Drew_NeilsonIs Canonical planning to create an installer for Ubuntu Touch like what Cyanogen has created for CyanogenMod?00:42
DonkeyHoteiDrew_Neilson: i doubt it, the focus is on devices with it preinstalled00:56
Drew_NeilsonI hope they do.  It would make it easy for noobs like me :-)00:57
DonkeyHoteieasier would be buying a device with it preinstalled00:58
Drew_NeilsonDonkeyHotei too bad there aren't any, at least in the U.S.01:12
DonkeyHoteithere will be very soon01:12
Drew_Neilsonhow soon do you think?01:12
DonkeyHoteii'm the wrong person to ask that01:13
Drew_Neilsonwho should I ask01:13
DonkeyHoteithe negotiations with the mfrs and carriers are not public, but the meizu device will work in the US01:15
nhainesDrew_Neilson: At least one phone will launch in the US this year.01:20
DonkeyHoteiand that's not counting the meizu01:21
nhainesIt is counting the Meizu.01:21
nhainesWhich may or may not come to the US.01:21
nhainesBut it sounded like it would to me.01:21
nhainesAnyway, Canonical aren't working on a phone installer for Ubuntu because they're not working on any phones that don't come preinstalled with Ubuntu.01:22
DonkeyHoteithe android version of the meizu is currently orderable in the US from meizu's website01:22
nhainesCompletely irrelevant.  It doesn't run Ubuntu.01:22
DonkeyHoteiit speaks to where meizu sells01:23
nhainesThey sell worldwide, like most other Chinese OEMs.01:23
nhainesBut that doesn't mean they're going to launch an Ubuntu phone in the US.01:23
DonkeyHoteiif they launch an ubuntu phone worldwide and it works in the US, they will have launched an ubuntu phone in the US01:25
nhainesYou just said "if they launch an Ubuntu phone in the US, they will have launched an Ubuntu phone in the US."01:25
nhainesThe bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition works just fine in the US too.01:26
nhainesBut bq did not launch the phone in the US.01:26
DonkeyHoteion edge only01:26
nhainesI don't see how that's relevant.01:26
DonkeyHoteiedge towers are being phased out01:26
Drew_Neilsondoes Canonical screen Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch apps uploaded to its software store for malware, like how Google scans apps uploaded to Google Play for malware?01:27
DonkeyHoteigoogle does not do that01:27
nhainesDrew_Neilson: no, because apps are sandboxed and cannot access any information that's not included with the app.01:27
nhainesDonkeyHotei: yes they do.01:27
nhainesIt's not 100% effective, but they do have an automated approval process.01:28
Drew_Neilsonnaines but if Ubuntu has vulnerabilities, then apps can use those vulnerabilities to escape the sandbox01:28
Drew_Neilsonthat has happened with Android01:28
DonkeyHoteithe ubuntu store also has an automated approval process01:28
nhainesDrew_Neilson: yes, and if the malware is obfusticated it can escape detection from an automated scan.01:30
* Drew_Neilson goes to look up teh word "obfusticated"01:30
Drew_Neilsoncould Canonical do what Google has done by installing something like bouncer on all Ubuntu desktops and phones and anytime an app does something that is perhaps malware-like, it could report that back to Canonical, who would then remove the app from the store, or re-examine it?01:38
Drew_NeilsonThat would help eliminate teh problem of obfusticated code01:39
nhainesNo, but if it is discovered to be malware it will be removed from the store and I believe that Canonical can recall it from phones.01:39
nhainesI need to figure out this missing icons in the Apps scope thing.01:40
Drew_NeilsonSeems to me all OSes should have a secure antivirus program installed with root-level permissions--especially if developed by the OS developer--cause no matter what, no OS is 100% impenetrable (to my knowledge)01:43
DonkeyHoteia lot of android devices now ship with an app called Lookout which obnoxiously scans everything downloaded from the google play store01:44
Drew_NeilsonLookout doesn't have root-level permissions01:45
Drew_Neilsonto my knowledge, only Bouncer does01:45
nhainesNothing is 100% impenetrable, and antivirus is far less than 100% reliable.01:45
DonkeyHoteii have not seen Bouncer, even on android 5.101:46
Drew_NeilsonDonkeyHotei Bouncer is system-level, part of the OS01:46
Drew_Neilsontake everything that I say with a grain of salt, since I've never owned a smartphone01:47
Drew_Neilsonthis comes from what I've read01:47
Drew_NeilsonI don't even know if Bouncer's name is still Bouncer01:47
Drew_Neilsonnhaines since you mentioned obfusticated code, a root-level antivirus program could monitor running programs, and anytime a program does something that is illegal (in terms of software), attempts to escape the sandbox, etc. the antivirus could report back to Canonical what the app is trying to do, and then Canonical could re-review it and potentially remove it from the app store.01:50
nhainesIt's not usually remarkable when a sandbox blocks access.01:53
Drew_Neilsonnhaines what do you mean?01:53
nhainesIf an application wants your location, but you deny it access, it's going to constantly be asking for your current location and the call will fail and the application will continue normally.01:55
nhainesThat's not a cause for alarm--it's actually exactly how things were designed.01:55
