kenvandinefginther, nope... i think it's dead01:12
imgbot=== IMAGE 196 building (started: 20150513-02:10) ===02:10
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Mirvrenatu: charles: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-1347836/+merge/255726 still lacks top-approval so it hasn't been published06:17
Mirvogra_: would http://paste.ubuntu.com/11109317/ be ok for stable overlay? <- bzoltan07:33
Mirvit's a QML module from upstream qtdeclarative that we've not included so far but a developer asked for it07:34
bzoltanMirv: ogra_: here is the list of qml modules available from the archive but not present on the image -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11109352/07:37
Mirvbzoltan: qtenginio = Qt cloud services, probably not? qt3d = not before Qt3D 2.0, qtbluetooth/qtnfc = probably not for our apps, system handles BT/NFC, publishsubscribe = no, git snapshot, statemachine = this could be, need opinions, quickcontrols = needs proper UITK integration/support first, right?, serviceframework = no, git snapshot07:54
jibeloSoMoN, I was reviewing the MP attached to silo 14 and all the automated tests (generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako) fail on a timeout. Do you know why?07:58
jibeloSoMoN, there are 5 MP and they fail on a different test each time.07:59
oSoMoNjibel, they fail because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/1449660, which is being fixed in oxide08:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1449660 in webbrowser-app "AP tests for the container stall/freeze" [Critical,In progress]08:00
oSoMoNjibel, what happens is that the webapp_container tests hang after running the first test08:00
oSoMoNjibel, and because the webapp_container suite is run before the webbrowser_app one, all tests timeout08:00
oSoMoNjibel, but I verified that the autopilot tests for webbrowser_app all pass on device08:01
jibeloSoMoN, Okay, understood. I'm adding this information to the card.08:01
oSoMoNas for webapp_container, those MRs don’t affect it08:01
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bzoltanMirv: I agree... I just made a double dpkg with diff :)08:19
Mirvogra_: so now we're thinking http://paste.ubuntu.com/11109885/ instead. they use 300kB of space together.08:23
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ogra_Mirv, bzoltan, looks fine to me08:48
Mirvogra_: we've no branch for the vivid-overlay touch-meta (or seed) I guess?08:57
ogra_Mirv, no, you need to make the changes in the package08:58
pstolowskitrainguards hey, can somebody take a look at my comment in line #51? why is that?09:09
Mirvpstolowski: you need wily version of phablet-tools which has a fix for that09:10
Mirvpstolowski: if you don't want to upgrade to wily, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/phablet-tools-citrain_1.1%2B15.10.20150507-0ubuntu1_all.deb works on vivid too09:11
Mirvpstolowski: bug #1452190 is in question09:11
ubot5bug 1452190 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "citrain tool needs to pin the silo with higher score than overlay PPA" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145219009:11
pstolowskitrainguards hey, can somebody take a look at my comment in line #51? why is that?09:15
Mirvpstolowski: how many times you want it answered, or did you drop from IRC? :D09:16
Mirvpstolowski: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11110592/09:17
pstolowskiMirv, I dropped, sorry, so re-pasted in case it didn;t make it through09:18
pstolowskiMirv, ok, thanks09:19
pstolowskimzanetti, ^09:20
Mirvpstolowski: ok, no problem. I've all joins, quits etc hidden so I don't know when someone drops09:20
mzanettiMirv, ermm... but I did a manual apt-get dist-upgrade... shouldn't that pull in the correct version?09:21
mzanettifor some reason that still pulled the overlay-ppa version for me09:22
pstolowskimzanetti, no, you need apt-get install unity8=<version> unity8-private=<version>....09:22
Mirvmzanetti: no, it doesn't, if the stable overlay PPA is pinned higher than a silo09:22
