Kilosmorning africa06:15
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Kiloselacheche  has my email arrived there yet?10:25
Kilosit went to the moderator because i forgot the alias thing10:26
Kiloseish i dont understand some people elacheche10:47
* elacheche is back11:09
elachecheKilos, what email?11:09
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elachecheGuest73908, test back15:03
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elachecheGuest89225, you need help? or help needs you? :D15:06
Kilosbenno was here the other day already15:06
Kilosthe state of the internet worldwide is kind of bad hey elacheche  ?15:07
elachecheNo idea :D Here ADSL is bad, 3G maybe too.. Optical fiber don't think so15:11
Guest89225"NickServ: (notice) You are already logged in as Benno-007." - hmm, strange. :D15:12
elachechego and chat with him :D15:13
elacheche:D :p15:13
Guest89225./nick Benno-007 -> "...name...not available"15:13
Guest89225but I am here and available :D15:14
Kilosnick needs to timeout or something15:15
KilosGuest89225  did you register the nick with freenode?15:15
Guest89225I think, too. Last irc time was over 10 years ago. :D Yes.15:15
Kilosoh my was i you that had to hunt for the password?15:16
Kiloswas it you?15:16
Guest89225no, I have it :)15:17
Kilosthen try /nickserv identify password15:17
Guest89225Yes, there I get: "NickServ: (notice) You are already logged in as Benno-007."15:17
Guest89225I could reconnect - but that's to simple. There must be a harder solution. :D15:17
Kilosthere is a ghost command but i forget it15:18
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Benno-007./msg nickserv ghost15:34
Benno-007-> (notice) Benno-007 is not online.15:34
Benno-007and later15:34
Benno-007-> NickServ: (notice) You may not ghost yourself.15:34
Benno-007:D I have not to drive away any ghosts anymore but there is a recover and release command, too.15:34
Benno-007(ghost nickname)15:35
Kilosdid you see my mail elacheche_anis20:23
elacheche_anisYep.. Didn't read it.. I have a headache.. x(20:24
Kiloseish get well soon man20:24
elacheche_anisx) That's usual thing those days.. Every night I have a headache.. I need to have more sleep + get earlier + change my coffee routine x)20:26
Kilosi drink little coffe because of headaches, but i have 24/7 headache from the injury, you get used to it after about ten years20:27
Kilosgo sleep the headache off man otherwise tomorrow you gonna battle20:30
elacheche_anisthere is a replay20:32
Kilosay some support at last20:34
elacheche_anisyep :) :D20:35
Kilosnow if you and belkinsa join in he must withdraw his comments20:36
elacheche_anisjoin in? I already announced my support :) in 55% of cases I don't have a problem to add and atteind that slot20:37
Kilosactually the others have also agreed to attend the new slot20:38
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Benno-007@ Kilos: I had to identify, then /msg nickserv release Benno-007 and then /nick Benno-007. ;) ghost was without benefit and revover is unknown here. Much work. :D20:58
Kiloswell you said you didnt want it easy21:00
Kilosi wonder what caused i21:00
elacheche_anisAre you using Pidgin Benno-007 !21:01
Kilosi didnt enjoy irc on pidgin, much easier using a proper irc client21:05
elacheche_anisxchat, weechat, irssi are better21:05
Kiloshexchat too on unity21:05
Kilosbut i use konversation21:06
elacheche_anisyou use KDE Kilos ?21:06
Kilosand unity on old pc21:06
Kilosi need to see the OS in action to be able to help new peeps21:07
elacheche_anisyou should try LXDE or XFCE on that OLD PC.. Unity is for new hardware21:07
elacheche_anisI understand :)21:07
Kilosi dont like them21:07
elacheche_anisI love them :D21:08
elacheche_anisI love mate too.. And Awesome WM too :D21:08
Kiloselementaryos is nice and bento is better21:08
elacheche_anisI hate unity :D21:08
Kilosi need unity so i can help guys on it, i cant picture what they are seeing unless i see it too21:08
Kilosive been on kde for a year now and im totally hooked on i21:09
Benno-007I test pidgin with 2 irc plugins. I can save passwords there and will test it. But this is stuff up from the basics here. ;)21:16
Benno-007I have to use unity. Because of my ubuntu phone. :D21:17
KilosBenno-007  have you tried xchat or hexchat?21:17
elacheche_anis#swag x)21:17
* Kilos jealous21:17
elacheche_anisI'll try to get a Firefox OS phone this month :p21:18
Benno-007Kilos: at earlier times. but pidgin does it's job well until now so I like all things in one program. That's fine. :)21:18
Benno-007some of irc clients21:18
Kilosim sure i have asked before and forgotten. where are you again?21:19
Benno-007me or ela? Germany21:19
Kilosah germany21:20
elacheche_anisYou're lucky Benno-007 x) I can't get anything cool here x)21:20
Benno-007ela: Africa? Where there?21:22
elacheche_anisTunisia x)21:23
elacheche_anisBTW! This weekend we'll be able (finally) to get an International Credit Card for Technology Use..21:24
Benno-007I was there before many years for some hours out of a ship travel.21:24
Benno-007Ubuntu Phone costs 170 EUR in europe. Firefox OS and there is much cheaper for you I think.21:24
elacheche_anisI hope that with that CC will be able to get some cool stuff.. We still have problem with the customs.. So I'll not order an Ubuntu Phone or something else.. The Firefox OS phone is created for AFRICA by Mozilla & Orange.. It will be cheap21:26
Kilosnight guys i need to sleep21:27
elacheche_anisMy Galaxy S3 have some hardware problems so I think that it's time to try something new21:27
elacheche_anisnight Kilos21:27
elacheche_anisBonsoir melodie :)21:31
Benno-007Which problems with customs do you mean?21:31
elacheche_anisBorder customs21:32
elacheche_anisIn german that maybe called "Zoll"21:33
Benno-007ah ok21:35
melodiebonsoir elacheche21:38
melodiehi Benno-00721:38

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