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ogra_AlanBell, *tickle*10:16
ogra_i'm looking for a way to get a bu bot into #snappy10:16
MooDoooooo er :D10:16
ogra_*bug bot10:16
AlanBellhi ogra_ I don't think I can do that now, and it really should be #ubuntu-snappy probably (or it is just a regular freenode channel, not a group channel)12:34
AlanBellall depends on whether snappy is an upstream or part of ubuntu really12:34
ogra_it is part of ubuntu but i dont think we want the ubuntu prefix for the channel name12:36
ogra_(like there is no #ubuntu-launchpad)12:36
AlanBellmakes it a fraction harder for the IRCC to help you with the channel if it is outside the namespace12:37
AlanBellbut there is no huge reason why a bot can't be sent in, but I can't do it now12:37
ogra_well, i can ask, but i doubt it will be chaned12:37
Pricey(I don't think anyone would say launchpad is part of ubuntu...)12:37
ogra_huh ?12:37
ogra_there would be no ubuntu without launchpad ... it definitely is a massive part of ubuntu12:38
AlanBellwell launchpad wanted to be github12:38
PriceyThere would be no ubuntu without debian, but debian isn't part of ubuntu12:38
ogra_no matter what it wanted or wants to be ...12:38
PriceyThey're separate projects.12:38
AlanBelli.e. not project specific, and it was to a fair extent whilst OpenERP was on Launchpad12:38
ogra_Pricey, but no matter if they are seprate or not, #launchpad has an ubottu ...12:39
AlanBellthat we can agree on :)12:40
ogra_and i would like the same for #snappy12:40
AlanBelllubotu1: join #snappy12:40
PriceyOh sure, I was just commenting on the channel naming bit.12:40
AlanBellnope, they don't listen to me :)12:41
ogra_well, what can i do to get one there ... ?12:43
MooDoodoes anyone AlanBell ? ;)12:43
* Pici pokes some bots12:44
AlanBellogra_: someone with bot powers will be along later I imagine, Pici maybe12:44
AlanBellsee ;)12:44
ogra_wheee !12:45
Piciogra_: I put ubottu in there (at least temporarily), I can't seem to get the other bots to listen to me rigt now13:12
* ogra_ hugs Pici 13:13
ogra_thanks, a bug bot is totally enough for now13:13
ogra_(works fine)13:13
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