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elopioteam, I have to pick my bike. I will start a little late today.13:33
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elopiorhuddie: I did this yesterday: https://code.launchpad.net/~artmello/webbrowser-app/webbrowser-app-private_browsing/+merge/257673/comments/64672113:34
elopioplease take a look when you have some time, so we can keep discussing about the role and what we should and shouldn't do.13:34
rhuddieelopio, I'll take a look, thanks13:35
kenvandineubuntu-qa: Can i get a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/ap_sanity_helpers/+merge/25890113:37
brendand_kenvandine, why the '@unittest.skip('skipped because the simPinSwitch state fails to update')' ?13:40
brendand_kenvandine, i know this branch didn't add that13:40
kenvandinei don't remember13:41
kenvandinei'll see if that still needs to be skipped13:41
kenvandinebut in a separate branch13:41
kenvandinei want to keep this branch just merging in the stuff for the sanity tests13:41
brendand_kenvandine, thing is the helpers should be tested and they all seem to be getting used in tests that are skipped...13:45
brendand_kenvandine, no wait there's at least one test that's running..13:46
brendand_ok, approved13:46
kenvandinethere are a couple13:47
kenvandinebrendand_, i just fixed the test that was skipped :)13:47
kenvandinewell at least one of them13:49
kenvandineok, i'll get both fixed and submit them separately13:49
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om26erubuntu-qa I won't be visible on Internal IRC for a few hours, lost password and don't have my ubikey right now.14:36
davmor2om26er: shame on you ;) I think you can ask to have your ubikey revoked and select another method and then add your yubikey again after,  but have a look and see if the irc keys are still in the tarball in your Downloads folder14:37
om26erdavmor2, don't have the password on this machine, I checked. My key is at a different location, I sent someone to pick that up.14:39
davmor2om26er: fair enough14:40
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elopioI'm back. :)15:27
davmor2see elopio is Terminator 10 judgement code15:30
elopioI'm terminator 16.04. I've come to tell you to not use an overlay ppa for development.15:32
elopioubuntu-qa: how can I flash an old tar.xz that I have downloaded?15:39
jibelelopio, what kind of tar.xz?15:39
balloonselopio, if you use the ubuntu-flash-image tool, you can pass a rev number that corresponds to the old image15:40
balloonsit'll pick it up off the system and flash15:40
elopiojibel: the ones I get downloaded into ubuntuimages/ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed/m75 when I flash the arale.15:40
elopioballoons: I want to go more than two months ago, and the images don't seem to be in the server anymore.15:41
fgimenezelopio, there are --device-tarball and --custom-tarball switches15:41
jibelelopio, I mean it's a device, custom or what?15:41
jibelelopio, there are options for custom and device15:41
jibelelopio, you cannot flash just a rootfs15:41
balloonselopio, yes, the tool checks for the image locally. If you have all the bits it should just flash15:41
balloonsI've not gone that far back, but I have flashed old images that way15:41
davmor2balloons: it needs the json file from the server to know what to flash you can't do it15:42
balloonsdavmor2, ahh..15:42
davmor2elopio: ^  have a word with rsalveti15:42
balloonsI also have deconstructed the tarballs and flashed the img's manually15:43
elopioso let me make the question different. How do I flash on arale image #100, vivid-proposed?15:43
davmor2elopio: you can't15:43
balloonselopio, I would be curious what you have.. untarball them tars15:43
balloonsI've had to manually flash things on my arale twice now by doing that15:44
elopioright, these tars are not what I expected.15:45
davmor2balloons: were you grabbing the image from the server though? the tarballs in the Ubuntuimages dir are complete garbage to try and figure out what relates to what image15:45
davmor2that basically what the json file on the server tells the system then it checks locally to see if you have before downloading15:46
balloonsdavmor2, I think you get 2 or 3 tarballs right? Anyways, I'll turn the questions round to elopio .. why do you need #100 flashed?15:46
elopioballoons: because I want to see if autopilot works in an old arale version.15:47
balloonselopio, if you want to use it for testing.. odds are you cannot15:47
elopioI tried latest and #150 without luck. I need to go older than that.15:47
balloonselopio, remember the archive issue . . .15:47
elopioballoons: I just have to install one package on top of the image. And that package has not changed in a long time.15:48
balloonselopio, but how do you get autopilot and friends installed?15:49
elopioballoons: I don't need autopilot. The problem can be reproduced with just python3-evdev.15:49
balloonselopio, let me see what I have15:52
elopiofgimenez: between making the ppa, and waiting for debian to update their version, we can upload it to the ubuntu archive.15:54
elopioshould we add that to the acceptance criteria?15:54
balloonsom26er, did you get tests working btw.. did -p end up working ok for you?15:54
balloonsif not, this is something to inquire with pitti about15:54
fgimenezelopio, of course, go ahead :)15:55
om26erballoons, no, it did not. I gave up on it15:55
balloonsom26er, well that's no good. do you have a full log and can make a bug report on it?16:00
om26erballoons, I don't have logs right now. Will make sure to report a bug for that in a few minutes.16:00
elopioversion 19 from ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09, sounds like worth a try.16:14
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elopioveebers: https://code.launchpad.net/~artmello/webbrowser-app/webbrowser-app-private_browsing/+merge/257673/comments/64672120:38
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elopioubuntu-qa: can somebody review sjcazzol's branch while I have some lunch? https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/combobutton-tests/+merge/25905421:41
elopiosjcazzol: if it's still without review when I get back I'll look at it. Sorry but I'm staving.21:41
veeberssjcazzol, elopio: sure can21:44
sjcazzolFolks, I am leaving, see you tomorrow21:50
veeberselopio: do you have links for those CPO fixes for apps that you proposed?22:53
elopioveebers: not at hand. why?22:54
veeberselopio: do you know if/when they will land and be released?22:55
elopioveebers: sorry, let me see.23:24
elopioveebers: pending are keyboard and camera.23:25
elopioI don't know when they will be released. they are approved so I'm guessing in the next week or so? bfiller ^23:27
veeberselopio: ack thanks, I should have been on to them more earlier sorry :-P I don't want to release the autopilot changes that will break those tests until they are release (and thus will no longer be broken)23:34
elopioveebers: can you join #mir in the private channel?23:34

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