Mirvwhich is it by default unfortunately09:22
mzanettiah... pinning09:22
mzanettithat's odd. why?09:22
mzanettiMirv, can we release the fixed version of the citrain tool to the overlay ppa?09:23
mzanettiotherwise I can see lots of wrong test results coming up09:23
sil2100I think we should just release the fixed citrain tool to vivid and others09:24
Mirvmzanetti: QA knows what to do, but I can see upstreams having troubles with it09:24
mzanettiMirv, yeah, I mostly meant my test results :D09:27
jibelsil2100, can you add request ids to the tarballs john-mcaleely submitted yesterday? otherwise cards won't be created10:42
sil2100jibel: ah, yes, let me do that - I think I missed that due to meetings10:42
sil2100Sorry about that10:42
jibelsil2100, if you tell me how you generate it I'll do it next time.10:43
sil2100popey: hey! Just to double-confirm - did you publish the new music-app and reminders to the store?10:56
popeysil2100: hello!10:56
popeysil2100: I literally _just_ did it10:56
popey(was off sick yesterday)10:56
popeysil2100: does the 3.5 OTA apply to nexus 4 owners too? Do they get the same love?11:04
sil2100popey: it's released for mako as well, yes, although it doesn't get as much testing as krillin11:05
sil2100As only sanity tests are being run for those11:05
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john-mcaleelyjibel, what's a request ID?11:33
john-mcaleelysil2100, is that something I should do in future?11:33
sil2100john-mcaleely: no worries, it's something the LT needs to assign11:36
sil2100john-mcaleely: you did everything awesomely ;)11:36
john-mcaleelyaha, awesome sil210011:36
Mirvrvr: I agree landing-020 not necessarily needs testing, I just thought not to go past you anyhow11:44
Mirvrvr: when you upgrade to the package, you get two additional packages installed on rootfs and nothing else happens. nothing obviously uses those modules yet.11:44
rvrMirv: Ack11:45
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* sil2100 off to prepare lunch12:23
jibelrvr, for silo 20 there is not much we can do other than verifying that the 2 packages are installable. The verification must be done anyway because the overlay ppa bypasses proposed-migration.12:29
imgbot=== IMAGE 196 DONE (finished: 20150513-12:30) ===12:30
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/196.changes ===12:30
rvrjibel: Ack12:45
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jgdxtrainguards, tried changing the MP in row 25 and I can't reconfigure/build. Can you help?13:08
sil2100jgdx: hey!13:09
sil2100jgdx: what's happening?13:09
jgdxsil2100, I need to reconfigure, right?13:09
jgdxdoing that gives me a big blue link that 404s13:09
sil2100Ok, let me take a look13:10
jgdxsil2100, thanks13:10
sil2100Did it have a silo assigned before?13:10
jgdxsil2100, yes13:10
sil2100Since the spreadsheet says it has no silo13:10
sil2100Let me try tracing that13:10
sil2100jgdx: do you remember the silo number?13:11
sil2100Since I think the silo has been freed and unassigned13:11
sil2100We'll have to reassign it13:11
renatuMirv, the mr is ready to land now13:12
jgdxsil2100, I don't.. kenvandine^?13:12
kenvandineoh, we freed that when we were out of silos13:13
kenvandinesil2100, can i just assign a silo for that?  or will it be confused because it already has an id?13:14
renatuhey guys the MR: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-1347836/+merge/255726 was top approved13:14
renatucan we land silo 8 now?13:14
sil2100kenvandine: just remove the UID and then re-assign :)13:15
kenvandinewill do!13:15
sil2100Thanks :)13:15
sil2100renatu: ok o/13:16
renatusil2100, thanks13:16
kenvandinejgdx, silo 36 building13:17
jgdxkenvandine, sil2100 thanks13:19
Mirvrenatu: thanks13:20
renatuUrsinha, I am getting problems with jenkins again: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-app/split-app/+merge/25893713:22
Ursinharenatu: let me see13:23
Ursinhauh, otto13:23
rvrdbarth_: Is this up-to-date? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlans/HTML513:23
Ursinharenatu: if otto is the problem (and it seems to be), see topic13:23
