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pittiGood morning04:49
didrocksgood morning05:58
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willcookemorning all07:43
seb128hey willcooke07:49
didrockshey willcooke07:49
seb128hey desktopers ;-)07:57
willcookehappyaron, please take a look at:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/104816108:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1048161 in ibus (Ubuntu) "ibus-daemon crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message()" [High,Confirmed]08:04
willcookehappyaron, it's been hanging around for a long time and is #1 ibus issue08:04
seb128happyaron, willcooke, #1 e.u.c vivid issue, and not only ibus08:05
seb128hey Laney, wie gehts?08:05
larsumorning Laney!08:05
Laneyjust had breakfast outside08:05
Laneyclimbed yesterday08:05
Laneyit is going GREAT08:05
didrocksmorning Laney08:06
Laneyhow about you didrocks et larsu et seb128 et willcooke?08:06
willcookethe sun is shining08:06
seb128doing good, still summer like today08:06
willcookeit feels like summer is coming :)08:06
seb128the classical music yesterday was bit experimental/weird08:06
seb128was fun but a bit long08:06
Laneyoh yeah08:07
Laneythis unknown guy?08:07
czajkowskiwillcooke: time to start working from the garden!08:07
willcookeczajkowski, :D08:07
willcookeI really need a better place to sit outside08:07
willcookewith a bit of shade so I can see the screen08:07
willcookeand a table which isn't half collapsed08:07
czajkowskiwifi access points are being fitted next weekend and outdoor sockets so can easily work then !08:08
czajkowskiwillcooke: shame you dont live closer you could join popey at our co working day once a month08:08
* didrocks has a balcooney for this08:08
czajkowskididrocks: git08:08
seb128Laney, yeah, that was a creation from the university here, demoing a new intrusment they designed as well08:11
seb128it was interesting but a bit long08:11
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Laneydidrocks: hey, do you know about the fsckd autopkgtest failing? (sorry)08:41
LaneyIt can't find /etc/default/grub.d/90-autopkgtest.cfg --- some problem with the host? (it only fails on amd64)08:42
pittiLaney: fixed yesterday in git08:42
Laneywhich git?08:42
pittiamd64 runs on the cloud now, and these images don't use the adt-setup-vm script08:42
pittiLaney: the systemd autopkgtest08:42
Laneyare you going to upload it?08:43
* Laney is trying to smooth glib2.0 in08:43
Laneyqengho: chromium-browser's test is failing too08:44
pittiLaney: ah, I can ignore the systemd failure for now, if that helps08:44
pittiLaney: yes, I can upload it too08:44
LaneyI could do that too, having it really pass seems better08:45
Laneywill wait for Chad to at least eyeball chromium first anyway08:45
Laneyso no big rush08:45
didrocksat least, that forced pitti to use fileinput.input() ;)08:45
pittichromium seems to be an actual regression08:45
pittiin the newer version in -proposed08:45
pittiI suppose it's not glib's fault (but in theory it could be, hence britnye holding it back for human inspection is right IMHO)08:46
pittididrocks: indeed, that's a handy trick!08:46
LaneyI usually try to get things in by making the tests pass even if it isn't that upload's fault08:47
Laneywill skip as a fallback though08:48
pittiLaney: right, me too, I just didn't get to uploading it yet08:52
pittilast/this week is a bit crasy08:52
pitticrazy, too08:52
pittithree security vulns in my stuff in one week, after years of silence :)08:53
Laneyoh, I only saw the dbusmock thing08:54
Laneythere was more?08:54
pittiyeah, still private08:54
pittiI can't talk, or Marc will have to -- argh! argh! *nnng* *dump*08:55
Laneysorry for adding to your stress then :)08:55
pittino worries :)08:55
pittithe switch to nova came as a surprise to me08:55
didrocksseems pitti watched too much house of cards08:55
pittiI've waited for this for a long time, but they didn't wait until we fixed all the known test regressions08:55
pittididrocks: no spoiler for me, unless you already know the 4th season :)08:56
didrockspitti: no, this spoiler part is almost a no one as it's in the first season :p08:56
pittididrocks: well, people die in 2nd too :)08:57
didrocksoh yeah, the one I was thinking about was in the 2nd actually08:57
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Laneylarsu: could you sanity check a reproducer for me please?11:16
LaneyIt's meant to tell you if the bug is reproduced or not, but I never get the callback called after my g_file_trash11:17
Laneyso my reproducer doesn't work ...11:18
