seen, and I've been with Kubuntu for about 10 years now00:24
est31its my 5th year now00:24
phoenixz14.10 had some minor issues left and right to get ot work but... 15.04 is a disaster over the entire board00:25
est31or 4th00:25
phoenixzplasmashell crashes regularly too by the way00:25
phoenixzkdeconnect works on and off (more off), I've not even tried there anymore, it has become a "whatever"{00:26
est31do you have this too in the upper left corner ? http://pasteboard.co/q01g0pr.png00:27
est31I mean, what should this show?00:27
est31its just horribly ugly00:27
OerHeksest click on it :-)00:28
est31I mean this one is ok, http://pasteboard.co/q086MH6.png00:29
phoenixzest31: What am I suppsed to see in the upper left corner?00:29
est31wha I've shared in the first image00:29
est31dunno, perhaps migrating widgets worked for you00:29
est31for me it didnt00:29
phoenixzIs there anybody who can tell me if all this is normal?00:29
phoenixznetwork manager sometimes just loses all network devices, wired or wireless, leaving me with no other option than to reboot00:30
phoenixzpower management is no longer notifying me when battery is nearly empty.. Its great fun when my laptop just suddenly dies off00:30
phoenixzGoing alt-shift-f1 to text console, and then alt-f7 back to KDE, in about 10% of the cases shows a completely mangled screen with triangles from different windows stacking over eachother00:31
est31I really don't get it00:31
phoenixzI think yakuake is about the only KDE program that is not completely messed up00:32
est31when I download the deb for vlc on my desktop, extract it manually, and run ./vlc, it shows me the ppa "revision"00:32
phoenixzI use encrypted machine, and for every single time I use sudo, I get "Password entry required for 'Please enter passphrase for disk kubuntu--vg-swap_1 (cryptswap1) on none!' (PID 25595). Please enter password with the systemd-tty-ask-password-agent tool!" spammed on every console.. I have about 15 consoles open, so imagine the joy!!!00:33
phoenixzNot that it matters anyway, because I cannot enter the swap password anywhere anyway00:33
est31I had that nice bug too00:33
est31with opensuse00:33
est31and systemd00:33
est31thats not kubuntu's fault, its systemd's00:34
OerHeksest31, nice going, not mentioning "when I download the deb for vlc" go on with your rant please !00:34
* OerHeks facepalms00:34
est31OerHeks ??00:34
OerHeksest31, first complaining about vlc, giving errors, that is not how to install/use software.00:35
est31OerHeks, I wanted to confirm that my /usr/bin/vlc is acutually really the one thats officially in kubuntu00:36
est31not that ppa stuff00:36
est31I havent installed it00:36
est31the deb file00:36
phoenixzSo sorry for my rant, but I've lost days worth of working by now.. I will be downgrading to Kubuntu 14.10 this upcoming weekend.. I want to report bugs but even that is not a simple issue.. So can somebody tell me how I can easily report a bug for Amarok, for example?00:36
est31just extracted it to find out whether files match00:36
est31I mean this is interesting.00:41
est31it means that vlc uses something else than its own binary file to store its version00:41
est31yaay upgrade also totally garbled up default programs to open files with00:55
est31ah I see now01:03
est31thanks to strace I've found out that it opens /usr/lib/libvlccore.so.801:03
est31which is provided by libvlccore801:04
est31which again has version 2.2.0+ppa2.401:04
est31ok that vlc crash wasn't its fault01:09
est31still it looks shitty01:09
est31before at 14.10, vlc okular and other applications looked great01:09
est31it seems its running in gtk compatibility mode01:12
est31while I'm running kde01:12
est31aand again an unwanted file indexing daemon01:15
* est31 wonders how to get rid of baloo file01:15
est31OerHeks, any ideas?01:15
est31haha http://askubuntu.com/questions/437635/how-to-turn-off-baloo-in-kde-4-1301:16
est31what do you think I have inside that file01:16
est31and still baloo requires 100% of my CPU01:17
phoenixzest31: Ah! Balloo! The number one "Hey what's hogging my CPU at 150%?"01:38
phoenixzest31: And let me guess, part of the desktop search that I never wanted to use since like 5 years ago where it too, was hoggn my CPU all the time when it was called something different..01:38
phoenixzSo if I may add to the list01:38
phoenixzBallo sucks.. Some 5 times per day its hoggng my CPU at 100+% and I have to kill it to be able to work notmally01:39
phoenixzshift+del doesn't work anymore, though that too has worked for like 10 years01:39