Drew_Neilsonwhat about apps that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities to escape the sandbox and cause harm to the system or access private data that would normally be off-limits?01:58
nhainesWhat about them?01:58
nhainesThe system can't be harmed because a) applications don't run as a priviledged user and b) the system file system is read-only.01:59
Drew_NeilsonPerhaps a root-level antivirus program could monitor such activity, report it back to Canonical, and force the rogue app to be re-evaluated.01:59
nhainesYou haven't described a virus.01:59
Drew_NeilsonHasn't this actually happened on Android?01:59
nhainesI don't think it matters what's happened on Android.02:00
nhainesApplications literally can't access anything outside of their own file path.02:00
nhainesAnything else is mediated by system helper calls.02:00
Drew_NeilsonIs Ubuntu more secure--more hardened--than Android?02:01
nhainesYes, but it's also not comparable to Android.02:02
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fobabettyhow can I add an app to the ubuntu phone panel?05:39
nhainesIf you mean the menu bar where the indicators are, you can't.05:41
fobabettyno... on the left05:41
fobabettyI know it will be simple... but I cannot find out how to do :-)05:42
nhainesOh, the launcher.05:42
fobabettyyes... launcher05:42
nhainesLaunch the app, then long-press the icon, and choose "Pin to launcher".05:42
fobabettyPerfect. Thank you nhaines05:43
fobabettyhow would I do a complete image of my new bq ubuntu phone.. so that I could write it back if something went wrong?05:44
nhainesNo worries.  :)05:45
nhainesA complete image is tricky.  Basically you gzip /home/phablet05:45
fobabettycan I ssh to the phone?05:47
fobabettysorry for my newbie questions.. but I think if I ask my questions here... and somebody of you guys have the time... you can answer my questions about 10 times quicke than myself using google :-)05:47
fobabettyI am just a power user girl.. not a developer ;-)05:48
nhainesYou should get used to Googling.  ;)  AskUbuntu.com is a great resource!05:51
nhainesIf you enable developer mode, you can use phablet-shell to end up on the phone.05:51
nhainesof course, you can also just install Terminal from the Ubuntu App Store as well.  ;)05:51
nhaines(Don't be afraid to ask questions here either, but sometimes it's busy or deserted, too.)05:52
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fobabettyok, thank you nhaines. have a nice day05:55
nhainesfobabetty: thank you, and likewise!  :)05:55
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fobabettynhaines: I would have a very last question.. It would be great if I could make an own scope that shows browser bookmarks... mm.. what I want is to pin some links (e.g. google drive) to a scope.. is this possible?06:03
nhainesOoh, interesting.  Browser bookmarks probably aren't possible.06:05
nhainesBut links shouold be pretty simple.06:05
fobabettyreally.. links would be better.. how could I do this06:05
fobabettyso you think I could make my own scope even Im not a programer/developer ?06:06
nhainesThis would probably be a good start.  There's a scope creator for RSS feeds as well that might be even simpler.06:06
fobabettyok.. thanks.. I will have a look there.. bye06:06
nhainesIn some respect you have to become a programmer.  But it's pretty straightforward and between that guide and the other tool you should be able to figure something out.  :)06:06
nhainesGood luck!  :)06:06
lotuspsychjesturmflut2: http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/Ubuntu-15-10-with-Unity-8-and-Linux-Kernel-4-0-Runs-on-a-Lenovo-Tablet-480994.shtml06:30
nhaineslotuspsychje: I'm just jealous of that mouse cursor.06:42
lotuspsychjenhaines: comes handy on headshots :p06:46
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sturmflut2lotuspsychje: Oh, I'm famous again ;) It would have been nice if they had asked me about the pictures though, they apparently just downloaded them from my blog, put them on their own server and made a gallery. With credits, at least.07:11
lotuspsychje_sturmflut2: seems nice :p07:12
lotuspsychje_contrats on your work07:12
sturmflut2lotuspsychje_: Well, it's just combining the right parts. Not much real work from my side. I'm thinking about building a modified Ubuntu 15.10 Installer ISO to ease the process, but I have no experience with that.07:14
lotuspsychje_ah, check remastersys package or somethign similar07:14
lotuspsychje_packages to modify your own ubuntu distro iso07:15
sturmflut2lotuspsychje_: Ah, that might be a nice starting point! Thanks.07:15
lotuspsychje_sturmflut2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization07:15
sturmflut2lotuspsychje_: I don't need much, just replace the kernel and a correction to the GRUB installation script.07:16
lotuspsychje_sturmflut2: and this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DerivativeDistroHowto07:16
dholbachgood morning07:16
sturmflut2dholbach: Good morning!07:16
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dholbachhey sturmflut207:17
dholbachsturmflut2, nice series of articles coming from you!07:17
sturmflut2dholbach: Thanks! I am working on many more, just not with the same frequency at the moment. The topics are getting more advanced and research takes longer.07:18
dholbach<3 <3 <307:19
sturmflut2And I do have those "private life" and "work" thingies07:19