Laneyactually it seems like it may have broken with glib 2.4511:21
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larsuLaney: (just back from lunch) sure11:59
larsuLaney: just hangs for me12:02
larsudid I reproduce?12:02
larsushould I try a different glib?12:02
Laneywell, can you see a bug in the code?12:02
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Laneyit should print one or other of the messages instead of hanging12:02
Laneyif you go and trash a file in nautilus it'll notice that btw12:03
larsuit unrefs the file and then uses it again12:03
Laneyjust doesn't see its own one (but this works with 2.44)12:03
larsuoh wait12:03
larsuI can't read12:03
larsuLaney: desrt changed file monitoring right? Maybe it broke the trash:// case?12:06
larsucode looks good to me otherwise12:06
Laneyyeah maybe12:07
Laneyit's just a bug on top of a bug which is annoying12:07
larsuI'm testing it with .4412:09
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LaneyI had to restart my session with the new glib to get it to work propertly (probably gvfs)12:10
larsuLaney: trash:///test-file.6 trashed from /home/lars/src/bugs/laney-trash/test-file - bug not reproduced :D12:13
larsuon 2.4412:13
larsuany other test I could do?12:14
larsu(me is leaving for the afternoon in a bit and will be back tonight)12:14
Laneyno, that's fine, thanks12:14
Laneyguess I get to file two bugs12:14
pittiLaney: uploaded systemd at last, which will hopefully fix the failure on amd6412:16
Laneythanks pitti!12:17
* Laney sends extra sunshine towards Germany12:17
ogra_oh, that is where it comes from ?12:19
* ogra_ hugs Laney 12:19
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pittiLaney: even more? thanks :)12:24
pittiwe've had wonderful spring/summer weather since the weekend12:24
nessitapitti, hey, how are you? I was wondering if you would know if the switch to systemd could make my system boot super super super slow. Today it took "Startup finished in 7.874s (kernel) + 3min 6.652s (userspace) = 3min 14.526s"12:28
pittihey nessita12:29
pittinessita: it could happen, of course; is it fast if you boot with upstart?12:29
pittinessita: what are the topmost entries in systemd-analyze blame?12:29
pittithat sounds like 6 s regular boot, plus two timeouts12:30
nessita          5.862s systemd-cryptsetup@sdb3_crypt.service12:30
nessita          5.420s NetworkManager-wait-online.service12:30
nessita           627ms plymouth-quit-wait.service12:30
pittiok, nothing surprising there12:31
pittinessita: can you pastebin "journalctl -b"?12:31
nessitapitti, haven't tried upstart, let me do that right now. One other symptom is that I need to boot around 3 times, the first two after the grub selection the video signal turns off == blank screen and monitor blinks its power light12:31
nessitagetting output for journalctl12:31
pittinessita: also, did you try to boot without quiet and splash?12:32
nessitapitti, I did, specially when I edit the boot line the video signal is "lost"12:32
pittinessita: uh, switching off the display? that sounds like a graphics driver or plymouth issue, but let's see12:32
pittinessita: it's also worth a try to boot with utopic's kernel (assuming that utopic still worked)12:33
nessitapitti, so about video: I have a nvidia card and was using the nvidia drivers, but I purged them to try to see if those were related to the issues (I don't think they are)12:34
Laneylarsu: ah, it works if I use a timeout instead of idle12:34
nessitapitti, journalctl -b -> https://pastebin.canonical.com/131297/12:34
LaneyI guess my operation is getting in there before the monitor12:34
* Laney tries enforcing the right order12:35
pittiJob dev-disk-by\x2duuid-c65eebf4\x2d2f76\x2d497a\x2d86d6\x2d0d65ca46c0d5.device/start t12:35
pittinessita: ^ it's cropped at the end, but quite clear12:35
pittiTimed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2duuid-c65eebf4\x2d2f76\x2d497a\x2d86d6\x2d0d12:35
pittinessita: could be bug 1447282 or bug 1447282, but both should be fixed in vivid-updates12:36
ubot5bug 1447282 in ecryptfs-utils "Does not use encrypted swap when using GPT partitioning + encrypted home directory (ecryptfs)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144728212:36
pittinessita: anyway, I need: /etc/fstab, /etc/crypttab, and the output of "sudo blkid"12:36
Laneyno, stupid, the monitor should be added before the loop runs12:36
nessitapitti, on it12:36
nessitapitti, https://pastebin.canonical.com/131298/12:37
nessitaI'm up to date with vivid, no new packages or updates to install12:38
