ahoneybungsilva: wxl there is a ubuntu-doc meeting june 2nd (don;t know the time)02:41
ahoneybunwe can discuss what I was talking about earier02:41
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gsilvaptand please discuss it here, please, Nairwolf23:01
Nairwolfyes, it's better here23:05
Nairwolfwhat did you mean about the release date for the python script ?23:06
NairwolfHi, Kamilion ;)23:06
gsilvaptNairwolf, LP is an online project management. I tried to estimate some dates for accomplishing things23:06
gsilvaptThe idea is to try and get the final re-design of the Wiki by the time we need to prepare the next release23:07
gsilvaptIf we can't for any reason, it's okay23:07
gsilvaptAfter all, we are volunteers, not employees :)23:07
gsilvaptYou should find some time to explore Launchpad, take the official tour and try it out as you feel like23:08
wxlgithub is a lot like launchpad23:08
Kamilionexcept launchpad can do builds23:09
Nairwolfyes, I've taken the official tour. It just I find difficult to navigate between pages on launchpad23:09
gsilvaptit can be, I'll give you that23:09
gsilvaptbut once you're under a project page, it's pretty easy actually, although you may need to get used to it23:09
gsilvapthi, wxl :)23:10
Nairwolfyes, but some projects are linked and sometimes it seems difficult to navigate between them, but now, it's okay23:11
gsilvaptNairwolf, wxl agreed that LP has some quirks here and there23:11
gsilvaptyeap, that's the kind of things you need to get used to23:11
gsilvaptIn a few days, if you use it regularly, you'll master it23:11
gsilvaptIt is not very hard, although yea, it requires accomodation23:12
Nairwolffor the python script, don't worry, it would be ready before the next release ! It's just that I need to stay focus on my VISA request, and prepare my journey to USA. In few weeks, I should have more time to finish this.23:13
gsilvaptSure, no worries men :)23:13
gsilvaptYou organize your agenda as you can23:13
Nairwolfit's not really difficult as I've said. I just need to read more precisely doc of the python package23:13
gsilvaptWhen you get to rest a bit, you come over and we can deal with that23:13
gsilvaptif, for some reason, it doesn't get ready, we'll take care of that on another time23:14
Nairwolfyes, don't worry23:14
wxlnice email gsilvapt23:17
gsilvaptwxl, do you know how to solve the Google 2-step auth issue with @ubuntu.com email?23:17
wxli again repeat: you are a natural born leader23:17
wxlactually, no, gsilvapt. i was thinking about getting a yubikey neo to do 2-factor on gmail among other things, so i may have some time to play with that.23:18
gsilvaptThank you, wxl. Now I see the message isn't perfect. Grammar mistakes and lack of coherency. Need to work more on that...23:18
wxlyeah well incremental improvement and all :)23:19
gsilvaptDamn. I was busting my head very hard this afternoon. Apparently, if you have 2-step auth AND use the browser only, you'll screwed. rafael uses external mail clients and he is able to send emails from @ubuntu.com23:19
wxlgsilvapt: so you use browser only?23:20
gsilvaptAnd yea, Google suggests you creating an app password in those cases, but well... It's a bloody browser. I've emailed rt@ubuntu.com to let them know about it, even though I doubt they'll do something about23:20
gsilvaptYes, wxl23:20
wxli often do, too23:20
wxlwhat's the problem with the app password?23:20
gsilvaptI only have this email account. I have one for college, but I don't use it. besides, all mail clients are bad and worthless - no offense23:21
KamilionI also use 2factor and don't use a native client.23:21
gsilvaptWell, I can't send emails, although I can receive them. When the mail delivery system replies back, it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11102860/23:21
KamilionI try to keep as little as possible in local state23:21