dholbachdpm, davidcalle: we should have a look and see if we can borrow anything form sturmflut2's blog entries for developer.u.c :-)07:19
lotuspsychjeamateur folling around is the best07:19
davidcalledholbach, +1!07:20
lotuspsychjealot of magic happens in this channel lately07:20
lotuspsychjeyou guys all rock07:20
sturmflut2dholbach, dpm, davidcalle: If you can make any use of my musings, please just do. Also if you come up with corrections and/or ideas on how to improve, just tell me. You can even open a GitHub issue for the blog or clone the whole thing and send me a pull request.07:24
dpmthanks so much sturmflut2!07:24
davidcalledpm, dholbach, any name ideas for that weekly blog post about what's going on in Ubuntu dev/appdev?07:25
dadexix86good morning! update is here, can someone link to me the changelog please? :)07:27
PhilippePhere you go07:32
jcbjoePhilippeP: is that for ubuntu-touch ?07:37
PhilippePjcbjoe: yep07:37
jcbjoePhilippeP: are you using ubuntu-touch as a daily driver ?07:38
PhilippePjcbjoe: yes it's currently my only phone ...07:40
jcbjoePhilippeP: nexus 4 ?07:40
PhilippePjcbjoe: nope BQ07:40
jcbjoePhilippeP: are you in the US ?07:41
PhilippePjcbjoe: no Europe(Belgium)07:42
jcbjoeto bad ubuntu-touch dosen't have nearby and stuff07:42
jcbjoefor anyone what is the diffrence between devel and stable ?07:46
dadexix86PhilippeP, thank you very much! :)07:56
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PhilippePdadexix86: you're welcome07:57
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Alison Hargreaves Day! 😃08:36
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sturmflut2Yay, OTA-3.5 is downloading08:46
robin-herosturmflut2: I updated my phone yesterday at 9 PM. :)08:48
ogra_congrats, you won the lottery :)08:49
PhilippePwrong window :)09:03
diduserhow can I set a custom ringtone in new bq ubuntu phone?09:07
sturmflut2diduser: Hm, let's see09:12
sturmflut2diduser: Looks like the UI doesn't support custom ringtones at the moment, but you could change it via gsettings.09:13
diduserI read about I could remount the system writable and copy the files to /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones/     But I am afraid to loose the option to get "official" updates...09:14
diduserI read that the gsettings-option would not longer work09:14
diduseris that right?09:14
sturmflut2diduser: Hmmmmmm. The "com.ubuntu.touch.sound incoming-call-sound" schema/key still exists, but I don't know if it is still used.09:17
diduserso how could I tried it in your opinion?09:18
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robin-heroI think I found a bug which is affected r21 and r22 too. Two days ago I got an MMS and I recieved it everyday the same time again and again.09:18
sturmflut2diduser: I just tried to set the incoming-call-sound via gsettings, the key has been written but the UI still displays the old ringtone. Even after a restart.09:21
sturmflut2diduser: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/126809709:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1268097 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "[System settings] Can't set user-supplied ring tone" [Wishlist,Triaged]09:22
didusersturmflut2: so.. is it right that I could lose the possibility to get update if I remount the system rw?09:23
sturmflut2diduser: Yeah, mounting r/w is best to be avoided09:24
diduserok... so.. at this time.. no chance to set a custom ringtone, right?09:25
sturmflut2diduser: Doesn't look like it, no.09:26
sturmflut2diduser: You can probably only add yourself as affected to the bug, the more people weigh in the liklier it becomes that it will be fixed.09:26
diduserok, thank you09:26
ogra_mounting rw and just putting an additional file in a dir and thenj mounting ro again wont do any harm09:28
sturmflut2It is surprising how much feedback I get on this BayTrail tablet stuff. Looks like people are really waiting for a cheap, decent Ubuntu tablet.09:31
brunch875hah, I'd love to have one. The whole issue with tablets right now it's they're slow and they're not as capable as PCs09:33
didusersturmflut2: I tried to login to my bq phone.. I installed the package "phablet-tools". but "adb devices" does not show my bq.. developer mode is enabled. what could be the reason? do I have to install further packages?09:35
sturmflut2diduser: Which Ubuntu version does your host run?09:36
diduserxubuntu 14.0409:36
sturmflut2ogra_: 14.04 doesn't come with the necessary udev rules for ADB on the bq, right? Or something like that09:36
simosxdiduser, if it's the first time you use adb, you may need to reboot the phone.09:37
diduserI could try it with 15.04 I have installed in virtualbox..09:37
diduserok, trying a reboot09:37
sturmflut2brunch875: Those Windows 8.1 tablets are actually quite nice hardware-wise. Quad-Core, at least 32 GB flash, 2 GB RAM, UEFI and ACPI, "standard" Intel graphics chip, HDMI port, USB 3.0 On-the-Go, for about 180 euros or even less. The only problem is the software. Intel usually does an excellent job, but this time they screwed up big time. Not even the latest 4.0 kernels come with the necessary drivers.09:38
sturmflut2brunch875: Not even audio works out of the box :/09:38
simosxdiduser, there is a version of 'adb' that requires an instruction that says that the USB vendor ID is a device that is good for 'adb'. My 'adb' that works, is of version '1.0.31'. (run 'adb' without parameters to find the version).09:39
