slangasekbarry: bug #1454457 - do you recall where we ended up wrt stable device identifiers?00:31
ubottubug 1454457 in Ubuntu system image "Update fails on lack of space, after factory reset still won't update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145445700:31
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey, how's life ?01:03
kgunngot a question just now, thot you might know a trick....01:03
kgunnso i've hit this twice now, where i want to install a ppa on the phone...and since phone is now vivid+overlay ppa01:04
kgunnoverlay is newer than the ppa i want to install...so it doesn't install the debs i want01:04
kgunnis there some trick, possibly with apt source list file naming or something...01:05
kgunnto always pick a particular ppa regardless of which one is newer01:05
sarnoldkgunn: apt_preferences(5) describes some pinning that may be able to help01:06
kgunnseems i recall "pinning" from some forgotten time01:06
sarnold(it doesn't mention ppas, and the location seems to be based on server name, so it might not actually work out..)01:07
robert_ancellkgunn, yeah, pinning is what you want01:18
kgunnrobert_ancell: sarnold ...thanks guys, worked01:18
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tbharath_can we find some articles on how to develop lxc templates?04:16
pittiGood morning04:49
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pittiutlemming: ah nice, ! now we just need a /current symlink, and we're all set?05:42
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dholbachgood morning07:16
sitterScottK, cjwatson: syslinux-themes-ubuntu-wily needs proding through binary NEW if you can find a minute07:39
infinitysitter: Done.08:02
* mgedmin wonders if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gfxboot-theme-ubuntu/+bug/1384188 will finally be fixed for 15.10?08:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1384188 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Missing translations for 'Install Ubuntu GNOME' and 'Try Ubuntu GNOME without installing'" [Undecided,Fix released]08:11
mgedminugh, I meant https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gfxboot-theme-ubuntu/+bug/144258608:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1442586 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "gfxboot-theme-ubuntu needs an update with new translations export" [Undecided,New]08:11
Mirvmgedmin: most probably that should have been updated for vivid indeed.08:44
Mirvcjwatson: who should be pinged on reviewing why gfxboot-theme-ubuntu wasn't updated for vivid as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseProcess ?08:44
infinityMirv: The why is probably simply because that was something cjwatson used to do and it slipped through the cracks while we tried to pass his bits around to everyone else.08:46
cjwatsonMirv: I think mathieu-tl now, but honestly the "why" is probably basically "fell through the cracks because cjwatson moved to" ... that.08:46
Mirvright, that explains it08:46
LocutusOfBorg1hi folks08:53
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ogra_sil2100, ugh, someone imported ubuntu-touch-meta from the vivid PPA to wily ... do you know if the wily seeds have been adjusted accordingly ?09:43
sil2100ogra_: uh, well, I think simply all packages were copied09:44
sil2100So I guess nothing was adjusted09:44
ogra_the former chuck has slangasek's signature09:44
ogra_this one came alone and signed by a bot09:44
ogra_that was just the migration from proposed ... ignore me :P09:45
pittisil2100: btw, do you forward-copy with or without binaries?09:45
ogra_(it was actually in the set from yesterday)09:45
pitti(rebuilds would be more correct, as wily has a newer toolchain, etc.)09:46
sil2100pitti: that was a binary copy still - a rebuild would require each version number to be changed before upload09:47
pittisil2100: why?09:47
pittioh, in case someone wants to dist-upgrade from vivid+PPA to wily?09:47
pitti(seems like a corner case to me, but *shrug*)09:47
pitticopying binaries seems wrong as well09:47
pittithey might not even be installable, due to different shlibs (that'll be caught in -proposed, but still)09:48
sil2100pitti: since we don't want to lead to a situation where we have 2 packages with same version numbers with different binaries, where a dist-upgrade is certainly possible for touch09:48
sil2100It was just a one-time operation09:48
sil2100We don't intend to do any more binary copies :)09:48
pittiah, it sounded like we'd regularly do this from now on09:48
sil2100No way09:48
pittiah, ok; ignore me then :)09:48
caribouxnox: remember my task & start on rc RUNLEVEL=[2345] question of yesterday ?09:56
xnoxcaribou: si09:59
xnoxcaribou: what's your actual problem/but that you are trying to solve with above?09:59
caribouxnox: kdump-savecore must complete before any job started by 'runlevel' starts10:00
caribouxnox: For instance the CEPH OSD's start while kdump is dumping a kernel dump, hence eating up all  the memory10:00
