kb52I am wondering if anyone has done the recent 15.04 Ubuntu Upgrade01:39
ianorlinkb52: I tested it for several months when it was in development01:44
kb52After upgrading to 15.04 ubuntu It seems to have lost the opening plymouth screen. Can anyone suggest how to fix that easily or a GUI utility to change it?02:15
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Garrick1i m looking for a grey icon theme pack for my lubuntu20:04
wxlGarrick1: box look20:07
ianorlincould try apt-cache search icon-theme as well20:08
Garrick1wxl, no. ianorlin, it gives me only default pack items20:09
wxlGarrick1: box look is anything but default.20:09
wxlGarrick1: http://box-look.org/20:10
Garrick1wxl, thanks20:10
Garrick1nothing more ... official ?20:12
wxl;invite rafaellaguna20:12
wxldarn stupid dragon ain't here20:13
wxlGarrick1: rafaellaguna is our head of artwork. ask him :)20:13
rafaellagunao/ Garrick120:14
Garrick1icon packs on demand ? :D20:14
rafaellagunagrey colour?20:15
Garrick1yes sire20:15
rafaellagunano plans for colorizing Box for now, sorry :)20:15
rafaellagunabut I can recommend you a few20:16
rafaellagunadiz: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Tango-OldPlainGray?content=4656420:16
rafaellagunaand this: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Human_grey?content=4374920:16
ianorlinalthough you can use the lxqt menu button with lxde20:16
rafaellagunaand this: http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/05/nouvegnomegray-amazing-gray-light-icons.html20:16
rafaellagunaand Garrick1, if you want total compatibility with latest environmenta, take a look here: http://www.noobslab.com/2013/01/boje-gnomishdark-gnomishgray-wow-2.html20:17
rafaellagunado you have enough for playing a bit? :)20:18
Garrick1when you usin ight click on pcfman, there is an icon theme20:18
Garrick1one more like tihs i m lokking for20:18
rafaellagunathe ones in the menu?20:18
rafaellagunaor the places panel? they're part of Lubuntu Box theme. Box uses outlined icons when they're very small.20:19
Garrick1on lubuntu, or when you want to set up the systeme bar, dat icon theme i m looking for20:19
rafaellagunathat's the Lubuntu theme. the same that has blue folders20:20
Garrick1it use to be on the previous version i bit darker20:20
rafaellagunathose outlined icons are the tiny ones. they're like that for easy watching, as they're 16px20:21
Garrick1high contrast ?20:21
rafaellagunano. I think they didn't change. I do them. I only changed a bit the folders and drives20:21
rafaellagunayou can use the high contrast. it's included in Lubuntu20:21
rafaellagunaand yes, that theme uses similar outlined icons. we all can use it, no need to have visual problems.20:21
Garrick1not the 15.04 :/20:22
rafaellagunathose are glyphs, I made them too. they're used in open file dialogs, music controls, etc. those are toolbar icons20:23
rafaellagunapart of Box too20:23
rafaellagunawe call them "actions"20:23
Garrick1will be great an icon theme pack to stick to this20:23
rafaellagunayeah, but not liked by many20:24
rafaellagunalook, Faenza uses this schema too, outlined glyphs and coloured icons: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/302/d/c/dce0f292dc5fb9bb1eca94554fbfdd9a-d2v6x24.png20:24
Garrick1all my sofware using this icon theme, so ...20:24
Garrick1mmmh, no20:25
rafaellagunausually all apps use the default desktop theme20:25
rafaellagunaexcept Qt ones, maybe20:27
Garrick1and the default icon them pack use to give us the audios album preview. no more on the 15.0420:27
rafaellagunaremember that Lubuntu is a GTK environment, all must look the same20:27
rafaellagunasorry? what's that?20:27
Garrick1when the album jacket replace the default audio icon20:28
rafaellagunain Box theme there's only one icon to represent the CDs, DVDs or any other disc20:30
rafaellagunaand pcmanfm doesn't show the cover instead of it20:31
rafaellagunaunlike iOS20:31
Garrick1it use to. 14.1020:31
rafaellagunasorry Garrick1, I'm using Lubuntu since it wasn't really Lubuntu :D and it has no cover CDs as icons20:35
Garrick1belive me. on 14.10 with lubuntu default icon pack only20:36
rafaellagunaok. then I don't follow you. what do you need exactly in the file manager?20:37
Garrick1im looking for highcontrast  icon theme20:44
rafaellagunathere's one "high contrast" installed. look for it.20:45
Garrick1how to install ? suppose to be automatic 0.o20:50
rafaellagunaautowhat?! :D20:51
rafaellagunano. you must open and drag the icon theme to the .icon folder (may be hidden)20:51
rafaellagunano installer for themes for now.20:52
Garrick1there it is. but no links to download, and can t find him on the internet20:54
rafaellagunano. if you have latest Lubuntu it's included. just use LXAppearance and choose it20:58
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