phoenixzgwenview, when I try to delete an image, I select delete from the menu (the gwenviewe menus  show sssllowwww by the way), and then nothing happens for about 30 seconds, then finally the "are yousure" requester showsup01:40
phoenixzHow many bugs am I at? 20 already?01:40
andyr0ckwait, you guys are actually going down the 'upgrade path'?02:23
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markcwill there be an official 15.04.1 point release for kubuntu soon?03:17
est31as it seems, they want us to suffer from ugly bugs03:19
OerHeksmarkc, 12 may https://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Applications/15.04_Release_Schedule03:26
est31next bug: when you go to the top left corner, it doesnt close a maximized window anymore03:33
est31I'm not sure though whether it was the case in 14.1003:33
est31perhaps my imagination :)03:33
gunndawgHow come when I open Startup Disk creator and click "Other" to add an ISO to the list it wont add the ISO I select? I click on it then it just goes back to startup disk creator without adding hte ISO04:02
est31very interesting04:04
est31gunndawg, I have that too04:04
est31so its either bad ux of the tool or an actual bug04:05
gunndawgest31: Quite annoying04:05
est31on which distro are you on?04:05
gunndawgest31: Kubuntu 14.0404:06
gunndawgest31: would really like to get this arch linux image onto a USB so I can pass it over to a different machine. this is annoying04:06
gunndawgI'll try unetbootin04:07
est31or just do dd04:07
est31the arch wiki sais this should work04:07
gunndawgest31: looks like unetbootin did it04:09
gunndawgno reason to be upset about it, just went a different route04:09
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egesteHello, friendly KDE users. I've stumbled on a problem in $uname -a -> Linux dafeelz2 3.19.0-16-generic #16-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 30 16:09:58 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux where the bottom portion of my screen appears to not be rendering? Screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/od98jGX.jpg04:38
egesteThus far I've tried moving my plasma .config files, rebooting several times, restarting sddm, moving my kwin .config files, etc04:39
egesteI can't seem to find anything about it04:39
egestebrb, reboot04:51
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alvinWallpaper too short?06:52
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adry8080salve a tutti09:13
adry8080_ciao a tutti09:17
adry8080_[11:15] <adry8080> io vorrei sapere come mai non mi apre piu la finestra software center si apre ma non mi da nessuna immagine09:17
adry8080_ki mi puo aiutare grazie09:18
adriano1980qualcuno mi sa aiutare09:20
adriano1980io vorrei sapere come mai non mi apre piu la finestra software center si apre ma non mi da nessuna immagine grazie09:21
hateball!it | adriano198009:37
ubottuadriano1980: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:37
mo_I adjusted the backlight brightness to 50%, after I reboot, it's 50% before I login(it's 50% in the login screen), but after I input my password, it will jump to 100% at login load screen, any idea?09:55
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Guest94488hi all, there are people speaking in russian?10:23
hateball!ru | Guest9448810:25
ubottuGuest94488: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:25
BarnaSzalaican you help me plz? I use 15.04 Plasma 5 desktop, with laptop and a monitor. when I disconnect the monitor and use only the laptop, some apps start "hidden", so kubuntu doesn't recognize there isn't a montor attached10:33
BarnaSzalaihow can I solve this?10:33
BarnaSzalaibtw. ubuntu with Unity worked well10:33
BarnaSzalaihidden I mean not on the laptop's screen, I have to move the app window always10:34
BarnaSzalaivery annoying10:35
BarnaSzalaichecked system setting but didn't find any related option10:35
hateballBarnaSzalai: ah, so the apps remember the laptop monitor?10:36
hateballerr, external monitor10:36
BarnaSzalaii hardly think developers missed this situation with Plasma10:37
hateballSo the scenario is you have $app on screen2. Close $app, unplug screen2, start $app, and it does not show on screen1 ?10:37
hateballI don't know if there is a setting to remember that.... I use two monitors and sometimes things launch on the screen last used10:38
BarnaSzalaibut only the apps which were used on external monitor10:38
hateballBarnaSzalai: You could maybe make a kwin rule to work around it10:38
hateballForce all apps to always open on screen110:38
hateballthen you can manually move them if needed10:38