caribouxnox: triggering OOM during kexec session which has limited memory10:01
xnoxcaribou: .... and what does kdump-savecore require? you either will not have any writable filesystems to do so, or other things will be running....10:01
caribouxnox: it requires that root be mounted rw10:01
caribouxnox: i.e. just before the rc-sysinit emits the 'runlevel' event10:02
xnoxone can do it with systemd... where you can make this thing a dependency of the basic target.10:02
caribouxnox: problem is trusty specific10:02
caribouxnox: I fixed it with systemd & it works fine10:03
caribouxnox: trusty currently uses a sysvinit script, but it doesn't block upstart jobs from starting10:03
xnoxyeah, keying on to rc is to late10:04
caribouxnox: so I'm switching kdump to an upstart job on trusty for that reason, but the upstart job must terminate before runlevel jobs start10:04
xnoxstart on starting rc-sysinit10:04
xnoxbut it means that you will be executed each time there is a switch between runlevels10:05
xnoxthus you'd need to handle that gracefully.10:05
caribouxnox: doesn't seem to work if I used 'starting on rc' as suggested yesterday10:05
xnoxcaribou: yes rc is just after, but rc-sysinit should be just before...10:05
xnoxreading it again.10:06
xnoxcaribou: or better use initctl2dot to get a full graph and figure out where you need to be.10:06
caribouxnox: that's what I thought. & Yes, I found out about jodh initctl2dot already :-)10:09
caribouxnox: thanks!10:09
infinityxnox: Will that make rc-sysinit block on his job, or is there a different and special way one can achieve that?10:19
infinityCause if his concern is that he needs to run *before* sysv, the last thing he'd want it to end up being in parallel with it.10:19
xnoxinfinity: start on starting -> blocks until one starts. "task" makes one emit "started" only after one quits.10:19
infinityAhh. shiny.10:20
caribouinfinity: yeah, looks like it's blocking normal boot10:20
infinityThings I never bothered to learn, and no longer need to...10:20
xnoxinfinity: it's Type=oneshot RemainAfterExit=true in the new world order.10:20
cariboumight need to tweak my job a bit10:20
* xnox cannot get enough of https://youtu.be/Q5lxM6uGr5410:21
infinityxnox: I don't mean to alarm you, but you might be a 17-year-old white girl.10:22
xnoxinfinity: dunno, but quiting everything and moving to surf in costa rica sounds attractive right about now.10:23
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pittijdstrand, sbeattie: OOI, do you plan to merge apparmor with Debian for wily?11:57
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diwichmm, I'm trying to use git-buildpackage and it just gives me an _amd64.changes, not a _source.changes like "dpkg-buildpackage -S" does. Do I dare to dput the _amd64.changes file or is that stupid?12:58
cjwatsondputting it to Launchpad will get you a rejection.12:58
ogra_diwic, sounds like to built a binary and not a source package12:59
rbasakgit-buildpackage -S should give you a _source.changes.12:59
rbasakgit-buildpackage takes all the same parameters that dpkg-buildpackage does.12:59
diwicrbasak, thanks12:59
diwicI'll try that12:59
pittiit's "gbp buildpackage" now, FTR12:59
pitti(has been for a few years, but in wily the git-* aliases got removed)12:59
xnoxpitti: you mean $ dgit sbuild, right?!13:00
xnox=))))) </giggle>13:00
diwicpitti, gbp ? okay13:01
kalxashi all, I am having a problem: I use travis CI on GitHub for testing my python application and I need libxml2 >= 2.9.0 for validation purposes. The problem is that I have not found this version in precise backports or in Launchpad. So I tried myself and I am stuck a bit. Could someone take a look at my ppa for some hint?13:01
diwicthanks everyone13:02
kalxasI would really appreciate a hint on this problem. libxml 2.8.0 builds fine and finds Python.h in UbuntuGIS13:02
barryslangasek: no.  also, are you sure about that bug #?13:04
cjwatsonkalxas: The stuff in debian/rules probably wants to be just python-config rather than $(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)-python-config for precise (similarly for python-dbg-config).  The multiarch python-config names weren't introduced until python-defaults 2.7.3-10 in December 2012, which was after precise.13:06
kalxascjwatson, thanks!13:07
kalxaswill try and report back13:08
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pittixnox: btw, did you see that Lennart reviewed your "runtime preset" patch a few weeks ago?13:53
xnoxpitti: i did, but i didn't have time to reply yet. Busy with something else at the moment.13:56
xnoxpitti: i don't believe he is right in his review... as without checks runtime presets default to "enable *" and there lies madness.13:57
xnoxpitti: but need to test this first.13:57
pittixnox: ack, just wanted to confirm that you saw it, as it took a while to get reviewed13:57
