josemhall119: guess what, they're opening taco bell in Peru!05:19
mhall119jose: isn't that blasphemy or something?05:36
joseI'm gonna eat my burritos05:36
mhall119also, why are you awake at this hour?05:36
jose1h less than you, and group university assignment05:37
mhall119ah, I thought you were same time as me05:38
mhall119ok, I'm giving up on writing this article tonight, talk to you tomorrow (or, really, later today) jose05:41
josehave a good night!05:41
davidcalleMorning all o/06:45
MooDoohowdy all06:59
silverlionMooDoo: why should I punch myself? (you need 2 know that howdy in bavarian accent means "punch yourself" ;) )07:05
silverlionbut good morning anyways07:06
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MooDoosilverlion: well now i know :D thank you07:09
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachgood morning07:16
silverlionmoin moin dholbach07:20
dholbachhey silverlion07:20
dholbachhey popey10:06
dholbachpopey, are you feeling better today?10:06
popeyyeah, much better. thanks.10:06
* dholbach hugs popey10:06
czajkowskipopey: cpome over now !!!10:07
popeyI literally just woke up.10:08
czajkowskipop over will have lunch on the table later10:09
czajkowskiand join us for the co working :)10:09
czajkowskigo on10:09
czajkowskipopey: chicken pasta dish and garlic bread for lunch :)10:58
popeyI haven't eaten anything for 2.5 days10:58
czajkowskisee you should join us10:58
popeycan't face food10:58
czajkowskinext month we have xamarin folks joining us10:59
czajkowskimay have to do a BBQ10:59
MooDooif i was closer, i'd gladly be popey 's stunt double ;)10:59
jcastropopey, I'm on a nexus4, I take it I don't get the OTA update?11:02
popeyuh. dunno.11:03
jcastroalso ... where's my MX411:03
* popey waves an mx4 at jcastro 11:04
popeymx4 is "soon"11:04
* popey discovered a feature of Spotify client I didn't know existed. You can click a button and make the audio come out of another computer.11:05
popeyjcastro: 12:05 #ubuntu-ci-eng: < sil2100> popey: it's released for mako as well, yes, although it doesn't get as much testing as krillin11:05
jcastromaybe I'm just on the tail end of the rollout11:05
jcastrois krillin the mx4 or the bq?11:06
popeykrillin is bq11:06
popeyarale is mx411:06
czajkowskihmm spotify refuses to launch on 15.04 :(11:07
jcastroyeah works here too11:08
* popey is on wily on my laptop now11:09
MooDooi was having an issue here with spotify ealier, but it seems to have recified itself11:09
popeyblimey, 135 updates to wily in 2 days11:09
jcastroThis makes me think of Aq like ... immediately11:12
popeyGinger master race.11:14
jcastropopey, https://askubuntu.com/questions/298728/where-can-i-find-the-changelog-for-ubuntu-touch13:45
jcastronew bounty13:45
* popey passes on13:48
popeyjcastro: sil2100 is trying to update it but can't post an answer because he doesn't have enough karma14:07
popeyjcastro: can you join #ubuntu-ci-eng ?14:07
jcastropopey, sorted14:14
czajkowskipopey: dholbach Dpm do submit http://topconf.com/tallinn-2015/14:33
popey"Internet Batman"14:34
popey*closes tab*14:34
popeymeeting o'clock15:02
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balloonsmhall119, do you know who maintains unity.ubuntu.com?17:18
balloonsmhall119, is anything under https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-14.10/ still needed? I'm thinking of having IS remove all the python stuff, but I see other things17:21
mhall119nobody atm, i've tried to get admin perms on it, need to follow up on it17:28
mhall119i am an editor in the WP side17:28
balloonsmhall119, can you kill off http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/index.html?17:32
balloonsor should i ask is.. that was the bigger question :-)17:32
balloonsthough the site looks old17:32
dholbachHave a great rest of your day and see you on Friday!17:56
mhall119balloons: those are static files that IS uploaded, you'll have to file an rt to remove it18:25
balloonsmhall119, perfect as I already filed :-p18:27
mhall119popey: I'm back18:28
popeymhall119: yo18:48
popeymhall119: should we have a couple of groups on launchpad to manage the site? one for admins, one for content creators?18:49
popeymhall119: and initiall you and me in both?18:49
mhall119popey: just one will probably suffice for this site19:06
mhall119but there's no harm in having 219:06
popeynaming ideas? ~ubuntuupdate-admin ?19:06
mhall119-admins and -editors seems to be the convention19:07

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