renatuUrsinha, ok thanks ;)13:24
Ursinharenatu: I'll ask cihelp to have a look, but I believe that is because otto is broken13:24
rvrdbarth_: Debugging doesn't work and "Make sure that Ubuntu APIs are available to an application" app does nothing for me.13:24
rvrkenvandine: I was asking if you added automated tests for the new feature.13:29
rvrkenvandine: I see some test changes, but not sure13:29
kenvandineoh, check with alex-abreu13:29
kenvandineit's his branch13:29
rvralex-abreu: ^13:30
kenvandinei'm just watching it to make sure it lands, because currently the webapps bindings for content-hub our out of date13:30
kenvandineand i really want to see twitter and facebook as text sharing targets :)13:30
rvrkenvandine: Yeah, I share a lot of content to Twitter and Facebook, so looking forward this improvements13:31
dbarth_rvr: hmm no, this is outdated; the cordova integration evolved since then; the debug issue feels like a regression; can you check with alexabreu?13:33
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rvralex-abreu: Hey13:33
alex-abreurvr, hey13:33
rvralex-abreu: I'm trying to test silo 3113:34
alex-abreurvr, for the content hub branch?13:34
rvralex-abreu: Yes13:34
alex-abreurvr, yes there are tests13:34
rvralex-abreu: Nice13:34
rvralex-abreu: So, I'm also running the test plan, and it fails13:34
alex-abreurvr, in which part?13:34
rvralex-abreu: --inspector is not working for me13:34
alex-abreurvr, seems like a separate issue but let me check13:34
rvralex-abreu: And "Make sure that Ubuntu APIs are available to an application" app does nothing for me13:35
rvralex-abreu: http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/ubuntu-html5-apis.png13:36
alex-abreurvr, ok checking13:36
psivaaUrsinha: renatu: taking a look at the otto failures on those MP's13:41
fgintherpsivaa, otto is known to be broken right now13:42
psivaafginther: right, looking at a way to exclude this job from generic-mediumtests-otto: autopilot-testrunner-otto-vivid13:43
fgintherpsivaa, we can remove generic-mediumtests-otto from the list of apps, I can send that to you13:44
alex-abreurvr, --inspector does work for me, you have to access it w/ <ip>:922113:44
rvralex-abreu: Checking13:45
Mirvsil2100: FYI I'm not sure about which countries but we're having public holiday tomorrow13:45
Mirvsil2100: de, fr are out too at least13:46
rvralex-abreu: Yes, it works, that was my mistake, wrong IP13:46
alex-abreurvr, np13:46
alex-abreurvr, checking the api bits13:46
sil2100Mirv: ACK :)13:47
sil2100Mirv: thanks for the heads up!13:47
popeysil2100: https://askubuntu.com/questions/298728/where-can-i-find-the-changelog-for-ubuntu-touch :)13:48
sil2100popey: answering :)13:53
popeythanks sil210013:55
sil2100popey: ...and askubuntu.com seems to not like me14:06
sil2100I can't reply with more than 2 links14:06
sil2100popey: do you have any power over askubuntu?14:06
sil2100I can cut up my response otherwise14:07
popeyhang on14:07
popeylets get the expert in here14:07
popeyno, i said expert14:07
popey15:06 < sil2100> I can't reply with more than 2 links14:07
jcastroCan you submit an edit?14:07
sil2100Yeah, since I don't have enough reputation14:07
sil2100Can I work-around it by cheating somehow?14:08
sil2100e.g. bribe someone to get that limit taken off14:08
jcastrojust submit the one link14:09
jcastrowhen I approve it you'll get some rep14:09
jcastrothen submit the second one14:09
jgdxawe, abeato, there's a silo for the apn stuff btw. 3614:14
abeatojgdx, cool, I'll give it a try14:14
abeatojgdx, btw, there were some comments from a community guy about usability of the forms in the APN editor in bug #1434984 , if you want to give some opinion there14:16
ubot5bug 1434984 in ofono (Ubuntu) "Can't setup a customized APN for MMS with carrier Free (France)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143498414:16
jgdxabeato, we don't have fields for mcc and mnc though. Should we?14:18
abeatojgdx, indeed not, it was just that he was confused because those fields appear in android14:19