BarnaSzalaiim new to kubuntu but will try that10:38
BarnaSzalaibash script?10:39
hateballno no10:39
BarnaSzalaior rule10:39
hateballBarnaSzalai: rightclick some windows title bar, more actions (or such) -> window rules10:39
hateballI dont use english locale so not sure of the wording10:39
hateballBarnaSzalai: you can reach this by alt+f2 and searching for "rules" also10:40
BarnaSzalaithanks for the hint10:41
hateballso you should be able to make a rule that applies to nothing specific, that places on screen1 from the start10:41
hateballyou will see there are some default rules in place already10:41
hateballThere might be a more graceful way to handle this tho, I am just used to doing workaround :p10:41
BarnaSzalaiyeah have to do some googling for it also10:42
BarnaSzalaimaybe someone met this before10:42
BarnaSzalaiso it's not a Plasma but KWin thing you think?10:44
hateballthere are so many parts to this :)10:44
hateballkscreen handles remembering monitors10:44
hateballkwin does decorations and managment10:44
BarnaSzalaianother thing, on start cairo dock always ask I want to use OpenGl, and press yes to permanently remember my choice. but it asks on every start :)10:44
hateballOh I am not familiar with cairo dock, I use krunner (alt+f2) for everything10:45
hateballor global hotkeys10:45
BarnaSzalaisure its not kubuntu related ..10:46
BarnaSzalaii think the guy has the same problem, and yes the kscreen is the way: http://askubuntu.com/questions/292776/ubuntu-kde-standard-dual-monitor10:53
BluesKajHowdy folks11:02
BluesKajHi Bundestrojaner11:08
Bundestrojaneris it possible to have a "copy-queue" on kubuntu?11:09
Bundestrojanerso when i copy some files in Dolphin and start another copy process, it should queue it and wait till the first is finished11:09
Bundestrojaner(like f.e. terracopy on windows)11:10
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hateballBundestrojaner: well, all copy operations are show in the notification applet, and you can pause them as like11:15
hateballbut a "queue" as such, no11:15
BluesKajBundestrojaner, whay about rsync , sounds like the same thing as teracopy11:16
BundestrojanerBluesKaj: never used it, can i integrate it in Dolphin?11:16
BluesKaj!rsync | Bundestrojaner11:18
ubottuBundestrojaner: rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync11:18
BundestrojanerBluesKaj: i don't see any similarities between rsync and terracopy11:19
Bundestrojanerterrycopy "catches" copy-orders from windows explorer and executes them in an own queue11:20
Bundestrojanerrsync is a backup tool?11:20
hateballThat's what it is primarily used for yes11:21
BarnaSzalairsync, you know.. the boy group :>11:21
hateballBundestrojaner: Did you look at my suggestion11:21
Bundestrojanerhateball: you mean pausing them in the notification?11:22
hateballBundestrojaner: yeah, that's as good as it gets now11:23
BluesKajrsync is more than just a backup tool , but Iwon'r elaborate, the URL says it all11:23
hateballBundestrojaner: otherwise you can make yourself heard at https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29610911:23
ubottuKDE bug 296109 in general "Add a facility to Dolphin to enable sequential copy/move jobs" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]11:23
Bundestrojanerhateball: it's what i usually do, it still has a huge impact on copy datarate11:24
Bundestrojanermaybe it's a motivation to continue working on my own filemanager (written in QT)11:25
hateballGoogle suggest this http://ultracopier.first-world.info/ but I have no idea11:27
hateballMaybe that's yours? ;D11:27
Bundestrojanerhateball: i've never published it, it's very far away from being finished^^11:28
hateballBundestrojaner: Some additional googling suggests that krusader has this functionality11:29
hateball!info krusader11:29
ubottukrusader (source: krusader): twin-panel (commander-style) file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.4.0~beta3-2ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 4111 kB, installed size 14942 kB11:29
Bundestrojanerhateball: thx, i'll have a look at it11:30
BarnaSzalaihave you observed, when I copy a big file eg. a divx movie to a pendrive, at the end (99%)I have to wait for ~1 sec until the copy finished. why is that?11:30
hateballwrite caches syncing11:30
BarnaSzalaiits only on ubuntu not on windows11:30
BarnaSzalaiis it normal?11:30
hateballYes, but if you want you can mount the devices so that changes are written at once11:31
hateballThis gives you worse performance however11:31
BarnaSzalaiMb/sec ?11:31