xnoxwe are using it in clearlinux.org, and it's alright. But we don't like that it delays boot =(13:57
kalxascjwatson, thank you very much for your help! https://launchpad.net/~gcpp-kalxas/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-tzotsos/+build/742465813:58
slangasekbarry: yes, that's the bug number, see comment #1 :)14:04
cjwatsonkalxas: great, you're welcome14:05
pittixnox: delays because it has to read all units on startup, not just the enabled ones?14:10
xnoxpitti: yes.14:10
xnoxpitti: and it doesn't cache them....14:11
xnoxpitti: speaking of which.....14:11
smoserhey. i'd appreciate someone reading https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/curtin/+bug/144354214:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1443542 in curtin (Ubuntu) "curtin race on vivid when /dev/sda1 doesn't exist" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:18
smoserinput on my final comment (#4) would be appreciated.14:18
smoserbasically i assume:14:18
smoser a.) <some-partition-table-operation>14:18
smoser b.) blockdev --rereadpt /that/block-device14:18
smoser c.) udevadm settle14:19
smoserwill guarantee that partitions created in 'a' will exist in /dev14:19
ogra_dont you need a "udevadm trigger" too ?14:19
ogra_or is rereadpt enough to trigger udev14:20
smoserwell, it certainly *generally* is enough. to have allowed my assumption to get as far as it has.14:20
smoseri imagined that 'a' makes some stuff happen in kernel, telling it to re-read ... then it sends events to udev, and 'b' is me saying "ok wait till that queue is empty".14:21
smoserer... sorry. above 'b' and then 'c' for my previous statement .14:22
smoseri guess that 'c' could read an empty queue if 'b' hadnt populated it.14:22
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flyinprogrammeranybody know how/where i might find the scripts that make the squid debs ?20:40
flyinprogrammeroh maybe i should go to app-devel20:40
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flyinprogrammeror packaging LOL i'm an idiot - sorry guys20:40
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hallynstgraber: infinity: so we have MRE for lxc;  can that be applied to lxcfs (which only exists in wily and vivid right now)?21:49
infinityhallyn: I'm inclined to lump lxc and lxcfs together (and, indeed, not sure why the latter wasn't just bundled with the former in the packaging).21:50
hallyninfinity: there are some bugs in vivid fixed in wily;  what would be the process right now to get the wiliy package into vivid?21:50
infinityhallyn: Ask nicely, show a diff and explain the bugs fixed, and explain how it fits the general rules of the lxc MRE (no shiny new features, well-tested, blah blah).21:52
hallynin a bug opened against lxcfs?21:53
infinityhallyn: Aye.21:53
hallyninfinity: thanks.  will post that in a bit21:53
hallyninfinity: hm, what do i call the version?  (0.7-0ubuntu4 is the old version, 0.9-0ubuntu1 is the wily version)?  do i create a 0.9-0ubuntu1~15.04.1 ?22:06
hallyngoing by ff example i guess 0.9-0ubuntu0.15.04.122:07
infinityhallyn: If it's a straight backport of the wily version (ie: identical source with a new changelog entry on the top), it's 0.9-0ubuntu1~15.04.1, if it's the vivid packaging with the new upstream applied, it's 0.9-0ubuntu0.15.04.122:10
infinityhallyn: We tend to prefer the latter, but if packaging changes are equally important in this case, the former works.22:11
hallynit can be a straight backport.22:11
hallynoh, you *prefer* the latter?22:11
hallynnp, can do22:12
infinityhallyn: One changelog entry that actually spells out the reason for the SRU is much more pleasant than 7 changelog entries between old and new that say "new upstream; fixed a thing" over and over.22:12
infinityhallyn: But the more usual reason for the argument is that packaging drifts over time to accomodate the rest of userspace/toolchain/etc in a newer series, and shoehorning the new upstream into the old packaging is usually the path of least disruption.22:14
infinityhallyn: Probably not actually true or meaningful in this case, but yeah.22:14
infinityhallyn: Anyhow, I won't reject either option, I imagine, if the result is sane, so do whatever feels more correct for the package.22:14
hallynand, i should attach a debdiff, or point to new source?22:15
infinityhallyn: A diff is fine.  If the diff is unwieldly, that's usually a good sign that it's a lousy SRU candidate.22:16
* infinity stares at the kernel team.22:16
hallyncool, thanks.22:16
hallynposted bug 1454862, now leaving for the week (will check in tonight)22:19
ubottubug 1454862 in lxcfs (Ubuntu) "[MRE] merge 0.9 (which is currently in wily) to vivid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145486222:19
infinityhallyn: Ta.  I'm out for the week too, but I'll open that in a tab and consider caring. ;)22:23
hallynthanks i appreciate that :)22:23
cyphermox@pilot out23:32
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