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* diddledan blows raspberries06:34
MartijnVdSvoid Void(void) { Void();06:45
MartijnVdSrecursive call of the void.06:45
diddledanoh boy, I feel nullified06:45
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:45
zmoylan-piello earthlings06:46
diploMorning all06:55
MooDoomorning all06:59
diddledanmorning from a different place07:41
zmoylan-piwell if we were all in the exact same place it would violate some law of physics...07:44
zmoylan-piand good manners :-)07:45
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davmor2Morning all08:20
czajkowskidavmor2: howdy08:23
davmor2czajkowski: how do08:30
czajkowskidavmor2: all good08:32
czajkowskico working day!08:32
MooDoomorning davmor2 czajkowski08:34
davmor2czajkowski: how are the cow orkers08:36
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Alison Hargreaves Day! πŸ˜ƒ08:36
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czajkowskiall good thanks just one today as popey is ill08:37
davmor2czajkowski: booo08:38
davmor2popey: get well soon the channel is too quiet without you08:39
JamesTaitAt least we've still got davmor2 around to keep things lively. πŸ˜‰08:40
czajkowskiJamesTait: lol08:41
JamesTaitczajkowski, say hi to the chucks for me. ☺08:43
davmor2JamesTait: and why prey tell does a wench who can walk get an entire day to herself hmm hmm....okay walking up Everest alone without an oxygen tank is a huge feat but it basically boils down the Derbyshire bias doesn't it08:43
JamesTaitdavmor2, I almost went with Top Gun Day, but I'm not sure I could cope with a whole day of the references.08:44
JamesTaitdavmor2, and the Derbyshire thing. πŸ˜‰08:44
czajkowskiJamesTait: so when are you getting some hens08:46
czajkowskifresh eggs daily08:47
JamesTaitczajkowski, when we don't have any more cats. πŸ˜‰08:47
davmor2JamesTait: the one I feel sorry for is Old Brian Blessed who got 2/3's the way up and was well on track when one of his companions fell ill and they had to carry him back down :(08:47
czajkowskiJamesTait: the dog gets on wit them fine08:47
diddledanaww, no popey?!08:47
czajkowskiJamesTait: also don't let yur hens roam free08:47
JamesTaitczajkowski, or at least, when we're down to just the one cat. So a few more years yet.08:47
JamesTaitczajkowski, it's not the problem of them getting on that concerns me, it's who's going to look after them, buy them food, etc.08:49
czajkowskiah yes08:49
JamesTaitczajkowski, if I'd wanted to live in a zoo, Twycross is only a few miles away. 😝08:49
JamesTaitAnd there are loads of farms around here.08:50
JamesTaitFor now....08:50
davmor2JamesTait: of course there are loads of farms around you are one step shy of being a yokel :P08:52
davmor2popey: \o/10:07
shaunostandardized greeting, fellow human10:07
davmor2the irc calls have made you betterererer10:08
czajkowskiAlanBell: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Godalmingcommunityboard/permalink/825882560813663/10:20
foobarryi like to annoy surrey types by pronouncing goldalming "wrongly"10:23
foobarrywrong according to surreyers10:23
foobarryi think they say godul-ming10:24
foobarryand burpham i say burp-em10:24
foobarrywhich might me correct10:24
foobarryi had a colleague who said, is "gilford" the same place as "guildford", i'm confused10:25
davmor2foobarry: pronounce brewood or smethwick10:29
foobarrybree word10:29
foobarrychiswick = chizzik10:29
zmoylan-piflippin romans... :-)10:30
popeypeople don't say the d in guildford round here10:36
popeyalso, there's a pretentions town near farnham called Webourne10:36
popeythey pronounce it "webbun"10:36
foobarryor is that different10:37
MooDoowe have the same for southwell people pronounce it suthul or for blidworth bliduth10:37
foobarryi don't know whether i call it gil or gild ford, i'll have to catch myself next time. i think i use the D10:38
zmoylan-piplacenames hang onto original pronounciations long after the language has drifted10:38
davmor2foobarry: wrong Brewood == brood and smethwick == smerick10:39
popeysorry, yes, weybourne10:40
popeyi sometimes say the d in guildford, but really softly10:40
foobarrymy dad lived in weybourne i think. or between farnham and weybourne10:44
foobarrynever noticed the webbun thing but he wasn't oringinally from around those parts10:44
shaunoI have that a lot here .. I had to google to find out how to pronounce dun loughaire10:46