gsilvaptIf I open the support link they provide, it will get me to the page where it suggests to create an app password for the client I'm using - But I am using the browser23:21
wxlactually that looks like the usual thing i get23:22
Kamilionthen create an app password and use that for the browser.23:22
Kamilionthe app password simply bypasses the 2-step process.23:22
Kamilionit's like 'mark this computer as trusted for 30 days' but doesn't expire.23:22
gsilvaptKamilion, I tried that. Following Google's suggestions made me change my google acc's password and all my devices were completely crazy23:23
gsilvaptNo way I'm doing that crazy mistake23:23
KamilionI also had to create an app password for my android phone to sync with google.23:23
gsilvaptOh, and the email didn't work anyway :D23:23
Kamilionsounds like you may have misunderstood something23:23
gsilvaptI then went mad and turned off 2-step security. The email immediately worked23:23
Kamilionand/or google changed things on you23:23
wxlgsilvapt: you followed these instructions? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail#Sending_email_from_GMail_with_your_Ubuntu_address23:23
Kamilionwhich HAS happened23:23
gsilvaptMaybe, indeed Kamilion . They suggested creating an app password for my client, so I search for and there is nothing for browsers23:24
Kamilionah yes, that workaround.23:24
wxlcuz the error is not the same but it links to the same URL23:24
Kamilionwhen i use that workaround, wxl, it stamps my messages differently23:24
gsilvaptPicked one for non-specific purposes and they said to change the password for that one they gave me23:24
gsilvaptwhich... well, made me suffer for 1 hour and such23:24
Kamilion"from gmail on behalf of <real.address@domain.tld>23:24
gsilvaptwxl, yes, I followed those steps23:25
wxlKamilion: that's the only way to do it!23:25
wxli mean there's no ubuntu.com smtp, so you are necessarily are going to be "on behalf"23:25
Kamilionand ubuntu.com has some kind of a TXT record allowing google's MX as an allowable one?23:25
* wxl shrugs23:26
wxlnot sure how exactly it works, i just know it does23:26
Kamilionex: sllabs.com.             300     IN      TXT     "v=spf1 a mx a:sllabs.com a:goldmine.sllabs.com a:hub.sllabs.com include:_spf.google.com ~all"23:26
wxland i know there's no other way, except potentially using some other smtp23:26
gsilvaptgreat, a new language :D23:26
wxlthe bottom line is there is NO ubuntu smtp23:26
Kamilionhm, and it won't AXFR to me so i can read the entire zone.23:28
gsilvaptwxl, I put everything properly in the settings23:28
gsilvaptI don't know how the smtp thing works, but it seems that Gmail is assuming I'm trying to send from an external email client23:29
Kamilionyes, you're trying to use gmail's SMTP server from gmail.23:29
gsilvapton the browser23:30
wxlit's unclear how to generate an app password23:30
Kamilioni can help you with that.23:30
gsilvaptOkay, how do I generate an app password for a browser?23:30
wxlthe browser doesn't come up automagically23:31
Kamilionyou'll see something like that23:31
Kamilionscroll down to the bottom23:32
Kamilionfrom "Select app" or "Select device", choose "Other (Custom name)" and type in an identifier for the password.23:32
wxlit can be anything?23:33
wxllike "Dumb Browser"23:33
wxlahhh there you go gsilvapt23:33
wxlthat's the key :)23:33
Kamilionand then it will give you the app-specific password23:33
Kamilionso if you wish to reuse it (for example, for all your chrome browsers), you can23:33
Kamilionbut I wouldn't recommend it23:34
Nairwolfaaah, Google.....23:34
KamilionYou may revoke an app-specific password at any time.23:34
NairwolfIt's like he doesn't want that you use an other email ^^23:34
wxlif that works, gsilvapt edit the wiki to add in a 2 step section23:34
gsilvaptGuys, I already tried that23:35
gsilvaptIt doesn't work23:35
Kamilionyou do not need to change your account password23:35
wxlgsilvapt: you added an app password?23:35
gsilvaptit is still there23:35
