bdmurraycyphermox: I'm trying to track down why whoopsie isn't running on the wily live cd and discovered that whoopsie won't run if ubiquity-dm exists. This was done because of bug 1123798.21:00
bdmurrayI've tested bug 1123798 using Laney's test case in comment #10 and didn't recreate the issue21:01
bdmurraycyphermox: the point being I want to remove that check and see what happens21:04
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cyphermoxbdmurray: go for it :)21:42
cyphermoxbdmurray: my guess is now systemd makes some of the stuff that whoopsie needed already available, so things aren't exploding as badly when ubiquity-dm is runnign21:47
bdmurrayit certainly seems fine but I wanted to give you a heads up21:50
infinitybdmurray: The curious part is that it seems that change was backed out of whoopsie's ubiquity config, someone just missed the systemd unit.22:04
infinitybdmurray: Oh, that someone was you. :P22:04
infinityErr, upstart config, even.22:04
infinityWe need fewer things that start with 'u'.22:05

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