zmoylan-piit's where i am now :-)10:47
shaunoat least in english, if you try to pronounce it as it's written you just sound like an outsider.  in irish, if you try to pronounce what you see, you will choke10:47
foobarryyesterday i found out what a sheela na-gig is. turns out it's a medieaval goatse10:47
zmoylan-pifound on churches10:48
foobarrycan never hear that pj harvey song again without a certain image10:48
shaunozmoylan-pi: I'll be ther week friday :)10:48
shaunoalthough not for a productive amount of time, I sail uncomfortably early10:49
zmoylan-pibest to get out of dun laoire fast, tis a horrible town :-)10:50
popeydirecthex: shame that aral is the posterchild for that encryption discussion11:28
directhexi wish we'd stop gluing children to posters11:28
directhexit always ends badly11:28
TwistedLucidityTry Scotland. "Milngavie".11:30
TwistedLucidityTo pick but one11:30
shaunoohoh I know that one, it's a trainstation on the way to glasgow11:31
shaunookay, apparently it's not.  I wonder why I recognise it then. hm.11:32
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: No far off with that11:32
TwistedLucidityI thought "DΓΊn Laoghaire" would be "Done Low-air" seems it's actually "Don Lair-ruh". Being a Northerner, what would I know? :-)11:34
shaunoI came up with "leery".  but wasn't expecting it, because lough is like loch, so laoghaire is like ..wat?11:35
TwistedLucidity"Milngavie" is "Mull-guy"11:36
TwistedLucidity"Menzies" is "Ming-us" and spelled with a "z" rather than the "ying" due to the advent of moveable type.11:37
TwistedLucidityOpps, the letter in question is "yogh". ȝ11:38
directhextee hee. i greatly offended a genius supercoder on twitter for saying people who write their own crypto algorithms are idiots11:43
MooDooand that's something to be proud of?11:45
directhexlaughing at idiots is like 37% of my day11:46
TwistedLuciditydirecthex: Unless their job happens to be writing crypto algorithms.....11:46
directhexTwistedLucidity: even then!11:47
directhexa decent cryptographer will need far more reason to roll something new instead of using a known trusted algorithm11:47
TwistedLucidity"Welcome to the company Lee. Your our new crypto algo. author. DON'T DO ANYTHING!"11:47
TwistedLuciditydirecthex: True I guess. But algos eventually fall, someone needs to move the maths forward.11:48
TwistedLucidityProbably an army of maths profs.....11:49
directhexTwistedLucidity: if you're not publishing research papers before shipping apps, you're not pushing the maths forward11:49
directhexyou're just praying security through obscurity works11:49
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diddledanshauno: laughaire is a scottish lake-based airline?12:45
MooDooany one fancy a cheeky nandos? lol ha ha ha ah ha #worldnews12:54
davmor2MooDoo: What is a cheeky nandos </best_american_accent>  I did the he's a ledge and the Archbishop of Banterbury12:58
MooDoodavmor2: hee hee12:58
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diddledannandos are always a good idea13:32
popeyi remember going to nandos in swansea when I worked there, and loved it.13:34
popeyWent recently with wifey and kids and wasn't impressed13:34
ahayzenpopey, i read that as when you were working *in* nandos lol13:38
* ahayzen imagines ordering food from popey 13:38
MartijnVdS"Aubergine please"13:39
popeysauces are over there13:39
MooDooglad i'm not the only one that read it as that lol13:39
* popey wanders off in a huff13:39
popeyNever worked in a restaurant of any kind.13:40
popeyOne day I'll burn all these computers and go and run a restaurant or somethin13:40
ahayzenthats 'the dream' ;-)13:41
diddledannot so much a restaurant, we want a pub with proper pub grub13:44
diddledansteak n chips ftw13:45
* diddledan drools13:45
diddledanalthough the pub here does an awesome cheese buger where the cheese is brie13:45
* diddledan drools again13:46
diddledanThe Gourmet Burger Kitchen in basingstoke were excellent, too. last I went.13:47
popeyahayzen! Happy birthday!13:50
ahayzenpopey, thanks mate :-)13:50
popeyahayzen: (I uploaded Music app to the store earlier as a present) :D13:50
ahayzenpopey, really?! lol13:50
* ahayzen spots 2.1.x in the store13:51
ahayzen\o/ thanks now we wait for a load of bugs to come in13:51
diddledanbugs ftw13:51
* ahayzen senses its time for beer in a pub garden somewhere bbl o/13:53
