rsullysarnold I kind of would have expected some type of generic extra package that installed the right one indirectly based on current kernel00:09
sarnoldrsully: yeah, same here. my machine has it installed because I have linux-signed-image-3.13.0-46-generic installed, but I don't know what installed -that- package..00:10
rsullysarnold are you running 14.04.2?00:24
sarnoldrsully: no, original 14.0400:25
Patrickdksarnold, why not centos?00:26
rsullyit looks like both linux-generic and linux-generic-lts-trusty would install the extras package, but would also bump me from 3.13.0-46 to 3.13.0-52 - not sure if that matters00:26
sarnoldPatrickdk: hehe00:26
sarnoldrsully: it'd probably be for the best, I just haven't rebooted yet..00:27
rsully"Anyone wishing to opt into the hardware enablement stack for Trusty may do so by running following command which will install the linux-generic-lts-utopic "00:29
rsullyshould that say -lts-trusty?00:29
sarnoldrsully: the HWE stack comes from utopic or vivid or wily or whatever comes after wily..00:29
sarnoldrsully: note that the HWE stacks EOL _before_ the original 14.04 stack -- so if you opt into them today, it'll mean dealing with that again in another year or so..00:30
sarnoldrsully: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2BAC8-Support.A14.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support00:31
rsullyI'm just trying to understand what it means if I were to install linux-generic* to get the extra package00:31
sarnoldrsully: the -52 is just a regular security/reliability update00:31
Patrickdkoh, utopic00:31
PatrickdkI was going say, I was already running it on my laptop00:31
Patrickdkwifi works better :)00:31
rsullysarnold so if I don't want to keep dealing with updating, should I really be installing 14.04.1 instead of 14.04.2?00:33
Patrickdkwait, utopic is old00:33
PatrickdkI'm running vivid enablement I believe00:33
Patrickdkyou can install either for updates00:34
sarnoldrsully: yeah, I think so; unless you've got a specific reason to install 14.04.200:34
Patrickdkbut 14.04.1 will default to trust kernel00:34
Patrickdkyou can downgrade 14.04.2 to trusty if you want, just extra work00:34
rsullynah this box is so simple its easier to spin up a new VM and reprovision00:34
rsullysarnold no no reason to be on 14.04.2, I just figured it was 14.04 with some updates already applied or something - really had no idea the implications00:35
Patrickdkya, this started with 12.0400:35
Patrickdkit's really more for desktops than server00:36
sarnoldrsully: completely understood :) aside from kernel / X11 / handful of other small things it really is about the same..00:36
rsullywhats the difference between 14.04.0 and 14.04.1?00:36
Patrickdkjust updates00:36
Patrickdkfixes and stuff00:36
rsullythey're both 3.13 and supported to the same time period, but then 14.04.2 drops off support way earlier00:36
sarnoldrsully: that one is just updates; the .1 is when 12.04 LTS users were offered to upgrade automatically00:36
rsullyah ok00:36
sarnoldit represented a point of "all the obvious things have been fixed by now" :)00:37
rsullywell one reason I am on 14.04.2 is apparently joyent hasn't published 14.04.1 images for smartos00:42
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rsullyI've been getting this today too01:03
rsullyW: Failed to fetch http://joyent.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch01:03
sarnoldrsully: I think it'd be fastest to file a support ticket with joyent for that one -- the mirror admins in #ubuntu-mirror (or #ubuntu-mirrors?) _might_ be able to kick off a re-sync but joyent folks might be more responsive01:04
Patrickdktoo bad the only joyant people I know are the wrong ones to ask01:06
sarnoldsame here :)01:07
rsullyI dropped it into #smartos for time being01:08
rsullyok so I did another fresh install of 14.04.2 (and now apt-get updated/upgraded it)01:11
rsullyout of the box without any changes this is the kernel situation http://pastie.org/pastes/10185640/text?key=na44gckmawnuajs2rdhna01:11
rsully(well changes not including apt upgrading)01:11
sarnoldrsully: I wonder if that's mislabelled; the handy infographic suggests that 3.13 is the original 14.04.0 and 14.04.1 kernel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2BAC8-Support.A14.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support01:13
rsullyI'm just not sure which package I should be installing to get the 'extra' kernel package. linux-generic* packages look like they would all install it. I'm not sure if I should be installing a -lts-* version or not, or if there is another package altogether I should be looking for01:13
Patrickdkit is01:14
Patrickdkyou don't need extra01:14
Patrickdkunless you using 3.16 or 3.18 kernel01:14
sarnoldPatrickdk: he wants extra because the nls_utf8 kernel module is in the -extra package01:15
rsullySorry, what specifically is mislabelled?01:15
Patrickdkoh ah01:15
Patrickdkapt-get install linux-image-extra-virtual01:15
sarnoldrsully: I'm curious if the smartos "deploy ubuntu 14.04.2" is mislabelled; perhaps it should read "ubuntu 14.04.1"?01:15
sarnoldrsully: .. but then my laptop shows 14.04.2 for lsb_release -a ...01:16
Patrickdksarnold, no, then it would have had an older kernel01:16
sarnold.. even though I'm using the original 3.13 kernel too.01:16
Patrickdklikely what it is, is a netboot isntaller?01:16
rsullyYeah, my lsb_release shows 14.04.201:16
Patrickdkor could be updates are run on install01:16
rsullyPatrickdk the image I'm using is a joyent supplied ubuntu certified image for smartos01:17
Patrickdkyes, I'm not sure how they do their images01:17
Patrickdkcould be clones of a base install01:17
Patrickdkbut it could be any 14.04 image, and then updates added to make it 14.04.201:17
sarnoldthat's common for cloudy things01:17
Patrickdkdoesn't have to be a 14.04.2 install iso01:17
rsullyI assume Cannonical has a say since they're certified images01:17
rsullyPatrickdk so is linux-image-extra-virtual the correct package to use? What does it mean by 'transitional package'01:18