BarnaSzalaieven on usb 3.0 interface?11:32
BarnaSzalaiis it ok when I add the device uuid in the fstab?11:33
hateballBarnaSzalai: here's a nice read http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/146620/difference-between-sync-and-async-mount-options11:33
BarnaSzalaiah okay, windows tells you the copy is finished after filling the cache.. after that behind the scenes writes data to the target media.11:42
BarnaSzalailinux doesn't lie11:42
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Irish_canonhello... I am trying to mount a old flash card and having no luck and ideas12:49
hateballIrish_canon: what does 'dmesg' say when you plug it in?12:49
Irish_canonhateball: mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card12:50
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Irish_canonany ideas what to do12:58
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)13:13
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Irish_canonI have a scandisk card and I have lost the the partition... any ideas how to recover13:53
rattkingtestdisk is your best bet.. just make sure not to write anything to the card until its recovered.13:55
Irish_canonive tried testdisk... the partition table isnt there .. unable to mount the card13:56
rattkingso testdisk could not recover the partition table?13:58
Irish_canonwhen i run testdisk it only sees the local hard drive13:58
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Guest81992Hi guys! What is mysqld? Is it used for baloo or something?14:00
rattkingdid you run it as root or with sudo?14:00
Guest81992I am not running a server, just desktop stuff.14:00
rattkingmysqld is the mysql database and yes baloo uses it14:00
Guest81992mysqld is taking up a lot of memory14:00
Guest81992This Kubuntu Plasma 5.3 installation is running for around 3-4GB RAM with only Firefox open.14:01
Guest81992What is the command for starting mysqld again?14:06
Irish_canonany other ideas how to recover the card14:06
rattking"sudo service mysql restart"14:07
rattkingdoes the sdcard have a device node in /dev ? like /dev/sdb or something14:08
Guest81992rattking: Thanks. Isn't it systemd command?14:08
rattkingI am sure there is a systemd specific one14:09
rattkingyou may also want to try a 'akonadictl restart' as your user no sudo14:09
Guest81992Doesn't work rattking. I am on Kubuntu 15.04.14:10
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rattkinganyway it looks like the systemd specific way is "systemctl restart mysql.service"14:12
Irish_canonFirst thing is first never use the most updated distro if you want reliability14:14
Guest81992Irish_canon: That was a tips for me? I am fine. Using it in a VM, so easy to keep snapshots or whatever.14:18
Guest81992But there is an annoying bug for Dolphin. My Places I have in the left column disappears when I close Dolphin.14:20
Guest81992I just get the default ones, the new shortcuts/places I have placed there disappear... Any workaround?14:20
Irish_canonthis card will not mount.... any ideas how to recover it14:21
Guest81992Does it mount on other computers?14:22
rattkingdid it get overwritten?14:22
Irish_canonno... wasnt overwritten...14:23
rattkingwhat happened it to?14:24
Irish_canondont really know... and it doesnt mount on another system14:30
rattkingdo you have a second sd to USB adapter to try? or a second sdcard to try in that adapter? to start ruling out hardware14:31
rattkingdoes the OS see the sdcard at all?14:32
rattkingI have seen usb sticks go completely dead like that before.. and there really isnt anything you can do about it unless you are really good with a soldering iron :)14:33
Irish_canoni have it in my reader and it lights up... just does show up in the fdisk -l or mounts automatically or in Gpart14:35
Irish_canontried a different card and it works14:35
rattkingouch.. I dont know what to do then14:38
Priya^05Hi all ^14:38
Priya^05 Hi all ^14:39
madmouser1wow, upgraded to kubuntu 15.04 ... what a sleek and nice interface15:13
Champion_Theyo, anyone has tried kernel 4.0x?15:30
Champion_Thefor kubuntu 15.0415:31
OerHeksChampion_The, you can try it, from the kernel ppa, but it would be wise to wait for the update > http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:34
Champion_TheI know that, I'm just curious, if the new kernel works well15:34
Champion_TheI heard that 4.1 is better for intel graphics15:35
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Guest16742How do I pin shortcut icons to the panel in Plasma 5.3?15:35
Champion_Thedo you think that Kubuntu 15.04 will move to 4x kernel?15:35
