bazhangwhy compile when its in the repos15:19
bazhangand dont even know how to compile15:19
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (_KLINE__ ban requested ...)15:59
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k1l_!guidelines > imAsheep18:00
genii_That yeltzooo9 in ##fix_your_connection has been there for what seems forever. Soimetimes I wonder if it's a bot21:16
k1l_<Natureshadow> k1l_: well no. It is almost empty, with the topic referring to a website that says I don't have permission to read21:38
k1l_regarding #canonical . the user wants to talk to them since he says he cant unsubscribe from newsletters or such21:39
hggdhas far as I can remember that channel is now dead, and it is only for canonicalers21:41
hggdhand the user cannot see the link because it is an internal Canonical link21:41
hggdhI do not remember what channel could be used, but #launchpad would have people capable to find it out21:42
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