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ogra_sturmflut_, the phablet-tools PPA has them09:40
simosxI have a bq phone and I am on 'ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed'. Is that still bleeding edge or shall I move to something else? The bq phones with original firmware got an update today which I did not get.09:42
diduserok, in 15.04 it works.. but I got message "no local key, please run the ssh-keygen command first"... which command exactly?09:42
simosxdiduser, it's about SSH keypairs. You need to create a keypair for SSH using ssh-keygen, then run the command again.09:43
didusersimosx: so I run the command "ssh-keygen" on host machine??09:43
simosxdiduser, yes. The 'ssh keypair' is an important thing. See for example at https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys/ for some good parameters to use.09:44
diduserok, and what password do I choose? the one of my phone?09:44
brunch875Hoooray I finally have some time to take a look at the ubuntu development tools!09:45
simosxdiduser, it asks you for a 'passphrase' to protect your keypair. It's up to you, if you feel like, you might be able to leave it empty. However, that keypair can be used for things like github, so it's good to put a passphrase and remember it.09:45
diduserok.. but now when I do "phablet-shell" I get "error: closed"09:46
ogra_simosx, stop usin channels with release names ... they are dead ends :)09:46
ogra_use the respective alias09:46
simosxdiduser, it happens sometimes. When running 'phablet-shell', it does behind quite a few things. Try to run it a couple of times?09:48
didusermm.. does phablet-shell need su-rights? or can I run it as normal user?09:49
ogra_diduser, you need to unlock the phone screen09:49
ogra_estabishing a new connecion is only allowed while the phone is unlocked09:49
diduserogra: OMG.. that was the error (in 15.05)... thank you !09:50
simosxogra_, I may have put devel-proposed. How do I verify? (I am on the phone with a shell/phablet-shell).09:50
ogra_system-image-cli -i09:50
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: | Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Installing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting guide (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bugs filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Nexus Status: http://bit.ly/18kIrhM | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | OTA-3.5 released
simosxnice. I am on 'ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed', last update on '2015-05-08 18:38:55'.09:52
ogra_thats fine then09:52
diduserthank you all for help09:55
ogra_that is why we are here :)09:55
diduser*thumbsup* :-)09:56
brunch875Agh! The calendar startled me with an event. I had no idea notifications behaved like alarms10:01
brunch875That's actually a pretty neat functionality.10:02
davmor2brunch875: how else would you know about meetings you are meant to be at else?10:03
brunch875back when I used an android phone I remember checking the calendar widget constantly :|10:04
brunch875There are six different project templates for apps and I have no idea which one is better10:11
brunch875or at least more modern10:11
simosxI tried once to compile the bq kernel at https://github.com/bq/aquaris-E4.5/tree/aquaris-E4.5-ubuntu-rtm and created a boot.img. I then installed it on the bq. It did not boot (boot loop).10:15
simosxI recovered by installing the boot.img that I extracted according to sturmflut_ instructions (https://sturmflut.github.io/) so it's fine now.10:15
simosxAnyone tried to re-compile the kernel?10:16
mcphailbrunch875: the templates confused me as well. Use qmlproject for simple qml apps and cmake project if you're using a C++ backend. When the new targets come on line I think everything is going to change to qmake10:20
nicomenare there some tutorials in how to making web apps and html5 apps without using the UI?10:22
ogra_headless html5 apps ?10:22
nicomenI get so many different errors trying to run an emulator or running things on the phone, and still not been able to. It would be easier for me to do things manually and find out what is actually failing10:23
nicomenany app, I guess how to generate an installable deb/click or something10:23
ogra_nicomen, you need three files http://paste.ubuntu.com/11111516/ ...10:37
ogra_developer.ubuntu.com has details about them .-..10:38
ogra_(well, you need 4 files, since an icon is required)10:38
nicomenah that's it?10:39
nicomenthanks ;)10:39
ogra_well, the Main.qml file that is called there would be a minimal qml to wrap a webview and you would open your index.html from inside it ... or you would replace the exec line in the desktop file with a webapp-container call10:40
ogra_but yeah, from the click side it is only these three files plus an icon10:40
tvossrandom rant: the lack of good-looking *AND* working home-banking software10:45
ogra_tvoss, just write it :P10:50
tvossogra_, I'm tempted10:50
ogra_you might have to open a bank first though :)10:50
tvossogra_, well ... not necessarily10:51
ogra_well, otherwise controlling the backend side might be painful ... which could harm the "working" part :)10:52