Patrickdksomeone broke it?01:24
Patrickdkoh, it is cause of the virtual01:25
Patrickdkthat is what is screwing it01:25
Patrickdkvirtual is transitional also01:25
Patrickdkubuntu switched to only generic01:25
Patrickdkso linux-generic would be the totally correct way now01:25
Patrickdkand remove linux-virtual01:25
Patrickdkbut they get the same result these days01:25
Patrickdkapt-get install linux-generic01:26
rsullyThen reboot and remove linux-virtual?01:27
Patrickdkyou don't need to remove it, but you can :)01:28
Patrickdkand then apt-get autoremove to let it clean up the rest01:28
rsullyIs a reboot necessary?01:30
Patrickdkbut you should, to update to the newest kernel01:30
Patrickdkwhat is it 48 or 49 currently01:31
rsullyYep, just wanted to make sure I could script this all without a reboot in the middle01:31
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Voyagehow to send email from linux to an external email like gmail etc?05:11
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abhishekhello I want to configure a centralized log management server. I have around 50 server(multiple linux versions) installed. I want to know a solution that our developer can access each server logs06:27
abhishekhow can i manage jboss logs in rsyslog. is it posssible07:15
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devster31if I wanted to compress images with the small possible size what should I use?07:42
devster31in an archive, not the actual file07:43
davegarathdevster31: tar support gzip and bzip2. tar jcf archive.tar.bz2 youimages*. but if the original images are in a compressed format you will not have sensible saving.07:51
Siilwyndevster31, although not the smallest size I would go for a simple .zip archive if you make it available for download for others.07:52
devster31I don't need it to be public, it's simple data migration, I just wanted the smallest size algorythm, and bzip2 is good enough07:54
SiilwynAlright in that case go ahead and use bzip2. (=07:55
devster31hi, how would I go about importing a table from a file.sql into an existing database? i want to import eg table1 from backup.sql into table2 from the actual database09:01
Siilwyndevster31, #sql or #mysql could be a better place to ask.09:03
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jcastroroaksoax, maas tagged questions on askubuntu need love if you guys have some time.14:26
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roaksoaxjcastro: /win 1314:32
roaksoaxjcastro: err14:32
roaksoaxjcastro: i'll see if anyone is not running around fixing last issues to get 1.8 out of the door14:32
jcastroyeah I just wanted to get it on your radar14:33
jcastrothe amount of incoming questions has increased a great deal, which is nice14:33
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squisherrbasak, jamespage, has either of you tested the 1.0.8 code? I don't have any issues. I think it'd be good to upload that soon - what distribution do I put into the changelog?15:52
rbasakkickinz1: ^^15:52
rbasakI've not looked.15:52
rbasakPut unstable in the changelog I think.15:53
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jamespagesquisher, context?15:53
rbasakjamespage: bcache-tools15:53
squisherjamespage, bcache-tools15:53
jamespageah - sorry15:53
squisherno worries15:53
rbasaksquisher: do we have a well-defined upstream repository/release tags now?15:55
squisherafaik yes, but then again there has been so little changes15:56
rbasaksquisher: can we send 0001-Clean-should-remove-bcache-register.patch there?15:57
squisherrbasak, I already did, but no response so far15:57
rbasaksquisher: oh OK, thanks. Do you know about dep3?15:57
rbasakWe can track upstream status in the quilt patches.15:57
squisherno, but sounds interesting15:57
rbasaksquisher: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/15:58
rbasaksquisher: it's just a metadata format so we can see if a patch has been sent upstream etc.15:58
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squisherrbasak, ok, I'll add that16:01
squisherrbasak, pushed. Now I only have to update debian/watch to point to http://evilpiepirate.org/git/bcache-tools.git instead of github. I can't find a good guide for (gitorious|gitweb) though, any ideas?16:35
rbasaksquisher: I'm not aware of one, sorry.16:42
rbasaksquisher: https://wiki.debian.org/debian/watch doesn't seem to list those16:43
rbasakBut that page does have some other resources listed that might help16:43
squisheryeah, I was just trying to avoid working my way through that regex mess16:44
squisherseems like a decent git support for uscan would be nice, but this bug hasn't been closed yet: , part of the bcache hybrid storage project (features, debian packaging)16:45
squisheroops: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=66335716:45
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FishsceneGreetings. I'm trying to set up vlc on my server, but I'll only be using the "cvlc" command as there is no GUI on the server. Should I just install "vlc"? or will that also install a GUI on my server?18:05
jrwrenFishscene: there is a package: vlc-nox which may be what you want.18:07
Fishscenejrwren. Awesome! That looks to be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!18:08
robertjso for netbooting, where should I get my syslinux.0 from? build it from src?18:32
sarthor  /j #java18:57
pmatulisrobertj: syslinux package?20:40
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ay_carambaHi everyone, trying to get a munin plugin going but the author says it requires "logsince" to parse logs but apt-get install logsince comes back with not found, any idea what this package might be known under?20:50
pmatulisay_caramba: i don't think it is available in a package20:55
ay_carambapmatulis: hmm ok, yeah I tried searching for it online but can't even find the source20:57
pmatulisay_caramba: where do you see reference to logsince?20:57
ay_carambapmatulis: https://github.com/himyouten/munin-nginx_response20:57
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