popeyscrew everyone else, works for me :) http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-05-13-145311.png13:53
popeyo/ ahayzen13:53
popeyahayzen: you know what this app needs...13:53
popeyEQ :)13:53
ahayzendefinitely :-)13:53
diploeagles \o/13:58
davmor2ahayzen: man you must be old enough to go to school on your own now,  hey popey these kids today they grow up so fast ;)   On a serious note happy birthday dude :)14:01
MooDoodavmor2: he might as well call you dad ;)14:05
davmor2MooDoo: and you are older so you are granddad right :P14:06
MooDoodavmor2: rats am I older, darn it lol14:06
davmor2MooDoo: you're welcome :)14:07
AzelphurDoes anyone know if there was a microsoft update rolled out today?14:25
TwistedLucidityAzelphur: I had a reboot alert this morning, so probably14:26
TwistedLucidityIt appear just after all the VMs came on-line...no way I am rebooting until the end of the day14:27
diddledanAzelphur: yesterday was patch-tuesday14:27
AzelphurISP are claiming my 4mbit download speed (on a 70mbit fibre line with a 70mbit sync) is down to Microsofts updates14:28
AzelphurI'll let them have this one, the last 5 times its been overselling14:28
diddledan4 is below the fault level according to BT14:28
Azelphurwhat are the fault levels again?14:28
Azelphuror where are they documented14:28
diddledanI believe it's about 16?14:28
AzelphurI have tried to find them but never had any luck14:29
diddledanthat's not bt canonical documentation tho14:30
diddledanbut aaisp are pretty reliable14:30
Azelphuralso, I'm curious, can someone else do a speedtest and see if their connection is crap, because logically speaking if it's Microsoft update, everyone should be screwed right now14:30
Azelphuryea they are14:30
Azelphuralthough they don't seem to mention the 70mbit downstream stuff anywhere, it's all 40 or 100 (FTTH)14:31
Azelphurstill yea below the fault threshold14:32
Azelphurhttp://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4357075319 much functional, such speed, etc.14:35
popeyTesting download speed........................................14:36
popeyDownload: 104.06 Mbit/s14:36
popeyno probs here14:36
Azelphurpopey: your virgin right?14:36
popeycan't imagine windows update during the day is the cause of issue here14:36
popeyhome users aren't online at 3:3014:36
Azelphuryea, they always come up with BS excuses as to why its slow, I get 67mbit on TAP314:37
TwistedLucidityAzelphur: 52mb down, 2mb up.14:37
AzelphurTwistedLucidity: on what ISP?14:37
AzelphurI see :)14:37
popeyi can imagine that being a reasonable excuse on patch tuesday in the evening, but even then it smells of BS14:38
popeyAlthough on Ubuntu release day we've been known to peg some ISPs :)14:38
diddledanAzelphur: your upstream is fine. just turn the cable upside down and use the upstream for download instead :-p14:39
Azelphurindeed lol14:39
diddledanyour ping is pretty reasonable too14:40
diddledanstrange that download is THAT bad14:40
AzelphurIt's a very common issue sadly, most of the time they are overselling14:40
TwistedLucidity"popey in Ubuntu bloat admission schocker!" :-P14:41
Azelphurtheir procedure is absolutely retarded, they essentially wait until the node is overloaded and customers start complaining, then you have to wait for the next review meeting which is up to 1 month, then they upgrade the links.14:41
foobarryyotaphone2 looks decent now14:41
diddledanthat's on a shared network with a dozen and a half other people in the office14:42
foobarrydiddledan: heheh14:44
diddledanthat's way unfair14:44
diddledanfoobarry: where you at?14:45
foobarryinside the matrix14:45
davmor2TwistedLucidity: and then the other spin on that "popey admits Ubuntu is popular ISP's complain"14:46
Flashteknot quite as fun as foobarry's result though14:56
diploI won't post mine as it'll make me feel worse than ever :D14:58
davmor2not too bad http://www.speedtest.net/result/4357150999.png15:07
foobarrythat is from my desktop too15:09
foobarryif it was from server room then maybe 10gb15:09
diddledanfoobarry: do it on a server15:09
diddledanone which has a 10Gig-e15:09
foobarryhow? perl script?15:09
diddledanthere's actually a speedtest package somewhere (is it in the repo?)15:10
davmor2foobarry: speedtest-cli15:10
davmor2foobarry: speedtest-cli --share so you get a link15:11
davmor2diddledan: hey saves him having to remember the numbers walk out and post them from there :)15:12
