shiznixhi all, as XMir has been broken on Intel gfx hardware for some time now on Ubuntu's latest stable offering, i was hoping to try a dev snapshot of the xmir patch for the intel gfx driver02:12
shiznixhowever i'm chasing my tail trying to find which project is hosting this02:13
shiznixit's not in lp:mir and it's not in lp:xserver-xorg-video-intel02:16
shiznixaah, might be in git://people.freedesktop.org/~mlankhorst/xserver02:17
tmpRAOFshiznix: Broken on Intel? I've not tested particularly recently, but I also wasn't aware of any change that might have broken it.02:22
shiznixhi tmpRAOF02:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450581 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Hardware accel causes X segfault with SNA renderer" [High,Confirmed]02:23
shiznixand related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/142095902:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1420959 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "xmir crashes when launching chromium" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:23
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shiznixonly crashes if GL is used02:25
RAOFHm, DRI2CopyRegion.02:26
RAOFYeah, that'd be right; if that's buggy you'd hit it whenever something tried to be accelerated.02:26
duflushiznix: We know XMir 1.0 (the version in Ubuntu) has a number of bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir). Although it's worth noting that 1.0 is not being maintained. An entirely new 2.0 implementation is coming soon (never before seen in any Ubuntu release)03:05
robert_ancellDoes anyone know why XMir is using DRI2 and not DRI3?03:11
RAOFrobert_ancell: Two reasons - (1) we don't enable DRI3 on any of our drivers, and (2) because DRI3 has a buffer model that's incompatible with Mir.03:17
robert_ancellRAOF, does that mean we can never use DRI3 with Mir?03:17
RAOFrobert_ancell: No, but we lose some performance optimisations.03:18
RAOFIf DRI3 support for XMir becomes a required feature then we can do that.03:19
duflurobert_ancell: You're looking at Maarten's XMir 2.0 right?03:23
robert_ancellduflu, well, there's no versioning but the stuff from the git branch. Trying to clean it up and work out what could be upstreamed easily.03:23
robert_ancellThe DRI2 code is quite complex and I suspect upstream only really cares about DRI303:24
duflurobert_ancell: Yeah I know. git means 2.0, while the one in distro is 1.0. As they're entirely different codebases we need to avoid confusing people and ourselves03:24
dufluEven within the XMir project, the code tab points to 2.0 and the bugs tab points to only 1.0 bugs :P03:25
dufluWhen I first raised the issue Maarten didn't think anything was confusing about that03:26
shiznixduflu: i see thanks - is the 2.0 implementation useful enough for testing yet ?04:14
duflushiznix: It is indeed good, but hiding in a git repo you have to build it yourself :S04:14
shiznixthat's ok, you got the repo link ?04:15
duflushiznix: It will produce an "Xmir" binary as well as all the normal binaries: git://people.freedesktop.org/~mlankhorst/xserver04:15
shiznixaha thank you04:16
duflushiznix: And this one is windowed (ie. one Xmir server per client) so you need to provide your own Mir server like those in package mir-demos04:16
dufluIt's not a desktop replacement like Xmir 1.0 was04:17
dufluJust runs X apps in an existing Mir server04:17
shiznixok i understand04:20
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alan_gduflu_: the good news is that I can run the archive glmark in my locally built and installed mir_performance_tests and it all works. (The bad news is I don't yet know what happens in CI)09:16
alan_gIt correctly picks up the archive libmirclient.so.8 & libmircommon.so.309:17
alan_ggreyback_: are we there yet?09:17
greyback_alan_g: building locally to make sure09:17
duflu_alan_g: Yeah it should. Probably LD_LIBRARY_PATH is in the way in CI09:18
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alan_gIt's reassuring that the code works. It is just down to the way CI installs & runs things (or a packaging error)09:21
duflualan_g: In fact it probably has to be LD_LIBRARY_PATH; just make sure glmark2 doesn't have that set09:31
alan_gduflu: surely LD_LIBRARY_PATH would either stop it finding any .so or let it find the right one?09:33
duflualan_g: Wait, no. That's rubbish. There's only one libmirclient.so.8 and one libmirclient.so.9 on the system. It's not possible to confuse them :S09:35
alan_gHold on! What's mir-0.13.0 doing here? "/tmp/buildd/mir-0.13.0bzr2570pkg0vivid2371+autopilot0/tests/performance-tests/test_glmark2-es2-mir.cpp:63: Failure"09:36
alan_gFor a moment I thought the error was from the glmark build09:38
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duflualan_g: Exactly. The installed version has libmirclient8 and the build version libmirclient9. They should not be confused09:40
greyback_alan_g: pushed09:40
alan_ggreyback_: thanks09:40
alf_alan_g: @fix-1454128-by-getting-select_active_surface-right, was calling input_targeter->clear_focus() and session_coordinator->unset_focus() when we didn't have focus causing problems, or is it a performance optimization?11:03
alan_galf_: not causing a problem as such, but it was easier to make the expectation efficient than keep that behaviour11:08
alf_alan_g: ok11:09