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sturmflut_kgunn: Sorry for the disturbance, but I don't know if you've already seen https://plus.google.com/102486542947898431342/posts/Qd2jh7Q7YNE and the linked article?11:15
kgunnsturmflut_: hey! good to hear from you so no disturbance, thanks for sharing11:16
sturmflut_kgunn: I think I've finally found a way to put a reliable 15.04 installation on the device, a how-to is in the works11:17
ogra_sturmflut_, well, pretty curtious what works and what doesnt given that many userspace bits still hard depend on the android layer atm11:17
sturmflut_ogra_: I suppose we'll find out ;)11:17
ogra_(sound, sensors, gps ....)11:18
sturmflut_ogra_: I can already say something positive about the GPS: There is none.11:18
kgunnsturmflut_: did you use our silo with demo code or is that all just trunk code ?11:18
ogra_h, and video playback indeed ...11:19
Masternoobhey guys, i just want initiate a talk about the calendar app11:20
sturmflut_kgunn: The screenshots from yesterday are just using the packages that came with 15.10 (Wily) by default. I'm reinstalling the device with 15.04 and the vivid PPA today. Yesterday I was just happy that the tablet hadn't crashed for more than 20 minutes, this time I'll do it proper.11:21
Masternoobcurrently it is in terrible shape and has nearly no dev activity...imho a celndar app is core functionality and i know 3 people that can't use the phone because of this....11:21
ogra_Masternoob, did they file bugs ?11:22
sturmflut_ogra_: Video acceleration worked quite well last time, this is an Intel GPU running the Open Source drivers.11:22
ogra_(also #ubuntu-app-devel is probably the better place for this)11:22
ogra_sturmflut_, sure, but the gstreamer setup defaults to hybris ... as well as pulse11:22
ogra_so sound and video are a matter of luck :)11:23
sturmflut_ogra_: Well, I have good news about pulseaudio as well: there is currently no kernel driver for the internal audio chip11:24
ogra_... until we actually have a proper backend implementation for non-adnroid devices11:24
Masternoobogra_ yes they did file bugs... currently there are  30 New bugs and 87 Open bugs in the app...many of them should be really high priority since they make the app unusable on a daily basis11:24
MasternoobAlso there are plans to include the app by default (Bug 1418986), but this is a bad idea since there are so many crucial bugs11:26
ubot5bug 1418986 in Canonical System Image "Install the calendar app by default" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141898611:26
ogra_this is why it isnt included by default yet11:27
sturmflut_Masternoob: I would also say that #ubuntu-app-devel is the better place for this discussion11:27
ogra_yes, as i said above11:27
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Masternoobok thank you i will take the discussion to the other channel11:29
TenleftfingersBug 1454657 (sorry, I cant paste URL from  BQ device yet) relates to the calendar's Month overview. Id appreciate confirmation/me too if anyone can reproduce.11:36
ubot5bug 1454657 in Ubuntu Calendar App ""Month" overview uses misleading colours for events" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145465711:36
TenleftfingersThank you ogra_11:38
mariogripis that a new ota update i see? :O v2211:57
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jgdxmpt, ping12:12
sturmflut_mariogrip: Yeah, OTA-3.512:17
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seb128jgdx, you better ping with context if you want a reply from mpt ;-)12:23
=== sturmflut_ is now known as sturmflut
jgdxseb128, :)12:33
sturmflutmzanetti: Ping12:34
mzanettihey sturmflut12:34
sturmflutmzanetti: Okay, I think I've got a stable 15.04 environment on the tablet now. I forgot my notes at home, could you please repeat one more time which PPAs I need on top of vivid for Unity8 and Mir?12:34
jgdxmpt, the apn spec, is something happening to it?12:34
* sturmflut has probably asked this five times now12:34
sturmflutmzanetti: I promise I'll document it in a public place this time12:36
mzanettisturmflut, ^12:37
MasternoobIs it a known bug that Windows doesn't recognize the BQ Phone as USB drive?12:39
ogra_the phone doesnt expose as USB drive anywhere12:42
ogra_only as MTP device ... and windows should detect it as that12:42
davmor2ogra_: Windows does it is part of the regression plan12:43
davmor2ogra_: as mtp that is12:43
ogra_but you guys dont test all windows versions either i guess :)12:44
davmor2ogra_: no just the version we have a licence for so for me that is window 712:44
davmor2ogra_: I think others have windows 812:45
ogra_i.e. i'm not sure if XP even has MTP support (if anyone is insane enough to still run XP on an internet connected machine)12:45
davmor2ogra_: just xp would of been enough there I think :)12:45
sturmflutHmmmm, downloading at 500 kbyte/s per second using an USB-Ethernet-adapter. I wonder who's to blame.12:46
ogra_sturmflut, anything else on the same HUB ?12:47
sturmfluts/kbyte/s per second/kbyte per second/12:47
LostSoulhi comunity, how can I take screen shots on aquarius ?12:48
ogra_LostSoul, press both volume buttons at the same time12:48
davmor2LostSoul: vol+ and vol- at the same time12:48
ogra_you'll find the screenshot in the gallery app then12:48
davmor2Masternoob: what version of windows are you on?12:49