diddledanaww, it's not in 14.04 repo15:13
diploI'm seriously debating going back to Virgin after seeing all your tests :D15:14
diddledandoo eet</arnie>15:14
diplofoobarry: http://lintut.com/test-internet-speed-from-linux-command-line/15:14
foobarryjust finding a 10gb machine15:14
davmor2diplo: mines normally higher but I was doing some stuff on the server at the same time15:15
diddledanoh boy, he actually has one15:15
foobarryget same speeds, i wonder if the speedtest are maxed out at 1gb15:15
diddledan https://www.speedtest.net/result/4357175198.png15:17
diddledanthat's supposed to be a webserver, too which means I'm crippled for serving requests15:17
shaunoI have no idea what this cheeky thing is, but they've snuck it into their wikipedia's page quite tidily.15:19
foobarrydiddledan: that was in the manifesto15:20
diddledanstill sucky15:20
foobarryi saw that jihadi brides progs15:20
foobarrylots of active twitter accounts that are radicalising and enitcing them to syria15:21
diddledanquote: '"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'," [mr cameron] will say.'15:21
diddledanwhich can be read as "we're gonna root through your undies whether you're bad or good!"15:22
intrbiz_crit's interesting that the torries think that, the snoopers charter and repealing the human rights act, should be priorities15:35
intrbiz_crespecially after fighting the election effectively solely on enconomic arguments15:35
davmor2intrbiz_cr: yeah but they are politicians they never do what they say they will15:36
diddledanif you expect the unexpected you never know what to exxpect15:37
davmor2intrbiz_cr: they lie for a living what do you expect, they make the legal system look white as the driven snow15:37
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diddledantime to head out16:37
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Azelphurhttps://owncloud.azelphur.com/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=pmPU93NZNAjby5G aww yis, WiFi on the beach :)17:24
daftykinswhere are thee?17:27
Azelphurdaftykins: Margate :)17:27
Azelphurthat's my home router, got an RT-AC87R in the Window, line of sight to the beach so it covers most of it.17:28
daftykinshrmm wonder how far you can get17:29
Azelphurdaftykins: https://owncloud.azelphur.com/owncloud/index.php/s/bRISdcMHHiawDit should get fairly decent range17:30
Azelphur(todo: buy table to put it on)17:30
daftykinsah short strip17:31
daftykinsdo you get much wind battering the side there in the peak of winter?17:32
AzelphurI actually had a window smash its clasp off a couple days ago17:32
Azelphurdaftykins: mostly it's fine though, just has its bad moments.17:36
daftykinsjust don't go carrying large sail-like objects :>17:37
Azelphuryea pretty much17:37
Azelphurplus there's a tunnel on the way to my house that seems to funnel the wind17:37
Azelphurit's absolutely hilarious watching long-haired people try and get through it.17:37
daftykinsi'm one row of shops/restaurants/buildings from the seafront - 2 years back when we had that crazy Russian weather front bringing snow, it was insane just stepping out beyond that row :D17:37
daftykinsyeah i have long hair, it's bad :(17:38
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zmoylan-pihammer time20:18
diddledanthe bird20:27
diddledanthe bird is the word20:27
zmoylan-piwhere's the beef?20:30
popeyhow is that different from the million chinese tiny phones you an get off ebay?20:37
zmoylan-pisaw one in dublin city centre about size of my thumb.  they sell to folk going into prison as they aren't detected by usual metal detectors20:42
popeythere was a bru-ha-ha here about the ones that look like car keys20:43
zmoylan-pibeat the boss phones.  the americans sell a metal detecting chair called boss20:44
shaunohm.  odd choices there.  you'd think "designed to be used as little as possible" would be the phone that lives somewhere 'in case of emergency'.  where battery>ooh it's thing20:44
shaunoer, thin, rather20:44
shaunoeg, a glovebox phone that can take AAs.  that's my idea of 'used as little as possible'20:45
zmoylan-piyou can buy an emergency phone that will sit in a glove compartment for years with a single aa battery to run it when you want it20:45
zmoylan-pibut it's off all that time20:46
popeyI have a few phones here that could service as backup phones :)20:46