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alan_gdavmor2:  FYI @silo-021 - problem fixed and updated to pick up latest qtmir13:03
davmor2alan_g: yeap saw the ticket come through thanks13:04
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alan_galf_: do the end-to-end input tests need to be in separate processes? Or could we run everything in a single process?13:47
greyback_hey folks, dandrader & I have a query. We're testing mir_proving_server with simple Qt clients. If I bring up mir_proving_server as root via ssh, launch the qt app, then Ctrl+C it, mir_proving_server crashes13:49
greyback_but if I do the same in VTs, it works ok13:49
greyback_any ideas?13:49
kdubwell, its still using a vt via ssh, right?13:50
kdubsounds like that shouldn't happen though13:50
greyback_yeah, it's weird, I don't know why the difference13:51
alan_gSounds odd. For elimination purposes do ou see the same with mir_demo_server?13:51
alan_gSo you've detached mir_proving_server to start the client?13:52
alan_gDunno why it would even see Ctrl-C in that case13:52
alan_gOne possible difference is that the serve will be halted by switching away from the VT. So shutdown might be easier13:53
greyback_aaand now it worked fine13:53
greyback_I resized the application window, then Ctrl+C13:54
greyback_so it's unrelated to ssh vs VT13:54
alan_gCtrl+C on the ssh session? Or on the Mir session?13:55
greyback_alan_g: neither, on the client13:56
alan_gYou SIGQUIT the client and the server dies?!13:57
greyback_logging bug13:58
alan_gBut not if you don't resize the client window first?13:59
alan_gIt seems too mad to be true14:00
alan_gis this archive or trunk or some other?14:00
greyback_archive, 0.12.114:01
* alan_g tries it14:03
greyback_alan_g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/145471414:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1454714 in Mir "mir_proving_server crash if resize qt client window and then quit" [Undecided,New]14:04
greyback_how do I attach a .crash file output to a bug, I keep forgetting this command14:04
alan_gMe too14:05
alf_alan_g: @end-to-end-input-tests, (I am assuming you mean the servers) We could run them in a single process, but I want to create an environment as similar to the production one as possible14:06
alan_ggreyback_: I've been trying with mir_demo_client_multiwin and not seen a crash.14:13
greyback_alan_g: yeah, seems it needs to be a qt client14:14
greyback_it may be doing something "wrong"14:14
greyback_but even so, it shouldn't crash the server14:14
alan_gJust wanted to confirm14:15
greyback_how the heck do I attach this damn crash file to the bug!14:15
alan_gWhat am I missing? 'This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "ubuntumirclient".'14:17
greyback_alan_g: qtubuntu-desktop14:18
alan_ggreyback_: I've not tried with ssh yet (need to unearth laptop for that) but still not seeing a crash.14:21
greyback_alan_g: seems myself & dandrader can repro quite reliably. You using mir 0.12.1 or something newer maybe?14:22
tedg`kgunn, FYI, might be worth sending someone: http://wiki.linuxplumbersconf.org/2015:graphics_modesettings_wayland14:23
alan_ggreyback_: whatever's in vivid (without ppa)14:26
greyback_alan_g: ok, we on same page so14:26
dandradergreyback_, about  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1454714. building mir_proving_server myself and running it under gdb made that crash go away14:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1454714 in Mir "mir_proving_server crash if resize qt client window and then quit" [Undecided,New]14:27
greyback_dandrader: and running without gdb?14:27
dandradergreyback_, don't know. let me reboot it. the laptop froze14:28
greyback_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+bug/1454724 should have backtrace attached soon14:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1454724 in mir (Ubuntu) "mir_proving_server crashed with SIGSEGV in __pthread_mutex_unlock_usercnt()" [Undecided,New]14:32
dandradergreyback_, yeah, the mir_proving_server I built myself with a debug config doens't crash also when run outside gdb14:32
dandradergreyback_, but the packaged one does14:32
alan_g_greyback_: when I ssh and try it I get "(qmlscene:25883): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: " and the test exits. (the mit client is fine)14:32
dandraderalan_g_, run with sudo14:33
dandraderalan_g_, I also can't get qmlscene to run without being root :/14:33
greyback_alan_g: please remove "appmenu-qt5"14:33
greyback_that uses gtk, which tries to do X stuff14:34
alan_g_Git it14:34
alan_g_and broke the server14:35
greyback_ok, glad it's not just here14:36
alan_g_And broke VT switching. :(14:36
greyback_I can recover doing "sudo X" and then killing it from another ssh session14:38
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racarrhmm does anyone else find the wizard really difficult19:17
racarrto complete all of a sudden19:17
racarrI just failed to swipe the launcher from the left according to its heuristic like19:17
racarrwell for a bout a minute straight lol19:17
racarrI mean everything visually seemed fine but the wizard wouldnt advance19:17
kdubphablet-config welcome-wizard --disable19:21
racarrkdub: Aha yeah I was just wondering if we broke it..19:23
kdubeh, i havent noticed, I'd guess unlikely that we did19:24
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