jgdxabeato, right, I see the issue. If you look at what's in the silo, we use placeholder text in the forms. Maybe we should use that to minimize confusion? I.e. some light hand holding14:25
abeatojgdx, I think I've installed what was previously in the silo, using citrain14:27
abeatoI'll try again...14:27
awejgdx, thanks14:27
jgdxabeato, it's brand spankin new, though14:27
jgdxfrom today14:27
abeatojgdx, I had to manually download14:33
abeatolooks nice :)14:33
jgdxabeato, sweet. Do you mean downgrade btw?14:33
jgdxis the silo borken?14:33
abeatojgdx, no, dpkg did not complain about the version14:34
abeatojgdx, what failed was "citrain device-upgrade 36 <passwd> ubuntu"14:34
abeatodon't know why14:35
abeatojgdx, I see the grey areas you mention, yep, that is an additional tip, pretty sure it will help users :)14:36
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brendand_ogra_, sil2100 - any new devel-proposed image soon?14:44
ogra_brendand_, there was one 2h ago14:45
sil2100brendand_: there was one recently14:45
brendand_ogra_, started or completed?14:45
ogra_see the backlog :P14:45
sil2100Imported by the importer14:45
brendand_sil2100, ok14:45
ogra_(completed :) )14:45
brendand_sil2100, 196?14:46
sil2100Yeah, it's the daily image from today14:46
ogra_no changelogs yet, sorry ... still working on the bot ...14:46
brendand_sil2100, is that the same as 210 for krillin?14:46
ogra_imgbot, map 196 vivid14:47
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 196 maps to krillin version: 210"14:47
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 196 maps to generic_x86 version: 198"14:47
brendand_ogra_, neato :)14:47
sil2100imgbot, stunt!14:47
ogra_(no exclamation mark )14:47
sil2100imgbot, stunt14:47
* imgbot rolls on its back and purrs14:47
brendand_imgbot - clean my kitchen14:48
* ogra_ pets imgbot 14:48
sil2100uh oh14:48
ogra_brendand_, it is running in my home ... now it will clean *my* kitchen !14:48
davmor2brendand_: Is not a member of sudoer group14:48
alex-abreurvr, the download manager html5 js example worked for me, ... have you tried pressing the buttons?14:49
rvralex-abreu: Yes14:49
rvralex-abreu: :-/14:50
alex-abreurvr, the example work for me on the device & desktop15:00
alex-abreurvr, mmh do you have an application.js & ui.js when you create the html5 template?15:01
rvralex-abreu: I just see index.html and app.js15:02
alex-abreurvr, ok and you replaced them by the inde.htmnl & app.js ?15:02
rvralex-abreu: Right15:02
rvralex-abreu: Which channel did you use to test, vivid-proposed?16:00
alex-abreurvr, did you make it work on desktop?16:04
alex-abreurvr, any error msg16:04
sil2100ogra_: btw. are you done with rtm silo 000 ?16:04
ogra_sil2100, yeah, throw it away16:05
ogra_the initrd package can not build in PPAs16:05
ogra_i had forgotten about that16:05
ogra_so john-mcaleely took the vivid initrd in the end ... which works fine too16:05
ogra_sil2100, hmm, that might actually become a prob for the future since all building happens in a PPA now16:09
rvralex-abreu: I'm re-creating a project with the HTML5 template16:09
rvralex-abreu: The app runs fine in the desktop, but crashes on the device16:17
alex-abreurvr, which framework are you using?16:17
rvralex-abreu: 15.04-html16:18
alex-abreurvr, can you use 14.1016:18
rvralex-abreu: But we are testing vivid16:18
alex-abreurvr, it does no matter here16:18
rvralex-abreu: 14.10 works16:18
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: otto is broken for a while now and in process of being removed;
alex-abreurvr, the app does not crash, click doesn't start it or something16:19
rvrWell, for some reason 15.04-html is not working16:20
alex-abreurvr, you tried 15.04 ?16:20
rvralex-abreu: Yes, same result16:21
alex-abreurvr, yup16:21
alex-abreurvr, you used qtc to launch the app?16:21
rvralex-abreu: I tried both manually, the Dash and qtc16:25
rvralex-abreu: Changing the framework to 14.10-html does the trick. Modified app works, it downloads the images.16:26
rvrOn the device16:26
alex-abreurvr, I'll investigate on the 15.04 bit16:29
alex-abreurvr, I'll file a bug16:29
