getuphello, when a bug has been marked as verification-done, how long does it generally take to become available in the stable repo's?10:21
rbasakgetup: normally there's a minimum ageing period of 7 days. After that it goes into the updates pocket as soon as an SRU team member gets round to reviewing it. Normally within a (further) week.10:34
rbasakgetup: ageing starts as soon as the package is accepted into the proposed pocket.10:34
getuprbasak: that's fast, thanks for your answer10:35
tewardrbasak: i've seen it expedited from -proposed -> -updates, is that only done in cases of, say, crit level bugs?14:19
rbasakteward: or where it doesn't make sense.14:19
rbasak(to wait)14:19
rbasaktzdata for example14:19
tewardrbasak: stupid question unrelated: if bcmwl has a crit level bug, what's triage steps for it?  (wrt yesterday's email from Alberto on the bugcontrol list)14:20
tewardother than marking it triaged and setting the importance?14:20
tewardlast i've seen we as nonprivileged (that is to say, non-Canonical, non-Restricted-Access people) can't actually upstream it anywhere14:21
tewardbdmurray: ^ in case you want the final overall rule on that.14:21
teward(did I mention that i avoid driver bugs like the plague though... :/)14:24
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rbasakteward: AIUI, it's fine for a bug to be triaged and then just sit there. Trying to progress it is separate to the bug status.14:28
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