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tjaaltoninfinity: meh, the rename script had a special case to just continue if there is no unrenamed orig tarball to rename04:07
infinityHow has thierry-ibm not been k-lined/g-lined yet?04:16
infinitythierry-ibm: Fix your internets.04:16
Ukikie/mode +b *!*@$##fix_your_connection04:18
tjaaltoninfinity: xorg-server-lts-vivid reuploaded, with a real tarball04:26
infinitytjaalton: Is it a real good one?04:29
infinitytjaalton: Accepted.04:33
tjaaltonI'll get the drivers uploaded today04:38
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tjaaltoninfinity: ^ that leaves the metapackage12:47
tjaaltonthough I could push that too now12:48
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cyphermoxarges: could you please review SRU bug 1435663, see if we can release it? I'd have another SRU for grub to do for trusty14:48
ubot93bug 1435663 in partman-efi (Ubuntu Utopic) "arm64/efi support" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143566314:48
argescyphermox: yea let me take a look14:50
argescyphermox: ok done14:52
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cyphermoxarges: thanks!15:14
lamontdear release team: simplestreams interests me greatly18:04
lamontarges: ^??18:05
argeslamont: sure i'll take a look18:05
cyphermoxarges: hey, sorry to be picking at you, but would you have time to also review grub2 ^^ from the trusty queue? :)18:09
argeslamont: versioning is messed up in the patch. should be 0.1.0~bzr341-0ubuntu2.1, plus looks like it was patched against ubuntu1 as it removed another patch18:09
argeslamont: did you or scott upload?18:09
lamontsmoser: ^^18:09
argesalso assuming the simplestreams fix will be uploaded for U/V as well18:10
lamontarges: wily and vivid have it18:12
lamontU? *shrug*18:12
argeslamont: ok i'll mark those fixed released in the bug then18:12
lamont[11:52:32] <smoser> Subject: [ubuntu/vivid-proposed] simplestreams 0.1.0~bzr354-0ubuntu1.15.04 (Waiting for approval)18:13
lamontthere's another one waiting for you18:13
argescyphermox: ok grub2 done18:15
cyphermoxmuchas gracias.18:16
argessmoser: also wonder why vivid has version string 0.1.0~bzr354-0ubuntu1.15.04 instead of just ubuntu1.1? (either way works, one is just longer to type)18:22
argesfor simplestreams18:22
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smoserarges, no reason. i'm fine to re-upload.18:24
smoseri just followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging18:24
smoseryeah, you're right. that was not necessary18:24
argessmoser: ah i see cause its in utopic/vivid I guess if you're patching both then I see how that makes sense18:25
smoseryou want to reject and me fix versions18:25
argessmoser: trusty was already rejected, so you can re-up that whenever.18:25
smoserrejected due to funny version?18:26
smoseryeah. ok. thanks.18:26
argessmoser: no. it looked like trusty was patched against -0ubuntu1 instead of -0ubuntu218:26
argesas it removed a patch and changelog entry18:26
argessmoser: for vivid its your call. if you are fixing it in utopic/vivid then leave it as is, and then you can upload 0.1.0~bzr354-0ubuntu1.14.10.1 whenever18:27
arges(for utopic that is)18:27
smoserarges, yeah. thats my fault. i just assumed bzr importer was right.18:28
smoseri think ishould leave it as is.18:28
smoserto allow for utopic upload18:28
smoseralthough i do not plan on it.18:28
argessmoser: agree.18:28
smoseri will fix trusty. thank you for catching that.18:28
argesits my job : )18:28
smoseri just assumed that lp:ubuntu/trusty/simplestreams got updated, but it did not.18:32
smoserarges, re-uploaded. simplestreams_0.1.0~bzr341-0ubuntu2.118:35
argessmoser: ok reviewing18:36
tjaaltoninfinity: the rest of the lts-vivid stack is now uploaded, x-x-v-qxl-l-v is with the proper tarball, though main one is native19:43
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