rvralex-abreu: Great16:29
rvrOnline Accounts test app also work with silo 31 and framework 14.1016:32
rvralex-abreu: "Make sure that Ubuntu Content Hub APIs are working properly"... the content hub dialog appears, but there is not any app to select. Is that right?16:39
alex-abreurvr, yes, you test the UI being launched here16:41
rvralex-abreu: Great16:42
alex-abreurvr, I will update the wiki w/ more precise instructions & context16:42
rvralex-abreu: So, then, silo seems good16:42
* rvr is exhausted16:42
rvrApproving it16:42
rvrThanks zbenjamin helped a lot16:43
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oSoMoNubuntu-qa: any chance silo 14 will be tested today?17:10
om26eroSoMoN, sure17:10
oSoMoNom26er, thanks!17:11
cyphermoxsil2100: around?17:15
sil2100cyphermox: hey!17:15
sil2100Yeah, still doing stuff (tm)17:15
sil2100What's up?17:16
cyphermoxsil2100: the network-manager version for wily that was in landing-003 hasn't made it to the archive yet, anything you can check?17:16
cyphermoxI mean, it's not even in proposed or in the queue17:16
sil2100cyphermox: let me check the rsync file17:16
sil2100cyphermox: ok, the rsync file seems correct, it must have been rejected somehow17:17
cyphermoxwho receives these messages?17:17
sil2100slangasek: hey! Could you check if there were any recent rejected uploads of network-manager in wily-proposed? Who could we poke?17:17
sil2100Normally I poked cjwatson but not sure if he's still the POC here ;)17:17
robrucyphermox: sil2100: it appears the version of nm in wily is different than the version in the packagelist, which would result in the package being silently ignored by the snakefruit script.17:19
robrucyphermox: sil2100: this would be caused by the version of nm in wily changing after the publish button was clicked17:19
cyphermoxwell, it changed before17:20
cyphermoxbetween build and publish, but I had alreday taken the changes into account17:20
boikojibel: hey, just FYI silo 24 is good to go again, now that the CI job was fixed17:20
sil2100robru: hm, well, we force-published it17:20
robrucyphermox: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/205028429/network-manager_0.9.10.0-4ubuntu15_0.9.10.0-4ubuntu15.1.diff.gz this upload specifically interfered with the train's machinations17:20
cyphermoxI know17:20
sil2100robru: since my understanding was that it would just override that version17:20
cyphermoxrobru: sil2100: I'll manually upload.17:20
robrusil2100: I don't care how loudly you shouted at it, the snakefruit script won't copy if the packagelist version doesn't match the distro version ;-)17:20
robrucyphermox: probably easiest17:21
robrusil2100: you can override the jenkins check but not the snakefruit check17:21
sil2100I think that's a bug then ;) Since I think we want to be able to force publishing a package if the version numbers in the archive changed17:21
sil2100robru: doesn't snakefruit use a script from lp:cu2d for that?17:21
robrusil2100: could be a bug then. file it and assign to me and I can make the publish job put an acceptable packagelist then.17:22
robrusil2100: yes.17:22
sil2100robru: will do then ;)17:22
robrusil2100: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro/trunk/view/head:/copy2distro17:22
cyphermoxsil2100: robru: feel free to free ubuntu silo 3.17:22
robrucyphermox: thanks17:23
cyphermoxonce that's built and magic happens, I'll poke that other silo with the SRU to vivid too.17:25
cjwatsonsil2100: you can look yourself, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+queue and select the rejected status17:32
cjwatsonsil2100: but you probably mean rejected copies, which is different17:32
sil2100cjwatson: right :)17:32
cjwatsonsil2100: and no, none17:33
cjwatsonsil2100: seems you folks figured out an alternate cause, anyway17:33
slangaseksil2100: um; rejected uploads go somewhere I have access but can't readily remember the layout of.  Maybe cjwatson can help?17:39
sil2100slangasek: thanks, we sorted this out more or less - the train script on snakefruit rejected the upload17:40
om26eroSoMoN, Hi!17:47