sturmflutogra_: No, it's all USB 3.0 and the Ethernet connection is 100 MBit/s all the way. Probably some cheap chipset.12:49
LostSoulit works perfectly. Thank you12:49
LostSoulthere is a problem.. Geolocalization feiled. Can I do something ?12:50
ogra_sturmflut, yeah,. or buggy USB 3.0 drivers :P12:50
davmor2sturmflut: is the usb→eth actually usb3?12:51
ogra_LostSoul, did you already recieve the latest OTA (out since yesterday) .-.. that fixes a bunch of location issues12:51
ogra_well, then wait for it and check again after you received it :)12:51
LostSoulwait? Can not do anything now?12:52
sturmflutdavmor2: Well, the chinese sticker on it claims so. Maybe "3.0" means "like a sloth" in chinese numerology or so.12:52
Masternoobdavmor2 Windows712:52
ogra_OTAs come in phased updates for the first 24h ... in that timeframe you can only wait12:52
ogra_(and hope you win the lottery :) )12:53
MasternoobI shows as some kind of media player but i guess it should show as usb drive like android does12:53
ogra_it should show as media device but be accessible in your file manager12:53
Masternoobit is not accessible as file manager12:54
davmor2ogra_: Masternoob: checking now12:54
sturmflutI wonder what happened with that ultra-cheap chinese 128 GB sd card which that one guy on the mailinglist bought.12:54
davmor2Masternoob, ogra_: shows up fine here,  please remember that the phones screen needs to be on to show up12:56
davmor2Masternoob: and unlocked12:56
MasternoobIt shows up for me to but i cannot open it in explorer12:56
* popey tests this13:01
popeyworks here13:02
popeyon my retail bq device13:03
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popeyhmm, vivid krillin doesn't work13:03
popeyi see nothing13:03
davmor2popey: works here :(13:04
* popey updates phone13:04
popeymx4 running vivid (I assume?) fails too13:04
robin-heropopey: Do you have an mx4? :)13:05
davmor2popey: 1 second13:05
popeyNO CARRIER13:06
ogra_use a cart ...13:06
davmor2popey: connects13:11
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davmor2Masternoob: sorry it took so long but windows suck for screeenshots http://davmor2.co.uk/~davmor2/bq-phone-in-win7.png13:17
Masternoobam i seeing this right that it should show two "drives" one for interal and one for sd?13:21
ogra_if you have a properly formatted SD in the device it should show up, yes13:22
davmor2Masternoob: yeap13:23
ogra_definitely does on the various ubuntu desktops here13:23
Masternoobok i have no sd card in my phone and i only see the "Aquaris E4" symbol but no drives under it13:23
* ogra_ hasnt used windows in ~20 years ... 13:23
davmor2Masternoob: there is no driver under it you just click on it and it shows you the home/phablet/folders13:24
* Masternoob is forced to use it at work13:24
ogra_and thats an unmodified phone ... like it comes out of the box ?13:24
davmor2no driver should be no drive13:24
Masternoobdavmor but on your screenshot i see two "drive" simbols13:24
ogra_(with updates applied indeed)13:24
ogra_or did you tinker with it in any way13:25
Masternoobno my phone is completely stock (with the latest rtm update)13:25
popeyodd, sometimes they appear, sometimes not13:25
Masternoobi will try it on a different mashine when i get home in a few hours...maybe this windows installation has some kind of problem13:26
ogra_popey, well, i had reworked the whole underlaing mtp layer ... but that didnt make it in and eventually we killed the silo13:27
ogra_(based on udev rules .... not on upstart jobs ... a lot less racy but sadly there were issues with mako)13:27
davmor2Masternoob: right sorry, they are just virtual folders not drives as such :)  You can try unplugging it and pluggin it back in but make sure the screen on the phone is on an unlocked, mtp is only up when the phone is in that state otherwise it just shows the phone is connected13:27
popeyi think we need a bug for this13:28
popeyit's really unreliable13:28
davmor2popey: balme ogra_ he'll say it's not him but don't listen to that ;)13:28
Masternoobok i will try it in a few hours from now.... are there plans to change this behaviour? I don't think a normal user will understand or know this13:28
ogra_popey, perhaps re-open bug 142552313:28
ubot5bug 1425523 in Canonical System Image "Cannot connect to device with MTP" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142552313:29
ogra_Masternoob, which behavior ?13:29
ogra_that you dont see it is a bug, yes, that bit needs fixing13:29
ogra_that you need to unlock the screen is security design13:29
Masternoobthat the phone must be unlocked to acces it via usa13:29
ogra_there were plans to add key authentication ... but the developer teams got shuffled recently and this is not a small task13:30
MasternoobI think the phone should prompt for this when connting via usb...how should the user know to do this?13:30
ogra_so not sure if that is anywhere high on anyones TODO now13:30
davmor2Masternoob: it is actually a security measure so someone can't take your phone plug it into their machine and steal your data13:31
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Masternoobdavmor2: yeah i get that, but there is no indication why it doesn't work, most users will give up there and can never access their data13:32
davmor2Masternoob: how would you indicate that on a locked phone?13:33
K1773Rsome will use their brain, the others wont13:33