* popey looks at his firefox os phone20:46
popeywhich only rings when PPI people call me20:46
diddledan\o/ ppi claim lines!20:46
zmoylan-pimy nokia e61 was uncharged for a year when i needed it for 3 days in hospital.  worked grand :-)20:47
diddledanI get at least one per day20:47
diddledanon my landline, tho20:47
shaunoI really though the firefox phone was going to be an april fools' joke :(20:47
popeyhah, just took it out of airplane mode20:47
popeynow I'm getting sms spam on it20:48
zmoylan-pi15 years standby... http://www.macworld.com/article/1167107/emergency_mobile_phone_runs_on_single_aa_battery_stows_for_15_years.html20:49
zmoylan-pii wonder if the 2g network will still be around then...20:50
popeywould the temp not affect that?20:50
zmoylan-piit's a lithium battery. the kind they use in torches in life vests and rafts.20:51
zmoylan-pibasically a watch battery20:51
popeyhaha, if you navigate away you get a discount code :)20:52
zmoylan-pithe number of people i see with smart phones AND a back up dumb nokia...20:52
zmoylan-pibut also more and more non technical people.20:53
popeyhello ali1234 not seen you for a while20:53
diddledanallo ali123420:53
ali1234..... i was here the whole time20:54
ali1234just saying i have a backup nokia :)20:54
ali1234my android now has a 4 hour battery life20:55
popeywhich nokia?20:56
popeyI was dangerously close to buying a 3210 off ebay recently20:57
ali1234a C720:57
zmoylan-pii got a nokia e51 for €50.  symbian, wifi, 5mp, office apps, web, ereader...20:59
zmoylan-pibut symbian apps are getting harder to find.  haven't looked much yet though20:59
ali1234i don't use symbian because it has apps :)21:00
zmoylan-piand i still use my s40 nokia more.21:00
popeyoooh http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nokia-N82-Black-Unlocked-Smartphone-/22175040440921:00
popeyi loved my n82, last nokia I had before android21:00
zmoylan-pii like qwerty keyboards.  proper21:00
popeyhello X3N21:08
zmoylan-pii got ssh working on symbian and intend to use it as a terminal for a rasp pi in my bag for maximum geekiness :-)21:19
AzelphurAnyone feel like giving me a hand with SMB? Here's my config http://paste.ubuntu.com/11120492/ got nothing showing up in thunars network area22:48
diddledanAzelphur: just so you don't think you're alone, I've had a look but I'm pretty much n00b when it comes to samba. I can't see anything wrong with your server setup.23:12
Azelphurdiddledan: yea, I'm not having much luck, http://pastebin.com/8f6wAhJ3 has additional information23:13
diddledanare any of your systems firewalling?23:14
diddledansmb is a weird broadcast beast so it could be firewall on any of the systems both client and server23:14
Azelphurafaik none of them are, I did have UFW on the server for a time but I disabled it to my knowledge.23:14
diddledanmight be worth double checking23:15
Azelphursuggestions on how I'd go about that?23:15
diddledansudo ufw status23:15
diddledanif it says "active" then it's firewalling23:15
Azelphurinactive on client and server23:15
diddledanscore one for the network demons23:16
diddledanthe good guys never catch a break :-(23:16
diddledanwhat does `sudo netstat -ltpn | grep LISTEN |grep -v grep` show?23:18
diddledanbah I suck at memory23:18
Azelphurdiddledan: on the server?23:19
diddledanthe second grep isn't required - that's a `ps aux` grep command to filter out the filtering processes23:19
diddledanyes plepase23:19
diddledanok, I'm not seeing nmbd in that list23:21
Azelphurrofl, so this is fun23:21
diddledannmbd is the name resolver for windows-style network addresses23:21
Azelphurshare shows up fine on my laptop.23:21
diddledanthat's wonky! :0p23:22
diddledanhow dare it confuse matters like that!?!23:22
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/bdSL4p38 ... >.>23:23
diddledanI don't suppose there's any helpful messages near the end of /var/log/samba/log.nmbd?23:25
diddledanlikewise for /var/log/samba/log.smbd23:25
Azelphurwell, I reckon rebooting my PC will solve it, amusingly the PC is the one machine on the network that doesn't really need the SMB Share23:26
Azelphurso this works fine \o/23:26
diddledan"good enough" is the goal of most tinkerers :-p23:26
diddledansorta "meh, it's not right, but I can live with it"23:27
Azelphurand yea, reboot fixed it on my PC too xD23:55

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