om26eroSoMoN, re: bug 144106417:47
ubot5bug 1441064 in webbrowser-app "Closing the tabs view doesn’t reveal the chrome" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144106417:47
om26eroSoMoN, if chrome is hidden while swiping from bottom; when a tab is selected chrome re-appears17:48
slangaseksil2100: ok17:48
oSoMoNom26er, that’s intended17:50
om26eroSoMoN, I would expect it to remember the last known state17:50
om26erthat makes it predictable17:50
oSoMoNom26er, the rationale is that when closing the tabs view, the user might want to navigate somewhere else, so show the chrome just in case17:50
om26eroSoMoN, hmm, so its already thought through ? fair enough.17:51
oSoMoNom26er, whether this is the most intuitive behaviour is debatable, but in any case it’s intended as is, so not a bug :)17:52
rvrMirv: Silo 20 approved17:53
om26eroSoMoN, bug 1453908 is desktop-specific, I reckon ?17:53
ubot5bug 1453908 in webbrowser-app "WebView.locationBarController.offset unexpectedly changes when loading a new URL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145390817:53
oSoMoNom26er, actually, no, it can also be observed on devices (but its effect is worse on desktop, where no amount of scrolling will reveal the chrome again)17:54
om26eroSoMoN, btw jenkins is not happy with the webbrowser18:02
oSoMoN_om26er, known issue, it’s documented in the trello card18:06
=== oSoMoN_ is now known as oSoMoN
om26eroSoMoN, uh, just saw :)18:07
renatupsivaa, the tests are failing now due a missing dep: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/2396/testReport/junit/address_book_app.tests.test_add_contact/TestAddContact/test_go_to_add_contact/18:12
renatupsivaa, should I add it manually ?18:12
alesagehey trainguards , trying to get to the bottom of a Jenkins failure with jhodapp , he's believing that the needed libmedia-hub-dev has been published, can you advise?  https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/qtubuntu-media-vivid-amd64-ci/34/console18:24
sil2100alesage: hey! This looks more like a cihelp thing ;)18:25
alesagesil2100, well carry on then ;P18:25
sil2100Trainguards only deal with the CI Train and actually we have no one from the CI team in the trainguard list ;p18:25
psivaarenatu: i thought it was due to a network issue, i re-kicked the jobs a little while ago, let's see how they go18:27
renatupsivaa, during the morning the error was different18:29
psivaarenatu: yes, we excluded those jobs from the list due to broken otto,18:30
renatupsivaa, and the target "generic-deb-autopilot-vivid-touch" was passing. but now is failing due the missing dep18:32
psivaarenatu: the missing dep is due to a network issue,18:32
psivaaErr http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid/universe python3-evdev armhf 0.4.1-0ubuntu318:32
psivaa  Temporary failure resolving 'ports.ubuntu.com'18:32
psivaarenatu: https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-app/fix-test_import_from_sim/+merge/258938 is now approved by jenkins19:01
renatupsivaa, yeah \o/ thanks19:01
oSoMoNtrainguards: can silo 14 land?19:11
oSoMoNtrainguards: also, I’m unsure about how to get that one synced to wily? The silo already existed when the announcement was made, can that be done automatically, or would I need to request a new landing?19:13
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oSoMoNtrainguards: ping re-silo 1419:40
kenvandinecan someone remind me the syntax for requesting a sync silo from wily to vivid?20:16
kenvandinesync: wily ubuntu-system-settings ?20:16
kenvandinesync:wily ubuntu-system-settings ?20:16
kenvandineoh i bet i can look at the archived worksheet for hints :)20:17
robrukenvandine: "sync:ubuntu,wily ubuntu-system-settings"20:44
renatupsivaa, Ursinha , jenkins got unstable again :(. https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/dialer-app-vivid-i386-ci/78/console21:38
Ursinhacihelp, ^21:42
Ursinharenatu: I'm not sure if the vanguard is around at this time, but I'll make a note to look at it21:42

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