pittinessita: ah, there we go:12:41
pittisdb4_crypt UUID=c65eebf4-2f76-497a-86d6-0d65ca46c0d5 none luks,swap,discard12:41
pitti^ in /etc/crypttab12:41
pittithis UUID doesn't exist12:41
pittiand corresponding entry in fstab (/dev/mapper/sdb4_crypt)12:41
pittinessita: ^ so this is indeed a variant of bug 953875, but one which the automatic postinst didn't cover as there were some modifications12:42
ubot5bug 953875 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Vivid) "Encrypted swap no longer mounted at bootup" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95387512:42
pittinessita: comment out the broken swap from crypttab and fstab, then it should work12:42
pittinessita: that of course is unrelated to the video driver issue, but let's see how far you get with this12:43
pittinessita: this got broken somewhere in precise or so, and under upstart we never noticed that we had broken swap partitions; so you've ran without swap for some years, I guess you don't miss it :)12:44
pittinessita: if you want it back, you can also fix it manually (see the bug description above), but I guess you shouldn't care -- swap is just so outdated12:44
nessitapitti, interesting. I did not miss it, as you correctly guessed. Is worth noticing that when I installed from installer the last time (I think it was utopic), I remember the partioning step was problematic, I was not allowed to create an encrypted partition for /mnt if the swap wasn't encrypted, so I just disabled the swap via swapoff12:45
nessitait was like an chicken-egg situation with unecrypted swap and trying to create an ecrypted partition12:46
nessitapitti, thanks much!12:46
pittinessita: you're welcome!12:46
qenghopitti: is there a way to get Jenkins RSS feed for all tests from one source package? My alerts weren't triggered because I forgot to add wily to my feed list. I'm going to forget again one day.12:47
nessitapitti, this swap issue causes the long boot time, right? is it also causing the display being turned off? or to fix that I should go back to the nvidia drivers?12:47
pittiqengho: sorry, we don't currently have RSS for autopkgtest results; the last uploader gets notified by email12:48
pittinessita: it should cure the long boot time, yes; as I said, that's unrelated to video driver issues12:48
pittinessita: I don't know how well nouveau works these days, or particularly for you; if it does, so much the better12:48
pittibut I figure the nvidia driver ought to work, a lot of people use it12:48
nessitapitti, k, thanks!12:49
qenghopitti: Eh? On jenkins on result pages is "RSS for failures" but it's specific to this exact test.12:49
pittiqengho: ah, via jenkins? ok, I didn't try that :)12:51
nessitapitti, super success! "Startup finished in 7.887s (kernel) + 11.290s (userspace) = 19.177s". Bad news is display was turned off on the first attempt. Will re-install nvidia drivers now and retry13:01
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desrtlarsu: i changed local file monitoring... trash monitoring happens via gvfs13:12
desrtalthough it could be that the file monitoring broke for trash too13:12
desrtsince the backend, itself, uses local file monitors :)13:12
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excalibrHas the method to get the session idle time through dbus changed in the recent Ubuntu or my dbus code in this paste link is wrong?14:13
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happyaronwillcooke seb128 will do that first right away15:01
happyarontried once but failed to get a solution15:01
seb128happyaron, hey, thanks15:01
seb128if you need help please let us know15:01
seb128is that the one you mentioning maybe being a glib issue?15:01
seb128we have people knowing about glib that can reply to questions here ;-)15:01
happyaronI'm not sure whether it's glib or improper use of glib15:01
seb128likely improper use ;-)15:02
willcookesorry happyaron was otp - thanks!15:34
happyaronstill not that very well with jet lag, and missed a meeting today...15:35
willcookehappyaron, I think it will take at least 3 weeks to get back to normal15:37
* willcooke -> appointment.15:45
seb128ok, I'm calling it a day, have a nice evening everyone16:10
Laneysee you seb128!16:10
seb128see you tomorrow for those who are there, or next week otherwise16:10
seb128tomorrow is a vac and I've friday off, but I took some hours off work during the week and I'm going to be a bit around tomorrow to work on some things I wanted to get done this week16:11
Laneywhat's the occasion tomorrow?16:12
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