wxland let me guess: you never get prompted for it23:36
Kamilionand this was the password you entered in the SMTP password box?23:36
Kamilionwith <yourgmailusername@gmail.com> as the username, sans brackets?23:36
gsilvaptlet me give it a try then23:36
gsilvaptwxl, can you confirm if you received my message?23:37
Kamilioncan send a test message to me at kamilion@gmail.com23:38
wxlgsilvapt: confirmed23:38
Kamilionbut sounds like you got it.23:38
Kamilionall in the wrist.23:38
wxlPLEASE add to the wiki!!!23:38
gsilvaptwould any of you mind testing to see if I can receive?23:39
gsilvaptI will, wxl23:39
Kamilionmessage sent23:39
gsilvaptAh, cool23:39
gsilvaptgot both23:40
gsilvaptthanks, Kamilion :)23:40
wxljust wait until i get my yubikey neo23:40
* wxl squees23:40
Kamilionlemme go whack the wiki23:40
gsilvaptI can handle that23:40
wxli'm going to try to get work to pay for it but if not i'm getting one anyways23:40
gsilvaptI understood the process - although the wiki is super slow23:40
Kamilionwxl: which?23:41
KamilionI <3 my yubikey classic.23:41
wxlgsilvapt: now if you ever figure out a really good reliable solution for pgp in gmail, let me know23:41
Kamilionwxl: do you use chrome?23:41
wxlKamilion: the neo. it can act as a smart card, handle openpgp, fido u2f AAAAND works with nfc23:43
wxlKamilion: yeah23:43
wxlexperimental tho :(23:43
wxlmaybe i should just try it23:43
wxli've tried mailvelope but not happy with it23:43
Kamilionthere's also https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mymail-crypt-for-gmail/jcaobjhdnlpmopmjhijplpjhlplfkhba?hl=en-US23:44
gsilvaptcan anyone log in the Wiki? Damn, the thing is slow today23:44
wxllots of bad review on mymail23:44
Kamilionpretty much.23:45
wxlmailvelope works for someone but not for me23:45
wxli think the problem lies somewhere in gmail23:45
wxlsince "plain text" mode wraps at 79 characters23:46
Kamilionto be honest? I still use enigmail in thunderbird.23:46
wxland "rich text" makes for html mail blah23:46
wxlyeah enigmail works23:46
wxli just don't want another thing23:46
Kamilionme either23:46
Kamilionbut tbird was my old mail client before I switched to gmail23:46
Kamilionand for the few times where I need to use my keybase.io identity to cryptomail someone, it works23:46
Kamilionand thunderbird portable is a big help23:47
wxlwould be nice to automagically sign everything23:47
Kamiliononce End-to-End hits, that'll be an easier target23:47
wxlyeah i know23:48
Kamilionthough with Inbox looming23:48
wxlinbox looming?23:48
KamilionI'm not enthused23:48
wxllooming like it's going to take over?23:48
wxlcuz i didn't like it23:48
Kamilionbasically the android gmail client in-browser23:48
wxloh jesus elliptic curve23:49
wxlno WONDER it's not official23:49
Kamilionkinda like how Opera used to have a built in mail client and IRC client23:49
wxloh noes mojibake!23:49
wxlanywho i've been watching it23:50
KamilionEC? Shoot, what curve are they using? Hopefully not NIST P-224 :/23:50
wxldunno didn't read that far23:50
gsilvaptwxl, have a read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail#Gmail-specific23:51
wxlat least it's not EdDSA :)23:51
wxla few wee grammatical fixes but works gsilvapt :)23:52
KamilionI'll clean up that wording a bit23:52
wxlthere ya go23:52
gsilvaptwxl, I don't know if you saw but I've emailed all lists recently to get their feedback on the Online Conferences thing. How long should I wait to get some replies?23:52
gsilvaptOh, okay.23:52
gsilvaptI'll check the differences after you update it23:52
wxlgsilvapt: lemme look more and i'll let you know. been busy :(23:52
gsilvaptYea, no worries. Just wondering for how long should I wait to get some answers before giving up :D23:53
wxlwell i need to analyze the email and make sure it's clear because i was originally confused by the doc if you remember correctly23:53
gsilvaptyeah, I remember that23:56

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