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mcphailIs it possible to offer a folder with a text file which says "The screen must be unlocked to access the files on the device"?13:33
MasternoobI don't know the plattform limitations here but wouldn't it possible to turn the screen on with some kind of fullscreen notification?13:34
mcphailOr change the text on the "circle" on the phone lockscreen?13:34
MasternoobI think this should be really visible (possibly even Fullscreen with an exclamation mark icon or something)13:35
popeyIt could well have a notification13:35
popey"Unlock device to access over USB"13:35
MasternoobAs i said, i think without a reakky visible notification, most users will fail to connect the device13:38
davmor2popey: but you are assuming that people are looking at their screen.  If it is plugged in in the morning on arrival to work and you don't try and access it till an hour later how do you make it obvious then?13:38
ogra_Masternoob, file a wishlist bug, that sounds like a pretty valuable feature (such a notification)13:39
Masternoobi can only speak to me but i would at least unlock the screen to see if it offers some advice....android does something like this, you have to press a button before it connects a a "drive"13:39
popeygiven the screen turns on when you plug usb in, putting a notification there seems sane13:39
popeyand ocne people learn, they know13:39
ogra_thats what i meant above with "key authentication"13:39
ogra_future versions were supposed to pop up a key auth dialog ... once you confirmed that the key is put on your PC and you can always connect13:40
ogra_(for adb and mtp specifically)13:40
Masternoobogra_ is there an existing bug/which for this or is it only in some blueprint?13:41
TenleftfingersPodbird is crashing immediately after startup. I don't think OTA3.5 is to blame because I think I saw rhis earpier in the week too. If I uninstapp and reinstall, do I loose my subscriptions?13:46
mcphailTenleftfingers: you don't lose your subscriptions. (well, I didn't)13:48
shadeslayerogra_: ping :)13:49
ogra_shadeslayer, yo13:49
shadeslayerogra_: so I was trying to do some modifications to the rootfs from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/ and apparently apt-get is not happy about things13:49
shadeslayerogra_: invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/bluetooth-touch not found.13:50
shadeslayerfor eg13:50
shadeslayerare those files manually placed?13:50
ogra_you need to set up your chroot properly :)13:50
Tenleftfingersthanks mcphail :)13:50
ogra_mount dev and proc ... put the necessary fake files in place etc13:50
shadeslayerogra_: sure, that's one part of the problem, but it complains about /etc/init.d/bluetooth-touch , One would presume that comes from the pacakge13:51
mcphailTenleftfingers: perhaps one of your subscriptions is causing the crash. Seems to work perfectly here13:51
ogra_shadeslayer, and you did put the proer fake file for invoke-rc.d in place ?13:51
shadeslayerogra_: doesn't that file come from the package? aka why do I need a fake file?13:51
ogra_(divert it and link it to /bin/true or some such ... whatever live-build usually does for them)13:52
ogra_(when it sets up the buiold chroots)13:52
ogra_has nothing to do with any package13:52
shadeslayerogra_: right, just thought that the file would be provided by some package or something13:53
shadeslayerwhy does the postrm refer to it then?13:54
ogra_its part of the chroot setup13:54
ogra_like making dbus calls no-op's etc etc13:54
sturmflutshadeslayer: invoke-rc.d tries to change actual system settings, start daemons etc. But you are in a chroot, and you can't and don't want the chroot to change your host system. So you have to "fake" the invoke-rc.d command, everybody inside your chroot needs to think that it succeeded while it actually didn't do anything.13:54
Tenleftfingersmcphail: Good point. Although I would argue that if malformed XML or the mp3 is causing issues it still the apps fault. Until I can get it to stay loaded I camt unsubscripted. Lets see how it goes!13:54
Masternoobso...should i create a whish for the usb prompt?13:55
ogra_Masternoob, yes, against the mtp package13:55
mcphailTenleftfingers: will be interesting to know if the path to the mp3 has a "#" (hash symbol) in it13:55
sturmflutshadeslayer: The postrm assumes that you are running apt-get on an actual, fully functional system. But in this case you aren't.13:55
Tenleftfingersmcphail, Hmm, Ill look it up from my desktop.. The onesI added most recently. I may get disconnected as I'm "multitasking" on a BQ device but Ill be back.13:57
shadeslayersturmflut: so ... the post/prerm checks for this script which is present on a regular system but not on touch since live build removes them13:59
shadeslayerdid I get that right?13:59
MasternoobI filed a new bug 145471313:59
ubot5bug 1454713 in mtp (Ubuntu) "Promt user to unlock phone when connection via usb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145471313:59
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ogra_shadeslayer, no, you didnt ... the build env doesnt touch any pre/postrm scripts ... it replaces the tools tehse scripts call14:40
ogra_in the case you are looking at its invoke-rc.d14:40
shadeslayerI see14:40
ogra_but there are others iirc14:41
shadeslayerright, now I understand :)14:41