OerHeks4.1 is in RC stage15:36
Champion_Theyeah I know in future ...15:37
OerHeksChampion_The, if you want to have fun on the wild side, and help testing, go for it :-)15:39
Guest16742I disabled File Search (Baloo), but mysqld keeps on running with high memory use....15:43
LucasHCHi there, I just installed the newest version of Kubuntu and encountered an error. It's not playing any sound, on Ubuntu it works. Is there a way to fix this? The aplay commands didn't work, and my sound card:16:18
LucasHC00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)16:18
LucasHC        Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 338816:18
LucasHC        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 3916:19
LucasHC        Memory at c7500000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]16:19
LucasHC        Capabilities: <access denied>16:19
unopasteLucasHC you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:19
LucasHCI'm sorry, I did not saw the paste link16:20
BluesKajLucasHC, cat /proc/asound/modules to check for audio drivers16:25
LucasHCThis is what I got: 0 snd_hda_intel16:27
BluesKajok tha card 0, which is good. run , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , then open alsamixer and make sure no vol ctls are muted and automute is disabled16:28
BluesKajthen reboot16:29
LucasHCThank you16:30
LucasHCI'm sorry to say but after the reboot the same problem occur16:33
BluesKajLucasHC, setup the audio in systemsettings>multimedia>device preference and audio hardware setup outputs16:37
LucasHCunfortunately that didn't work16:39
BluesKajexplain didn't work , what are you trying?16:39
LucasHCI tried different audio output types, they didn't do anything even after pressing submit.16:41
BluesKajok then I've run out of ideas, and I have to leave now16:42
BluesKajsorry I can't help any further16:42
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est31to add to yesterday's rant: I've found yet another issue with 15.0418:46
est31when I change windows, they start to flicker18:46
est31basically at other occasions too18:46
est31barely useable that way :/18:46
est31any ideas on how to resolve this?18:46
est31this is the worst bug so far18:49
jalcineest31: this happened to me randomly too18:51
jalcinewhat are your compositer settings?18:51
jalcineI had mine on OpenGL 2.1 with GLX18:51
jalcinebut switching to OpenGL 3.0 had them go away18:51
jalcine(or is it 2.0 / 3.1? let me check)18:51
jalcine(it's the latter)18:51
est31seems to work noe jalcine thanks :)18:56
rufsketch1hey all19:27
rufsketch1I'm not sure if it's still supported19:27
rufsketch1I'm trying to update from 13.04 to 14.04, and then hopefully to 15.0419:28
rufsketch1however, the muon update process 404s.19:29
rufsketch1I ran sed -i -e 's/archive.ubuntu.com\|security.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list19:29
rufsketch1and did an apt-get update. But also 404s19:29
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mleocadiojust passing20:17
tstrike39Hey guys... wanted you to know how much I am enjoy Kubuntu 15.04     Great job so far devs20:30
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bprompttstrike39:   maybe you meant that for #kubuntu-devel =)20:38
tstrike39Ok I will drop over to them... enjoying the OS20:40
nagerstWhat package do i need to install to get the kayboard module in systemsettings (precise pangolin)20:45
est31jalcine, it seems the issues are there again :(20:57
est31I do nothing else than click on another window's entry in the taskbar20:57
est31and then the windows start to rotate very fast20:58
est31all windows20:58
est31so first its changing to window a then to b then to c then to a again and so on20:58
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jalcinehm, is this on a touchpad or with a physical mouse?21:11
jalcinethat sounds like it's cycling windows instad of flickering21:12
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natmanI am unable to use the Yahoo emoiton pack in the IM client, anyone know how to fix it?21:56
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OerHeksnatman, maybe this pidgin page is any help ? https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/ThirdPartySmileyThemes21:59
natmanOerHeks: how would i import then into the kde settings?22:00
OerHeksNever done that myself22:02
natmanok, thanks anyways22:02
OerHeksopen kopete and see if you can import it in themes?22:03
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miloruwhat makes plasma 5 better than plasma 4?22:53

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