daftykinstoo many questions, break time00:00
OerHeksgot new shoes https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6885560/Keukenhof2015-grotepoten.JPG00:04
daftykinsugh schrodingersscat assuming misleading newbies00:51
OerHeksraw is a photo, nothing else..00:52
OerHekswell, we bite our tongue, daftykins00:52
daftykinsthat guy is a total nutjob, won't share where this thing is from O_O00:52
daftykinsyeah i'm not so good at that part :P00:53
OerHeksIf someone abuses me like that, i stop helping him/het/it.00:53
daftykins*nod* definitely not the deserving kind of helpee00:53
OerHeksSomeday we come to a point, where helpseekers should be muted untill a helper/helpers are ready.00:54
OerHeksThen again, lots of times it goes well.00:55
daftykinshmm, yeah i have seen channels that work like that, using voicing00:56
OerHekslike that est31, complaining, but if you were in #kubuntu, you'll read stuff you don't believe...00:56
daftykinsis it worse over there?00:57
OerHeksmanually downloading a deb, from a ppa, then saying nothing about that in #ubuntu.00:57
OerHeksNo, usually it is beter and smoother than #ubuntu.00:58
OerHeksPeople take windows/ios/android for granted, but if Ubuntu does something logical, man,...00:58
OerHeksSorry for this outburst to you :-D00:59
daftykinshehe no it's interesting01:00
daftykinsit's great having this channel now and not having to just suffer in silence at the #ubuntards01:00
lotuspsychjegood morning06:28
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: good morning06:47
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje06:48
lotuspsychjenew snappy devices: https://insights.ubuntu.com/?p=1148506:52
lotuspsychje2 eric ip's :p06:54
lotuspsychjewell im not such a fan of internet of things,06:57
lotuspsychjebut rather have it secure with ubuntu core, then something else06:57
EriC^yeah, that's a pretty cool refrigerator O.o06:58
EriC^i heard the new apt will be called snappy06:58
lotuspsychjeyeah ive read somewhere they want snappy everywhere06:59
lotuspsychjethe webupd8 tweet06:59
lotuspsychjeyep thats it07:00
lotuspsychjehmmm interesting security differences07:01
EriC^yeah snappy core seems cool07:03
EriC^did you try it?07:03
lotuspsychjenot sure if it works on just laptop/desktop?07:03
lotuspsychjemaybe its like a minimal ubuntu or so?07:04
EriC^yeah it seems for embedded stuff07:04
lotuspsychjei think manufacturers need some more building for their specific device with snappy07:05
EriC^seems pretty cool it's 100mb or so07:10
EriC^i'm d/ling :>07:10
EriC^never tried kvm before07:10
lotuspsychje_me neither07:10
lotuspsychje_kvm, lvm, encryption,..07:11
EriC^uncompresses into a 500mb image07:13
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lotuspsychjeEriC^: surely let me know how that works out :p07:22
lotuspsychjeon wich device are you installing?07:22
EriC^just locally07:23
EriC^just installed the kvm thing package07:23
lotuspsychjethats like virtualbox thingy?07:25
EriC^yeah i typed the kvm command and it opened another window like a terminal and it booted as if a live session to a tty07:26
EriC^i'm supposed to ssh into it now but ssh isn't working locally on my machine dunno why07:26
EriC^i have ssh installed but when i ssh usually i get May 13 10:27:04.618 [warn] Got SOCKS5 status response '4': host is unreachable07:27
EriC^port is open though for the kvm thing qemu-syst 18675    e    8u  IPv4 489326      0t0  TCP *:8022 (LISTEN)07:27
lotuspsychjei think lordievader knows alot of that stuff07:27
lotuspsychjelordievader: waky waky!!!07:28
lotuspsychjesocks5 is proxy right, maybe its blocking?07:28
EriC^dunno i tried purging ssh and reinstalling, didn't work07:30
lotuspsychje!info virt-viewer07:30
lotuspsychjemaybe this can help in some way07:30
ubot5virt-viewer (source: virt-viewer): Displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (vivid), package size 193 kB, installed size 1988 kB07:30
EriC^interesting it works with another user07:30
EriC^if i login to another user and ssh into it it works07:30
EriC^also if i ssh into my user from that one it works07:31
lotuspsychjewhat about this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Access07:32
EriC^removed ~/.ssh and it works now07:36
ubot5Glad you made it! :-)07:36
EriC^kvm seems cool and pretty quick07:37
EriC^anyways it got boring hehe07:37
lotuspsychjecool, never used myself07:37
EriC^snappy seems state of the art though and has lots of new features07:37
EriC^will be interesting when it comes out07:38
lotuspsychjeyeah im real curious too07:38
lotuspsychjethe core of everything07:38
EriC^lotuspsychje: oh, heh the image thing uncompressed to 4gb07:46
EriC^don't know if it's a glitch or something cause of disk usage07:47
lotuspsychjedid it update in some way also?07:47
lotuspsychjepretty interesting snappy :p07:49
BluesKajHowdy folks11:02
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