ogra_shadeslayer, https://jpetazzo.github.io/2013/10/06/policy-rc-d-do-not-start-services-automatically/ this is a rather good write up14:44
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sturmflutYay, 3D acceleration and 1080p video playback on BayTrail! Out of the box! But no sound :/14:52
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george_eThis is probably a dumb question, but does anybody know which framework I should target for an app running on the Bq Aquaris?17:01
dobeygeorge_e: 14.10 right now17:03
george_edobey: excellent, thanks!17:04
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jcbjoedoes gps and location services work in ubuntu-touch ?17:09
dobeygenerally, yes17:10
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studio_one question about the gallery app in UT. Was it fixed to not store videos from an external storage?17:47
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studio_nobody here?18:03
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mariogripmhall119: I saw the some users from Oneplus one forum tried to get the opo as a official device :D18:07
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mhall119mariogrip: the OPO has some very loyal users18:25
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mariogripmhall119: :)18:55
kenvandineElleo, i proposed my url-dispatcher branch for content-hub, i haven't included my checklist results yet, waiting for new debs to test :)19:21
kenvandineElleo, i'll do that in the morning19:21
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mariogripwhat's the best way to find debug output of ofonod?20:03
mariogripogra_, rsalveti: can you help me out here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11118708/ it looks like rild starts, but ofono cannot connect to it....20:14
rsalvetihm, connection refused would probably be related with permission20:15
rsalvetiawe: ^20:15
awemariogrip, you need to ensure that the user process attempting to open the rild socket has the right permissions20:16
aweone sec...20:16
mariogripwait, rebooted the device with a clean build, now i'm getting this http://paste.ubuntu.com/11118749/20:18
mariogriprsalveti: awe ^20:19
awemariogrip, so you're working on port, right?20:19
awedid you get past the permissions problems?20:20
aweso ofono can now connect?20:20
mariogrip[0,UNSOL]< UNSOL_RIL_CONNECTED20:20
awewhat device?20:21
mariogrip"ofonod[969]: We are polling CLCC and received an error"20:21
awe( if you can share )20:21
mariogriponeplus one20:21
aweyou can safely ignore the "We are polling error..."20:21
aweit's thrown early in the bringup20:21
awethe bigger problem is that you can't parse the SIM status reply20:21
aweall bets *really* are off if you can't do that20:22
awemariogrip, what's the modem?20:22
mariogripMSM8974 chip20:23
awedo you have access to the cyanogenmod source for the device?  Particularly the file RIL.java?20:23
mariogripI think so, it ships with cm20:24
taiebotAs anyone reported stuff like that http://uppix.com/f-screenshot2015045553b3120018ee22.png ??20:25
awemariogrip, so basically... manufacturers don't always follow the messages definitions as defined by ril.h20:26
aweex: http://androidxref.com/4.4.2_r1/xref/hardware/ril/include/telephony/ril.h20:26
aweso what you need to do, is compare the parsing logic in RIL.java, in your particular branch, and figure out the difference20:27
aweand then ideally, you'd quirk the message parsing code in rildmodem20:27
awewe just did something similar for a qcom-based dual-SIM phone20:27
awecheckout the following pull-request to give you an idea of how it was quirked20:28
awenote, the title of the pull-request is a bit generic unfortunately, but it'll give you an idea of how rildmodem's quirking works20:29
mariogripokay, thanks. i will give it a try20:29
aweyou can also turn on OFONO_RIL_TRACE and OFONO_RIL_HEX_TRACE in the ofono.override upstart job20:30
awein this case, you'll see every message in readable form up to the parse error20:30
aweand the hex trace, well, does what it says.  ;)-20:31
nhainesOh hey. I'm running ubuntu-rtm on my phone and after the last few updates someofthe icons have disappeared from the Launcher and the Apps scope.20:45
nhainesAre there any logs that might be useful for that?20:47
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dobeybanana net splits21:10
mariogripawe, what should i write to enable OFONO_RIL_TRACE and OFONO_RIL_HEX_TRACE?21:10
mariogripin .override21:12
awemariogrip, you just need to ensure the variables are defined in the ofono's environment; just add them to ofono.override21:12
awethey don't need to be set to any particular value21:12
mariogripso like env OFONO_RIL_TRACE21:12
awemtk.c and ril.c just call getenv("OFONO_RIL_TRACE")21:13
aweand same for HEX21:13
aweyou can also run ofono from the command line per: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/1427788/comments/221:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1427788 in ofono (Ubuntu) "rilmodem: Do not always use sim's app in status->gsm_umts_index" [High,Fix committed]21:14
mariogripawe: ah, thanks21:18
intheair86want to compile for note 4, help.21:20
awemariogrip, yw21:21
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Elleokenvandine: okay, sure thing :)23:37

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